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9:00 AM ET, Monday, December 21, 2009: Weekend reading/research turned up nothing worth reporting this morning.

When in doubt, stay out. Cash is king.

I could brag about tennis on Sunday, but then I've have to be humble about tennis on Saturday.

See you tomorrow.

Chanukah versus Christmas.

+ To understand Christmas, you have to know the story. With Chanukah, the story is the same as all Jewish holidays. They tried to kill us. We survived. So let's eat.

+ Many Christians believe in the virgin birth. Jews think, "Joseph, Bubela, snap out of it. Your woman is pregnant, you didn't sleep with her, and now you want to blame God. Here's the number of my shrink".

+ Christmas is a time of great pressure for husbands and boyfriends. Their ladies expect special gifts. Jewish men don't have that burden. No one expects a diamond ring on Chanukah. Maybe a new head for their electric toothbrush, but certainly not a diamond. Clean teeth. Joy to the world.

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