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New York by night. Bill O’Reilly by day.

U.S. stockmarkets edge up. I looked at buying more Google. I looked at selling AGNC.  I’ve been looking at the New Highs list. Click here.  I’m still mulling. Must be the summer. Every time I make snap decisions, I get whipsawed.

Hence, here’s some other stuff that will keep you amused.

New York by Night. A  gorgeous collection of photographs. Tap on the screen if you’re using an Apple device.


For all the pictures, click here.  New_York_by_Night

Bill O’Reilly on America’s Race Problem.  Here’s his statistic: “Right now 73% of all black babies are born out of wedlock.” Born without a father, you get crime and violence, etc.  His rant is powerful and worth watching.


It’s hard not to see his point, and his solution. Click here.

The best travel monitor ever. I waited months for ASUS to make this great monitor. Great resolution. Great brightness. And a great travel case that, with the monitor, is only one inch at the widest.


The monitor is $189.99. Click here. Do not buy the lower resolution, cheaper ASUS monitor.

The Grommet sells unusual stuff. Don’t buy anything. Sign up for their newsletter to see how creative people learn your preferences. It’s charming, and effective. The way to run a web site.


Go to the bottom of the The Grommet’s website front page. Sign up there. Click here.

Harry Newton, who was offered $75,000 in various jobs — so long as I responded to the spam email. Today they’ve upped it. I’ve been offered $90,000 for my new job with Disney Pixar Pictures. Another week.. and I’ll be up to $100,000?