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9:00 AM EST, Monday, February 9, 2009. Well, that was super brilliant. I did something to my right arm. Now I can barely move it. The lesson is don't aggressively do something you're not used to. I caused this mess by too aggressively mopping the floor. That's my version. My wife's version is 65-year olds shouldn't play 3 1/2 hours of aggressive singles tennis after watching Nadal.

This is a really good magazine:

Two articles worth reading: Madoff's Mayhem. You'll learn how all the feeder funds ignored signs of naughtiness (chiefly front-running) because of the huge fees they received -- 1% of the total and 20% of the gains each year. Fees. Wall Street is all about fees.

And Mack Fights Back. You and I gave money to save Morgan Stanley. You'll be pleased to know that the man who got Morgan Stanley into much of the mess it's in is still running the company and doing basically the same stupid things that got it into trouble the first time. And we're paying for this!

Slept in because of arm. Tomorrow will be better.

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