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BUY. BUY. BUY. Brexit brings bargains.

Panic in the markets. Blood in the street.

Stocks are on sale.

Move quickly. It’s not going to last. They’ll fix this fast. Mercedes still wants to sell Brits cars.

Perspective: The U.K. economy is 4% of the world’s GDP.

Gold will rise. If you own some, enjoy today’s bounce. Then dump it. You can buy it back later cheaper.

What to buy? A simple market ETF like Vanguard’s VTI or the S&P 500 SPY are good beginnings. But also try for some nice industrials.

Here’s some help. Here are the companies in the Dow Jones:


Here are the 25 largest companies by market cap.


Here are the 19 largest ETFs:


Here are the largest European ETFs. Buy a little of these.


Here are the largest European companies. Stay away from oils and banks.


If some of these charts are too big for your screen, CLICK or TAP on them. You’ll then see the whole chart. It would be better if you read today’s blog or email (if you get it by email) on a real computer or a big iPad, not a teeny, tiny smartphone. Unless your eyesight is better than mine.

CNBC is showing huge stock losses in some of the weaker European countries — like France, Italy and Spain. My preference is to keep away from this collection. I’m not recommending bank stocks, either.

Go for it. Go bargain hunting this morning.

Harry Newton watched Cameron’s resignation speech in the wee early hours this morning. It was a gracious speech. But…he called the Brexit referendum — probably his most stupid decision as prime minister. Like most of the world’s politicians, he seriously underestimated how pi*sed off the bulk of people are today at their politicians. In the U.S., this annoyance is reflected in the rise of The Donald. Worldwide (and especially in the developed countries), the middle class has not enjoyed the prosperity of the rich folks. World trade — aka outsourcing — has cost many jobs. Low interest rates have seriously hurt retirees.

Low interest rates have been the governments of the world’s chief “stimulus.” Europe has also pushed “austerity.” Neither austerity nor low interest rates have boosted the world economy. Most economists (including me) believe they’ve hurt economies in general, and the middle class specifically — unless you’re a plumber or an air-conditioning technician — both of whom I’ve had trouble getting in recent months. And this morning, my AC guy has just cancelled on me. … Drat… At least he called.

Today is the day you should be happy you have a little cash in your brokerage account. Go for it. … Think about a nice vacation in England or Europe. They’re on sale also.

Nice place. Still there. Bonus: They speak proper English.