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Another reason not to invest in biotech startups

This is what happens when you’re stupid, flush with money from a buy-out, have “SUCKER” printed on your forehead and meet a super salesman. You invest in a “promising” biotech startup that will save us all from cancer, malaria, diabetes or some other scourge.

I received this letter yesterday:


For every dollar I invested, I get one penny back. What a deal!

Remember our adage: When in doubt, stay out.

Here’s two ways to play oil.

If you think oil is going lower, buy this:


If you think oil is stabilizing at $43-$45, then buy this, with its handsome 6.5%+ yield.


Why do I think this funny?


I found this while researching a stock on Fidelity.

Latest on hearing “aids”

The typical scenario: Your wife says you need hearing aids. You can’t hear her when you’re in another room.


+ Walk into the other room and politely ask “How can I help?”

+ Go to the ear doctor and get your ears cleaned of wax. Don’t let him use liquid. Make him/her take the wax out with a stainless steel curette — a long thin “ice cream” scoop.

+ Buy yourself a Sennheiser wireless headphone. Attach it to your TV. It will make watching TV great again. You’ll hear the words. And they’ll be in stereo. It’s a whole new experience. And it will save your marriage, because she doesn’t like listening to it loud — like you do. Click here.

+ Always ask for wireless hearing contraptions when you visit theaters and movie houses. Modern movie houses actually have useful devices.

+ Unless you really can’t hear, don’t bother with a hearing test. simply buy a pair of Britzgo hearing devices for $99. Amazon has them on sale. Click here. Wearing them is a good experiment. You may not like the amplification of noises. And you can give them back.

+ If you’re still unsure, go visit Costco. They’re the best, the friendliest, the most capable, the cheapest of all of them. And they let try out hearing aids while you’re there. Most audiologists don’t.

News of note

+ Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) deletes an average of 66,000 hate messages per week, according to a company post detailing the definitions of hate speech and the moderation process. The company plans to add 3,000 people to the community operations or content moderation team in the next year, which would bring the total to 7,500.

I guess I’m lucky. I only delete about three posts a week from this column.

+ The Supreme Court will hear arguments in October, and meanwhile, will allow a temporary ban from six Muslim-majority countries. Those countries are Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. However, the ban will not be enforced for people with a “bona fide” relationship to the U.S., such as those with family members stateside, those who have been admitted to a college or hired by an employer.

+ The congressional Budget Office (CBO) says 22 million will eventually lose their health insurance if the Senate’s bill is passed. I’m guessing that means it won’t be. And I’m guessing that will all continue to be good for UNH.

Amazon is amazing. Truly amazing.

I ordered a Samsung solid state hard drive on Sunday night. I choose next day delivery. It arrived Monday afternoon.

No extra charge since I am Amazon Prime.

Truly amazing service. One day delivery. A first for me. Poor retail stores.

Need to fix something? is the place to go for parts, repair manuals, help, etc.


There’s a wonderful story on this entrepreneurial operation in Inc magazine. Click here.

Wimbledon tennis starts next Monday on ESPN

Meantime, The Tennis Channel is playing classic Wimbledon matches from prior years. The matches are engrossing.

How I feel about some software. Not funny.


Harry Newton, who is thoroughly down on PayPal. If something awry happens, getting it resolved simply and quickly by PayPal is simply not possible. They will rule against you and take your money. Not nice people.