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8:30 AM Wednesday, March 2, 2005: My favorite Carly Fiorina (ex of HP, ex of Lucent, ex of AT&T) is up for president of the World Bank, according to the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. I don't like the idea, so I have started a web site called I don't want her to destroy the World Bank, like she destroyed HP. Please visit my site. Please tell your friends. Tell them to visit. We must stop this madness.

So much for my brilliant planning. I just discovered that I'm meant to be at a meeting of the President's Visiting Committee of Bowdoin College at 8 AM this morning. It's an honor. Maybe I can be of some use? My daughter went there. We love the school and our family has funded a small scholarship for minorities wishing to attend Bowdoin. Hence, today's column is short. My apologies. I'll make up tomorrow.

Conversion Dilemma
A Jewish man goes to his Rabbi. "Rabbi," he says, "I am so upset about my son, I don't know what to do. I raised him a good Jew, taught him the Torah, and instructed him about the Sabbath. I just learned at this last Passover that he converted to Catholicism. Please tell me what I should do to reason with him!"

The Rabbi answers: "Funny you should mention this. The exact same thing happened to my son. I taught him everything I know to make him follow in my footsteps and become a good Rabbi like me, and the next thing I know, he converted to Catholicism and became a Priest! I truly don't know what to tell you: Maybe we should ask Yahweh for some insights."

To two men started praying: "Yahweh, G-d almighty, Creator of the Universe, please come to our rescue. Our firstborn sons have converted to Catholicism! What should we do?"

A thundering voice responds: "WELL, TELL ME ABOUT IT!!"

Harry Newton

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