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The stockmarket is rocking, as North Korea is Trumped.

Excellent salesmanship

Trump showed Kim John-un a 4-minute Hollywood-produced video that showed possible condo and hotel developments in North Korea. The four-minute film showed Kim as a leader at a crossroads and urged him to choose a more economically and technologically open future. Part of the footage included a beach and speedboats. Trump said North Korea has ‘great beaches’ and was perfectly between China and South Korea.

Useful stuff

+ You can save your search on eBay. They’ll email you when your thing is listed for sale.

+ The bigger your waist, the higher your risk of heart of disease, cancer and dementia. If your waist is more than 35 inches for women or 40 for men, problems may lie ahead. Click here. 

+ Lands End has a great deal — 50% off one full-price item. So, buy one thing. I did.

+ Retail stores are weird. The item you find in a store is often 40% cheaper on the store’s web site. Go  figure. Nordstrom?

Net neutrality is dead.

Internet providers now can block or slow access to internet services or can create a “fast lane.”I suspect that “net neutrality” may be one of those rules that is made irrelevant by onrushing technology. Internet speeds for you and I are now so fast — typically 100 megs a second — that slowing or speeding up feeds will not accomplish anything. Most everyone can happily stream Netflix in HD (high def). And soon we’ll all be seeing 5G on our phones — delivering speeds as fast as cable and FiOS.

Tennis lessons

+ You can’t hit a ball and think at the same time.

+ Tennis is a running game. The faster you run, the faster you get to the ball, the more likely you can hit a winner.

+ Get back to the middle of the court in time for the next ball. Keep bouncing and moving.

+ Watch the ball. Focus on it. Watch it hit your racket. Federer is a master of this.

Downtown Manhattan is exploding

Next time you visit New York, please visit downtown. You’ll be blown away by the new buildings and their architectural variety. This is the new Port Authority Transport Hub:


Inside is a Westfield shopping mall, featuring all the usual suspects you’ find at upscale airports. To my mind the only shop doing really well was the two story, ultra-crowded Apple Store. I read that the iPhone X — Apple’s most expensive and most profitable phone — is now their biggest seller. I bought more Apple this morning. It’s among the cheaper tech stocks, as measured by its under 20 P/E.


Little, easy to park, cars are popular in New York.

I spied one touting this:


This is the car:


Mercedes new little car gets good reviews.

Harry Newton faces the most dangerous investing decision: Cash. Suddenly several syndications have sold their properties and are sending me cash. Everything — from stocks to real estate — is pricey. Harry, listen to your brain, don’t get panicked into buying something, anything. You did that several times and they were a disaster. Cash is better than a hole in your pocket.

  • Tom from CA

    Harry, have you read “The Inner Game of Tennis”? A great exercise in there to focus the mind is to say to yourself, “Back…Hit” with each shot. The idea is you think “Back” at the precise moment you take your racquet back, and then “Hit” at the precise moment it strikes the ball.

  • TomFromVa

    Other tennis rules

    1. stay low and keep your knees bent – if you’re hitting into the net, bend more

    2. start the match all-out – you can dial back if you’re hitting losers but its hard to dial up

    3. don’t give away points in tie breakers – get your return over the net

    4. the sweet spot is actually inside the geometric middle – that’s also the zero-torque spot