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How the mice did us a favor for July Fourth

July Fourth, 2019

I’ll never be able to play as well as Roger Federer.

I’ll never be as rich as Jeff Bezos.

I’ll never be as famous as I was in the 1990s.

I’ll never be able to save the world as I thought I once could.

But I’m happier (and healthier) than I ever thought possible.

Tomorrow is July Fourth.

It’s Susan’s and America’s birthday.

Happy Birthday.

Both of you have given me great pleasures and great riches.

And both are getting better with age.

I hope everyone feels as happy and healthy as I do today.

Lenovo’s new ThinkPad X390

A loaner arrived today. It’s a magnificent laptop. Faster, lighter, bigger screen and eternal battery life.

I’m hoping it will replace the older ThinkPad X260 that I’m using to write this blog. My three year-old X260 works flawlessly — as all Lenovo’s products do.

More on that when I’ve played with it some more.

We’ll probably never have driverless cars

They’re too difficult to build and hence too dangerous.

But we will have automated emergency braking on all cars by 2022.

Susan backed out of a parking spot. Her Mercedes slammed on the brake. It saw something she didn’t.

That was good.

You can read more about driverless cars here.

Sophie is visiting this week.

On Friday we’re off to see Pinocchio and then to Dairy Queens to have hamburgers, french fries and an vanilla ice cream dipped in hot chocolate sauce. Berkshire Hathaway owns DQ.

I can relate to this

My favorite political commentary of the week

Wimbledon tennis is on ESPN and The Tennis Channel

Roger, Rafa, Coco (Gauff) and Serena are still in.

Here’s Sophie and the tie she made for my recent birthday.

I know you’re all sick of this photo. I’m not. I treasure adoring looks. I don’t get many these days — not that I ever did.

During the winter, the mice, the squirrels and the wasps attacked our Thermador Char-Glo outdoor barbecue – the one for July Fourth. They made beds for their children, left eaten acorns and made wasp hives (or whatever those round grey things ares called). Suffice, the BBQ no longer works and Thermador doesn’t have a repair manual — since — guess what — they no longer make outdoor BBQs. Surprise. Surprise. Go pound sand, Harry.


I bought some YETI today. Its earnings give erratic a whole new meaning. But it makes great products.

Most every stock we own has been doing well recently, especially Apple and Amazon. I think they’re both over-priced like much of what we own. Look at Netflix, The Trade Desk and Salesforce. All sport P/Es over 100. Amazon, Crown Castle, American Tower and PayPal are all over 60. These valuations are insane — except most of us see a huge future for them in the upcoming 5G roll-out. Meantime, I’m optimistic for newer holdings in DocuSign, Cisco, CrowdStrike, Zscaler and Zoetis.

Closing philosophy: When God closes a door, He opens a window. It always works that way. I lost 26% on the sale of our house in Indian Wells. I bemoaned my loss. Now…a few weeks later I’ve made it all back and then some. I’m back to pinching myself.

Have a happy July Fourth. Hug the family. Don’t overfeed them. We won’t. We can’t barbecue. Maybe the mice did us a favor?


  1. Mike Nash says:

    Famous? I was around in the 1990s and I never heard of you until I found this blog about two years ago. What are you famous for? Bicycle racing in Europe?

    • Lucky says:

      Harry was indeed famous within the Telecommunications industry…his many seminars, magazines he published and most certainly his Telecom Dictionary that was then and still is the bible of the industry.

  2. Lucky says:


    Consider an INFRARED GRILL next time…

    I have a bright red one that I like very much…there is a plate above the flame that distributes the heat very well without grease dripping down and burning on the flames (no more flame-ups)…almost no clean-up or uneven cooking of steaks etc. also, no matter what barbeque you use by all means GET SOME GRILL MATS…little or nothing left to attract varmints.

    These are easily wiped off and washed (even in the dishwasher) and can be used over and over again. No more burned on grills…ever. Home Depot or Amazon.