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Picking up “bargains.” Stocks on sale. I love “panic selling”

My friend emails “I love panic selling.”

Another friend says “it’s a perfect day to be buying. Every time the market falls, the people think the world is coming to an end. It’s not. Still going to have great earnings.”

Friends are picking up “bargains.”

They figure it will bounce back. They don’t know when.

A semi-bad sign is that bargain hunters didn’t move in late in the day and pick up “bargains.” (They may still.)

The market continued falling. Here’s today’s S&P 500 chart until 2:45 PM:


A good sign is that some stocks I own are actually up — TRV, CB, UNH and DISH.

My “bargains” to pick up between now and 4 PM would include AMZN, GOOGL, AAPL and FB.

Ransomware — Part II.

Please upgrade your PC — especially if you’re on Windows XP, which you shouldn’t be. Business Insider tells me XP is the world’s third most popular operating system. Microsoft has issued a patch for XP — though officially it hasn’t been supporting XP for years. I actually still use XP on one machine to run certain old software which won’t run on Windows 7, which I primarily use. XP still works great. I don’t leave it on the Internet for more than a few minutes.

Apple laptops and computers are far less vulnerable to viruses and ransomware. I’m personally not using an Apple laptop — for a lot of reasons you don’t want to hear. Of course, I use an iPhone, which the techie trade press reports are mostly virus and ransomware-free.

A VPN can be useful.

If you work remotely, travel a lot, live overseas,  do a lot of banking business online, you need a VPN — a virtual private network. Security is the big plus. But accessing web sites from overseas that are blocked by your lovely local government or copyright rules is also useful.

NordVPN is a popular VPN. A friend uses and likes it. Its website explains all. Costs under $6 a month. Sometimes they have sales. Click here.


+ I just snagged a Thanksgiving air ticket on JetBlue for $139. Virgin Atlantic wanted $1,010. Go figure! Buying way out works, often.

+ If it works (like your laptop), don’t mess with it. Don’t assume “newer” works better, faster or easier.

+ Upgrade your Windows machines. Ransomware is around, big-time, and getting worse.

+ Buying anything through Alibaba needs the patience of Job.

Harry Newton, who eyes 87 degrees in New York City. Great time for a walk in the park.

Stop bitching to me about Trump. My friends are in a funk. His supporters are ecstatic. And there’s nothing I can do about either. Good news: he can’t affect corporate earnings. One day he’ll cut my taxes. But I’m not holding my breath. Meantime, tennis and bicycling is a lot more fun than watching Fox or MSNBC, or God forbid, both.

  • Lucky

    I like what your stock market and the dollar are doing for my gold…at the moment at least.