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Watch WATCH. Watch Wimbledon finals this weekend. Buy Netflix on the dip.

Cramer came up with FANG — Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google, modified later to FAANG — Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix and Google. The stocks worked.

Now he has a new acronym:

He choose them because all have “scaleability.” They’re big. They attract oodles of customers. They have the size to negotiate good deals with their suppliers.

I’ve always loved Amazon and Home Depot. They’re in my recommended portfolio. Maybe I’ll add Costco and Target. I’m sure I should add Walmart. But I hate shopping there. And their web site — including the new is so awful — compared with Amazon’s.

I’d like them to ease back a little. Cramer’s WATCH promo has boosted them, for now.

Airline tickets to Europe

Business class tickets vary all over the place. I snagged a roundtrip NYC to Frankfurt for $2,500. But when I wanted to change the return , it would have cost me a $450 change fee plus $4,500 for the new one-way fare.

What with change fees on pricey tickets and ticket prices going up and down like a wh*re’s drawers, things are getting complicated in the airline business. My biggest tips are: Buy early, snag cheap fares and negotiate with the airline directly (or American Express) for twofers.

My son is salivating over this

It’s called the 4WD Winnebago Revel. It’s only $130,000. The takeaway is:

Winnebago has built a winner with its first real overlanding camper. The Revel is a terrific rig for two people that, with a little tweaking, could become a great overlanding camper for a small family. Coupled with the fact that you can finance an RV like this for 20 years, an average human can get one with manageable monthly payments. I’m looking for a car just like this to replace my old Eurovan, use as a remote office, and travel the highways, back roads, and beaches of North America with my small tribe. Add in those shoulder belts and I’m in.

Read the entire review (with more photos of the incredible inside) here. 

Go traveling with your laptop

Great photos, especially of incredible indoor and outdoor staircases.

Click here.Wait a few seconds, It has to download: Photo_album

Great motivation?

The circumference of the Earth is 24,901 miles. Alaska Airlines wants me to travel 39 times around the globe to achieve their status of being a Million Mile Flyer. I did the math. I’d have to travel twice a year around the world and live to 100. Can I get that in writing, Alaska Airlines?

Wimbledon tennis continues on ESPN

This column is late because I couldn’t keep my eyes off today’s Nadal/Federer semi-final — which will be replayed tonight on The Tennis Channel.

The women’s final — Serena/Halep — starts Saturday morning at 8 Am EST. The men’s final — Federer/Djokovic — starts at 8:00 AM (or so) on Sunday.

Today I hit a Federer backhand down the line. Once. He hits them all the time.

Harry Newton, who has old friends like him. Their doctors tell them to do their exercises. Many don’t. Especially the men. They’re stubborn. Please do your exercises. Don’t do stupid.

I won’t see granddaughter Sophie for weeks. I miss her.

I don’t know why the market is going up. I don’t know why our tech stocks are going up. And I don’t know why Netflix is going down. But I think it’s a good buying opportunity. They report subscribers next week. They should be good. They and Amazon are now dominating streaming video.