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Sit tight with our tech stocks. Good news with the Apple Watch. Harry’s best tips on traveling. And don’t get flooded out.

Don’t do anything. Right now, it’s confusing BIG time in stock markets.

Nothing is clear — no matter what the gurus, talking heads or hedge fund experts intone.

We have inflation — but it’s ebbing, as lumber, oil, etc, drop.

We have covid spiking, because the unvaccinated are catching it. And some are dying. The reward of idiocy.

Some tech stocks like Apple and Amazon are going down because analysts have theories today, which will change tomorrow. Watch BubbleVision.

Some tech stocks like Nvidia, Morderna, Atex, Etsy and TelaDoc are rising today for other reasons — none of which I know.

Some “re-opening” stocks, like industrials, banks, airlines and cruise lines, are dropping because they had their predictable pop a while back. And the Delta variant is throwing in a spanner. All these guys are on my NO list. That includes specially Boeing.

Now we’re waiting for Q2 earnings and predictions (aka tea leaves).

If I sound cynical, I’m not. I feel comfortable with what I own — largely tech.

The good news:

You can shop with the Apple Watch. Hold it next to the terminal in your local gas station, convenience store, take out restaurant… And bingo, you’ve paid your bill. No fiddling with a credit card. No leaving your credit card behind. No having it copied.

Shopping with Apple Pay on a Apple Watch or iPhone is really convenient. All terminals — like Square — seem to accommodate them.

What’s amazing to me about the Apple Watch is how many useful apps it has — from alarms, to blood oxygen measuring, to weather, to checking on my heart rate, or answering (or not answering) incoming phone calls. It wakes me in the morning without waking Susan.

If you don’t own enough Apple stock, today it’s on sale, down 3%.

Travel Schedule

Since everyone is traveling this summer, here are Harry’s Stay Alive Tips

+ Don’t run on unfamiliar surfaces.

+ Hold the stair railing going up or down.

+ Watch the last step going down.

+ Do not lift luggage into the overhead compartment. You’ll kill your back.

+ Do not lift luggage into and out of taxis. You’ll kill your back.

+ Drink water every hour. Cramps are not pleasant.

+ Exercise every day. Keep moving.

+ Wear sunblock and a hat.

+ Nap twice a day.

+ Watch for slippery bathrooms. All are.

Above all, don’t visit a national park this summer. They’re all far too crowded. You will wait hours in line to get in.

This week’s best New Yorker cartoons

The sun’s finally out in Columbia County where we had 15 inches of rain in the last two weeks. And the New York Advisory people keep telling me (this is for real):

“INSTRUCTIONS: Turn around, don`t drown when encountering flooded roads. Most flood deaths occur in vehicles.”

See you tomorrow when maybe we can play tennis outside.

Instead of drowning, maybe skin cancer? — Harry Newton