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What beer has to do with the recovery of the office. More on incredible Montana

Why the recovery of the office biz will be slow. Here goes.

Jeff Bezos once said “Concentrate on making your beer taste better and leave the rest (of your business) to others.”

This has two profound implications:

+ Your business will be better because your brain will be laser focused on what it makes successful, not accounting, or compliance or all the rest of the crap. But the product or service you’re selling.

+ You won’t need an office. You’ll be using other people’s offices. You’ll use the suppliers who build and ship your product. You’ll be talking to the few employees you have over zoom. You’ll be talking to your suppliers over email, text and phone.

So what do we do with the office buildings that can no longer meet their nut?

+ Drop the rent.

+ Split the big offices into smaller ones.

+ Amenitize the building. Gyms, barbecue pits, play rooms may entice.

+ Convert your office building to something else — 20% of office buildings may be convertible to apartments — if they have bathrooms and windows that open. Some may be good for storage or something creative.

+ Tear your building down and build something that someone wants (apartments?) — if you can find the money, afford the financing and the escalating insurance.

Big private money is snapping up, for all cash, “ultra-cheap” office buildings. They’re figuring that one day their cheap buildings will be worth megabucks. One day.

Good luck.

Montana is marvelous.

Everyone should visit. The locals have told me of three popular places —

+ Glacier National Park. It’s gorgeous. There are now 10,000+ grizzlies. which is more a fun story than a scary reality. The grizzlies will get you if they’re hungry or disturbed. They can run 30 MPH — faster than you can. Bear spray no longer works on many of them because they’re been sprayed so often.

This is the closest we got to a bear. They said it was a nice, friendly black bear. But, for this blog, it was a ferocious grizzly which I fought off with my bare hands.


+ Murdoch’s is the local Tractor Supply/Home Depot store but ten times better. Want anything for your Montana ranch or New York apartment? This is the place. Only five minutes from the Missoula Airport.

+ Blue Moon is the local bar/rodeo joint. On Thursday nights, they have wild cow milking contests. The cows and the cowboys are not trained or broken in. The evening ends with a fight among the patrons still standing.

Montana’s fastest growing industry is weddings. Good luck getting a reservation. Call the High Tail Ranch. Ask for Brittany. Beg hard. She may fit you in. I like Brittany. Click here.

Montana has the largest suicide rate in the country — low population, remote housing, and hence acute loneliness. There are twice as many cattle as there are people — only 1.1 million people.

There are other ways of dying — rattlesnakes, mountain lions, grizzlies and bighorn sheep (which will butt you off the side of the mountain if you’re too close. Hint: use a telephoto lens.)

Yesterday’s blog

Yesterday’s blog was “The easiest way to make a small fortune. I test Elon’s Starlink Internet service at the High Tail Ranch in Montana.” If you missed it, click here.

Once again I posted this blog using Elon’s Starlink satellite. The computer trade press tells me he’s cutting the price of his antennas. If you live in the boonies, Starlink is the only way to go.

Lots of construction in Montana:

The boom in tech stocks continues.

Please do not email me and ask “So, when do I sell my gigantic gains?

Frankly, I don’t know and given the Montana mountain views, the friendly Montana people and the Montana air (best in the U.S.), I don’t care.

See you tomorrow, or so. — Harry Newton