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9:00 AM EST, Thursday, February 19, 2009. Two thoughts: Things are pretty bad. But they're also pretty good. Which to focus on?

Bad: The statistics are awful. The media focuses on gloom and doom. They're the easy stories to write. Every day we read and see more gloom and doom. (But we don't have to. Keep reading.)

Good: Things are actually improving. We haven't had a "systemic breakdown." The banking system is not healthy, but it hasn't died. Loans are flowing. And now the Administration is moving from saving the banks to saving the economy. It's easy to criticize the government's efforts. Throw enough money and in enough directions. Some of it will stick, and is sticking. After a night with our new local senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, I feel a lot better that the Administration has actually thought some of this through.

The BIG news is the world is brimming with great opportunities. New ideas are exploding. New businesses are forming. I spent nearly two hours on the phone last night with the president of a new bank (in organization). There are some fabulous new ideas in banking that really will work. After the conversation I emailed a bank director:

I'm very impressed with our president.
I'm also depressed.
I think he's thought of everything I would do.
Except he thought of it BEFORE I did.
That's genuinely depressing thought.

I glanced through my email this morning. Typical of newspaper and magazine headlines: Laissez-Faire Capitalism Has Failed, Goodwill turns bad in Asia; Detroit's plan is no airbag. We're moving into a far deeper hole. This stuff is too depressing. Hit the delete key. Stop reading this crap. Turn off BubbleVision (CNBC).

The sun is shining. I'm playing tennis today for the first time in nearly two weeks. My arm is better, I think.

My favorite Madoff story. The kid loses his job at a hedge fund job, because his mother, who ran a feeder fund there, funneled $250 million to Madoff. The kid says "there's an opportunity here." He gets Wilson to private label some golf balls with this wonderful image. He sells them on

He gets mentioned on CNBC's Squawk box. He gets orders from all over the country and Europe.

Yesterday he tells me he's sold out of his first batch and is ordering more. Business is booming.

The ball's benefits, according to Sleazeballs, are:

# Maximum deception allowed by the rules of golf
# High powered corporate speak provides
# maximum hypocrisy
# Optimum spin for maximum duplicity
# Two-faced pretension
# Sham cover
# Guaranteed cutthroat action

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