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The ONLY useful New Year’s Resolution — Don’t Do Stupid!

Don’t do stupid:

+ Stupid is heaving your heavy bag into the overhead rack.

+ Stupid is not putting your cell phone in the same place every day. And making sure that place is zippered.

+ Stupid is not holding the railing as you descend the staircase.

+ Stupid is buying stocks on margin, and/or borrowing money on credit cards.

+ Stupid is not being passionate about something, even something as minor as writing this blog.

+ Stupid is not breaking a sweat every single day.

+ Stupid is not learning something new each day.

+ Stupid is not checking your health with multiple doctors and extensive research. Dr. Google is not sufficient. He is a good beginning.

+ Stupid is not following our mantra: CHECK. CHECK. CHECK. JPMorgan’s ATM was about to gyp me out of $2,000 yesterday, because it misread one of my deposited checks. I caught it and fixed it. I checked.

+ Stupid is saying YES. Better to say NO. Especially to new software, when the old one works just fine.

+ Stupid is responding to Phishing. You receive an email saying you have been hacked and you need immediately and urgently to change your username and password at this Internet address, which is of course fake and made to look like a real one. That’s how the Democratic National Committee got hacked. John Podesta fell for the oldest email trick in the book. And, also don’t open email attachments, please. You know that scam one, too?

+ Stupid is investing in other peoples’ startups, especially those in biotech.

+ Stupid is driving fast, texting while driving, and/or dooring bicyclists.

+ Stupid is not diversifying your portfolio broadly — from stocks to real estate, to things you really know a lot about.

+ Stupid is investing in something you can lose ALL your money in. If total loss is the downside, say NO fast and often. And run for the EXIT.

If you hurt yourself at our age, you’ll recover well enough to fully enjoy the rest of your life.

If you run out of money you’ll be miserable and die young.

Life is too wonderful (and too short) to take risks.

I’ve done STUPID on each one of this list. Some multiple times.

Don’t do stupid, like me.

A portfolio for your kids.

The best gift for your kids is an online brokerage account and a small portfolio.

They must learn investing and entrepreneurship early. It’s never too early.

Give teach one a share of McDonalds, Nike, Amazon, Google, Disney and Netflix.

Christmas crackers revisited

+ A Senior New Year’s Eve

We’re going to enjoy a Senior New Years Eve by setting our clocks ahead four hours.

That way we won’t have to stay up later then our bedtime.

+ Combating boredom

I wonder what my parents did to fight boredom before smartphones and the Internet?

I asked my 17 brothers and sisters and they didn’t know either.

+ Elementary arithmetic

Q: What do you get when you divide a large poop into three equal pieces?

A: Turds.

Favorite Christmas decoration. Found and photographed by yours truly this morning in Hudson, New York:



Eat your heart out that you didn’t get one for your house.

Harry Newton, who is actually looking forward to New Year’s Eve, now he knows the trick about fixing the clock.

  • Bruce Miller

    It’s here, the New Year to do all the stupids but this one, Do not take an Etrade credit/debit card to more than half of the world when you travel. The Fraud Protection Services of the Visa plan that is being used will not allow your card to work after the first attempt or two. And that is even if you call them and tell them you will be/are traveling to third world countries and you’d like to continue using the card as you travel. It may be better for you to have three cards. I know that’s one more than the Mr. Newton recommended two but hey, Etrade reimburses you the fee if you use their card at ATM’s in the States.

  • SAinAlabama

    Hey Harry, I want to wish a Happy New Year to you and yours. This is my first post on you blog but I have followed you since the 90’s when I was a Tech Support Manager and your magazine was about 2 inches thick. We are miles apart politically (however we think very much alike about life) but I read your blog every day and enjoy most (but not all) of your blog. I am becoming more enamored with buy and hold (now that I am retired and probably don’t have the time needed). Anyhoo, thanks for all the info over the years and letting me enjoy your family vicariously. I hope you and all of your readers have a wonderful and prosperous 2017.

  • Lucky

    Happy New Year, Harry…may 2017 bring you happiness, prosperity and good health.

  • Jerry

    Harry, for somebody who claims to be wealthy you sure don’t live in a big house. That’s a stupid inflatable Santa too. If you are really rich hire someone to put up a Christmas display for you.

  • TomFromVa

    Happy New Year Harry – keep up the good work

  • C hernandez

    Happy New Year Harry-stay off 5th Ave near TT (Trump Tower)-too many crazies these days