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One pick I just bought at an ultra-high price. Some investing lessons from this year’s crazy world.

This is Latin America’s combo Amazon/Square. I wish I had discovered them earlier. Here’s five years:

This is an incredible company.

The biggest mistake I made this year was losing faith when we shut the economy down in March and selling some shares that have, of course, bounced back handsomely.

I keep writing about not panicking — largely to warn myself to stop being an idiot.

The best news about my investing this year:

+ No energy, no banks, no retail, no cannabis, no cell phone companies, no car companies, no REITs,  no startups. You get the idea.

+ Concentration on FAANG amd stay-at-home and shop-from-home beauties. The full list is on the web site. Wow. Look at Shopify and Amazon.

+ Broad investment in residential multi-family homes aimed at working class and itinerant managers, who are happy to pay $900 to $1,500 for a nice comfortable place with handsome facilities and parking

+ Some cash. It earns nothing, except my peace of mind. Which is increasingly important as I get more aged. Though yesterday I played my 106th game of tennis.

+ And most importantly I don’t try to understand things I can’t. Like why is Boeing going up when no one is flying?

I’m still looking for companies to benefit from 5G — one way or another. Anyone got any good ideas? Don’t tell me Qualcomm or Intel. Never been a fan of either.

The problem:

This is US. deaths. It’s spiking. So are cases. Really frightening.

Wearing a facemask is the single biggest way of reducing virus transmission. I rue that facemasks have become political (a Democratic plot?) and our president refuses to wear one, though VP Pence is now recommending them.

I figure I’ll be quaranting until at least Christmas:

+ I don’t like the odds of recovering versus getting really sick. Hence I’m scared. I’m now 78. Perfect demographic.

+ The more I read, the more I learn how bad Coronavirus is: Asymptomatic Covid sufferers can develop serious lung damage.

+ There is no vaccine, no cure, no management from the Feds and serious mismanagement in places like Texas, Florida and Arizona.

+ People are exhausted from the quarantine and want touchie-feelie — so out they go, hug, and don’t wear a mask. I saw it all over the weekend in our quiet little upstate NY community. .

I wish this worked

Every time I get on my scale it lies. I suspect Trump’s approach is best.

But what do I do about all the clothes in my closet that are shrinking?

This is creative

An IQ quiz

Newton family robins

Second batch this season, photographed June 15.

This morning, 14 days later, June 29. Three babies:

They’ll be gone in another two weeks. And the mother will be back to lay another three or four eggs.

She got really mad at me this morning when I photographed her babies.

Thought of the day

See you tomorrow. — Harry Newton




  • Dman

    Watching the Newton family deal with the coming reality is going to be monumentally hilarious. Pop-Corn is ready, or is that Corn-Pop?……LOLOL!!!!!…….actually it’s Lots-a-Pappa. Figure that one out you moron……(hint) it’s all part of the same long story, just ask Caroline Kennedy. Jr told her “the truth”. Remember when Caroline was going to “fill” that NY senate seat, what happened? Why?

  • Dman

    Harry…..why don’t you ask your idiot moron son if Q-anon is real? Then report back to us your findings.

    Old Polish saying: You are Fucked with a capital “F”…..

  • Angry_Dfns_Eng

    Harry, I truly look forward to your new blog posts. Please write more often.

    • Dman

      Harry is busy campaigning door to door for Biden, the same way he and his wife did for Obama.

      The Great Awakening
      Trust The Plan
      Future Proves Past

      …….Harry, reality is racing directly at you, and you will have absolutely no idea whatsoever how to deal with it. And neither will your PC brain-dead Kool-Aid drinking kids. Guess who’s coming to dinner? LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!….BLM…enjoy!



  • The Jackal

    I wrote a few months ago to look at HKTVY – Hong Kong e-commerce. I just announced it is turning profitable.

  • Mike Nash

    Trump is a man of god and deserves a second term, the coronavirus is a fake started by Crooked Hillary and Obama to get revenge! Trump needs four more years to finish that beautiful wall he started. Let him finish his wall! The Kung Flu is FAKE!!!! I am a man of god like Trump and love the judges he appoints.

  • Dman

    Harry…..Did you stop to “think” that maybe Trump is wearing a Kevlar Flak Jacket?….of course not,
    because you’r a programmed filthy liberal incapable of producing a
    thought that you can actually call your own.

    Read them and weep asshole……it’s only the beginning, you deserve every fucking terrified evil thought you are now contending with.

    The Great Awakening
    Trust The Plan
    Future Proves Past

  • Tom O’Leary

    Looks like you have the “cases”, not the “deaths” graph up.