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Enjoying the run… But feeling a little queasy

It’s 10:00 AM. I pinch myself. The market is still going up.

It loves tech stocks, like Netflix, Amazon, Facebook, Expedia, Salesforce (CRM), Google and Microsoft. And some special tech stocks, like Square, Honeywell, Dish and Flex.

It’s not 1999 or early 2000 again when I launched a wonderful magazine called Technology Investor, only to run 11 issues before I closed it down because the world of technology stocks had imploded. I  bet Technology Investor magazine would work today.

I count my good luck today. I feel a little queasy and go play tennis. And wonder why I didn’t buy bitcoin. See below.

There are some fascinating things to read in today’s column. Please enjoy.

Weekend reading on real estate

+ Malaysian Money. Opulent Ideas. But Now, for Park Lane, a Forced Sale.

The celebratory dinner was held at one of the city’s chicest restaurants, whose building offers a picture-perfect view down Central Park South to the Park Lane Hotel, a 47-story tower that looms over its more famous neighbor, the Plaza.

Steven Witkoff, a New York developer, had just won the bidding for the Park Lane. It was, he thought, the best location in Manhattan, if not the world, to build a supertower with ultraluxury apartments.

Dining with him that night in 2013 was Jho Low, an extravagant, chubby-faced Malaysian financier whose friends included heads of state, Wall Street bankers and celebrities like Paris Hilton and Leonardo DiCaprio. Mr. Low had agreed to finance 85 percent of the $654 million they were paying for the Park Lane. He also provided the $100 million nonrefundable deposit — twice the sum typically put up — that convinced the sellers to choose the Witkoff group over a rival bidder with a slightly higher offer.

But no work ever started on the planned new tower. Mr. Low’s fortune evaporated under scrutiny from authorities here and abroad who say that his money was stolen from the Malaysian people. Four years after the dinner — the first and last time Mr. Witkoff and Mr. Low socialized — Mr. Witkoff and his remaining partners are being forced by the Justice Department to put the building up for sale. A glossy marketing book is being sent to prospective bidders this week.

Read the full fascinating article here.

+ Jared Kushner’s Other Real Estate Empire.


For the full story, click here.

The Manchester bomber targeted women and young girls.

14-year Neil Jones has just been named as the latest victim. She died in the blast. She’s a face on that awful event.


From RollingStone:

ISIS, which has claimed responsibility for the attack, is of course notorious for its ghastly treatment of women and girls – for mass imprisonments, rapes and acts of torture. …

It hardly takes being a member of ISIS to balk at women embracing their sexuality without shame – plenty of Republican lawmakers show their discomfort with the idea by attacking basic reproductive and sexual health for women. Take away shame, and you take away one of humanity’s most powerful tools for keeping women in line; suicide bombs and oppressive laws might put women in their place, but shame is the glue that holds it all together.

Misogyny’s other most powerful tool is protectionism – the idea that women’s freedoms have to be curtailed for our own good. You should cover up because men are lascivious beasts who can’t be trusted. You shouldn’t go out at night because you might get attacked. You definitely shouldn’t go out at night wearing that, because then you’re just asking for it. Come to think of it, better not to go out in public at all, just to be safe. …

When terrorist attacks like the one in Manchester happen, there’s an impulse to try to understand them in clear moral terms – as the work of bad people who want to kill those of us in the West because they hate our freedoms. But for women, those attacks on our freedoms are hardly relegated to suicide bombings. Misogyny keeps women down in every country, every ideology, every religion. Shame and protectionism make women afraid to come forward about sexual assault, afraid of learning enough about our own bodies to have great sex, afraid of living our lives to the fullest, or even unable to imagine what that life might look like.

Read the full story here.

Sad, wonderful, Canadian story

Here is the search for the final investment. The story  is about a wonderful man’s choice. I was in tears. Please read it:


For the full, tearful story, click here. 

Donald Trump visited Jerusalem’s Wailing Wall


The idea is to write your prayer on paper and push it into the wall.

Several people with too much time on their hands guessed what was in Donald’s note:


Favorite idiocies. People have too much time on their hands.




First graders were asked to complete popular  proverbs.

+ Strike while the … bug is close.

+ Never underestimate the power of  … termites.

+ No news is …. impossible.

+ You can’t each an old dog new … math.

+ A penny saved is … not much.

+ If at first, you don’t succeed … get new batteries.

+ Better late than … pregnant.

+ A bird in the hand … is going to poop on you.

Harry Newton, who is pinching himself.

My favorite madness:

Seven years ago bitcoin was $100. Today it’s $2,756.