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Euphoria, for a moment

Yesterday the market shot up. It was wonderful.

Quora questioned its readers:

If you can give me only one tip to improve my life, what would it be?

And the answer?

King Solomon, considered one of the wisest men of his time, gave his advisors a task. He asked them to find a way in which he could make himself happy when he’s sad or make himself sad when’s happy.


His advisors thought for a long time and eventually found a solution. Their solution wasn’t an elaborate machine or something physical, instead their solution was a quote.

“This too shall pass.”

The advisor’s solution worked. Whenever Solomon found himself to be too happy, he remembered that the moment he was enjoying was fleeting. When Solomon found himself sad, the quote reminded him his sadness was temporary.

And the lesson?

The quote teaches you to enjoy the moment. You may be at the happiest point in your life. But that happiness isn’t permanent. You should enjoy it while it lasts. If you feel miserable, the quote shows your sadness isn’t indefinite. Soon you’ll be back to normal.

The market is overpriced. But it’s always been overpriced.

Ditto for asset prices. For real estate. For companies.

That is the conundrum we live with each day.

To enjoy the happiness wealth brings, we have to participate. Every day. Every week. Every year.

I don’t know all the answers, or very many of them. But I search every day.

Sometimes it works…

I was ecstatic when Bose introduced the


They’re combination bluetooth earphones with hearing aids. They’re $500. I bought a pair, took them home and tried them on:


Today they’re going back. Too klunky. Too hard to wear. And poor quality — unusual for Bose. My Sennheiser wireless headphones are 100% better with TV:


And a lot cheaper. Only $57.99. Click here.  

My search for the perfect hearing aid continues.

This gadget was once advertised as “Hear Birds Again.


This thing may be where I end up, replete with happy expression:


The Solar Eclipse is coming. Don’t do Stupid.

+ Don’t look directly at it. It can really mess up your eyes.

+ If you go somewhere, prepare for crowds. And all the catastrophes they bring.

+ Here’s how the eclipse will play out:


You can also see how it  will be seen in your state. Here’s Georgia:


All this information (including how to watch the eclipse safely) is on one magnificent web site. Click here. 

Hate at its most extreme

The Daily Stormer is among the worst hate sites on the Internet. It published an article on Heather Heyes, the woman who died when the car rammed her in Charlottesville over the weekend. The article is thoroughly disgusting. But — if you’re not familiar with hate articles being published in America today (as I wasn’t) — it’s worth reading. Click here.

Australia solves its bikini problem

At Bondi Beach, Muslims request beach ban during Ramadan.


Australians are proud of showing consideration.

Harry Newton, who is pleased Home Depot reported nice results. From CNBC:

Home Depot tops Street views, raises forecast for second time this year

Home Depot reported earnings of $2.25 a share, compared with a forecast profit of $2.22 per share.

Revenue was $28.11 billion versus an estimate of $27.84 billion.

Same-store sales climbed 6.3 percent, better than the expected 4.9 percent growth.

HD is down this morning. Hence, HD is on sale. One of Seeking Alpha’s writers said it’s his retail pick. Mine too. Click here.

  • Glenn

    My broker emailed me this morning on Ross Stores. I haven’t responded yet..are you familiar with company or stock? Don’t really like retail right now. Thoughts…

    Also, good luck finding a hotel anywhere on the path of Solar Eclipse.