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Monday, November 23, 2009: Several trends are evident to everyone and their uncle:

1. Gold will continue to rise.

2. The dollar will fall further. Perhaps precipitously.

3. Stocks will rise because bonds -- the alternative -- pay so little, and the economy of listed stocks is improving.

Richard Russell did a little Q&A in his latest newsletter:

Question -- Russell, there's an awful lot of publicity (ads, headlines) about gold now. Most of these ads "promise" higher gold. Do you think this is bearish for gold?

Answer -- Ordinarily, I'd say that it was bearish. But in the case of gold, I think it's bullish. Remember, gold has been "officially" denounced by governments and central banks for decades. But all the publicity that gold is receiving now is alerting the public to the fact that gold is money and that gold is acceptable. I like all the publicity that gold is now receiving. Consequently, I call gold "the metal that has come back from the dead.".

John Mauldin writes,

Whenever sentiment gets too strong in one way or the other, it is usually setting up the markets for a rally in the despised asset. Mr. Market likes to do whatever he can to cause the most pain to the largest number of people.

Now, there's no question that a lot of nervous money is invested in the market, and it's willing to jettison at the first sign of disruptive news -- much like jumping out of a moving vehicle.

Weekend mulling highlights the old aphorism: When in doubt, stay out.. That does not mean Sell everything. (I still love Apple and Google.) That means be wary, and:

1. Keep lots in cash.

2. Stay eagle-eyed on those 15% trailing stop losses.

3. Don't sweat it all. You cannot make sense of huge government deficits, incompetent Washington administrators and legislators, worsening unemployment gold and silver bubble hyping and (now) talk GE is going bankrupt.

.A reader, Ross, sends some neat charts:

Says Ross, the dollar is not at a new low.. Plus, in the past two weeks there have been upside anomalies (dollar futures traded over 82 a couple of days ago), ICE had to remove the trades.. A week before that UUP (bullish dollar ETF) had some serious call buying. These anomalies often foretell something is happening below the surface. I would not short the dollar here or buy copper or any commodity other than gold on pullbacks (a very long term investment, more of a insurance policy). Porter Stansberry could be correct and the dollar may go to 45 as Peter Schiff has suggested but as a contrarian I believe we could see a significant rally. Something like we have seen in the S&P and commodities the past 6+ months. That would shake the market big time. Stranger things have happened.

Weekend reading:

+ Addicted to Mammograms by Robert Aronowitz.

+ The Big Squander by Paul Krugman.

+ Riding the Waves of Irrational Behavior by Justin Fox.

+ How the US Funds The Taliban by Aram Roston.

The biggest compliment. On Sunday I played a heavy hitter. He asked me how old I was. Answer 67. He said he hoped he would play as well as I played when he was 67.

Nothing is more important than your health. Remember The China Study?.

The authors conclude that diets high in animal protein (including casein in cow's milk) are strongly linked to diseases such as heart disease, cancer and Type 2 diabetes.

In short, cut down on your meat eating and milk drinking. Eat less and exercise more.

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