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8:30 AM Thursday, March 2, 2006: Health and energy returns. Ketek is a miracle drug. Thanks for all your good wishes.

Nice recent gains to take off the table: Let's not be greedy. Take a little of your profits.

GE is America's "Most Admired" company, according to Fortune. But that has done diddley for its share price:

Don't get excited about buying the others, though Costco, Goldman Sachs and Toyota have risen. Increasingly I'm not a big fan of big companies. With rare exceptions, most of their growth is behind them. The only way to play today's squirmy market is to ride these short-term "momentum" names for a few points. I keep trying to find more of them. Not easy.

Google sucks for health: For searching about health issues, use www.Healthline. It only searches health sites, whereas Google searches everything. Look up on "cold" on Google, you'll get the Cold Stone Creamery, makers of ice cream, frozen yogurt and Italian sorbets.

Kyocera's fabulous KR1 Mobile Router: Slip your Verizon Broadband Access card into this $300 portable gadget. Suddenly a bunch of you -- your family, your traveling business team, etc. -- can share Internet (and hence email) access.

Kyocera KR1 mobile router, first of a new gadget category

As you know, I've raved about Verizon's Broadband Access service -- its speed and ubiquity. But, until now, you couldn't share it because you slide the Verizon PC card into one laptop and that was the laptop on the service. Now, here's a way to share the $60 a month Verizon service, just as you share DSL or your cable modem service. Neat. Click here.

How do three screens work? David Arden asks "Harry, this will be the dumbest question of the year, but if I buy the three monitors and use my laptop, as well, how do I get a different website on each monitor? Won't they all display the same website? That can't be true--stop laughing--so how do I load a different site on each monitor?"

Not dumb, David. Windows takes care of it. Here's what my setup looks like. Number 1 screen is the laptop.

To make sure you have different websites, open Internet Explorer several times or open one copy of Mozilla Firefox (my preferred browser) and drag each window to a different screen. You do that by grabbing the blue bar on top with your mouse.

You can wait for Apple's new Intel-based laptop: It's fast. It's sleek. It's handsome. And the good news is that all the old Mac software will run on it -- but much of it runs slowly, e.g. Microsoft Office and Adobe programs, such as Photoshop. And some doesn't run at all -- e.g. the older pre-Mac OS X software. Best to wait while software is being re-written.

Apple's first Intel-based laptop is out. It's sleek, but its software is not ready.

New email virus to be wary of
1. Causes you to send the same e-mail twice.
2. Causes you to send a blank e-mail
3. Causes you to send an e-mail to the wrong person.
4. Causes you to send it back to the person who sent it to you.
5. Causes you to forget to attach the attachment.
6. Causes you to hit "SEND" before you've finished.
7. Causes you to hit "DELETE" instead of "SEND."
8. Causes you to hit "SEND" when you should "DELETE."

It is called the C-Nile virus. There is no cure.

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