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Live a better life. My dozen best tips. And progress is wonderful. Some examples.

Tech stocks are up today. The last five days have been messhugah (crazy)


But year to date, the trend is clearly upwards.


The moral: Stick with our tech stocks. Expect more roller-coaster rides.

Harry’s Tips For a Long Life:

+ Keep moving. Singles tennis and biking every day. Running. Swimming. Work up a sweat.

+ Eat no added salt. No processed foods. No preservatives.

+ Lottsa naps. Learn to nap everywhere and anywhere, on demand.

+ Don’t get stressed by anything. Pay your way out of stress. Whatever it costs is worth it.

+ Don’t buy an investment you can’t sell tomorrow.

+ Don’t ever work in a committee, unless you’re the chairman and boss.

+ Don’t expect anything useful or intelligent from your fellow human. You won’t be disappointed. You may be occasionally surprised. Wait.

+ Don’t watch the market every day.

+ Don’t ever build a vacation home. Buying is a lot cheaper.

+ Don’t agonize on things you can’t do anything about. Like Trump’s presidency.

+ Some irksome things will work themselves out if you do nothing. Trust me on this one.

+ Wake up. Ask yourself: “What’s the hardest thing I need to do today?” Do it. You’ll be on a high for the rest of the day.

Don’t tell me there’s no progress in the world

The left is what we fished out of our ancient leaky toilet. The right is the $14 replacement which works perfectly. No more leaks.


Speaking of creativity in marketing.

Read the signs:



Which was the most warrior army in history?

From Quora; WWII Far East vs Japanese.

Regiment commander of Gurkas asked for volunteers for a highly dangerous mission. He explained they were going to fly to the target and jump at only 500 feet.

Fully expecting the whole regiment to volunteer, he was surprised when only half did so. He asked the top Sergeant to ask around and find out what the problem was.

He came back and reported. “Sir, the problem was that the men didn’t know they were going to use parachutes!”

After this minor point was cleared up, they had 100% volunteers.

Harry Newton, who notes even more progress in the world.

This is me last week. This is me this week, courtesy a temporary slide-on, called a “flipper.”

toothlessselfie harryafter

Thank you, Dr. Steven Berkowitz. Susan will finally allow me to smile.

What’s with iPhone selfies and big noses? Surely, mine is not THAT large? Or is it?