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Join me in giving up meat. Sniffling in the north-east? Here’s the solution.

Thank you Donald Trump for tanking the market this morning.

You made my Boeing short profitable and I covered.

I didn’t get rich on this trade. Boeing seems to have ultra-dedicated admirers who keep buying the stock, despite the ongoing flow of cockroach (bad) news. This morning alone the Wall Street Journal headlined “Boeing Knew About Safety-Alert Problem for a Year Before Telling FAA, Airlines.” Read more here.  

I also bought some more Apple today. It had fallen. Stocks are on sale.

I spent the weekend continuing my journey to an all-plant based diet. I watched this documentary which reader Kevin Hoffer recommended. Thank you, Kevin.

I recommend you sit your entire family down and watch this documentary asap.

Last week I wrote, a plant-based diet will:

+ Help you lose weight.

+ Protect you from awful diseases like diabetes and heart disease (the number 1 killer).

+ Cure many diseases you’re taking pills for today.

I also recommend that you and your family watch the documentary Forks over Knives, which is on Netflix. I watched it week. I was mesmerized. It will change my life. I mean that. Please watch it and watch today’s recommendation “What The Health” — the one above.

All these documentaries and the books I’m also reading — including “How Not to Die” by Dr. Michael Greger — don’t answer my overarching question:

If plant-based diets work, so well, how come we don’t hear more about them? Why aren’t plant-based diets talked about on national sites for cancer, diabetes, the government, etc. And the answer (from What The Health documentary) is that all the health organizations (including government agencies) receive a huge funding from meat producers, dairy producers, the pharmaceutical industry, etc. etc.

The whole cover-up is disgusting and disheartening — especially when you realize our urgent our health crisis is. 69% of adults in the U.S. are overweight or obese, with more than 78 million adult Americans considered obese. These numbers from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (NHANES) (2009-2010).

I beg you, please watch the two documentaries — Forks over Knives and What The Health. They will change your life. Perhaps even improve it.

What do so many people get fat?

Shopping for gas on Sunday, I found these front and center at the cash register. My man tells me they “sell like crazy:”

Funny Bones sells for $1.79 and has 520 calories. RingDings sell for $1 and have 360 calories.

Kevin Hoffer rides 26 miles (2 1/2 hours each day) to and from work. Here he is on his bike:

Miracle worker

It’s allergy season here in the north east. Everyone is sniffling, sneezing, has a runny nose and a headache. Claritin is the solution. I publish this obvious remedy because I was convinced that when I came down with these symptoms on Friday, I had another cold. But no, everyone else has the same awful symptoms. Time for Claritin. So far, it’s working.

Favorite New Yorker cartoon this week

Harry Newton, who loves Spring. Look at two presents two Robins gave us Sunday.

Bright blue and gorgeous.



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  1. Lucky says:

    I am sure you will be saying thank you again to your President after the stock market reversal today making you even more rich than before.
    Give up meat? I don’t think so…going on 82 I will continue to eat anything I feel like…we do only eat red meat once or twice a week anyway…more chicken and some fish thrown in from time to time…lots of soup, especially Greek lemon.