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Reasons to be very positive on the stock market for the rest of 2021. Biden’s happy, positive speech.

I cried. It was joyful to listen to logic and love, not lies and hate.

The Economist described it:

In a speech to mark his first 100 days in office President Joe Biden told a joint session of Congress that “America is on the move again.” The Democrat touted his American Families Plan, a revamp of America’s social safety-net worth $1.8trn. The plan, to be financed with a capital-gains tax increase will include free community college and paid family leave. Mr Biden cast his programme as the argument against those who would take the Capitol riot “as proof that the sun is setting on American democracy”.

Quotes I liked and wrote down:

+ Doing nothing is not an option.
+ The autocrats (e.g. Xi  of China) say it takes too long to get consensus under democracy. They’re wrong.
+ Healthcare should be a right, not a privilege. (Amen.)
+ Our aim with our military is not to start a conflict, but to prevent one.
+ I have never been more confident of America.
+ One people, one nation, one America.
+ It’s never been a good bet to bet against America.

The Fed is holding rates. The Administration is pumping money into the economy. And corporate earnings are bounding up.

What’s there not to like? Stay invested, as I’m doing.

Apple does well. Extremely well

Apple is my biggest position. It isn’t my biggest percentage gainer. But, I like the stock because it keeps making my life better:

+ I can now unlock my iPhone while wearing a mask.

+ I can turn off “auto-correct.” But I can turn on auto speech recognition and it transcribes what I say flawlessly. (Even with my hideous Australian accent.) Huge time saver.

+ The camera on my iPhone 12 Pro Max is better than any Nikon or Canon I’ve ever owned.

+ My iPhone’s PhotoStream brings me the latest, greatest photos and videos of my grandchildren.

+ My Apple Watch lets me answer incoming phone calls — without searching for my iPhone. I can hang up on spam while I’m on the tennis court.

+ My Apple Watch will find my iPhone and give me info on my heart rate.

+ Oh yes, Apple last night announced blowout earnings for its latest quarter. Sales were up an amazing 54%. I(Amazing, because they were very big to start with.) It’s increasing its dividend by 7%.

Apple stock was up 4%  last night. That will pay for a lifetime of iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, and maybe a Mac laptop.

You can read more on 

Portfolio changes

Yesterday I sold PINS and ENPH. Both announced good earnings, but not good enough. ENPH had desultory guidance. I’m eyeing them. I may buy them at a lower price.

Facebook, Ford and Comcast earnings are nice. Tonight Amazon will report blowout numbers — if only based on what I’ve been buying from them. All stuff I don’t need. But I do get off on opening the Amazon boxes.

It’s funny about investing. I don’t get great great growth from my favorite stocks — like those in FAANGM. (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google and Microsoft. But I do get steady growth. In contrast my blowout growers — like PINS and ENPH — blow up and lose in one day what they’ve taken eons to achieve.

Broad diversification and savvy allocation are keys.

Things I learned about appliances

+ Dishwashers and clothes washers don’t last longer than ten years and should all be replaced then.

+ You do not want to repair old appliances or to have them repaired — even if you could find someone to do the repair.

+ My son Michael has researched clothes washers to death: HIs choice LG. The family loves Miele dishwashers, though they don’t last as long as purported and their service is beyond abysmal. Choosing a Miele dishwasher is way beyond difficult. You can buy one for $999 and all the way up to $2,999. Maybe there’s a difference?

+ You need a 240 volt outlet for your clothes dryer. You also need one for your new EV (electric vehicle) — including your new Tesla. This is the best outlet. Get 50 AMPs.

This outlet costs only $10 outlet, click here.

+ Good idea to have two of everything in your house: two dishwashers, two clothes washers and two clothes dryers. Less pressure when one breaks.

+ Home Depot may be the easiest place to buy, install and remove appliances. But not Miele.

They’re really good at marketing

Here are their words:

The liberal Big Tech monopoly tried to shut President Trump down! BUT THEY FAILED.

Trump is coming back with his own social media platform and there’s nothing Big Tech can do to stop him!

Pledge to join Trump’s social media platform, donate $45 and we will activate your official Trump Defender Membership!

Here’s what you get for $45, with your name on it, too:


+ Thirteen years ago when we built this house, we loaded it with Whirlpool washer and dryers. They worked for a while. No more.

+ The appliance repair business is a scam. That’s a good working assumption. High-end makers, like Miele and Sub-Zero, have miserable support phone hours — like not on weekends and nights when you need them. It’s impossible to find model or serial numbers on any of them. So, no replacement parts.

+ Latest Harry Newton assumption: After ten years, they will all fail. Rebooting may work — temporarily. Plan on replacing them all — whether they’re still working or not.

+ Laundries should be large rooms with plenty of space — much height and oodles of depth for washers and driers. Keep detailed documentation on everything you buy. You’ll need sizing to buy new stuff, which seems to be getting larger — not in width, but in height and depth. Go figure.

Messing around with idiotic, poorly designed household appliances is not my idea of fun.

The world turns

Please drink lots of water. We’re in Cramp Season, which is boring and painful.

See you soon — Harry Newton