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Smoke this

A fellow in California swears he’s making $20,000 a day from one retail store selling medical marijuana.

They’re about to build a huge Cannabis Compound out here in California’s Coachella Valley to grow the stuff. One of the many approved plans is for a marijuana growing factory of 1.2 million square feet — to come on line with legal recreational marijuana next year. By contrast Macys’ Herald Square store is only 2.2. million square feet. (Imagine how much marijuana you could grow in Macys. They certainly need the profits.)

Meantime, anyone who wants a medical marijuana card in California can easily get one — whether you live here or not. Whether you’re sick or not.


Allegedly 500,000+ Californians already have cards. I bet it’s closer to a million.

The whole medical marijuana scam is not unlike the “Service Animal” scam that is filling planes with everything from dogs to snakes and — yes — llamas. Nor is it unlike the handicapped parking scam where everybody and their uncle is now “handicapped” and has an Internet certificate and a car hang-tag to “prove” it.

The Internet is exploding with sites for medical marijuana. Sample: (Note the happy user face.)


Mother Jones did a piece on all this:

How to Get a Pot Card (Without Really Trying)
I have writer’s cramp. My wife has arthritis. Guess who got a prescription for medical marijuana.

Read the piece here. 

In my hot little hand I have information on a Blackhawk Funding offering preferred 10% stock, dividend paid quarterly. (I’ve also seen 12 percenters.) In the Blackhawk stock doc, it says:

Verde Ventures, Inc. was formed on November 14, 2016 with the purpose of establishing a lending and venture capital fund for the expanding Marijuana emerging markets. Experts predict that consumers will spend $50 billion annually on Medical and Recreational Marijuana before 2020. In November 2016 several states passed ballot measures making it legal for consumers to use Marijuana medically and recreationally. It is expected that more than half the states in the U.S. will approve some form of Marijuana use by 2020. Because of the current “class 1 drug” designation of Marijuana (by the Feds), banks are not financing any part of the industry. Only a small group of private venture funds are investing in the industry creating extremely lucrative return opportunities for those lending and investing funds who want to participate in this market early.

 Meantime, as a financial reporter (i.e. me), I’m being bombarded with “Cannabis stock picks.” They include Aurora Cannabis (OTC: ACBFF) and Canopy Growth/Tweed (OTC: TWMJF). Here are their one year charts. Nice movement.



Marijuana has been a yuge (deliberately mispelled) export from Mexico to the U.S.

Word out here in sunny Indian Wells is that American marijuana is far better quality that the Mexican variety and is securing a significant market in Mexico — and at a higher price. God bless American technology. Will we soon see Trump Marijuana?

Personally I haven’t tried the stuff in 30 years. I’m told it’s much stronger. It’s “positively lethal.”

I have also no intention of “investing” in the marijuana business, either. But my friends in the real estate business are looking favorably on leasing retail space to the world’s newly most profitable retail business. All cash, no less.


+ All bills you receive are wrong — especially those from cable and cell phone companies. CHECK. CHECK. CHECK.

+ Apple Pay really works well at retailers, like Whole Foods. Saves time. Saves losing your credit cards.

+ Personal HotSpot on your Verizon and AT&T phones (and maybe others) works well. Lets you connect your laptop to the Internet wherever you are — so long as you’re not moving.

+ If you rebalance your portfolio annually or semi-annually, check you don’t get hit with heavy fees.

+ Amazon is not the cheapest, but it is the most convenient. And its service is second to none.

My favorite cartoon.  Most “jokes” I receive make fun of women. So I don’t publish them. But I did like this cartoon:


Harry Newton, who “enjoyed” a two hour dentist appointment on Monday that resulted in this piece of magic. That’s my new titanium implant in the center. One day it will sport a nice new white tooth. I’ll be able to chew. And I will no longer look like a homeless person. Thank you Doctor David Corradi, miracle dentist, for my new implant. He was ably assisted by two fantastic ladies, Elizabeth Alaniz and Leslie De Leon.