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I hate you all. I’m an idiot.

You’ve all emailed me:

“Harry, you’re an idiot.

Get yourself a Mac.

We (the superior race with Macs) don’t have issues — like you’ve been having with your crappy Microsoft software.

Our Macs work.

From: Duncan Scribner:

Morning, Harry

I spent years fighting with Outlook pst files, just as you described.  Nightmare, frustrating, nobody at Microsoft Support could ever explain why they use pst files.  At some point I started making new ones, storing old pst files, but then finding data that way became even more frustrating and an endless time sink.

Then my kid Elliot had to have Apple for school, and to keep the story short, I did end up with a MacBook pro.  Zero issues since then!  Email client works differently but also runs every email address I’ve got through msn and Google.

I’ve never looked back.  Susanna, of course, being a dyed in the wool Microsoftie will never shift to apple, but she’s got issues all the time, though for some providence in her corner of the world, no Outlook pst file issues.

The other thing about mac OS is that it cleans itself up each time you do an update, whereas PC machines get slower and slower over time.  I used to have to reformat my drives once a year to hedge this.  But no more.  I’m still running a 2013 MacBook pro and it’s as fast at the day I got it.   Also replaced PC tower w/ a mac mini.

All the best and always good reading you each day.

I won’t suffer you to the other “Harry, you’re an idiot. Get a Mac” emails.

I’m off to the Apple Store this morning and I’m buying even more Apple stock. And I won’t regale you with what happened last night, when, in desperation, I called Microsoft support. Suffice, they gave uselessness a whole new meaning.Took only two hours to not solve my problem.

Why we are so lucky

That was meant to be today’s glorious headline — before Microsoft messed up my life.

The good news: Your local PBS TV station is playing

It’s magnificent. It’s eight two-hour episodes. This evening’s (10:00 PM EDT) episode is:

The Sons and Daughters of America (1964-1968)
Country music artists like Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn, Merle Haggard and Charley Pride reflect a changing America as they appeal to wide audiences.

You can also stream each episode. Click here. 

Here’s one of my favorite songs:

Hank was on last night. They call him the Hillbilly Shakespeare.

Tonight Patsy Cline will be on. She’s a personal favorite.

Make sure you listen with headphones. Sounds much better.

The year was 2009. 

Dan Good shot me in “action” in Indian Wells, California. I tossed the ball high, so you can’t see it.

I played this morning, ten years later. And played better.

I’ve found the perfect investment — no charge.

Keep moving. Drink water. Nap.

And dump anything that makes stress. Life is too short and stress too dangerous.