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Best and worst recent purchases. John Cassidy argues for Rational Irrationality. How to avoid the STEC Wreck. Investment speak par excellence. Who are the Taliban and what do they want? Windows 7 recommendations. Rolls-Royce's new cheapee. Some friends are too fat and do too little exercise.
Monday, September 28, 2009
Mulling. Money managers are pouring money in. RIMM crashes. Getting well -- it's about time. Naval history, maybe. Altered pictures. There I fixed it.
Friday, September 25, 2009
Housing hosed the market. Learned at a Bottom Line newsletter dinner. A $29 million chair. The trouble with wheels. Al Gore's Fisker Automotive gets $529 million from the U.S. Government. North Korea's dollar store. Read the New Yorker online. Boston urinals. Favorite recent New Yorkers cartoons. "Miss me yet?"
Thursday, September 24, 2009
Winning Ugly. Wynn Resorts. The contagion of service charges. Latest dumb PC trick -- change dat to doc. The Rich Have Feelings, too. Alaska bear remover.
Wednesday, September 23, 2009
Wynn Resorts. New industries everywhere -- travels to Boston. So what's with the Swensen strategy? Truly silly. Flight attendant lore. Why are there no dead penguinjs on the Antartic ice?
Tuesday, September 22, 2009 KWT and UNG. Wynn Resorts -- be wary. Dumb takeover bids. Latest on STEC. My bank is getting creative. eBay is not always cheap. How do you feel about Afghanistan? Senior road trip.
Monday, September 21, 2009 How the Treasury distributed tarp monies. And forgot about controls, etc.
Friday, September 18, 2009 STEC dropped a whopping 17% after a negative analyst report. Odd aspects to this. Apple and Google do well. Rosh Hashanah is Jewish New Year.
Thursday, September 17, 2009
The magnificent run. CBOE volatility chart. Real estate has its problems; report from the front lines. Out of STEC. Carry on, Australia, and Brazil. More dollar woes ahead? Practice saying NO. HDMI cables? Late night humor.
Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Nice continuing rise in equities. And gold. And gold coins. Avoid getting sick. How to connect your HD TV. The three great lies. Old people joke..
Tuesday, September 15, 2009
One year anniversary of the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers. Gold. Research in Motion. Virbam FiveFingers.
Monday, September 14, 2009
More people launch own firms. You have not over-or under reported money to the IRS. Check. Check. Check. My PC is slow. Oh, the agony or upgrading to Windows 7. Big spenders -- they wish. The world is changing exponentially. The "joy" of Facebook. The Federer between-the-legs shot. Only in Australia.
Friday, September 11, 2009
Chart of Gold prices. Perception on why the market continues to go up. Liquidity remains the name of the game. Harvard, Yale Are Big Losers in 'The Game' of Investing. The 8th anniversary of 9/11/2001.
Thursday, September 10, 2009
Wednesday, September 9, 2009 Oil, metals, commodities and gold booming. Dollar collapsing. STEC gets an overweight this morning. Watch out for new credit and debit card fees. The depression in U.S. advertising spending. How BusinessWeek is shooting itself in the foot. Why Goldman Always Wins. Smell the roses at the Metropolitan Museum. Photos.
Tuesday, September 8, 2009 The Flight to Fight Off the Flu Harry's picks -- BCRX, SVA and SCR. Gold is the still the opportunity of a lifetime. Everything you wanted to know about SSDs (solid state hard drives), the Corsair P256 solid state drive. How Annie Liebowitz got herself into a financial pickle. Los Angeles fires are horrific. Can you pick which Victoria's Secret model is the blonde?
Friday, September 4, 2009
If I had dumped every nickel I owned into a simple index fund in early March, I'd be up 43% today.
Thursday, September 3, 2009 I nibbled at some American Express (AXP). And I like BHP Billiton (BHP). STEC is up so strongly, I'd take some profits. BYDDF, a leading Chinese maker or electric cars and one of Buffett's investments continues to rise.
Wednesday, September 2, 2009
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Friday, August 14, 2009:
Glorious day. I met with two great companies. STEC, EWA, EWZ, GOOG, AAPL and GS. Madoff's mistress emerges. Should I buy shares in an investment banker? Blackstone or Goldman Sachs. Why do people go on CNBC? Sleep pants. All about the Taliban. Women in Afghanistan.
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Monday, August 10, 2009: The myth of rational markets. What went wrong? Ben Stein gets fired from the NY
Friday, August 7, 2009:
Thursday, August 6, 2009: Stress can kill. A three-part solution. Leveraged and inverse ETFs.
Wednesday, August 5, 2009: Go with the flow, not with the logic. IPO and secondary business warming up. Stockmarket runs with aging bulls. Richard Russell on Where ithe stockmarket will go next. Impressed with STEC. Leveraged and inverse ETFs. A small something for environment: give up meat on Mondays. Some people are obsessed with planes. Roundabout's The Tin Pan Alley Rag. Really stupid pig jokes.
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Friday, July 31, 2009:
Analogies between 1929 and 2009. A vCard makes huge customer happiness. Reasons why land is cheap. Bernie Madoff and social security. Foods that prevent cancer. Don't buy a Cisco phone system. Get out of Iraq - now. Arlo Guthrie. The perfect solution to health care.
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009:
Stock prices rise 9 months before a recession ends. The huge stock boom since March 9 has run its course. Choose whichever. EWA, BYDDF and EWZ. People who work for themselves are richer than those working for a corporation. Robert Kuttner argues High Frequency Trading is really front running (which is illegal). Was the AIG Bailout a Goldman Bailout by Proxy? by Felix Salmon. Housing's floor is reached.Housing's floor is reached. Bargains in overseas business class travel. Coca Cola's brilliant marketing!Tom Otterness's sculpture.
Monday, July 27, 2009: The market looks iffy. Obey our inviolate 15% rule. From Blackstone's recent annual meeting: This recession is different, employment wise. SearchMe blows through $44 million plus. The New Yorker on health-care. New York subway activities. Windows 7 is not exciting. The fortune teller.

Friday, July 24, 2009: Earnings have plummeted, but stock prices have risen. The healthcare battle continues. The reaper is cheaper from Manhattan Institute’s Center for Medical Progress and A Reckless Congress from the Wall Street Journal. PC Software I like -- MagicDVDRipper, Microsoft OneNote, and Copernic Desktop Search Professional. On being a watch freak. Rainx. Proof positive about too much beer. A portable outdoor barbecue. New Adidas sneakers. Favorite New Yorker cartoons.
Thursday, July 23, 2009:
A degree of normalcy is returning to capital markets. "Happy days are here again" is the refrain. The pressures on you and I to buy something are immense. The worst decision you can make is a hurried one. Never say Yes without mulling.
Wednesday, July 22, 2009: Obama Healthcare visited. Thomas Jefferson once said A government big enough to give you everything you want is big enough to take away everything you have. Mayo Clinic Blog Blasts Obamacare. Dr. Atul Gawande's eye-opening long piece in the New Yorker. Banks on thin ice. Assets at banks whose ALLL exceeds their nonperforming loans. Some measure of satisfaction for ARPs holders. U.S. withheld data on risks of distracted driving. Where is my wife? She's lost.
Tuesday, July 21, 2009.
Richard Russell is turning bullish. Oppenheimer loves STEC. Nouriel Roubini's economic predictions. BYDDF is the Chinese electric car company. Goldman Sachs: The Great American Bubble Machine. Read it, click here. From Blackstone's annual meeting,
Monday, July 20, 2009:
The wholesale destruction of industries, including the auto industry, commercial real estate, especially retail stores and shopping centers, the imminent bankruptcy of over-leveraged firms, media and health care.
Friday, July 17, 2009:
How JPMorgan shifted risk to AIG and what happened next. Looks like we should be back in the market. Prof Roubini's latest predictions. Calpers sues the rating agencies for wildy-wrong ratings. Rio Tinto bribes all the Chinese steel makers. China stockmarket on a tear. Cheap eyeglasses.
Thursday, July 16, 2009: Awash in good news. Shooting yourself in the leg -- BusinessWeek may sell for $1. Life's latest lessons. How Deng Xiaoping's To Get Rich is Glorious.
Wednesday, July 15, 2009: How did Goldman Sachs make so much money? Buffettt doesn't believe in broad asset allocation. In search of search engines. dtSearch versus Copernic Desktop Manager, professional edition. Einhorm buys gold.
Tuesday, July 14, 2009: Exploding with opportunities. Swine flu on the rise. Blame yourself or the world. In search of search. I'm a recovering asset-allocationist. Failure of a Fail-Safe Strategy Sends Investors Scrambling.
Monday, July 13, 2009: The whole bailout campaign stinks to high heaven. It was created and run by Wall Street -- FOR Wall Street. Again, I say, personally, I wouldn’t have lifted a finger to bail Wall Street out. Let all these Wall Street thieves stew in their own toxic juices. Thieves should be out on the street or in jail, not luxuriating in government bailout money. Wall Street is a product machine. Howard Marks discusses Wall Street's long-time products and their failures.
Friday, July 10, 2009: Liquidity. Liquidity. Liquidity. Wait Five Years and Pray Values Will Return. What are VCs most worried about? Goldman Sachs makes it hand over fist. For Banks, Wads of Cash and Loads of Trouble. Please buy the latest issue of Vanity Fair. Thoughts for the weekend.
Thursday, July 9, 2009:
The BIG lesson from this recession is simple: Excessive debt is horrible. My fantastic Citigroup private equity fund. Finally, a painless solution to those zillion photos -- Picasa. 10 Things Your Real Estate Broker Won't Tell You. The value of regular checkus. The dentist.
Wednesday, July 8, 2009:
The hardest thing today is recognizing our reality has changed.
Tuesday, July 7, 2009: Reduced net worth and reduce lifestyles. The fear of entrepreneurship. This is not the time to be long in the stockmarket.Get yourself a regular colonoscopy exam. Life in Canada. The bargain of the old man and the young beautiful woman. Ten tips on renting cars. Firefox 3.5 is great. Life lessons from tennis. Prostate cancer. The Talmudic question.
Monday, July 6, 2009:
I used to believe that people were honest and competent until they proved me wrong.
Friday, July 3, 2009: Holiday. Repeat of yesterday's column.
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Friday, June 26, 2009:
Distress bonds return big. Here's why. Google Voice is brilliant. Convert Office 2007 files. Lyme disease really sucks -- the new movie, Under Our Skin. Be extra nice to your customers. Unsubcribe works. New York State creativity. Wimbledon tennis.
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Thursday, June 18, 2009: Horrendous out there. The bear rally? Richard Russell's charts -- the Dow and gold. Cross your fingers for Iran. Mercedes adds major idiocy to technology. lease be careful. I am not ancient nor frail. China's bubble is bursting? Military wisdom.
Wednesday, June 17, 2009: It's time to be out. Dr. Doom has some good news. Email, cellphone service and my wife's BlackBerry. The Peek email-only PDA. An American Jew is shopping in Piccadilly.
Tuesday, June 16, 2009: Mulling. Commodities and oil skyrocket. Wall Street makes a new product to replace auction rate securities. Hiking suggestion. More on Yellowstone Club. So, how bad is the economy?
Monday, June 15, 2009: Serious inflation? Own hard assets. Watch Peter Schiff. It's hurting in the hinterlands. Travel tips. Camping tips. Hiking tips. The waterproof Canon D10. The unreal story of the Yellowstone Club.
Monday June 8 -- Sunday, June 14, 2009: Rating down the Colorado River. No Internet access, shucks. No column.
Friday, June 5, 2009 Where goes oil? Where do shopping centers?
Who or what caused the financial mess? Was it Joseph Cassano: the man with the trillion-dollar price on his head?
Thursday, June 4, 2009 Harvard Business School graduation. The boring Jamie Dimon and interesting hearing aids. Harvard's massive research impresses.
Wednesday, June 3, 2009 The Australia iShare EWA looks interesting. A new inviolate rule? When it drops 15%, sell. When it rises by 15%, buy. The slimy local real estate business. New web site extensions are available. Case studies on Saudi Arabia and Dubai.
Tuesday, June 2, 2009 What a contrast. The strong stockmarket. The weak economy. Health care reform. Good luck. The perfect graduation gift. Bing versus Google versus Wolfram? Google's new ventures. Congratulations to Apple and Seagate. Sierra Trading Post is running specials. Commodities are taking off. French Open Tennis TV Channel.
Monday, June 1, 2009 Taleb bets on hyperinflation. The Economist publishes a very positive "Business in America." The NYTimes raises its prices (?). A new way to check for viruses. French Open Tennis TV schedule.

Friday, May 29, 2009 David Einhorn shorts Moody's. David Swensen is not entirely sanguine. The Wall Street Journal drops its price. Latest tips on buying retail. Virus alert. Adam Neff is only 7 years old.
Thursday, May 28, 2009 Michael Newton becomes Baker Scholar. To more more, again? Is that our salvation? Gold? To BlackBerry or to iPhone? Darling little camera, the waterproof Canon D10. Technology at its best -- the colander lie detector machine.
Wednesday, May 27, 2009 Print money; make hyperinflation. Look for saviors: Gold,
silver, oil, U.S. stocks, Asian stocks, commodities. .Barry Ritholtz' Bailout Nation. How Greed and Easy Money Corrupted Wall Street and Shook the World..Harry's four-monitor $760 (screen) desk. The ulta-wonderful ViBook screen driving machine.
Tuesday, May 26, 2009 Cherish your health. Cherish your family. John Mauldin's piece on "put your money overseas." Lousy computer news. Why backups count. Google's browser Chrome is really fast and really good. You buy retail. Or you can buy at Trader Joe's. Canon's waterproof D10. Kindle will read to you. Radio Shack's iPod to cassette gadget for automotive listening.
Friday, May 22, 2009 My hedge fund's latest miserable results, and their excuses. Why Jeremy Grantham Changed His Mind about equities.
Thursday, May 21, 2009 No diversification. "What are you living on? Please don't go there." The insanity of "Emergencies."
How to get fast treatment in your hospital's emergency room: Don't buy batteries retail. The bandaged hand. The swallowed nickel.
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Thursday, May 14, 2009 The syndication business is booming and everyone on Wall Street is profiting -- except you and I. The market is turning down. The federal government is spending like a drunken sailor. There are huge implications.
Wednesday, May 13, 2009 The worst investing mistake. Madoff's lesson for our own investing. The downturn in global trade is frightening. Buying a new flat-screen TV? Buying a few flat screen TV? The Wall Street Journal for $99 a year. How to get Word to open your last file. Where in the world are the Zhivagos? Anyone know where this tennis court is? Favorite New Yorker cartoons.
Tuesday, May 12, 2009 Sentiment has turned lousy again. Reasons for my new pessimism. Where are interest rates going? Bargains in real estate? Deer ticks -- part 3. Wash your hands frequently. The Perfect Liquidity Investment. Jay Leno's political quips.
Monday, May 11, 2009 All about accounting. How to sell your house. Would you believe -- computers flat out lie. Deer ticks revisited. Motivation Islam-style. News stories in gorgeous photographs. Please be careful lifting. Dilbert on the economy. What attracted investors to Madoff? The charming elephant story.
Friday, May 8, 2009 Is the market tired? Why oil is rising in price. Money on the sidelines -- the big unknown. Is this the "top." They just don't listen. Most successful businesses are partnerships. Afghanistan's only pig. Check yourself for ticks.
Thursday, May 7, 2009 A rethinking of the massive hyperinflation theory. Excerpts from the Pain Report. Should you buy a Kindle 2? Michael Newton graduates soon. Wipe your BlackBerry clean. Toto toilets don't clog. If you're a student or a teacher, the Wall Street Journal costs less.
Wednesday, May 6, 2009 The massive hyperinflation fear. What to do? Bright Spot in Downturn: New Hiring Is Robust. BoltBus gives Amtrak some competition. The Newfie story. All about government efficiency.
Tuesday, May 5, 2009 Berkshire Hathaway meeting highlights. Stocks are now in the black for 2009. Which to buy? Jury duty scam. RainX for April showers. Pooh's totally tasteless cartoon.
Monday, May 4, 2009 My distress real estate fund is distressed. Reasons why. The upcoming hunger strike on auction rate preferreds. Iraqi Dinars for investment. Children never neglect their parents. The Garmin Nuvi 350 is on sale at Radio Shack. Recession humor greeting cards. Swine flu and Obama. Great truths little children have learned.
Friday, May 1, 2009 At the bottom of a bear market... The currency business shines, especially Iraqi Dinars. Chrysler enters bankruptcy. Lessons from the Internet. What to do with Mark Jay Rafaloff? Don't use Facebook. How swine flu got started. Chase pays lousy interest. Who's paying the ransom if you were kidnapped by terrorists? Poor Iran and those Israeli oranges.

Thursday, April 30, 2009 Three energy picks with high dividend yields -- ERF, PWE and LINE. Kingsdale opines on today's stockmarket dynamics. The Fed's FOMC puts a positive spin on things. The New York Times indicts Treasury Secretary Geithner. Secrets of great marriages.
Wednesday, April 29, 2009 Sell in May and Go Away. Maybe. Some energy picks. Pleas for help on locked up money. Madoff, the movie. John Hussman tells it like it is. My mother always wanted to be a Buddhist. Donation to the church and IRS.
Tuesday, April 28, 2009 Summer doldrums. Perfect weather. Son wins prize in business plan contest. Salesmanship sells. Newton family picture Why Larry Summers is frightening. Portfolio magazine is closed. Worst Slide Story. The market stinks so bad.
Monday, April 27, 2009 Unlinked diversification. A glimmer of hope? The brighter optimism picture. The banks' toxic assets. Are all your bank accounts insured? Worst Side Story Sing-A-Long. You have a friend in the Feds. The world's best laptop backpack. More bad financial jokes. How to get well, fast.
Friday, April 24, 2009 The world's smartest investor. Why commodities will take off - again. Why you can never trust anyone. The latest on South Park's Margaritaville episode. Zacks' colorful salesman. The IRS acts stupid, yet again. Weekend reading -- A Little History of the World and The Accidental Guerilla.
Thursday, April 23, 2009 The Dow's wild ride. Housing prices will fall further. Should I buy now? Encourage competitions at your local college. Finally one great salesman appears. Porter Stansberry's thoroughly depressing words. Viacom crashes the South Park party. Marriage saver revisited. works for your friends and family abroad. Pest control.
Wednesday, April 22, 2009 Harry's real estate syndications are doing awfully. Here's why.
Remember when the estimates of bank losses were $350 billion. Real estate sucks, maybe yes, maybe no. My friend turns down a huge profit on his apartment. Time to look at your 401(k). Fastest-growing industries in New York City. Become an instant trillionaire. Jokes about economists.
Tuesday, April 21, 2009 The Garbage Rally? Financial Armageddon writes the worst is over! Irrational Exuberance. Human emotions cause booms and busts. Neuroenchancing drugs get into the colleges: Encourage your college to run business plan contests. Guide dogs.
Monday, April 20, 2009 You must watch the South Park episode, Margaritaville. How to be, and not to be an entrepreneur. Why I fired my broker from the Atlantic monthly. The retirement dinner.
Friday, April 17, 2009 The marketing continues to explode. Hedge fund Tiger Consumer Partners is up 16% in the first quarter. Here's why. The VIX has dropped dramatically, suggesting that the big danger is past. NYSE chief cautions over March rally. What does he know? Google Voice is starting soon. Please sign up to get an invitation. Don't open email attachments. The lost Viagra pill. On a road trip. The pay increase.
Thursday, April 16, 2009 Nothing Wall Street invents is working. What happened to Harry's private equity investment in Goldman Sachs Vintage Fund IV. The magazine business also sucks. The cell phone danger.
Wednesday, April 15, 2009 Where is the stockmarket going? To test the old lows? Richard Russell's theory? Chart from Intel thinks we've seen the bottom. Obama's Georgetown speech. How to run your business in a recession. Widescreen or full screen. For mutual funds it's not the return that counts. More senior moments.
Tuesday, April 14, 2009 Two approaches to bond maturities -- laddering and barbell. For mutual funds, it's not the return that counts. Gabelli pays himself handsomely. Kicking the butt of U.S. printers -- from China and Korea. How stupid is the president of my local alarm monitoring company. Go traveling now. Amy achieves huge savings. A charming fairytale with morale. The new concept grocery store.
Monday, April 13, 2009 Buy low; seven keys. Become an entrepreneur, not an investor: Case study on This weekend's New York New Jersey Franchise Expo. Favorite iPhone / Touch applications.
Friday, April 10, 2009 Market is closed. Conflicting thoughts on the market. Bad Easter jokes.
Thursday, April 9, 2009 Municipal bonds -- part 2. Richard Russell on the confusing stockmarket. Today is the first day of Passover.
Wednesday, April 8, 2009 Municipal bonds -- part 1. Goldman Sachs' muni bond credit risk spectrum and federal aid to state and local governments in times of economic stress. Improve your tennis with video clips from USTA. Mellon Bank people destroyed my tax return. Headlines from the year 2029.
Tuesday, April 7, 2009 The big casualties of this awful economy -- diversification and alternative assets, money managers and confidence that things will work out in the end. Consistency is not one of my strengths. Meredith Whitney and others don't like banks (???). Three great travel ideas -- Burning Man, Mont Blanc to the Mediterranean hiking and Grand Canyon rafting. The hummingbirds grow. Yust a Nice Lurefisk Yoke!
Monday, April 6, 2009 When will this rally end? Best travel tips. When I returned home. gogo Internet service is great. Gloom and doom statistics. Three wonderful New Yorker cartoons.
Friday, April 3, 2009 A faint sound of applause. Some signs suggest that the recession is lifting, U.S. Office Vacancies Hit 15.2% -- and Rising. The Soft Panic of 2009 Has Just Begun. Picturing the Recession. The most tasteless, but wonderful video. Rid your PC of the Conficker virus. Senior driving.
Thursday, April 2, 2009 Things are stabilizing. Rising unemployment may good. Life goes on with the hummingbirds. How real estate works. Reminders from out of the blues. Netbooks get really cheap. Hold off on installing Internet Explorer 8. GM pins its survival on the Chevy Volt. Capitalism versus socialism. April Fool's from the Economist. The Sony Ericsson Open Tennis.
Wednesday, April 1, 2009 I'm in two real funds. I've lost everything, so far. The "mark to market" rule will affect many institutions. But it may help me. Are our banks really insolvent? OECD forecast shows the world economy is worsening. My friend Joe still likes the stockmarket, sort of. But Richard Russell gets more bearish. How things are going at the La Quinta Baking Company. The Retirement Center -- Part 1 and 2.
Tuesday, March 31, 2009 "Buy and Hold" works for ten years? No way! Control. If I have control, I make money. If I don't, I'm gambling. How would you fix the economy? 60 Minutes freaked out on malware. Update 1. America's most expensive house is for sale. This little amusing spider. Two gay guys are walking through a zoo. New rules on income tax.
Monday, March 30, 2009 Hummingbirds and life goes on. Will Obama's "Save The Banks" plan work? Hussman Funds Weekly commentary. 60 Minutes freak out on malware. The Civil Heretic on global warming. Sarah Palin is a hoot. Sort of. Son Michael visited us for a couple of days. How bad is the economy -- jokes.
Friday, March 27, 2009 It's time to start nibbling at equities. Maybe.
Thursday, March 26, 2009 Smell the roses. Stop rebuking yourself that you missed the 20% stockmarket rise. Krugman is not happy. Buy rental properties now? My YouTube's sound doesn't work. Why? Stockmarket savvy.
Wednesday, March 25, 2009 Rolling Stone on how Joseph Cassano singlehandledly brought down the entire world's financial system. Printing money. Why Europe resists it. Wonderful things lawyers say in court.
Tuesday, March 24, 2009 The market booms 7%. "The Big Takeover -- The global economic crisis isn't about money - it's about power. How Wall Street insiders are using the bailout to stage a revolution" from Rolling Stone.
Monday, March 23, 2009 The hummingbird. Bus tours of AIG homes. Where AIG's money went. So buy muni bonds. They're safe? Don't bother with Internet Explorer 8. Firefox is better. Fat people at the tennis. Russian impressions. NPR weekend radio broadcast. More bad financial jokes.
Friday, March 20, 2009 The tradeable rally. Infinite Debt. How unlimited interest rates destroyed the economy. More insanity in Afghanistan. IBM to buy Sun Microsystems? They're revived West Side Story. Charming stories from the deep south.
Thursday, March 19, 2009 No column. Slept in.
Wednesday, March 18, 2009. Feeling more positive. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Why people own gold. Jon Stewart rips into CNBC's Jim Cramer. St. Patrick's Day jokes.
Tuesday, March 17, 2009 The insanity of a $24 million house built on spec. Bargain ski pass. The private business is doing OK? Recession proof careers.
Monday, March 16, 2009
No column. Exhausted.
Friday, March 13, 2009
Nice bounce in recent days. New industries in the roaring 1920s. Being a spec building in La Quinta, California. Peeing into your golf club. Entrepreneurship at its best. Paradise revisited. Two gorgeous ripe grapefruits.
Thursday, March 12, 2009.
Wall Street makes fees. End of story. Recipe for disaster. The formula that killed Wall Street. Can Citigroup continue to lift the stockmarket? The financial crisis explained in simple terms. Parts 1 and 2. The Forbes' richest got 23% poorer in 2008.
Wednesday, March 11, 2009
One day's 379 point (5.8%) rise does not mean three things. Gold as an investment? What will affect the stockmarket going forward? Parts 1 and 2. Don't personally guarantee a loan. Buy Venezuelan sovereign bonds. Daylight savings times messes up Windows computers. A great hiking trip from Mont Blanc to Nice. Michael has a birthday. Anne smiles. Einstein in Heaven.
Tuesday, March 10, 2009
The bailout. Is it working? Rules on tax benefits for education. Buffett is not positive. Misguided government policies, according to Jim Rogers. My old commodities fund not doing well in 2009. There are too many shops. A truly inspirational story.
Monday, March 9, 2009
The big questions of the day. The Hayman Capital Master and the 26-page white paper of J. Klyle Bass. Bits and piece of depressing statistics. Lessons from a U.S. Airways survivor who went down in the Hudson River. The Afghani Quarterback.
Friday, March 6, 2009
People are still stuck in stocks because their advisors take fees. How GLD (the ETF)) has performed. Plunging stockmarkets, then and now. Dshort's charts: Dow Real Price since 1900. Four Bad Bear Markets. S&P 500 Index -- 1950 to present. S&P Composite Index: Regression to Trend. Why nobody uses DSL broadband Internet service: It's just too slow. The Gotcha in short sales and The Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act. All Circuit City's stores will close by Sunday. Paradise in Coachella Valley, CA. Wonderful headlines that are not mistakes.
Thursday, March 5, 2009
The stockmarket goes up during a bear market, like the one we're in. GM is going broke, really. Total lack of trust in Wall Street; front running. The gotcha in short sales. Buying a company you know nothing about -- Brioni and Riva. The most comfortable saddle ever. The best gentile jokes.
Wednesday, March 4, 2009 Depressing headlines: Jobs, odds of a depression, etc. Whatever happened in Iceland? Everything is on sale. Woes in real estate. The latest scam in California: renting your sold property. Our-retailed, overproduced, over everything. Scenes of California shopping. The guaranteed small fortune.
Tuesday, March 3, 2009 Getting more serious by the day. An owner reports how his downtown office buildings have lost his investors all their money. The IVR ETF real estate index falling and falling. Respected newsletters getting gloomy. There's too much of everything, including too many golf courses. The car industry is crazy. GM owns Saab. Ford owns Volvo. Neither want them. The Garmin Nuvi 350, the best GPS around. The new mile high club -- gogo WiFi in the sky. The Jewish funeral.
Monday, March 2, 2009 Training bad executives to be bad. Safe havens for your money. Harry's Mattress Bank. Berkshire Hathaway's 2008 Letter to shareholders. Stay liquid from the New Yorker. Please read John Kenneth Galbraith's The Great Crash. Bits and Pieces of high finance. Moving to the west for March.

Friday, February 27, 2009 The Itch Factor. Chasing high yields. Three signs of the times. Gold. Charting. Troubled banks. Don't go near the Ultra-Short ETFs. How to gauge the recession -- Craigslist. The Kindle 2. Sleep on your money. How twins are made. The best lines from Hollywood Squares.
Thursday, February 26, 2009 Depressing news from GM, et al. Dambisa Moyo on giving aid to Africa. The last safe bet -- U.S. treasurys, say the Chinese. How goes real estate in the erstwhile hot Hamptons. Seniors save on their real estate taxes. Buy and hold? Growth in energy businesses. Leave home withour your AMEX. I dislike Forbes magazine. Don't lend your friends money.
Wednesday, February 25, 2009 All bear markets are characterized by strong rallies. Hence yesterday's strong 4% rally. But -- and I reiterate my many-stated position -- things are gong to get much worse before they get better. Obama's talk to Congress. Harvard is a dumb investor.
Tuesday, February 24, 2009 Google, RIMM and Apple. Too high? GM as a lesson in mixing capitalism and politics. CDARS suck. Check. Check. Check. Pick up and move on; The story of the 92year old. The Florida burglary.
Monday, February 23, 2009 Trust. How Madoff and the ARPS fraud destroyed it. The loss of trust in auction rate securities. Happy birthday Claire and Ted. Which country's stockmarket did worst? Housing prices to fall further. Your next house?
Friday, February 20, 2009 The stockmarket closed yesterday below its November low. My charting friends tell me this is a seriously bad thing. Gloom and doom revisited. Clip coupons. Watch for these latest scams.
Thursday, February 19, 2009 Two thoughts: Things are pretty bad. But they're also pretty good. Which to focus on? My favorite Madoff story. Madoff golf sleazeballs.
Wednesday, February 18, 2009 The gold rush. You can start a bank with less than $20 million. I visit business school: what it does and what the differences are between now and 40 years ago. How capitalism works: GM and Chrysler beg for money. Use Google's GMAIL to send large files. Owing the bank money. Sound money advice.
Tuesday, February 17, 2009
Best time to start your own business; reasons why. Four reasons now is the right time to start a local bank. HeartWare is being bought. Why China buys U.S. treasurys.
Monday, February 16, 2009 President's Day. Michael comes to visit. It's his birthday.
Friday, February 13, 2009 T
he Stimulus Package won't buy you a decent color TV. What it's in for you. How the crash will reshape America. Upgrading to a new, faster laptop. Darling bargains in Lenovo's Outlet Store. Bank CDs are paying less and less. Merrill Lynch paid out handsome bonuses. Kids Night On Broadway. How Wall Street Sold Out America.
Thursday, February 12, 2009 Wall Street's Broken Model. A deliciously simple bailout plan. Ruth Madoff to swing? It's not because I schlump; it's my tennis racquet strings. Don't use Luxilon tennis strings. Wonderful words from Lincoln and Darwin. How Barclays Bank might handle today's tough times. Even English royalty has fallen on hard times.
Wednesday, February 11, 2009 Tim Geithner big on rhetoric, low on specifics. Where will your stimulus monies be spent? The FDIC insurance drops to $100,000 at the end of 2009. How long will the recession last? Nouriel Roubini takes a guess. The best investment is at your local post office. Rupert Murdoch thinks I'm an idiot. Technology if interest: Skype video, cell phone for hard of hearing, handsome notebook sleeve, Garmin nuvi 350, cables to show your photos and movies on the big screen. It's all posture -- Harry's busted right arm. Best in Westminster Dog show. Starting a bank. The lottery deal? All about sell-side analysts.
Tuesday, February 10, 2009 The most efficient way to waste your time. Predictions for the present economic mess. The next booms. Why your bank is broke. Which corporate costs to cut. The new tight economy. Superior Irish logic.
Monday, February 9, 2009 Damaging my arm. Madoff's Mayhem and Mack Fights Back.
Friday, February 6, 2009 The banks. Don't touch them. Start your own. How Madoff was attentive to his customers. The Autumn Years Dating Agency.
Thursday, February 5, 2009 Finding FDIC-insured bank CDs. Harry Markopolos before Congress. Name your dog fluffy.
Wednesday, February 4, 2009 How bad are "professional" money managers? Bad. What happened in the 1930s? Dog bite insurance claims explode. Jersey Boy is great. Formatting the column. Please use Firefox. Serious sacrifice.
Tuesday, February 3, 2009 Real estate bargains appear. Our rules. How bad (or good) was Florida's real estate boom? Time to watch all the Super Bowl ads? False "sales" abound. Most useful travel gadget. Even better things about the Canon G10. New York City "humor."
Monday, February 2, 2009 Is our present recession the cure or the problem? Will the stimulus package work? Investment implications. Gold makes huge sense. The saga of the overweight Irishman.

Friday, January 30, 2009 The problems of alternative investments. Don't be suckered into being long in the stockmarket. Some industries are booming. Some are not. Recession in the private equity business. Latest great cartoons. Australian Open Tennis ends this weekend.
Thursday, January 29, 2009 Valium and Viagra as methods of boosting the economy. The Federal Stimulus program. What "sophisticated" investors are doing. Hefty bonuses for Wall Street. Serena Williams on motivation. The Australian Open. Terrible golf joke. Understanding engineers.
Wednesday, January 28, 2009
Oh, Lord give me just one more boom. Roubini: "Expect the world to suffer through 2009." Australian Open.
Tuesday, January 27, 2009 Six errors on the path to financial crisis. How Swiss banks make their money. Madoff enablers winked at suspected front-running. How John Thain spent $1.2 million on his new Bank of America office. How to live longer -- more sleep, less food, and more red wine. My son's latest discovery -- the window sealing kit.
Monday, January 26, 2009 Surviving without borrowing; or borrowing very expensively. Seeking places to put cash safely. Service, service and more service. We are directly responsible for the mess in Swat, Pakistan. More Inauguration humor.
Friday, January 23, 2009 Blackstone. Fortress Investment and Apollo Management. What lousy returns for the investors. Why Citibank and the Bank of America make me sick. Puns for my dental hygienist.
Thursday, January 22, 2009
What do we do with cash? Watch out for your credit card; there are huge new charges.
How to automate my Inviolate Stop Loss Rule. Cable Bill High? Phone Costs Up? Now, Let's Talk. Australian tennis continues. Late night comedians on the Inauguration.
How to automate my Inviolate Stop Loss Rule. Cable Bill High? Phone Costs Up? Now, Let's Talk. Australian tennis continues. Late night comedians on the Inauguration.
Wednesday, January 21, 2009 The hurried conference calls and what permeates them. Too much finance. Too little manufacturing. Barack's Inauguration. Australian tennis continues.
Tuesday, January 20, 2009 Inauguration Day. The Perfectly Safe Investment/ Five things have worsened economically. Bargains at Circuit City? Buy Best Buy? No. 2009 Australian Open TV Schedule. Secrets of Life -- Part 1 and Part 2.
Monday, January 19, 2009 Buffet says U.S. is in "economic Pearl Harbor." Industrial production is falling badly. 2009 Australian Open TV Schedule.
Friday, January 16, 2009 Investing lessons from the meltdown. Jim Kingsdale's investment strategy. Inside a Swiss bank, Madoff warnings. The New York Times and borrowing money. The best way to avoid a cold. Australian Tennis begins. A happy day at Wal-Mart.
Thursday, January 15, 2009 Make your Bucket List. More horrible news for the stockmarket. Bank bonds are the new safe investment. In search of the perfect investment, again. The retired teacher and the croissant. Apricorn's ED Gig II cloning software is a disaster. Famous quotes for 2009.
Wednesday, January 14, 2009 Walking Winnie. Madoff to get off? Alternative investments suck for individuals. Yale's portfolio loses money. Neat, cheap little laptop. In Michigan, Bank Lends Little of Its Bailout Funds. Golda Meir, 40 years ago. The sermons at the synagogues.
Tuesday, January 13, 2009 Uncertain But Not Uncharted. That's the headline on Goldman Sachs "Forecast 2009." Opportunities in finance. Imploding economy continues imploding. Madoff lessons. No pants day. The global momentum has hit Japan.
Monday, January 12, 2009 Fees -- the big motivating force on Wall Street. Why Wall Street sold auction rate securities. Companies who make up the Dow 30. OZOcar is a new limo service. NYPD security cameras. More bad Wall Street humor.
Friday, January 9, 2009 Value of my muni bonds rises. Why banks still won't lend. Madoff stories. "I couldn't be more scared." Bubbles are forming in discount debt, infrastructure, alternative energy and precious metals. Michael Lewis' book Panic. Latest thoughts on backing up. Late night humor on today's finances.
Thursday, January 8, 2009 Remaining skeptical of the market. Spent two hours with The Workout Maven. Byron Wien’s ten predictions for 2009. You are your own worst enemy. Banana Republic's idiocy. Divorce is such a pleasant business. Porn biz asks for bailout. The chicken business lays many eggs.
Wednesday, January 7, 2009 "Buy signals" - but too late. China EFT -- FXI. The gun business. Endemic mistrust is what we now face. Jim Surowiecki's C
heat, Pray, Love. The barber shop
Tuesday, January 6, 2009 Todd loves DXO and TBT. Risk cannot be measured, but they try. Yikes, the automakers are suffering. Mexico's problem. Madoff, once a crook, always a crook. Worst predictions about 2008 from BusinessWeek. Commercial office space is suffering. The Mad Bomber hat.
Monday, January 5, 2009 More shoes to drop. Another round of earnings disappointments. Random statistics. If you run a business, give more service. The end of the financial world, as we know it. More bad Wall Street "jokes."
Friday, January 2, 2009 Time off. No column.
Thursday,, January 1, 2009 New Year's Day. No column.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008 Investing tips I learned in 2008. What Brett Arends of the Wall Street Journal learned in 2008. Iceland's sad disaster. Uncle Jay sings the year in review. Two favorite New Yorker cartoons.
Tuesday, December 30, 2008
The New Reality. Write illiquid investments to $1. Go to cash. Buy solid muni bonds. Wait impatiently for the next opportunity. Successful west coast home builder buys cheap land. Carryforwards and carrybacks. Roger Altman in Foreign Affairs. The interest rate on six-month U.S. Treasury bills drops to its lowest level on record. Favorite point and shoot cameras.
Monday, December 29, 2008 Illiquid investments, yield chasing, avoiding debt and patience. How much has Harvard really lost? Jim Kingsdale's latest columns. The perfect investment: A bottle of something useful. Auditors and yield risk. Retail sales are awful, but the prices are great. So sad about Santa Claus. the virtues of rye bread.
Wednesday, December 24, 2008 Family stories about the day before Christmas.
Tuesday, December 23, 2008
Investing from a smart friend. Why the Ultra-Short Sector ETFs are a gigantic ripoff. Dumb money and dull diligence from The Economist. The best chanukah present.
Monday, December 22, 2008 The economy continues to unravel, as ripple-down economics wreaks its havoc. How Wall Street creates products and then sells them to you and me. Just call this deal Hoosier Baroque. The BIG lesson from the scandal Madoff. Synagogue of $ufferers. New York Post's Temple of Doom. DirecTV's high definition signal is seriously great. Yesterday was the winter solstice. Hanukkah gifts for the Rosenbaums.
Friday, December 19, 2008 Trust has evaporated. Latest dumb Madoff stuff. Oil is below $40 a barrel -- chart of oil in recent months. More stuff you can't predict. How values have dropped. What you can now buy for $100 billion. I like Lewis Black. If only your customers were as excited as Apple's. Run from anyone who's coughing. Something awful is gong around.
Thursday, December 18, 2008 17 lessons from the Bernie Madoff Ponzi Scheme Fraud. Lessons from an ice storm. Get your flu shot. Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater is stunning. Getting your teeth into the task at hand. Ghoulish New York City "humor."
Wednesday, December 17, 2008 The Federal Government as market overhang. Beginning Madoff lessons. Madoff's middlemen sellers. The Indian and White Man.
Tuesday, December 16, 2008 DGP. The PowerShares double Gold EFT. DXO. The PowerShares double Oil. Wall Street is a product machine. Disabled railroad workers. Pfishing is on the rise. If I ran GM. Daily promotional emails make sense. Take your grandkids to Santa.
Monday, December 15, 2008 Extensive weekend study -- 8 conclusions. More housing shoes to drop. How bad is retail? If it's too good to be true, it is. Bernie Madoff lessons. Please see Gran Torino. TiVo does good. Differences between men and women.
Friday, December 12, 2008 Skip treasuries. Buy CDs through ETrade Financial. Our P/Es are still too high. Financials' lousy performance. How commercial real estate value gets wiped out. Dumb lending to ultrahigh end resorts. Favorite point and shoot cameras -- Canon SD880 IS and Canon G10. The Donkey and Wall Street.
Thursday, December 11, 2008 America's lost decade. Where have all our savings gone? But equities look good. Bill Miller's rise and fall. Muni bonds yield big. Web services that are really useful -- Constant Contact, Quick Browse,, Google Docs. GM spends $2 billion on advertising. Governor of Illinois gets arrested.
Wednesday, December 10, 2008 America's lost decade. Where have all our savings gone? But equities look good. Bill Miller's rise and fall. Muni bonds yield big. Web services that are really useful -- Constant Contact, Quick Browse,, Google Docs. GM spends $2 billion on advertising. Governor of Illinois gets arrested.
Tuesday, December 9, 2008 The December Rally; reasons. Treasury Sells Three-Month Bills at the Lowest Rate Since 1929. Time to get back into commodities? What are some of my readers doing? The discipline of short selling. Jim Chanos, The Catastrophe Capitalist.
Monday, December 8, 2008 Oodles of cash out there looking for a home. Kenneth Heebner's checkered record. Where are you putting your money? A Reader Survey. Year end strategies. How to buy a telephoto lens for your SLR? Obsessed with many screens -- update. The old sailor. The wife.
Friday, December 5, 2008 Hitting bottom? Huge unemployment numbers. Local businesses doing great. Obsessed with many screens -- ViBook's external monitor driver. The best slippers -- Cole Haan's Zermatt. New investing terms.
Thursday, December 4, 2008 Seven tips to get your business and career moving. Investment myths exploded this year. Great cartoons. Molly the camel.
Wednesday, December 3, 2008
Times are tough for all of us; here are seven tips .Is Lehman CEO Dick Fuld the true villain? How hedge funds can be taken also. Slumdog Millionaire is great. Chair of the board.
Wednesday, December 3, 2008
Anatomy of a Bear Raid.Is Lehman CEO Dick Fuld the true villain? How hedge funds can be taken also. Slumdog Millionaire is great. Chair of the board.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008
Gold mulling. Bernanke and Paulson making it up as they go. Oppenheimer's Meredith Whitney waxes negatively on the financials. Cash remains king. Important to go shopping. Never leaving the house. Latest ghoulish humor on Wall Street.
Monday, December 1, 2008 Gold. EFTs. Citigroup sees $2,000 an ounce. 10 ways to invest in gold. Rubin defends his disastrous role at Citigroup. Perth Mint suspends orders amid rush to buy bullion. The best readings on the Meltdown.

Friday, November 28, 2008 How the world progressed in 2008. Short Google? How did the mess happen? Thomas Friedman on All Fall Down and Eric Dash on Citigroup.
Thursday, November 27, 2008 Thanksgiving Day. No column.
Wednesday, November 26, 2008
As we move from credit to prepay, major disruptions coming. Watch this interview with Jeremy Grantham. LandAmerica craters, taking $3.2 billion of 1031 exchanges. Another reason to support the Innocence Project.
Tuesday, November 25, 2008
Martin Weiss' speculations. Check out solar panels for your house -- big federal tax credit. Don't give gift cards. Cut your grass to four inches. John B. Kotter's book "A Sense of Urgency."
Monday, November 24, 2008
The good news on the stimulus lower gas prices give us. More declining assets and upcoming bankruptcies. Gretchen Morgenson's That Money Isn't Leaving the Vault." Smartphones revisited. Old age humor.
Friday, November 21, 2008 Three big auto execs -- really dumb. Elementary maintenance on glasses and bicycles. Taking the world by BlackBerry Storm.
Thursday, November 20, 2008 Opportunities for cash. OPY is going lower.
Wednesday, November 19, 2008 Stockmarket rules for cash. Appraisals when you die. How fast is your broadband service? Ibex makes great clothing. No Crask handcream. Vampire energy loss.
Tuesday, November 18, 2008
Uncertainy. Professor Roubini. SEC charges Mark Cuban with insider trading. Iraqi premier is firing fraud monitors. The black hole. Don't see Quantum of Solace.
Monday, November 17, 2008
$10 million in muni bonds. Facing deficits, states get out sharper knives. Worrying about life insurance companies. How companies save on IT. The best tennis balls. The end of Wall Street by Michael Lewis.
Friday, November 14, 2008 The market is volatile. If you're playing with shorts, get out when you're up a few shekels. Key strategies on shorting. GM spent $2 billion on advertising. Life insurance to protect your estate. Your neglected web site. Body of Lies is worth seeing. Going cold turkey on print subscriptions.
.Thursday, November 13, 2008 Google shorts. Muni bonds revisited. The end of Wall Street by Michael Lewis. Backyard nukes by Hyperiod Power Generation. Booming professions -- divorce lawyers, life insurance salesmen, bankruptcy and bank regulation lawyers and online psychics. Great cartoons.
Wednesday, November 12, 2008
What's holding the economy up. Crude oil futures drop. Muni bonds.
Tuesday, November 11, 2008 What people are giving up. Goldman Sachs lost decade. Harvard's endowment problems. Watch for prescription drug side effects.
Monday, November 10, 2008 Plummeting asset classes for colllege endowments. What people are giving up. Obama's victory speech.
Friday, November 7. 2008
Depressing news. Hedge funds put stress on the market. Down and Out in Beverly Hills: Rolexes, Picassos Hit Pawnshops. Retailers report a sales collapse. OPEC Leader Khelil Says Dollar Will Drive Oil to $170. Streamers, great theater.
Thursday, November 6. 2008
Wednesday, November 5. 2008
Tuesday, November 4, 2008
Monday, November 3. 2008

Friday, October 31. 2008
Thursday, October 30. 2008
Wednesday, October 29. 2008
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Thursday, October 2. 2008
Wednesday, October 1, 2008 My recommendations remain: 1. Cash is king. Watch out for where you put it. Banks are still collapsing. 2. Stay 100% out. Don't even try shorting "obvious" shorts -- like Toll Brothers. 3. Muni bonds continue to look interesting for investors in high-tax states.
Tuesday, September 30, 2008
"I want your money," Hank Paulson. Real steps we need to fix the economy. Sell Rosh Hashanah. Buy Yom Kippur (ten days from now).
Monday, September 29, 2008
How to rate banks. The bailout was brilliantly sold. Oktoberfest in Germany. Don't buy from The Italian loan.
Friday, September 26, 2008 Cash is king, but where to put it? Credit enters a lockdown. Lots of people could use a cash infusion by Tom Brokaw. U.S. May Find Painful Parallels in Nordic Bailout. Everybody is watching Katie and Sarah.
Thursday, September 25, 2008 The costs of giving Paulson $100 million.What happens when you have rampant inflation. Where is the outrage? by Garrison Keillor. Buy an iPod Touch and get favorite free podcasts. Favorite Windows error message.
Wednesday, September 24, 2008 Buffett's investment in Goldman and Constellation Energy. The Bailout Plan -- Original Form. The guys at Reserve Management belong in jail for this stunt. Totally tasteless Indian humor.
Tuesday, September 23, 2008 Putting the Feds in charge of the Sahara Desert.Unintended consequences of Washington's bailout. Dollar and oil implications.
Monday, September 22, 2008 Treasury's new Goldman Sachs logo. How Paulsen killed all his competition. What's it all mean for you and I? How to fix your broadband connection. Worried about your laptop being stolen? "Traitor" is a great movie.
Friday, September 19, 2008 Acting irresponsibly doesn't work. But acting irresponsibly big-time works. What happens if your brokerage firm goes up? Hitler gets a margin call. Google's bruiser of a browser.
Thursday, September 18, 2008 Theories on why prices will continue to fall. Money market funds enter a world of risk. "A Man For All Seasons" is great theater. Marriage saver -- great Senheiser headphones.
Wednesday, September 17, 2008
To repeat: Don't chase yield. The first money market fund breaks the buck.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008
What Wall Street needs is new capital. Wall Street will be smaller. Here's why. In praise of mulling and in praise of being careful. How to handle a market gone deal. The many dangers of a tight skirt.
Monday, September 15, 2008
Richard Fuld of Lehman Brothers, Nouriel Roubini, professor of New York University. Don't leave a GPS unit on your windshield. Favorite religious sign.
Friday, September 12, 2008 Cash is King has been our mantra. Cash lets you buy cheaply. Cash allows you be opportunistic.
Opportunity 1: Buying ultra-cheap real estate. Opportunity 2: Time to form your own bank. Rules on listening to Harry. The new, excellent Nikon D700. Comparing the MacBook Air with the Lenovo ThinkPad X61. Why I read the Economist. Fashion Week in New York.
Thursday, September 11, 2008 Lest we forget. What's happened in the first year of the Credit Crunch. High interest loans are blossoming. You don't want them. Buying WaMu cheaply.
Wednesday, September 10, 2008 The continuum of uncertainty in picking stocks. The incredible UAL story and what happened when the computers went awry. More on WaMu. Great dry Australian humor.
Tuesday, September 9, 2008 A sinking WaMu snags Fishman. So much for the commodities boom.
Monday, September 8, 2008 The U.S. Government doubles its debt by taking over Fannie and Freddie. A possible depressing scenario.
Friday, September 5, 2008 Two theories on what's happening in today's bear market: Jim Cramer's and Bill Gross's. Small wind turbines make little sense. Great aerial photos of London. Protect yourself against viruses:
Thursday, September 4, 2008 The deal of his life. How my friend could ruin his life with his newest "sure thing." Why it's so difficult. Bucyrus and Joy Global crater. Financial stocks to short. Medical bills you shouldn't pay. Another virus.
Wednesday, September 3, 2008 Third quarter financials could hurt stocks even more. Commercial real estate springs a leak. The great American invention machine. The commodities bust. Google's new browser call Chrome.
Tuesday, September 2, 2008 Commercial real estate. The present owners had bought at too high prices and borrowed too much short-term money to finance their buys. In favor of bank reconciliations; the bank account that sprang a leak. Tax deductions. Going out to dinner. Health insurance in a new country.

Friday, August 29, 2008
21 good things to do in a bad market. 50% of Wall Street's profits from 2004 to 2007 gone up in smoke. The incredible new Nikon D90. Bank of America "alert" is a scam. Watch for porn on your new laptop. Microsoft's DOCX file format. Nudge, the book. Two fax machines are four times better than one. Ubiquity for Firefox is interesting. Contractor: Finish the job, please.
Thursday, August 28, 2008 Ripples. 1. Companies which need money, for expansion or survival. 2. Real estate on which short-term loans are now due, or soon will be. 3. Loans against property or assets which are in default. How the Credit Crunch has affected the world of finance.
Wednesday, August 27, 2008 Warnings on banks. Be wary of where you keep your money. Running a Hedge Fund Is Harder Than It Looks on TV; Ron Insana's trials. The B.S. Wall Street pumps out. Belgium is bike friendly. More warnings on Lyme Disease. The US Tennis Open TV Schedule.
Tuesday, August 26, 2008 No bottom generally, but SLV and GLD look neat. Another bank goes, the ninth this year. How to open a zippered suitcase. How to take better photos -- the 18% gray problem. The US Tennis Open TV Schedule.
Monday, August 25, 2008 Ripples throughout the economy. John Mauldin's depressing banking views. How Obama reconciles dueling views on economy. Super funny ultra-clean video. Taxes in Belgium and how to avoid them. Travel tips for Europe.
Friday, August 22, 2008 Warren Buffett on CNBC.

August 16-21: In Belgium on vacation with Anne and Michael. No columns.

Friday, August 15, 2008
Forced vacations. How painful has it been? Hedge fund results for 2008. Conflicts in the advice brokers dispense. New Hampshire accuses UBS of selling it auction rate securities though it knew they were failing. More fraudulent dangerous emails. is a better Whatever happened to The Customer is Right? The perfect investment is your own business. Non measureable ads versus measureable ads. The reason Google is booming and newspapers aren't. I really like Stickies.
Thursday, August 14, 2008
No places to hide. silver, gold and oil drop. The fantastic Prius taxi. Big external hard disks drop to under $100. No excuses left not to backup.
Wednesday, August 13, 2008
How things have changed. Oil. A retreat from oil investments, as demand falls and supply rises. The brain as a major powerhouse in tennis. Get up and move around. A friend suffers a deep vein thrombosis.
Tuesday, August 12, 2008 The speed of change is speeding up. The dumbness of chasing yield. The commodities boom may be over, for now. True Religion pricey jeans grows. Harry's Hall of ARPS Shame.
Monday, August 11, 2008 Oil. How Denmark became independent of and was able to stop importing oil from the MIddle East. Avoid ethanol, if you can. Lessons from the failed ARPS auctions:1. Don't trust your local broker. 2. Don't ever buy a Wall Street structured product. 3. Don't chase yield. 4. Don't confuse security and marketability. The Dark Knight is too long.
Friday, August 8, 2008 Distinguish between broken companies and broken stocks. Goldspring does well. If cash is king, where do you put it to protect it? Banks, insurance and CDARS. Premium gas and gas with ethanol. Watching the Olympics on your PC.
Thursday, August 7, 2008
400 point Dow gains only happen in bear markets. Spread your money around the banks. Tempest for a bank that bet on risky loans.
Wednesday, August 6, 2008The crisis in financials has barely begun. Economic Free Fall? Yahoo directors are "pathetic." Retiring to Mexico sounds blissful and cheap, and safe, maybe.
Tuesday, August 5, 2008
Not the worst credit crunch he's seen. Merrill Lynch bites the bullet.Big screens drop in price. I love my new 1680 x 1050 Samsung. Variations on the China diet -- try Smart Balance.
Monday, August 4, 2008 Higher shipping from India and China is changing the economics of outstourcing. How to save 40% on your hospital bill. Yahoo remains a great short. Super funny ultra-clean video. Great book, The China Study.
Friday, August 1, 2008
More Arrows Seen Pointing to a Recession. All this means two things: 1. Buying great stocks is like catching a falling sharp knife. 2. Selling short makes huge sense in a tanking market. Brokers will make your boker. The Australian dollar is falling. National debt revisited.The best bicycle bell. Cloning makes huge sense. Going to British Columbia? Or maybe ride some waves in Mexico?
Thursday, July 31, 2008
What's obvious any more? Trying to find a bottom? Looken is a better search engine for Outlook. Never hide rows or columns in Excel; group them. My new 22" monitor.
Wednesday, July 30, 2008 Signs to sell short. Movies and TV shows on the Internet, including Hulu, ABC and CBS. Harry sends money to Australia for a bank account.
Tuesday, July 29, 2008 Jim Kingsdale of Energy Investment Strategies moves out of energy into cash. AOL sells its assets, cheap. Iran is going well. Zimbabwe is not. My son, the genius, gets my bicycle stolen. I buy a Chinese Vespa. Insurance is very cheap.
Monday, July 28, 2008 Away from Gloom and Doom. Two books that will change your life: Three Cups of Tea and Mountains Beyond Mountains. Bernanke's portfolio includes Canadian treasury bonds. The worst brokerage firms. Weekend reading statistics. A VIX buying signal? Falling earnings estimates. CDARS will get you $50 million in insurance. Some states face huge problems. How to get 8% on your money in Australia. Worried banks sharply reduce business loans.
Friday, July 25, 2008
Thursday, July 24, 2008
Wednesday, July 23, 2008
Tuesday, July 22, 2008
Monday, July 21, 2008
Friday, July 18, 2008 Leading stats showing we're in a recession. Cash is king. Pressure by ARPS holders is working: regulators invade Wachovia. As the price of grain rises, catfish farms dry up. Chronic Lyme Disease is devastating. Psst. Want a gun business? The gas crisis. The outsourced call center.
Thursday, July 17, 2008 The Big Search for a short-term place to put money. Harry's Mattress Bank. The economy is brimming with entrepreneurial opportunities. Politician ordered to anger counseling. My new yacht, I wish. The gas crisis.
Wednesday, July 16, 2008 Fears of money in banks. Harry's Mattress Bank. Fears of money in brokerage accounts. SIPC, excess SIPC and CAPCO (the Customer Asset Protection Company). Will Lehman go private? UBS announces ARPS buyback. Two stories on the disasters facing us. The cat's away. Identity crisis.
Tuesday, July 15, 2008 Pick the next bank to fail. IndyMac Bank fails and its consequences. Can you trust any bank or money market fund? The rabbi who's leaving the congregation..
Monday, July 14, 2008 We are in our worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. As an investor your strategy is sixfold.
Friday, July 11, 2008 Lehman Brothers down again. General Electric is a finance stocks. Two unhappy campers. Three favorite stocks -- PCU, FRO and BPT. How Apple will eat Verizon's lunch. "My hard drive failed." "I love Gmail." Another nag about Lyme Disease. The back seat champion.
Thursday, July 10, 2008 Financials. Ultrashort SKF. Life lessons from tennis. Can you believe the press or the Internet? Escaping the grip of foreign oil. Siphoning GM's future. Two softwares -- Stickies and Lookeen. The dubious joys of flying.
Wednesday, July 9, 2008
Skills for your your kids. No to Ethanol. Golf carts as a growth business. The Linksys WRT54G2 Wireless-G Broadband Router. Best free podcasts.
Tuesday, July 8, 2008
Finance losses to be $1.6 trillion. So far only $400 billion. All my inheritances from Nigeria. Robert Mugabe's house. Switzerland's FoxTown.
Monday, July 7, 2008 Why are oil prices rising? Jim Kingsdale's views. Tsunami investing.
Thursday, July 3, 2008
Celebrating July 4. America needs infrastructure. Cockroach auction rate securities scandal. UBS and Lehman are the worst cockroaches. The wisdom of age.
Wednesday, July 2, 2008 Switching to short selling. FDIC advertises. Health, Life, Writing, and Computer Secrets. Wimbledon. Son-in-laws, whom we love.
Tuesday, July 1, 2008
Favorite short. Unfavorite financials. How deep is the financial crisis? Anne Himpens strikes again. The 9th Jewish Film Festival. Wimbledon.

Monday, June 30, 2008
Window dressing. The BIG (contrary) theory. You must read Subprime Fiasco Exposes Manipulation by Mortgage Brokerages. Manure thief falls into dung. Wimbledon.
Friday, June 27, 2008 The second worst June ever. My threefold fears -- wealth destruction, banking system collapse, and inflation. Will UBS survive? Intel opts for Windows XP. Supreme Court affirms handgun ownership. Three delicious family jokes.
Thursday, June 26, 2008
The upcoming bear market rally. Sticking the bull. The 200-2002 bear market. Charts: China imports and oil prices. US House prices. Citigroup. GM. Boeing. Warren Buffett is concerned about stagflation. Take cash when gassing up. George Carlin on HBO. Wimbledon Tennis. Two bad Jewish jokes.
Wednesday, June 25, 2008
Banks and their foreclosed properties. Pesky little creatures these cockroaches. A Bonfire returns as heartburn; Tom Wolfe visits the New York Stock Exchange. Latest dumb Microsoft decision. How to reduce gas prices. The second best Excel keyboard shortcut -- Ctrl 1. Wimbledon continues today.
Tuesday, June 24, 2008 Gruesome summer. Financials and autos fall. Serious warnings. Market weakness evident in advances and declines. "The IRS is so stupid." The best Excel keyboard shortcut tip -- F4. Water on Mars. Financials. The farmer and his government agent.
Monday, June 23, 2008
The next boom will be alternative energy. Congress delays alternative energy Act. The Economist's Energy special report. Watch your summer travel. Marriage saver; The Sennheiser RS 110 wireless headphones -- marriage savers. The tick season is on us.
Friday, June 20, 2008
RBS issues global stock and credit crash alert. How much is your investment worth? Switching to a Mac. A smuggler's dream. Bumper stickers. Upload Firefox 3.0. Who's got talent?
Thursday, June 19, 2008
Gruesome financials. Successful risk management. Oil prices charted. Last few days for Windows XP. summer.
Wednesday, June 18, 2008
Gruesome summer. Shorting financials. Huge writedowns coming. Firefox 3.0. Skype 4.0. IcyHot. How to say NO. How stupid we all area. How to use your stock screener. My favorite puns.
Tuesday, June 17, 2008
Something big not disclosed at Lehman Brothers. Are the Saudis trying to bring down the price of oil? The 2008 Darwin Awards, maybe.
Monday, June 16, 2008 Wall Street is a product machine -- implications. The Trillion Dollar Meltdown. Catching falling knives is very dangerous. Lehman Brothers has the Reverse Midas Touch. Why we love artist Tom Otterness. Breast exam - Part 1 and 2.
Friday, June 13, 2008 Lehman is the classic Cockroach stock. This market is not for longs. Be wary of online brokers and low-priced stocks. Geothermal looks interesting. Do hybrid cars make sense? The Drunkard's Walk. Brijit fails to raise money. How photoshopping works on social networks. The itch. Thoughts for the weekend.
Thursday, June 12, 2008 Cockroach financials. Lehman's Australian disaster. Citigroup's new fund blows up: New CEO receives huge reward for incompetence, except at feathering his own nest. FCC aide makes the stupidest investment decision ever -- lessons for all. Right of first refusal is a very dumb idea. Promises, promises.
Wednesday, June 11, 2008
Why Lehman lost much money. Australia is booming. The skinniest legs and the shortest pants. More sad calls on Auction Rate Preferreds. Save big on energy: insulate your home better. Best birthday card.
Tuesday, June 10, 2008 Opportunities in our Moment of Pain -- part 2. Goldspring. UBS selectively lied. How to shoot yourself in the foot. How I saved a young kid from Lyme Disease. Why would anyone give Lehman Brothers any money? Red tails in love: the wonderful red-tailed hawks in New York's Central Park. Understanding engineers.
Monday, June 9, 2008
Opportunities in our Moment of Pain -- part 1. You may be Taliban... if. The story of the black man and the alligator.
Friday, June 6, 2008
Will this election matter to the markets? Favorite solar stocks. Favorite pick and shovel (BUCY). Finally real estate is becoming reasonable. Why you need network backup/diversity also. June 30 is the last day to buy Windows XP. Lookeen makes the most sense. Denmark is running a Miss Headscarf contest. Stuff I don't make up -- from Zimbabwe to 26 toilets in Greenwich.
Thursday, June 5, 2008
Lehman Brothers. George Soros' new book. How he invests. His analysis of what went wrong and where things are going. Back up your files when you travel. The French Open continues.
Wednesday, June 4, 2008
Lehman Brothers is seeking overseas capital. Lehman battles an insurgent investor. The future is now, according to Ray Kurzweil. How to buy prescription drugs. Amazon charges NY sales tax. New airline fare surcharges.
Tuesday, June 3, 2008 Contrary indicators: oil price to fall. Photovoltaics stock recommendations. The Law of Unintended Consequences: popcorn rises in price. Adobe's new web word processor, Buzzword. Amazon collects sales tax. The French Open.
Monday, June 2, 2008 How goes the economy? Hay fever in the northeast. Have your children and grandchildren watch this video.
Friday, May 30, 2008
How Lehman Brothers cooks its books. The costly arbitration for ARPS. TiVo software improves. Why oil will rise faster -- how dumb we are. Manufacturing a food crisis. Solves Windows problems with Windows Sysinternals. Xobni plug-in for Outlook. Bad good lawyer jokes.
Thursday, May 29, 2008
When you can't control the outcome, diversification is the only control. When life at the top is enough of a life.
Wednesday, May 28, 2008
Reasons the economy will be dampened. Strategies include When in doubt, stay out; When losing, get out fast, Cash is king and a cash equivalent is not cash. Have your kids watch this video from Simon Peres. All my friends are obsessed with Libor. Angry shareholders say Société Générale ran like a casino. Why Mitt Romney dropped out of the presidential race.
Tuesday, May 27, 2008 Various acronyms that got Wall Street into trouble -- from CDS to CMO to SIV. Put your money into index funds? Good news for commercial real estate. Sell short the brokers' recommendations.
Monday, May 26, 2008 Areas of opportunity MIT likes. Mexican oysters.
Friday, May 23, 2008 Go for index funds. Go play tennis? Krupansky's latest wisdom: what to do about Wall Street-created products. Apple's new convert. Please don't install SP3 on your Windows XP machine. Oil's lofty price. My recent favorite photograph. A test of your intelligence: TicTac Toe.
Thursday, May 22, 2008
Ultra-bad behavior from Wall Street. When your hard drive starts making funny noises. How long will I live? Recent favorite cartoons.
Wednesday, May 21, 2008
Lumber Liquidators versus Capital One. Two unfavorite financials -- UBS and Bank of America. HeartWare goes on trading hold. Broker recommendations: Sell them. The Spitzer obsession. .
Tuesday, May 20, 2008
Cash is king. Cash's continuum. Overarching lesson. Don't trust anyone, especially Wall Street's created products. Iraq could have the largest oil reserves in the world. More Sunday school.
Monday, May 19, 2008
Vanguard funds. Depressing future for banking from Economist. Which type of indexing? Please don't chase yields. Chase safety. Sunday school.
Friday, May 16, 2008
HeartWare. The American Life explanation of mortgage-driven credit crisis. Michael Greenberg on "Our Confusing Economy explained." Oil's murky outlook. The Top 10 Tech Trends. More reasons not to install Vista. All about marriage.
Thursday, May 15, 2008 Things have changed fundamentally. Staying alive. Wall Street at less than its finest. Selling First Solar short. No reason not to back up your hard drive. Canadian humor. Redneck sensitivity.
Wednesday, May 14, 2008 Sell First Solar. Sell in May and go away? Starting your own business. The New Century play. LivingXL catalog. Boys will be boys. Israel turns 60. Grandma's birth control pills.
Tuesday, May 13, 2008 HP is buying EDS. Yuch. RIMM booms. I eat crow. How to back up your computer files. Wal-Mart booms. The Millau Viaduct. Fox News and the worst racist slur. Are you a real cowboy? The mental hospital.
Monday, May 12, 2008 The Oil Bubble. Nasdaq vs Oil vs Homebuilders. Bicycle for high oil prices. How to get a job. Why do drugs (especially Prilosec) cost so much? What makes up inflation? Two easy lessons from a failed hedge fund. Only in Australia. Michelangelo's David goes home. Why did the chicken cost the road?
Friday, May 9, 2008 Short my aspiring brokers' recommendations. Oil escalates. Fred Hickey's latest newsletter. Check Outlook's junk mailbox. Costco can be cheap to buy drugs. Credit Default Swaps hurt A.I.G. Stay away from Windows XP SP3. FAvorite old fart bumper stickers.
Thursday, May 8, 2008 A guaranteed sure-fire way to lose money; Accept brokers' recommendations. Google alerts, a useful investment tool. If it works, don't mess with it. South Pacific, the musical, is worth seeing. The latest on ARPS. Why I'm obsessed with Lyme Disease. New rules from Bill Maher.
Wednesday, May 7, 2008
How housing prices are falling in the west. How assumptions can go awry. Sometimes I get great email. Ask for references. Vista still sucks. Last piece on Lyme Disease. Not a good idea to cheat on your wife. A certain impeccable logic.
Tuesday, May 6, 2008
Oil hit $100. Now it's going to $200: Five reasons. How to play rising oil's prices. Jim Kingsdale's Oil Surprise Party: Who was there. If UBS cant manage its own business, how can you trust it to manage yours? Don't buy a computer with Windows Vista. Should I buy an expensive SLR digital camera? More on Lyme Disease. The difference between men and women.
Monday, May 5, 2008
Buffet is more optimistic about the market. What's an investor to do after a star firm stumbles? Lesson Microsoft/Yahoo mess. The death of print media. Network Solutions and my web site. Lyme Disease -- Part 2. Would you give up sex? For what? Statistics.
Friday, May 2, 2008
No more doom and gloom? The VIX is low. Guess what it means? Wall Street sees signs of sunshine. Disaster with mold. What does it take to give up sex? The idiocy that was the housing mess. Lyme Disease -- Part 1. Yes. Go Amazon! $50 is $50.
Thursday, May 1, 2008
George Carlin. Sudden Divorce Syndrome. More housing bust. iPhone to drop in price. Visa and MasterCard to drop? How to prevent diabetes. Network Solutions screwed up. Put an emergency number on your cell phone. Favorite recent New Yorker cartoons.
Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Network Solutions screwed up. Basically no site today.
Tuesday, April 29, 2008
How Ed took off two years. The first Cockroach Recession. The Next Bubble. How to get your busted Apple stuff fixed -- Pest Control.
Monday, April 28, 2008
Trends, explosions, bubbles and Tsunamis. The genetically modified food business. The biggies are MON and SYT. Herb Greenberg's insightful parting advice. Lessons from weekend reading. He's seen it all and he's worried -- Peter Bernstein, 89. Checklists make sense. How to forward a Verizon cell phone.
Friday, April 25, 2008
Living my life through my kids. Bonds are safe? Tsunami Investing. Californians are not to be outdone. Something to look forward to.
Thursday, April 24, 2008 What should I do with cash? The issue is no longer yield. It's safety of principal. What if your broker goes belly up? The PC revolution has gone too far -- Today in Insult Day.
Wednesday, April 23, 2008 Continuing loves -- First Solar, silve (SLV) and gold (GLD). Vanguard Funds are also doing well. Trying to sell me on your new startup? Here's how. The GPS Snitch lets you track cars and people. Why I love English -- the new edition of Newton's Telecom Dictionary.Live and Cheese. The Batman sex outfit. Stress relief with bubblewrap.
Tuesday, April 22, 2008 Foreigners buy cheap American stocks! Which ones make sense? Anatomy of a Financial Collapse. How to load a new laptop. BusinessWeek's tools for investors. Great progress in biotechnology.
Monday, April 21, 2008 Risk management stinks. Reading. Credit-default swaps. What Warren thinks. Australian mining stocks. A persuasive message. Impeccable logic. The priest and the rabbi.
Friday, April 18, 2008 Soros Says Commodity 'Bubble Still in Growth Phase.' Apple versus RIMM. iFund. Apple's iPhone SDK kit. Goldspring spec of the day. Passover stories.
Thursday, April 17, 2008
Big bets versus diversification -- sundry investment philosophies. Magazine covers are contrarian. Jack Welch unfairly criticized his successor. Customer service at its finest. My new Lenovo X61 ThinkPad.
Wednesday, April 16, 2008
What if you’d had $100,000 to spend in 1998? What would have been your best investment? Harry's latest useful tips -- laser printers, aluminum, email attachments, USB flash drives, cheap waterproof and wine. Iceland's deep freeze. Red neck swing. Different ways of looking at things.
Tuesday, April 15, 2008
Cash is king. The Kanzius machine -- a cancer cure? June marks the end of Windows XP. My new Lenovo X61 ThinkPad. Much cheaper on the Internet. Useful household tips. The deer story.
Monday, April 14, 2008
Is blood flowing in the streets? The Economist's "America's economy is in recession. Don't expect a quick recovery." Chase your customers and potential customers. Paying your April 15 tax bill. Cash king. Where is your cash? The best BlueTooth cellphone headset is now cheaper.
Friday, April 11, 2008
GE reports lousy results. Market is weak. Cash is king. Sell Motorola short. The Bear Stearns lesson. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Keys to search engines. Airlines are a lousy business. BlackBerry 8830 joy. ARPS site updated. China moves Olympics to an undisclosed location. Differences between grandfathers and grandmothers.
Thursday, April 10, 2008
The worst part is what the Credit Crunch is doing to the economy. Look the Gross Leverage Ratios of major investment banking firms. Death of a bond insurer -- ACA. The ARPS disaster, a personal heartbreaking story. How to download a YouTube video.
Wednesday, April 9, 2008
The Next President's First Task. Petraeus urges halt in weighing new cut in force. Our wonderful cleaning lady. Why does this photo so amuse me?
Tuesday April 8, 2008
Earnings season looks gruesome. Wonderful new font -- Amazone BT. Watch your time. What's a sonofabitch?
Monday April 7, 2008
Alternative energy is the next bubble. Here are its stocks. John Doerr also on alternative energy. The lawyers and failed auctions. Two sick cartoons. How the new marketing works.
Friday April 4, 2008
Winnie and Nuveen. Stalking for distress -- New Rules. The alternative energy bubble inflates. Finding a restaurant. The Sony Ericsson Open Tennis in Miami TV schedule. Recent favorite New Yorker cartoons. Useful Wall Street definitions.
Thursday, April 3, 2008
Silver and gold, again. Goldman Sachs looks at alternative energy. Running a business? Strategies. Today's Nuveen conference call. Can you believe anything you read? Useful health tips from Men's Health magazine. Wonderful New Yorker cartoons. The Murphy twins again.
Wednesday, April 2, 2008 Silver and gold are rebounding. New Investment Rules. The perfect (cheap) headphones. Thoughts for a new quarter.
Tuesday, April 1, 2008
The best April Fool jokes. n case you thought financials were "cheap," they're not. Bloomberg story, "Banks Face Biggest Crisis in 30 Years." March in the stockmarket. UBS is one dumb company. Best Geek April Fools jokes, from Wired Magazine.

Monday, March 31, 2008 "Don't fight the Fed." Some tentative ideas. The two critical parts of the Bear Stearns bailout. ARPS fallout is broad. Explaining what the Fed is doing -- Bleakonomics. The frog -- part 1 and part 2.
Friday, March 28, 2008 Hedge fund's big loss for March. Why the economy is deteriorating. Make your bucket list. My friend Gerry's bucket lists; favorite places he's visited and places he wants to visit. Eliot Spitzer 1 and 2.
Thursday, March 27, 2008 set up. Newton's Rule of Unintended Gotchas. James Surowiecki on Too Dumb to Fail. The life and death of the American newspaper. The latest pitch in panhandling.
Wednesday, March 26, 2008 Why don't the brokers redeem their clients' ARPs? Never do business again with Nuveen. Class action suits filed against Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch, et al. FSI's earnings conference call. Jane Bryant Quinn on Bloomberg. Gabelli announces it will redeem its auction rate preferreds. This prank took 207 people. How we came about -- creationism versus monkeys.
Tuesday, March 25, 2008 The economy is spiraling down. John Cassidy's The Economy of Fear. Collapsed capital markets bode ill for redeeming failed ARPs. 12b-1 fees are paid on failed auction rate securities. Land in Arizona plummets. Wondering where all our Iraqi reconstruction went? Better than ARPs.
Monday, March 24, 2008 Auction Rates tie up more money ($360 billion) than the Bush stimulus package ($117 billion). SEC establishes an ARS injury hot email line. Another class action suit filed. Seattle Times writes about ARPs. One in five Silicon Valley companies stuck with ARPs. Calamos holds touchy-feely conference calls, says nothing. Personal emails from fellow sufferers. How Goldman and Citi screw New York State. Subprime mortgages explained on video.
Friday, March 21, 2008 Good Friday. Exchanges closed. More Auction Rate Securities updates. Silicon Valley has money in ARPs. Calamos has a stacked phone call on ARPs. Pacific Life Open Tennis.
Thursday, March 20, 2008 Silver and gold drop. Time to get out. NYTimes piece: Commodities: Latest Boom; Plentiful Risk. Auction Rate Securities (update): Class action suits against Wachovia and TD Ameritrade. Pressure to change closed-end funds into open-ends funds. Calamos issues touchy-feely statement. Bulldog Investors says don't favor preferred holders. Tennis TV schedule. The request.
Wednesday, March 19, 2008 You have to wonder where Wall Street's head is at, when dealing with ARPs. Five benefits in brokers and banks redeeming the ARPs they sold their unsuspecting clients. ASTAR Air Cargo Alleges Merrill Lynch Fraud; Files Complaint Regarding Auction Rate Securities. Cohen & Steers issues touchy-feely statement. How class action suits work. Visa IPO is not for you or me. Don't catch a falling knife. Tennis TV schedule. Watch carefully.
Tuesday, March 18, 2008 The Feds bailed out Bear Stearns, but ignore ARPs. ExpressJet has $65 million of ARPs. BlackRock issues touchy-feely statement. Class action suit filed against Deutsche Bank. Financial Week writes story: ARS MESS. Closed-ends fail to shut floodgates. Multibillion-dollar bailout effort by five fund firms aids just one-tenth of auction-rate preferred market. SEC Staff Acts to Thaw Frozen Auction-Rate Securities Market. Tennis TV Schedule. The apocryphal wedding.
Monday, March 17, 2008 Wall Street is in meltdown. My advice remains the same: No borrowing; Utmost cash. Gold , silver, base metals and commodities make sense. Be wary about catching falling knives. Overseas currencies continue to make sense -- the Euro, the loonie (the Canadian dollar) and the Aussie dollar are best. Stocks and trusts paying high dividends are the safest. Stay away from financials, Watch your job and your business. When in doubt, stay out. The Feds save Bear Stearns. Tennis TV schedule.
Friday, March 14, 2008 Finding ARPs attractive. Economy in recession. The cockroach credit crunch. Auction Rate Preferreds update. Our ex-Governor Spitzer provides endless amusement. TV tennis schedule for the Pacific Life Open in Indian Wells. Smart Ass answers.
Thursday, March 13, 2008 SEC May Let Borrowers Bid on Auction-Rate Securities. Blog on ARPs. ING funds to redeem $240 million of auction rate preferred shares (ARPs). Van Kampen holds ARPs conference call. The Wall Street Journal writes a story: Credit Crunch Hits Madison Dearborn;
Nuveen Funds Forced To Refinance Securities.
Gabelli to redeem ARPs. Implications from all this. Nine words the ladies use.
Wednesday, March 12, 2008 Nuveen talks about redeeming its ARPs. Big bounce in stockmarkets. Port Elizabeth shipping tycoons caught in financial storm -- $286 million stuck in ARPs. Donald Coxe posits 11 point guidance for investors going forward. Time to retire to Alaska?
Tuesday, March 11, 2008
Eaton Vance redeems some of its auction rate preferreds. Six action points for investors resulting from the ARPs mess. The Impending Economic Chastisement. The lesson from Citigroup in not catching a falling knife. The Jawbone BlueTooth headset is superb. Man's best friend. Three old guys.
Monday, March 10, 2008
Six important developments in ARPs: Personal anguish; Aberdeen announces it's redeeming its ARPs. Gretchen Morgenson writes As Good as Cash, Until It’s Not. Heartbreaking stories from ARPs holders. Paul Krugman's The Face-Slap Theory. Failed auctions reading. People to write to you and to express your anger. Irish entrance exam. Tille, Maude and Gertrude.
Friday, March 7, 2008 The dam breaks: Aberdeen Fund to Redeem Auction Rate Securities. Serious Hunker Down Time. Cash is King. Apple iPhone does Exchange Server. Bullish for Apple; bearish for Research in Motion. The latest on Auction Rate Preferreds, including readings and people to write to and express your anger. How Fidelity was bribed for business -- a truly shameful Wall Street story. The wonderful pirate joke.
Thursday, March 6, 2008
Gold, Silver and Goldspring. Failed Auctions. Auction Rate Securities -- the legal case against your broker, and the issuer. Money-market funds are emerging as a potential white knight for some troubled auction-rate securities. Potentially V's realistically. Why Mexico won't be participating in the summer Olympics.
Wednesday, March 5, 2008
Stephen Roach's Double Bubble Trouble. Eaton Vance speaks the same unhelpful nonsense on ARPS. Auction-Rate Bond Failures Approach 70%, Show No Sign of Easing. The Jews and $100 a barrel oil. Jewish Arithmetic. Jewish nuclear devastation. Jewish orgasms.
Tuesday, March 4, 2008
Readers talk about their pain in owning Auction Rate Preferreds. Newton's six-part Maximum Research, Maximum Noise, Maximum Pressure Strategy. Be wary of broker loans on ARPs. Australian interest rates rise. Clever funny definitions.
Monday, March 3, 2008
Muni yields take off for the sky. Warren Buffett's annual report. Very sick cartoon on housing mortgages. Investors pay too much to have their money managed. Great financial quote. Unintended consequences in Iraq. A man applies for a job at the Post Office. Amazingly simple home remedies.

Friday, February 29, 2008
What's the worst thing that can go wrong? Sub-prime explained. All about Auction Rate Preferreds. ARPS.
Thursday, February 28, 2008
All about Auction Rate Preferreds. ARPS.
Wednesday, February 27, 2008
All about Auction Rate Preferreds. ARPS. What's happened. Nuveen conference call last night. Risk of a "safe" investment are found out the hard way. Bernanke's 'Brilliant' Fed Vision Evokes Investors' Frustration.
Tuesday, February 26, 2008
Auction Rate Preferreds. ARPS. Nuveen conference call and replay information. Eaton Vance's words of comfort. Auction Rate Securities and Liquidity -- from Aventine Renewable Energy's recent quarterly report.
Monday, February 25, 2008 Auction Rate Preferreds. ARPS. Elements of The Non-Vanishing Cream Strategy. No quick fix from Eaton Vance. The bond insurers -- MBIA, Ambac, etc. are bankrupt. Would you buy a bridge from Warren Buffett? The famed investor is getting into municipal bond insurance. Too bad the industry is a racket.
Friday, February 22, 2008
Mattress Cash -- the search for ultra-safety. Gold and Silver going up. Citigroup and XLF (the financial SPDR) going down. A professional manager's comments. Update on failed Auction Rate Securities (ARPS).
Thursday, February 21, 2008 Why Nuveen, Blackrock, Cohen and Steers, Eaton Vance, Evergreen, Allianz Global, John Hancock Advisors, MFS, Van Kampen, Pimco, Gabelli and Calamos are collectively committing suicide. I don't like money market funds. Save. Save. Save.
Wednesday, February 20, 2008 All about failed auctions of municipal auction rate securities and their risks. Getting out of risky money market funds.
Tuesday, February 19, 2008 Mattress Money defined. Questions to ask when checking our portfolio. Questioning assumptions. Kosovo goes independent. Two movies worth seeing -- Juno and Eastern Promises.
Monday, February 18, 2008
Presidents Day. Ask yourself four questions:1. How will the accelerating financial crisis hurt what I presently own? 2. Do I really know what this is? 3. Do you own money market funds? 4. Question the assumption behind everything you own.
Friday, February 15, 2008
Pounding the table for alternative energy (?). First Solar. Harper's Magazine on the Next Bubble (alternative energy). A list of all the alternative energy companies. The most outspoken analyst on Wall Street -- not positive on financials.
Thursday, February 14, 2008
Auction rate preferreds. ARPS. How Bristol Myers lost $400 million on auction rate securities. All the companies who issued ARPS.
Wednesday, February 13, 2008 Weakness in markets and AIG. The two short-term paper auctions that failed. Wall Street Shareholders Suffer Losses Partners Never Imagined. A glimmer of hope out west -- selling townhouses by dropping prices by 20%.
Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Much worse than anyone imagined. AIG announces more losses. The Rising Risk of a Systemic Financial Meltdown:
The Twelve Steps to Financial Disaster by Nouriel Roubini via John Mauldin. First Thirty Days. Latest greatest gadget -- a plug-in giggler from Cyberguys.
Monday, February 11, 2008
Taking back real estate in California. Suburban real estate -- The Next Slum? Problems with ARMs. From Japan’s Slump in 1990s, Lessons for the U.S.
Friday, February 8, 2008
About to lose 100% of our money. Three factors become super important. Worthless charities. Poetic justice for dumb bankers -- Buffett. The U.S. is searching cellphones and laptops. Bigamy has its rewards in England. The dentist, again.
Thursday, February 7, 2008
The helplessness. Buying cheap -- if you can. Great vacations in Florida. Free money for going on an interview. Good time to go shopping, now. Australian "Culture."
Wednesday, February 6, 2008
How difficult is this market? A hedge fund manager reports. The financial crisis explained in simple English by James Surowiecki. How Microsoft's bid for Yahoo! stacks -- badly. When your cordless says "move closer." 10 great free downloads for your network -- home or office. Weight loss cartoon. Favorite spending of money -- sex changes operations in Iran. Stupid old person jokes.
Tuesday, February 5, 2008
New York Times, Apple, Garmin and the Dow. It's not easy. The subprime contagion strikes and strikes. This time Bristol-Myers. A true happy IRS story. Today is Super Tuesday, time to vote. Problems with Hillary. The blonde on the farm. The library and a book request.
Monday, February 4, 2008
Weekend media full of gloom and doom. Barron's alleges stocks are not cheap. BusinessWeek's housing meltdown and the argument for another 25% drop in housing prices in the next 2-3 years. Who's on Mars.
Friday, February 1, 2008
Not good economic news.

Thursday, January 31, 2008
More cockroaches in subprime. How bid traders manipulate the market. How Societe Generale management bungled unwinding the big position. Base metals have dropped in price. Outsource your computing to The Cloud. Amazon Web services. On his third trip to Mount Sinai.
Wednesday, January 30, 2008
Trading in front of a Fed rate cut -- NO. Death of VaR (Value at Risk) Evoked as Risk-Taking Vim Meets Taleb's Black Swan. Turn off Automatic Updates. The dumbness of credit card balances. How the stockmarket really works. The redhead baby.
Tuesday, January 29, 2008 Reasons why it's easier to start your own business today, part 2. More on one gold ETF called IAU. Gold's rise is Armageddon. has some benefits. Oh, for a nice Australian vacation! French trader was forced to work 30 hours a week.
Monday, January 28, 2008
Starting your own business- Part 1. Ben Stein's Can Their Wish Be the Market’s Command? The Bucket List -- a highly recommended movie. A weekend computer virus. The mother-in-law.
Friday, January 25, 2008
Long-term mortgages getting cheaper. Now is the time for dipping, e.g. EMC, RVBD, SNCR and CSCO. Storms gather for the recession. The speed of change. Nickel and zinc are now in surplus. 10 Questions you must ask your doctor (from Best Life Magazine). OK to play with someone else's money. French trader loses $8.2 billion. Australian tennis.
Thursday, January 24, 2008
Fluke: EWA is filled at ultra-low price, then bounces. Doesn't work with Apple. Will the messever end? "For $25, anyone can sue anyone in California." All about dealing with lawyers. How to unstick emails in Outlook's outbox. Australian tennis.
Wednesday, January 23, 2008
When in doubt stay out. How Springfield Mass failed to ask what it was buying. Bernanke versus Trichet. Inflation is no longer the concern in America, but it is in Europe. The dollar as the world's reserve currency is ending, says Soros. Who owns Iranian industry. Australian tennis.
Tuesday, January 22, 2008
Three mantras to sing for today's markets. Two concerns. The good news. What happens to stockmarkets during recessions? Australian tennis.
Friday, January 18, 2008
Watching tennis. Staying out of equity markets. Don't type the wrong email address. The Australian Tennis Open.
Thursday, January 17, 2008
An exciting trip to San Diego. Sitting on cash. Turning your hobby into a business. How to interpret employment numbers. Get yourself a colonoscopy. Luck has its charm. Australian tennis.
Wednesday, January 16, 2008
A couple bought a $300,000 condo in 2006 for $1,500. Someone loaned them 99.5% of the purchase price. I visit Ground Zero -- southern California. The delicious quote from Alan Greenspan extolling the virtues of subprime loans. The Next Bubble. Priming the Markets for Tomorrow's Big Crash. The white man's brilliance. Australian tennis.
Tuesday, January 15, 2008
Two keys to real estate. I'm listening to Alan Greenspan's "The Age of Turbulence." Common mistakes in email English. Bloomberg Still Deciding Whether to Buy the Presidency. The world's best four-line phone system. Australian tennis.
Monday, January 14, 2008
Ben Bernanke's March 28 forecast on the containing of subprime problems. The Tech Wreck. Big drops in stockmarkets. Fair game, cruel jokes and no one is laughing. America's economy: A long slog. Idiot sightings.
Friday, January 11, 2008
Harry's Vanguard holdings. What now? Bernanke vows to make deeper interest rate cuts. What questions tourists have of Australia.
Thursday, January 10, 2008 The good news and the bad news among financials. Goldman Sachs predicts a recession. The extreme lack of visibility and what it all means to the stockmarket. What about short-term cash? Real productivity improvement in the dentist's chair. Soon it will be tax time. The high cost of health care.
Wednesday, January 9, 2008 The Dow breaks support. Shorting for profit. What to do with short-term cash. The happy story of the New York City hybrid taxis. The joys of retirement.
Tuesday, January 8, 2008
Capital markets have shut down, almost. But New York real estate booms. Elsewhere trends and implications. Reading the market's triple bottom. Lessons from the edge: Harry Macklowe's $6.4 billion bill. The tired dog. My bronchitis improves: lessons.
Monday, January 7, 2008
The Dow's worst three-day start to a New Year since 1932. Catalysts for this misery. Bryon Wien's forecasts for 2008. Subprime lending guidelines explained.
Friday, January 4, 2008
Caution. Cash and the sidelines. Tsunami investing and The Price of Oil. If it works, don't mess with it. This is a neti pot. Bronchitis, 12 days later. How children complete proverbs.
Thursday, January 3, 2008
Oil hits $100 a barrel. How to play commodities. Let's just say it was crowded. The Homecoming, great theater. The funeral stone.
Wednesday, January 2, 2008
D.F.A. Index funds and their performance. Michael Lewis' story in Portfolio Magazine. Headlines from the year 2029..

Thursday, December 27, 2007
Devoid of investment ideas. Apple's up. The Jew in Love.
Wednesday, December 26, 2007. Subprime losses. "Savannah Cries About a Bicycle Left Behind in Reset of Subprime." The Economist's big double Christmas issue. Chewed aspirin makes the most sense: Seven great medical myths revealed. In the hospital.
Friday, December 21, 2007. What we learned in 2007. Bubbles. Even the smart money looks bad (stupid). Cockroaches parade. Warm milk.
Thursday, December 20, 2007.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007.

Monday, December 17, 2007.

Friday, December 14, 2007.
Time to short Capital One. Paulson's bailout plan. Stock and fund recommendations from Cramer's latest book. End-year tax planning. Listening to books on your iPod. Compact fluorescent bulbs and floods. What happened to the squirrels?
Thursday, December 13, 2007.
Don't mess with things you don't understand. The real story on Ambac, MBIA and SCA. Watch out shorting XLF. Still stay away from Vista. An important communications lesson.
Wednesday, December 12, 2007. Shorting the XLF. First take on Ambac, MBIA and SCA. Ambac, FGIC commence their countdown to Armageddon. How the Internet changed my life. What computers are really good for.
Tuesday, December 11, 2007. Arguing for commodities and Monsanto's magic seeds. Tax planning now. The grass is not greener on the other side. Why men shouldn't take messages.
Monday, December 10, 2007.
The agony of failure. Ben Stein writes of his dumbness. The biggest career mistake my friends have made.Oil prices have dropped. Latest energy stock strategies from guru Jim Kingsdale. Time to keep your mouth shut. Happy Mental Health Day. Totally disgusting cowboy joke.
Friday, Decemcber 7, 2007.
My call to cash on November 13 has been wrong, so far. The best bluetooth cellphone earpiece. The faster, better laptop - a Mac. Intercepting Iran's take on America.
Thursday, December 6, 2007. How not to raise money from angels. Wireless headphones; the perfect Chrismas present. The dumbest decision ever made: tilt'n'turn windows. Apartment prices in New York.
Wednesday, December 5, 2007.
Tuesday, December 4, 2007. My feelings of caution and cash is king. Meeting with entrepreneurs. Ron Paul on Iraq. Leading a boring life compared with Seth Tobias. The blessings of modern technology.
Monday, December 3, 2007.

Friday, November 30, 2007.
Thursday, November 29, 2007.
Wednesday, November 28, 2007.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007. My leading indicators. 1000% hedge fund wins subprime bet. Broad market is in a correction. Printing my dictionary in China. Checked baggage tips. A question of semantics.
Monday, November 26, 2007. Estimated losses for the banking system mount up. Small caps might appeal, Bloomberg writes. I caught a virus on my computer. My dog has a problem.
Friday, November 23, 2007
My 40th Thanksgiving. All about Canadian oil sands. Why I continue to not like financials. Clash of the Times -- Federer versus Sampras. One cruise you missed -- be thankful.
Thursday, November 22, 2007
Thanksgiving. No column.
Wednesay, November 21, 2007
Stiff neck. Give thanks. Oil moved over $99. Jim Kingsdale's latest piece. A heartwarming real estate story. All those beaten-down biotechs will come back, one day. My favorite magazine cover -- What were they smoking? The perfect turkey recipe. Four Turkey jokes.
Tuesday, November 20, 2007
What makes sense in today's stockmarket. America's economy. Getting worried downtown. Whether or not it's an official recession, America's economy will feel grimfrom the Economist.
Monday, November 19, 2007

Friday, November 16, 2007
Cash. It's as good as money. Goodies you can buy from desperate sellers. Chest pains? An aspirin. Call 911. Is napping good for your health? Suspend your computer. Before they spoiled the software. Good news on fuel standards. Favorite New Yorker cartoon.
Thursday, November 15, 2007
The new currencies -- oil, gold and silver. What will happen to the dollar, the Euro et al.
Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tuesday, November 13, 2007
Time to go to cash.
Monday, November 12, 2007

Friday, November 9, 2007

Thursday, November 8, 2007
Wednesday, November 7, 2007 My business motto: Check. Check. Check. Dollar down; oil up. Two oil ETFs -- OIL and USO. Why Apple is worth $200. China's billionaires. Keep drinks away from your laptop. How life has changed. To die during sex.
Tuesday, November 6, 2007
Garmin and the Cyclone. The dollar's decline. When to change money managers. Simulscribe reads your voice mail. Spam won't stop. The high-tech milking machine.
Monday, November 5, 2007 Leap into oil. Why oil LEAPS make sense -- Jim Kingsdale's excellent returns. Why Pakistan's Musharraf imposed emergency rule. The extraordinarily high cost of divorce.My banking manager is called Ania Brzozowska. Michael runs the NYC Marathon: Molvanîa -- A Land Untouched by Modern Dentistry. Actual country music song titles.
Friday, November 2, 2007 Citigroup declines. Flagship privileges at Vanguard -- closed funds you can get into. Practice saying NO. How many times do great ideas fizzle in cold reality? Turkish funds. The wedding invitation you always wanted to receive. A bad day? Someone will still screw you. Mice pictures. World's worst pun.
Thursday, November 1, 2007 Fed drops rates. Where oil is headed much higher. Easy ways to play oil -- OIL and USO. Investing in Turkey. Email from Citi is a total scam. Brood awakening. The best Halloween story.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007 and rising oil prices. Prologis looks interesting. Sell your business; Avoid escrow. Best Halloween cartoons. This movie really was a stinker.
Tuesday, October 30, 2007 Repeat of yesterday's column. Daylight savings time. Oil will continue to skyrocket. The dollar will continue to fall. Istanbul looks good. Building green buildings in Europe. Latest travel tips. Great Verizon BlackBerry 8830 phone. Favorite Microsoft warning. Little Johnny strikes again.
Monday, October 29, 2007 Daylight savings time. Oil will continue to skyrocket. The dollar will continue to fall. Istanbul looks good. Building green buildings in Europe. Latest travel tips. Great Verizon BlackBerry 8830 phone. Favorite Microsoft warning. Little Johnny strikes again.
Friday, October 26, 2007 Gone to Istanbul. Back on Monday.
Wednesday, October 24, 2007 "Crib notes for Stock Analysts." Manhattan Pharmaceuticals as a Big Spec. Houses that survive forest fires. Going in Medicare and bragging. Michael Clayton, the movie, is good. World's worst golf joke. Six best mother jokes.
Tuesday, October 23, 2007 Commodities fund is up 16.5%
Monday, October 22, 2007
Friday, October 19, 2007 The 20th anniversary of Black Monday -- what really happened. The quants of 2007.
Thursday, October 18, 2007 Australian ASX 200 up. When buying CDs. Gorgeous screensaver. Life's little rules. Tech stocsk are booming. College was never this good.
Wednesday, October 17, 2007 Vanguard funds rock. How not to get sick. Reasons to start and own your own business. Emails get stuck in my Outlook outbox.
Tuesday, October 16, 2007 Small tech portfolio. SNCR and QMAR shine. Bird flu stocks. Fox business channel opens. Excel keyboard shortcuts. Dumb magazines by BusinessWeek. My tax return went it last night.
Monday, October 15, 2007 Capital preservation and NetBank's closure. Where were you on October 19, 1987? A soldier in Iraq -- a very sad story. Federer's amazing shots.'s benefits to airline travel. Technology wish come true. Life in Southern California. Ah technology!
Friday, October 12, 2007 Where were you on October 19, 1987? Infineon makes chips for the iPhone. Stay away from Vista. Bubba the mortician.
Thursday, October 11, 2007 What happened on October 19, 1987. Why? Will it happen again? Readings about the 1987 market crash. I wish these were brains.
Wednesday, October 10, 2007
Tuesday, October 9, 2007
Monday, October 8, 2007
Friday, October 5, 2007
Thursday, October 4, 2007
Wednesday, October 3, 2007
Tuesday, October 2, 2007
Monday, October 1, 2007
Friday, September 28, 2007
Thursday, September 27, 2007
Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Tuesday, September 25, 2007
Monday, September 24, 2007 You are your own worst enemy.
Friday, September 21, 2007 It's scrounge time. Generating deal flow is critical. Canadian Oil Sands Trust. Retire at 50 -- guaranteed by the government of France. The piracy paradox -- why copying designer clothing makes sense.
Thursday, September 20, 2007
Wednesday, September 19, 2007
Tuesday, September 18, 2007 Diversification or concentration?
Personal guarantees are valueless. $100 a barrel and more, coming soon. Sell Rosh Hashanah, buy Yom Kippur. Proposed half time show for next year's Super Bowl.
Monday, September 17, 2007
Friday, September 14, 2007 Diversification or concentration?
Personal guarantees are valueless. $100 a barrel and more, coming soon. Sell Rosh Hashanah, buy Yom Kippur. Proposed half time show for next year's Super Bowl.
Thursday, September 13, 2007 3.8% on triple tax-free floaters. Goldman Sachs' Global Alpha hedge fund loses big. Old Jewish stockmarket saying. Three essences of a Jewish holiday. Banks' New Credit Austerity To Help Set Economy's Path. In praise of daily exercise. The best health insurance? Why I sold my Qwest shares. What life is like in Zim. Why dogs bite people. Today is the first day of Rosh Hashanah -- a new greeting. Irish Catholic fidelity.
Wednesday, September 12, 2007
The dollar continues in free-fall against every major world currency. Buy the company, not the market.
Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Six years after that horrific event. The Economist's latest technology quarterly.
Monday, September 10, 2007

Friday, September 7, 2007

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Friday, August 31, 2007 Stick with your goodies, your favorites. Different results through charting, part 2. Why a U.S. subprime mortgage crisis is felt around the world. Cleaning lady disease. U.S. Open Tennis schedule. Pet fish. Catching fish the modern way.
Thursday, August 30, 2007 Different results through charting, part 1. Poor Snoopy. More on tax-free gifting for tuition and medical bills. Three skills to teach yourself and your children. Try not to fly commercially. The system has fallen apart. Square watermelons. Don't mess with kids.
Wednesday, August 29, 2007 Filling the air waves. The urgency financial writers face. Afghanistan's poppy production booming. One day up. One day down. Transferring wealth, one tuition bill at a time. It's the cable, stupid, Your credit card's expiration date is bogus. Confessional jokes.
Tuesday, August 28, 2007 don't like what I'm reading. Unsold houses at a 16-year high. Investor confidence low. Falling housing values. Escalating credit card debt. Uranium booms in Australia. Playing IT manager for a couple of non-profits -- lessons. Bloomingdales gave me money.
Monday, August 27, 2007 Enthusiasm is our defining characteristic. You must read Nature's Casino, the cover story about disaster risk management in the weekend's New York Times Magazine. Where's Waldo? Bill Gross' latest piece. Check. Check. Check. What you read on the Internet is often not reliable. Hearings aids, part 3. Neat web site. Death and taxes.
Friday, August 24, 2007 The next shoes to drop are the home bulders. Housing is way out of whack. London home buyers delay on concern. LBO deals on hold until 2008. Local bond market disappears in Australia. The five worst puns.
Thursday, August 23, 2007
Wednesday, August 22, 2007
Tuesday, August 21, 2007 Good to get away for a day. Beware bailouts. After the tumult, is it Buffett time? Canon's super service. The hearing aid saga continued. My son back from India, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore and Australia.
Monday, August 20, 2007
Friday, August 17, 2007 Trolling for bargains. Mae West quotes. The S&P 500 declines over the past month. How to make money, the Warren Buffet way. Apricorn external hard disks are great. Buying hearing aids? Verizon's FIOS makes huge sense.
Thursday, August 16, 2007 To be depressed. To be happy? Goldman? Lehman Bros.? Cockroach Stocks. If you think the market is going south further... The big news are BIG dividend yields. Look at Penn West Energy (PWE). Valuing balance sheets? Time to make some "offensive" bids? The Macs are getting rave reviews. Is it time to buy Apple? How to become the dictator of Venezuela. Foods that make major sense.
Wednesday, August 15, 2007 Shorting mortgage stocks like TMA. What should we do now? Stocks to short.
Tuesday, August 14, 2007
Monday, August 13, 2007
Friday, August 10, 2007 A huge stockmarket crash yesterday. The deadbeats we loaned money to. What other problems exist? 1. Easy loans to other places. 2. Loans to hedge funds to buy equities. 3. Private equity deals going south. Typhoon of Anxiety Roils Global Markets. LBO shops circle ravaged loan desks. Take this message to the moon.
Thursday, August 9, 2007
Wednesday, August 8, 2007
Tuesday, August 7, 2007
Monday, August 6, 2007
Friday, August 3, 2007
Thursday, August 2, 2007
Wednesay, August 1, 2007

Tuesday, July 31, 2007 Credit markets in turmoil. Here's why.
Monday, July 30, 2007 What happened on Wall Street to money for borrowing and lending. Australian, Hong Kong and Japanese stock markets boiunce back. A credit crunch or a credit squeeze? Be careful of PDFs attached to emails. The Jewish divorce. The talking clock.
Friday, July 27, 2007 Yesterday's huge 2%+ stockmarket plunge. Maybe borrowings from Japan caused it. But ... "The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent." -- John Maynard Keynes. Nine things you should do today as a result of the decline. American dollars versus the Japanese Yen. Australia's Coat of Arms. Fake phone calls. Fortune cookie wisdom. The Hebrew Class. The best sport.
Thursday, July 26, 2007 The brain. Riverbed Technology spec of the day. Free money, continued. I'm glad I recommended Apple. Useful stat: Men fall out of hospital beds. How to surf the web anonymously. Traveling just got more miserable. End of college contraceptive discounts. Great experience with Canon SD800 and SD850. Dear Abby. Southern survivor.
Wednesday, July 25, 2007
The markets lay an egg. I'm not worried. I like Free money. Favorite Australian miner, Kagara Zinc. The desperation at magazines. A Wicked Slim laptop. How to send a short message to a cell phone. Brilliant New Yorker cover. Two things you didn't know about women. How the fight started.
Tuesday, July 24, 2007 Oil boom continues. IYE and OIH boom. God and
his window. Harry and the Commodity Guru. The great gamble with the Dow Jones Company. The West Nile mosquito season. Jewish sex. Born to be Jewish.
Monday, July 23, 2007 Summer is screw-up time. Electro-Optical Sciences (MELA) is an interesting play. Computer screen holders from Ergotron. The new invention -- Mangroomer back razor. The most common grammar mistakes. Impeccable logic. Late night passion.
Friday, July 20, 2007 Secret revealed. The perfect investment is your own business. Newton's Rules on Running a Business today. Oil ETFs are doing well -- OIH and IYE. Don't click on attachments -- the new PDF virus. Loans, equity and other investments, and their differences. eBay is rife with fraud. will tell you which seat has a laptop outlet.

Thursday, July 19, 2007 Bernanke's obsession -- inflation, not growth. IRR Excel function, updated. Catastrophe health insurance. Overseas is not cheap. One dumb Dow Jones director. What would you have done? Told the truth? China continues to expand. One tough crane. Another piece of impeccable logic.
Wednesday, July 18, 2007
How to do IRR calculations in Excel. Jim Kingsdale's Energy Investment Strategies. Using Office 2007 and its file formats. Catastrophe health insurance. You really want the government taking over more of your health? What can't Apple's iPhone not do? Not very much according to this video. Bono's perfect logic.
Tuesday, July 17, 2007 EWA shares. On building a house or an extension. Communications is key. LED flashlights. Watch our for your new TVs. Greatest classified ad ever. Great quotes on sex.
Monday, July 16, 2007 Cruising in Alaska. Pictures I didn't take. What impressed: the cruise ship's cabin. More travel tips. Unsubscribe. Mexico's oil output drops. Conrad Black's chutzpah. Garfield on the oil crisis.
Tuesday, July 3, 2007 Commodity prices look toppy. West Side Story in Pittsfield, MA. Great anals in entrepreneurship -- converting digital TV to analog TV. Analysis for Financial Management by Robert Higgins. Getting SMTP addresses when traveling. Oil will touch $80, $90 and perhaps $100 a barrel within a very few years. Iran is out of gas. Investment performance, continued: Dril-quip is coming back. Bucyrus International looks strong. But the BIG news is that my Vanguard funds, VTRIX, VGTSX, VPADX, VEMAX and VIMAX do handsomely. Verizon's new global BlackBerry 8830 phone worked perfectly in Europe. Going to Alaska on a cruise. Next column Monday, July 16.
Monday, July 2, 2007 Algae as biodiesel feedstock. Western Alliance Corp., a neat Western bank. Verizon broadband card shines. Going to Croatia on a bicycle trip with Backroads. S.E.C. Ends Decades-Old Price Limits on Short Selling. Tags for bags -- useful for traveling. "I left my BlackBerry charger here last week." Throw out your antiperspirants.

Monday, June 18, 2007 Algae as biodiesel feedstock. Western Alliance Corp., a neat Western bank. Verizon broadband card shines. Going to Croatia on a bicycle trip with Backroads. S.E.C. Ends Decades-Old Price Limits on Short Selling. Tags for bags -- useful for traveling. "I left my BlackBerry charger here last week." Throw out your antiperspirants.
Friday, June 15, 2007 Another perpetual motion machine. A neat Western bank: Western Alliance Corp. (WAL). Verizon broadband access card shines. "If left my BlackBerry charger here last week." Throw out your antiperspirants. The best golf quotes.
Thursday, June 14, 2007
Figuring honesty and competence. The American Indians and immigration. Gas prices to stay high. The 95-year old grandmother.
Wednesday, June 13, 2007
China and its influence on U.S. Treasurys. The Sandbox Trap. Australians splurging on stocks. Rain boosts Hunter Valley wine makers. The joy of driving. The apocryphal Scottish story. The perpetual energy machine.
Tuesday, June 12, 2007
American Airlines to San Diego. China makes. The world takes. Old people jokes.
Monday, June 11, 2007
The Harry Newton Hole/ Dig yourself in. Favorite Australian miner, Kagara. How the rich live -- Richistan. Scientific experiments with poop. The Scotsman. Stick with your winners. Lose your losers.
Friday, June 8, 2007
Estate planning: five basic choices. God's great invention-- compound interest. Which is better for your cash? High yield CDs or short-term triple tax-free muni bond floaters. Estate tax explained -- courtesy the IRS. Protecting yourself from electrical storms.
Thursday, June 7, 2007
The theory of unintended consequences. Key skills for all of us. Why building costs have skyrocketed. Are you earning 5% on your cash? Frost-Nixon is not pleasurable. French Open TV Schedule. Too much information on your resume.
Wednesday, June 6, 2007
One more Australian stock -- Metex Resources. Estate planning gotcha. Construction woes. Eagle Creek Load Warriors. Google voice search (better than 411). The perils of antioxidant supplements. Creation explained, finally. Examples of resume typos. French Open TV schedule.
Tuesday, June 5, 2007
How much to invest in any one deal? Shooting yourself in the foot, part 2. PhotoBooth entrepreneurs are awful. Would you pay $2.48 now in return for $3.01 soon? Tom Tancredo's ideas on immigration. Estate planning and hedge funds. Ask your hedge fund for a letter on your and your spouse's deaths. Unnatural selection. French Open TV Schedule.
Monday, June 4, 2007
You are your own worst enemy. "We sold it too cheaply." Super entrepreneurial idea: The PhotoBooth. Tell your kids to get cracking: Murdoch buys more sites. "While we're at it, why don't we?" The secret of long life. The end is very near. French Open TV schedule.
Friday, June 1 , 2007
Finally I'm useful -- as my children's servant. Leap Wireless could appeal. What follows a stock market record? More of 'em. Australian miners/explorers keep climbing. Proud of recommending Apple. Best amateur wildlife video ever. Replacement keyboards for your laptop. French Open TV schedule.

Thursday, May 31, 2007
Opting not to be a slumlord. Pain at Goldman's flagship hedge fund. More great talks from TED. MetroNaps' pricey naps. The Jewish Bra.
Wednesday, May 30, 2007
Key Energy Services (KEGS.PK). Everyone should be an entrepreneur. Jet lag can be cured. Bob Hope's brilliance.
Tuesday, May 29, 2007
Strokes. Desktop search: dtSearch recommended. DialAHuman.
Friday, May 25, 2007
My friend, the idiot, who doesn't clone his hard disks. The woman who won't do a web site. Verizon's latest and greatest BlackBerry 8830. How to build a new home. Actual writings from hospital charts.
Thursday, May 24, 2007
How Harry's money managers performed to end-April, 2007. How not to be outbid on eBay. Check. Check. Check. Unlocked GSM phones. Free software to play DVDs. How to prevent bronchitis. Bidding on a web site. The absolute best speeding ticket excuse. The 11 minute deadline.
Wednesday, May 23, 2007
Four spots where global warming spells opportunity. Shipping is booming. Danaos Corp. and Eagle Bulk Shipping merit attention. Summer travel with cell phones.
Tuesday, May 22, 2007
Happy for recent recommendations: Apple, Dril-Quip and Global SantaFe. How I really messed up with Point Therapeutics (POTP).How to bid on eBay. How to cure bronchitis.
Monday, May 21, 2007
IPOs are booming -- IPO When to escalate? Very useful services: and How Swiss bankers get rich.
Friday, May 18, 2007
The boom in oil drilling service companies, part 2. Bill Gross's bond timing mistake. How to buy foreign stocks. My favorite point and shoot SD800 IS just got better. Learning about book retailing. In time for summer parties. Was Osama right? The Indian bride. The mechanic and the surgeon.
Thursday, May 17, 2007
Oil drilling service, part 1. Rowan Companies. Cash tsunami warning in Australia; equity predicted to quadruple. EWA runs up. Renting out the son's apartment. Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur. A harmless drudge. The Wolfowitz saga continues. Married life. Isaac & Sarah.
Wednesday, May 16, 2007
GlobalSantaFe shines. Bloomberg poised for a third party campaign? Another reason I support the Innocence Project. Pillow talk. Finally, two churches with great humor.
Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Feel good -- parts 1 and 2. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely -- the Wolfowitz saga continues. How an investment of $36 billion turns bad. Family support. First time ushers. Prayers. The revenge of the water pistol.
Monday, May 14, 2007
How international markets (including Australia) have performed this year. Ways to invest in Australian stockmarkets. The new Windows laptops are only marginally enticing. How to keep your Windows laptop running. Yet another reason to buy a Mac. New (dumb) airline -- Skybus. Neat advertising in Venice Airport.
Friday, May 11, 2007
If I were a betting man, I say "That's it for now." Fred Hickey is on High Crash Alert. Looking perfect, one pixel at a time. The two-story outhouse.
Thursday, May 10, 2007
CHECK. CHECK. CHECK. The Wizard (Warren Buffett) Drops the Curtain. The perfect Mother's Day Present. The Phillips 8-inch digital picture frame.
Wednesday, May 9, 2007 Australia's largest mining company, BHP. China is going nuts over stocks. You must see "110 In The Shade," New York's latest hit musical. Five technology predictions for 2007 from Robert Cringely. How profitable is the hedge fund / private equity business? Buying a defibrillator, part 2.
Tuesday, May 8, 2007 Conservative stock buying tips. The Stockpickr Guide to Uranium.Favorite Australian mining stocks are flying. Apple and HP do well. Save your life. Take a CPR course. Buy an AED -- automatic external defibrillator. I love ballet dancers, especially Aesha Ash.
Monday, May 7, 2007 How to live forever. Will the stockmarket continue its run? Why I want Rupert Murdoch to own the Wall Street Journal. Download Internet Explorer 7. Play Windows Media files in QuickTime on your Apple laptop.
Friday, May 4, 2007 Reading annual reports makes sense. I like Dril-Quip. David Pogue's Best of Breed: Best Small Camera: the Canon SD800 IS. Best Amateur SLR: Nikon D40. Best Camcorder: Canon HV20. Best DVR: TiVo Series 3. Best Smartphones: TIE: Treo 700p and BlackBerry Curve. Best Laptop: MacBook. Heavy Options Activity Stirs Suspicions. In Jihadist Haven, a goal: To kill and die in Iraq. How to drive in LA: a manual for visitors.
Thursday, May 3, 2007 Conservative tips when markets booming. Return of capital pleasures. The Wall Street Journal as a mini-Bloomberg. You don't have to be smart to be rich. Don't believe everything you read in the new Portfolio magazine. Having battery issues with your new MacBook?
Wednesday, May 2, 2007
Total lack of fear in the stockmarket. Lessons if you feel that the market may go down. Irrational complacency. Buy a Citation CJ3. Don't check your bags. The best late night jokes about global warming.
Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Monday, April 30, 2007

Friday, April 27, 2007
Time to look at telecom stocks? The problems with telecom. The Economist's latest telecoms survey: When everything connects wirelessly. Condé Nast got sucked in by Tom Wolfe. Stock stockmarket is booming. But will it last? Why global warming. Mexican oysters.
Thursday, April 26, 2007
How to assess new investment ideas. Tom Wolfe on hedge funds. I've been hurtful to lawyers. How to zap the crap on that brand-new PC. More fallout from Imus. The Amazing Claude.
Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Big earnings by hedge fund managers. How the quant guys do it. The Innocence Project hits 200. Neat new cell phone technology. Two tasteless jokes.
Tuesday, April 24, 2007
Why are stockmarkets rising? Stay diversified. The art of predicting. Black Swans. Figuring supplier tardiness. David Halberstam is killed in a California car crash. The Jewish bra.
Monday, April 23, 2007
Messages from the weekend reading. An elite club's fall from grace. Phil Anschutz spends it on Beckham. How long will I live?
Friday, April 20, 2007
Dril-Quip makes sense. Uranium also does. The story of Qwest. For emergencies, use SMS. How to buy replacement laptops parts, including keyboards. "The Little Book of Common Sense Investing." Russia plans tunnel under Bering Strait. There is a right way and a wrong to check a diaper. Is it OK to take Viagra on the Sabbath?.
Thursday, April 19, 2007
Aussie firm launches global water fund. The Economist messes up their great Screensaver. My daughter spills water on his laptop. How to blow a cool $100 million. More warnings on Vista. Three more great talks from TED.
Wednesday, April 18, 2007
Lessons from this year's tax filings. Ask and ye shall receive. The American Express Centurion card's perks. Switch drafts to inbox in Outlook. LLBean creates Gore-Tex clone. Go the supplier direct; it's often cheaper. Three more great talks from TED: Jennifer Lin, Kevin Kelly and Richard Dawkins. Kids talk about who to marry.
Tuesday, April 17, 2007
What happened with subprime loans? How can Paul Wolfowitz be SO dumb? Two-day extension to rainstorm victims. Biodiesel appeals. Harvard Business School goes with Windows XP, not Vista. The story of the Australian and the Muslim. The story of the perfect man.
Monday, April 16, 2007
Australian stocks. A primer for Quick Analysis. Harry's Cheat Sheet of Key Concepts. The Power of Green. Thomas Friedman's latest piece. Portfolio Magazine launches. Please wear a seatbelt. Do schools kill creativity? It's a Good Thing A Kenyan Runner Is Fast on His Feet. I miss Bill Clinton.
Friday, April 13, 2007
The final word on bonds. Vanguard funds that look great. Ethanol will make a lot of people rich. But not you or I, yet. Don't open email attachments. SeatGuru helps you find the least worst seat on your next trip.
Thursday, April 12, 2007
Why people buy bonds -- 10 reasons. Diversification essays from the Yale Endowment annual report.
Wednesday, April 11, 2007
How the Yale Endowment earned 22.9% last year. Yale's allocations. Yale's explanations. More on Australia's continuing boom. Its currency is now near a 17-year high.
Tuesday, April 10, 2007
Should I own bonds -- part 2. Returns from equity managers. Vanguard Australian index shares.
Monday, April 9, 2007
Should I own bonds -- part 1? Retirement sanity tips. The 2007 Irving Kristol Lecture by Bernard Lewis.
Friday, April 6, 2007
Take home enough to live on. More equities, fewer bonds. Mercedes' great investment in Chrysler: what you can learn. The genius of Buffet. Always expect the unexpected: The theory of the Black Swans. More than two million documents will be lost by the IRS this year. Winnie and the food.
Thursday, April 5, 2007
EWA revisited. Self managed funds in Australia. Is uranium rising? The burden that is a new PC and what to do about -- MSCONFIG. Classic John Stewart. What's happened to housing prices? Hedge fund returns updated.
Wednesday, April 4, 2007
How much to give to my favorite hedge fund? How to say NO. Watch your daylight savings time. It's wrong. InfoWorld ceases print publication.
Tuesday, April 3, 2007
Cherry picker needed for windmills. Huge energy news: Supreme Court slams the Bush administration's EPA for being lax on fuel standards. Subprime homesick blues. Where are you doing to get that lawyer in Heaven?
Monday, April 2, 2007
Gotchas and windmills. The harder it is to get out, the worse the returns typically are. Google's free in-home wireless broadband service. How to boost your EVDO reception. The correct order for rebooting your cable modem or DSL line. The four best Passover jokes.

Friday, March 30, 2007
Rules on hiring and firing money managers. "Investment Porn" from Tribeca Financial. Global warming -- Part 2. Doing business in the email world. Global times? JibJab does it again.
Thursday, March 29, 2007
Experience with commodities. Global warming from the Atlantic Monthly. Just how political has Global Warming become -- Thomas Friedman. My son, the Dartmouth graduate.
Wednesday, March 28, 2007
Oil is up. Compact screw-in fluorescents -- part 2. Everyone is switching to Apple computers Not only newspapers, but also magazines are in trouble. What's it cost to send your son to business school? Why upgrading to Office 2007 or Vista is not advisable, yet. Steven Wright's wonderful humor.
Tuesday, March 27, 2007
Ethanol is not the magic alternative energy. Oil is going over $100 a barrel. EWA is another way to invest in Australia. Things I've learned about screw-in fluorescents.
Monday, March 26, 2007
Front running and talking to reporters. How Merrill Lynch's research gets stolen. How Cramer talks up (or down) stocks. Emily Litella. The future of books. Being nice to Osama bin Laden.
Friday, March 23, 2007
Australian stocks booming, as more money drops in super funds. New fund for Brian Hunter, ex of the Amaranth disaster. Nacchio sells $100 million of Qwest stock.
Thursday, March 22, 2007
An industry in decline -- newspapers. The Feds held interest rates. The story of subprime mortgages. is for sending large files. Check your PC's time. Power supplies for traveling this summer. Oh to be a dictator. Divorce is fun, sort of. A horse, a chicken and a Harley.
Wednesday, March 21, 2007
The perfect investment; your own business. Biggest problems. works like a charm. Maps.Google is great.
Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Simmons on Peak Oil and the likelihood of much, much higher oil prices, soon. Jim Kingsdale interprets Simmons. Ken Lay's jinxed desk is up for sale. Yellow rain. How to stay informed if you're a patient in hospital.
Monday, March 19, 2007

Friday, March 16, 2007
Investing in startups: personal cautions. Personal Video Recorder (PVR) noise is irksome. The Colby DVD player I bought stinks.
Thursday, March 15, 2007 My commercial real syndicates continue to do well: details. The Microsoft Intellimouse 4.0. More reasons to buy a Mac.
Wednesday, March 14, 2007 Concentrating on tennis. Tricks for daylight savings time.
Tuesday, March 13, 2007
Western real estate developer pay off. Keys to getting paid on loans: security and personal guarantees. Cockroach stocks; you can smell them. Here's how. Tech companies bleeding red ink pursue IPO gold. You can sell anything -- $485 for a pair of jeans you can't wash.
Monday, March 12, 2007
Concerns for the stockmarket. Little tests for entrepreneurs. Switching to a Mac. The Microsoft Intellimouse 4.0; why I love it.
Friday, March 9, 2007
Two articles on the stockmarket -- one by the New Yorker's James Surowiecki and the Economist.
Positive comments from the Economist magazine on Australia. Need a spare charger? My friends speak highly of the Geek Squad. I'm blown away by how many people are switching to Macs. Happy day in the Newton family household: Michael is admitted to HBS.
Thursday, March 8, 2007
More on peak/non-peak oil. And oil drillers service companies to invest in. Must-Have Plug-ins for Firefox: Showcase, Session Manager, MeasureIt and InFormEnter. Musings of Albert Einstein. His new best friend. The power of flattery.
Wednesday, March 7, 2007
Why Jim Cramer and I like biotechs. The New York Times on "Oil Innovations Pump New Life into Old Wells." Microsoft Vista: Don't upgrade; Don't buy a PC running Vista. Reasons. Apple will benefit from Microsoft's sleepiness.
Tuesday, March 6, 2007
The gruesome stockmarket fall. What now? Housing's recovery, in places. Tired of voice mail? Try Simulscribe. Use Internet technology to boost your profits: 15 ways. Ouch. Is it Scotch?
Monday, March 5, 2007
No column. Rushing to get the next edition of my dictionary out.
Friday, March 2, 2007
Berkshire Hathaway continues to do phenomenally. Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) are a new asset class. Pick up a free trial copy of Argus. How to boost your cellphone. Lawyers, lawyers and more lawyers. The blondes at the lumber yard. The two kids. Till death do us part.
Thursday, March 1, 2007
Assess everything you own. Here's how. So who benefited by this week's Big Meltdown? One big lesson: Expand your investment horizons. Now for your treat of the day: Upgrade disasters made easy.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007
The day after the Big 475-point meltdown: Lessons. Big changes are hitting the wireless industry -- for good. How Saudi Arabia managed to bungle all that oil wealth.
Tuesday, February 27, 2007
The China meltdown. The Economist's free, neat screensaver. When the forecast says "Yuch," postpone your trip. The most annoying things about Vista.
Monday, February 26, 2007
Mergers. Is the stockmarket peaking? The Internet is not always the cheapest. Watch for dust on your digital SLR camera.
Friday, February 23, 2007
Corn farms replace New York lofts as hottest property. Geothermal makes increasing sense. Charity begins somewhere, but who'll listen? Healthline’s neat new Symptom Search. A Hindu, a Rabbi and a lawyer.
Thursday, February 22, 2007
All about building houses and buying really expensive houses. The best Jewish joke ever. Fees, fees and more fees in fund of funds. Are we all masochists? JetBlue implodes. The logic of interesting years 1981 and 2005.
Wednesday, February 21, 2007
I visit the International Traders Expo. Ergotron monitors. The "profits" in being a Broadway Angel.
Tuesday, February 20, 2007 Motorola a buy? Eyeball your junk email folder. How Toyota does it. Supermarket sales tactics. When flying, watch the weather. Robin Williams plays tennis. More Anna Nicole Smith. Puma sneakers.
Friday, February 16, 2007 The 1-in-a-1000 rule. InSite Vision finally does its deal. Housing - what happened? Fees on Fund of Funds. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom looks great.
Thursday, February 15, 2007
Australia besotted with savings. Stockmarket happiness. The greatest lens ever invented. 1099s to be late.
Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Great technology, erstwhile lousy management --eMagin. Stay away from Wall Street's structured products. The fantasy of lurid projections. Hedge funds are the next bubble? Michael's killer parasite is being killed. Home alone safety tip -- keep your car keys handy. Frank Derfler is homeschooling his grandchild.
Tuesday, February 13, 2007
Tech stocks. Microsoft -- Vista and Office.
Monday, , February 12, 2007
Friday, February 9, 2007
Basic computer reliability strategy. Latest Vanguard fund. The Lawyers' Full Employment Act. How to save energy. Getting your money back from your unfavorite hedge fund. Michael's parasite -- part 2. The prawn and the shark.
Thursday, February 8, 2007
Big bets. Little bets. Forbes' 25 Fastest-growing Tech companies. HSBC's ultra-dumb prime lending to deadbeat housing buyers. Michael, goes to India on business, eats the wrong thing, picks up a nasty parasite called blastocystis hominis -- part 1.
Wednesday, February 7, 2007 Idiot me. Check. Check. Check. Absolute Software does great. Neat, free charting from Yahoo! Finance. Perfectly fine web hoster -- Grandchildren are better than children.
Tuesday, February 6, 2007
Too few of our children become entrepreneurs. The Dyson story. "My cable modem is slow. My DSL line is slow." -- Part 2.
Monday, February 5, 2007
Economic intelligence from Stratfor. "My cable modem is slow. My DSL line is slow." -- Part 1.
Friday, February 2, 2007 Of taxes and returns. A reader's ideas on hedge fund managers. Friends are bubbling with new ventures. "My Outlook is running sloooow." Properties of the land Down Under.
Thursday, February 1, 2007
Time to look in your own backyard for distress housing and cheap land -- and caveats. Delhi Belly and its solution. Yahoo! versus NetVibes. The Fed held interest rates steady yesterday. Daylight savings time extends.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007
Investing as a circle. My favorite commercial office building syndicator has another fund. Excellent results, so far. Carl Icahn runs an "activist" hedge fund; he buys into Motorola. Tony Blair is a hoot. Two-story outhouse says it all.
Tuesday, January 30, 2007
The boom in office. The boom in iron ore.
Monday, January 29, 2007
Predicting the economy. Falling through the cracks at the IRS -- solutions. Prairie Home Companion, worth seeing. Bose earbuds are great. Wire, not wireless, your home. Things you didn't know about the Middle East.
Friday, January 26, 2007 Celebrating Australia Day. India and the commodities. Warnings on alternative energy. Hard to get worried about inflation. Stupid problems with the IRS.
Thursday, January 25, 2007
Mulling about commodities.
Wednesday, January 24, 2007
Nickel is soaring. Worried about inflation. Oil is rising: Buy oil producers. Don't touch Microsoft's Vista, yet. Zappos is great. Fossil fuels and global warming. Australian Tennis is open. Secrets of a happy marriage. Boudreaux's Daughter.
Tuesday, January 23, 2007
Mulling imagination, created options and configured alternatives. Kagara grows. Fossil fuels hurt global warming.
Monday, January 22, 2007
Local Vanguard index funds with appeal. All about the differences in index funds. Travel tips - 2. Two videos you must watch. How to save on MR-16 light bulbs. Which browser for me -- Firefox or Internet Explorer. The "benefits" of high definition TV.
Friday, January 19, 2007
Puts on tech stocks may be among the greater investment plays of the next few months. New Zealand, a paradise of sorts. Only 12 hours to live. A short psychiatry story.
Thursday, January 18, 2007
Preliminary trip conclusions: Stay with Australia. Stay away from New Zealand. The best Travel Tips, including the best pillow and what to do about broadband overseas. Email suddenly much worse. Last airline story.
Wednesday, January 17, 2007
Jet lag. Great airline story.
Tuesday, January 16, 2007
Where will the world go in 2007? No one knows. But there are two universal Investment Rules: Do I control it or not? What then? Prayer versus diversification. Nick chuckle to begin the year.
Monday, January 15, 2007
No column. Oops.

Monday, December 18, 2006
Top investment lessons of 2006. Top Life lessons of 2006. Lessons to share with the children. Fraudulent email from PayPal. "Damn contemporary bullshit architecture." What I didn't learn in Hebrew school.
Friday, December 15, 2006
Australian stocks continue to climb. My absolute best investments. What happens when a virus gets you. How to avoid it
Thursday, December 14, 2006
Explaining tax gains and losses. Juggling end-of-year gains and losses. Skype changes and charges, a little. A super Logitech webcam. Back problems solved, including the best desk chair ever. Don't automatically download updates. The ultimate in creativity. How to park a horse.
Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Tea leaves in the Fed's hold-it interest rate statement. If only God had the money to buy a gigantic apartment.
Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Check for unrealized and realized gains. Email to your customers really works -- best ways. Calling overseas. Iraq's biggest failing. Wonderful quotes. Gracie Allen's classic recipe for roast beef. The perfect investment for an 88-year old.
Monday, December 11, 2006
Spam works. Here's why. Do NOT install Microsoft's new Office 2007 -- yet. Holiday tripping with the wife. Telling the truth. Collecting on the money.
Friday, December 8, 2006
Buying my dictionary back. Mini-boom in tiny biotechs -- Vioquest and Point Therapeutics. Hickey is predicting a major consumer recession. Here's his put option selections. What is happiness -- Part 2? Turning us onto VistaPrint
Thursday, December 7, 2006
Cramer likes Level 3. End of year tax moves. Some of our biggest companies are crooks. My wife thinks I'm miserable: Happiness -- Part 1. My favorite Rabbi story. My favorite lawyer story.
Wednesday, December 6, 2006
Australia issues bonds. How to invest in Australia -- Part 2. Everyone loves memory books. The crud is going around. Viewing the funeral. The value of flattery. At the restaurant.
Tuesday, December 5, 2006
How to invest in Australia -- Part 1. Freedom and Justice in Islam. Be wary of the questions you ask. Our wonderful phone system.
Monday, December 4, 2006
Take a little money off the table. Here's why. When Wall Street looks like Pamplona, sound an alarm. How to tell if a stock is a bargain. Skype gets better and better. Buy Apple stock.
Friday, December 1, 2006
How to invest in speculative startup software companies. Step one: Is it a sandbox. The absolute joy of compound interest. Richard Russell explains why he also loves compound interest.
Thursday, November 30, 2006 Bernanke is upbeat on the economy. Questions to ask your hedge fund. Delicious Australian miners. Biggest mistakes made when you're out selling. Computer stuff is getting ultra-cheap. The 12 days of an Indian Christmas. The end of ingenuity and its impact on commodity prices.
Wednesday, November 29, 2006 The benefit of refinancing your real estate investment. Dumb-down approach to of investing -- part 2. The virtues of marriage.
Tuesday, November 28, 2006 Stocks fall. Office condominiums -- new investment vehicle. Housing is picking up, slowly. Something awful cold-wise is going around. Zithromax works for me. Ford bets the farm.
Monday, November 27, 2006
Dumb-down approach to investing -- part 1. Is it really worth trying to beat the market? A Random Walk Down Wall Street. Vanguard funds I own. Vanguard Funds which Vanguard likes. Kagara Zinc's annual meeting. Christmas/Chanukah presents.
Friday, November 24, 2006
Buy the latest iPod. No capital to start your new business. No true. Kagara pays its maiden dividend.
Thursday, November 23, 2006 Thanksgiving Day. Alice's Restaurant Massacree, the song.
Wednesday, November 22, 2006
Tuesday, November 21, 2006
Monday, November 20, 2006
Friday, November 17, 2006
Thursday, November 16, 2006
Wednesday, November 15, 2006
Tuesday, November 14, 2006
Monday, November 13, 2006
Friday, November 10, 2006
Thursday, November 9, 2006
Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Tuesday, November 7, 2006
Election Day. Real estate -- New York, Salt Lake City, Arizona. Changing my life. Tourism prevails. The virtues of marriage. B&H Photo -- Really neat catalog. Marvin and the Guru.
Monday, November 6, 2006
Will the housing collapse bring down the stockmarket? The perils of investing in a private family company. Microsoft Office Live appeals. Make yourself your very own Jackson Pollock. Officer claims wife put pot in meatballs. The wife and the husband.
Friday, November 3, 2006
The Art market: Record highs, but mediocre returns. An update (and a different opinion) on hedge funds. As America slows, so Europe (especially Germany) picks up.
Thursday, November 2, 2006
All about Hedge funds. Harry's new hedge fund rule. One hedge fund craters. Numeric keypad for laptops. The Departed, a great movie.
Wednesday, November 1, 2006 Ownership remains the key, especially in real estate. The concept of sunk cost. Why reporters (and people) say what they say. The mining boom's over. Bullish or bearish for Cramer? The endless charm of English. Marvin and the Guru.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006
Lucky or smart? Australia is the Lucky Country. Qwest creeps up. The fickleness of "hot" markets. Once housing was burning hot. Now? Travel tips. Reforming the reformable -- France. Ridding yourself of irksome error messages. Favorite Borscht Belt humor.
Monday, October 30, 2006
All about Israel. Three Australian mining stocks doing well. Takeover candidates. Travel tips. Favorite email justification from American Express.
Friday, October 20, 2006
Off to Israel for a week. Be back October 30.
Thursday, October 19, 2006
Handling complaints. Latest returns on money managers. The new Internet Explorer 7. Scott Ritter, part 2. You know you're from California, if....
Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Oil? Scott Ritter's Target Iran. Buy what you love. Don't buy what you hate. With one caveat -- regime change. Don't you just love Wall Street's analysts. "You can complain, or you can make money:" Ben Stein's latest article. Tennis elbow: more advice. Time to call in.
Tuesday, October 17, 2006 Long-term oil prices are due to rise. High yield savings accounts. Cheap fall getaway trips.
Monday, October 16, 2006 The IPO market is popping. Emigrant Savings is paying 5.05% on its Internet savings accounts.
Friday, October 13, 2006
Thursday, October 12, 2006
Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Monday, October 9, 2006
Friday, October 6, 2006
Thursday, October 5, 2006
Wednesday, October 4, 2006
Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Monday, October 2, 2006
Yom Kippur. The Parado Philosophy. Bond investors fear a an American slowdown. Getting Republicans elected in November: more conspiracy theories. What will happen today in shul. What goes on around high the High Holidays.

Friday, September 29, 2006
Conspiracy theories on getting Republicans elected in November. Absolute Software moves up. New ways to read the New York Times. How to take a gun away from someone. Fed up with fakes on eBay? Every home needs Nabaztag from Violet. A fancier Bluetooth earpiece/speakerphone. DEMO demonstrations. Getting the jar open.
Thursday, September 28, 2006
Five major influences affect investing today: 1. Much money. 2. Higher asset prices. 3. Heightened desperation. 4. Fashion. 5. Lightning speed. Implications. Gas is down; go back to sleep. Can you believe anything you read? Remembering Dan Dorfman. Do not see the movie, Black Dahlia. The ultimate gotcha.
Wednesday, September 27, 2006
Canadian oil sands producers -- Enerplus and Penn West Energy Trust. If your computer is acting quirky. How to deal with professionals. The insanity of pre-texting, courtesy Hewlett Packard. New York City mulls ban on trans fats in its restaurants. Proving certain guilt.
Tuesday, September 26, 2006
Being suckered in by past performance. How to invest in hedge funds. The high water mark in scandals. The backdating of stock options. Cablevision gave backdated options to a dead executive. The huge jump in bond prices. What does the press know about Apple? Curiosity has its merits and its profits. Marriage. Boudreaux applies for the football team. Informing next of kin.
Monday, September 25, 2006
My Claire gets engaged. Will Oracle buy Novell and put it out of its misery? Too much desperation; too much chutzpah. The best marriage joke.
Friday, September 22, 2006
Eyeing some private equity funds. Don't overpay your speeding fine. Keeping away from tech. Stupid asset allocation charts. Delorme's Street Atlas 2007 is out. Outsourcing: Anyone, Anything, Anywhere. Extreme logic.
Thursday, September 21, 2006
You make money on what you know. Lessons from the Amaranth mess. More on Amaranth. You can feel the frustration. Who says men don't remember anniversaries? Reading an Arab newspaper, the good news.
Wednesday, September 20, 2006
Interest rates are dropping. How to lose lots of money fast -- Amaranth, continued. How to avoid bugs while flying. How cheap laptops have become. The drunken cowboy.
Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Implications of no rate increase. How to lose lots of money fast -- courtesy Amaranth. How to avoid bugs when flying. How cheap laptops have become. The drunken cowboy. The good Jewish news.
Monday, September 18, 2006
Reasons to say NO. The hedge fund king -- Steve Cohen -- is getting nervous. Visiting the doctor's office.
Friday, September 15, 2006
Recent picks -- Absolute Software, Qwest Communications, and GTW. Why eBay bought Skype -- video auctions. What if the Internet were a real place? Recalls galore. Unprotecting and copying DVDs, downloaded music, movies and TiVos. What happens if they all accept? Coming soon to a Wal-Mart near you. The perfect way to remember a big birthday. Steve Irwin dies. Four little animals.
Thursday, September 14, 2006
When in doubt, stay out. The desperation of necessity. How to call cheap. Watch those minor cuts. Plumber's Crack. Mind games, what neuroeconomics tells us about money and the brain. Totally wonderful no smoking scene. They sure knows how to hurt you.
Wednesday, September 13, 2006
Shaping up to be a difficult year in equities. Hedge funds miss their targets. Best idea on solving hay fever. Everyone loves hybrids: How to get emergency power out of your Prius for your home. The funniest joke in the world. A second wife. The first husband.
Tuesday, September 12, 2006
How to motivate builders and subcontractors. Manhattan real estate update. Suffering your way through September. Karen Greenberg's Prius. All about Global Warming -- worldwide and in Australia. The Texas Gotcha.

Monday, September 11, 2006
Five years after 9/11. What I learned. Good things begin with a phone call. Naive Harry and Wall Street conflicts of interest. Ford hires new CEO. Economists have ideas about housing. A flight that goes all the way. Agassi's "just keep fighting." How to get government benefits -- a fantasy story.
Friday, September 8, 2006
Gotchas. Vioquest Pharmaceutical and other oncology drug makers. Chase dumps its customers' personal information. HP spies on reporters.
Thursday, September 7, 2006
The entrepreneurial explosion continues. Fred Hickey is bearish on technology and offers some put ideas. FedEx is not doing well -- at least by me. Today's top investment traps. Nebraska economics.
Wednesday, September 6, 2006
Don't put your money into something you don't understand, i.e. the movies. The perils of Pump and Dump. I like YorkPhoto.
Tuesday, September 5, 2006
Feeling optimistic. I've always loved GE... but. Donald Rumsfeld's dance with the Nazis.
Monday, September 4, 2006
Labor Day. Afghanistan's opium harvest is booming. Children's science exam.
Friday, September 1, 2006
Intel is firing zillions and focusing -- now a good buy? Window film -- a truly fantastic product, part 2. Drugs are cheaper at Costco. A happy story. Never end a sentence with a preposition.

Thursday, August 31, 2006
Saving energy with window film - part 1. Broadband access for your laptop. AOL software stinks. Australian brothels help the energy crisis. "Moove" close and don't hug the cows. What President Bush missed out in Vienna. Oh to be 6 again!
Wednesday, August 30, 2006
InSite Vision is moving up. The History Boys on Broadway. China's 432 million mobile users. Who killed the newspaper? The worst pun ever.
Tuesday, August 29, 2006
Investing in Canada, Germany and Australia. Bargains coming soon in real estate. Digital photography latest updates. The best traveling bag -- the Eagle Creek LT30.

Monday, August 28, 2006
How important is real estate? InSite Vision announces FDA acceptance of an NDA. Watch your forwarded emails. Free spyware. It's always the cable. DSL is less reliable than Cable TV broadband. Serious about your PC? Shoot your cat. New security check-in procedures.
Friday, August 25, 2006
Australian mining stocks. What a chart revisited -- Advanced Cell Technology -- ACTC. What were the lawyers thinking? How to speed up your PC. Free copy of Microsoft Office 2007. The US Tennis Open TV Schedule. Crackdown on striptease funerals. Nude fountain bather defies police. Texans are very smart. The ultimate logic.
Thursday, August 24, 2006 What a chart! Advanced Cell Technology (ACTC.OB) booms. My first §1031 real estate exchange. Buy real estate low. TiVo's new software. Second request: Watch the Sharapova Nike commercial. Power line adapters do work. Among the stupider products ever invented. Bubba's wonderful trip to Paris.
Wednesday, August 23, 2006
The Big Crash in areas I discover -- my fear. Uranium -- where's it going? Maria Sharapova's great Nike commercial. We passed it by three firms. Take two and cross your fingers -- the widespread use of off-label drugs. How doctors work. Great happenings.
Tuesday, August 22, 2006
What's hot next? Uranium? News of ISV, ABT.TO and TPTH. The crazy doctor and the house he exploded. Nice to be back in unhurried New York. Power line adapters for getting Internet around your house. Photos of Austria and the Czech Republic. Recommending Backroads. Powerful smart women.
Monday, August 21, 2006
Austria -- comfortable, prosperous and timeless. TriPath Imaging comes good. Traveling with a laptop. Why Europe loves diesel. War on Daddy's Dime. Backroads is great.

Backroads bicycle vacation in Austria and Czech Republic. No columns.

Friday, August 11, 2006
"They're rioting in Africa" song. The gay flight attendant and the Princess. How to stay young (and survive the next 10 days without Harry) by George Carlin.
Thursday, August 10, 2006
What "Cash is King" really means. How to read newspapers and magazines online -- I like August 22 by Bernard Lewis. This photo may be doctored. Employee of the month. The Clumsy Pirate.
Wednesday, August 9, 2006
Guessing wrong. The Fed didn't lift its rates. Stay away from tech stocks. TriPath has cratered. Check, check, check what you read on the Internet. What a gorgeous evening.How to play great golf.
Tuesday, August 8, 2006
10-year treasury note interest rates rise. The keys to curing tennis elbow. Update your Microsoft Office. Hit the re-set button on your Linksys box. Loving Citibank's credit card. Obsession, the movie. The thrill of divorce. Claire Newton and the bubblegum. Iraq map updated. How to order room service in the orient.
Monday, August 7, 2006
Understanding what the Fed Reserve's role is. The geography of the middle east.Pondering, Discussing, Traveling Amid and Defending the Inevitable War by Bernard Levy. Keeping up a sense of humor in all this madness. The brink of madness: a familiar place by Victor Davis Hanson. Why English teachers die young.
Friday, August 4, 2006 Got one right: Qwest. and Google Calendar. Another useful airline site: Useful tax software: CCH Tax Research Network. YouTube's ownership. Buenos Aires is great. My latest favorite gadget -- a reto handset. A bill payer (CheckFree) falls behind its clients. Update your Microsoft Office. Getting Linksys wireless routers working. Citibank's credit card -- protection. Obsession, the movie. The thrill of public divorce. Claire as bubble blower. Iraq map updated. Happiness. How to order room service in Asia.
Thursday, August 3, 2006 All about my miserable experience with private equity funds. The next growth field is alternative energy and its components. Tax differences between ordinary, capital gains and dividend income. Where Internet video is going. Writely has its charms. Great one-liners. Smart women, again.
Wednesday, August 2, 2006 The tightening economy: what it means to us as investors. Everyone is on the private equity binge. Don't email: pick up the phone. Don't buy an HP printer or scanner. Iraq is a continuing serious mess. Please watch this movie on radical islam. May the force be with you.
Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Monday, July 31, 2006
Oil rising to $100? Another reason. The charm of Canadian Oil Sands. Cash remains king: another reason. Cumberland Advisors' latest. Two more reasons not to buy tech stocks -- options and competing with your customers (Microsoft). Sunday on Fire Island. The Purina Diet.
Friday, July 28, 2006
Investment choices and due diligence. The agony of TriPath Imaging; the ecstasy of its boss, Paul Sohmer The best airline fares, SideStep and Kayak. For seat selection, SeatGuru. Economists can't predict either. Watch your Junk E-Mail filter:. Google Labs has some neat free software: You can get a free RSS reader. Favorite gadget sites: Engadget, Gizmodo, CNET and DPreview. Gutsy woman: Wafa Sultan.

Thursday, July 27, 2006
Great time to start your own company. Here's why. New investment opportunities in housing. Ain't America wonderful? Tesla introduces a new all electric sports car. Watch out for Google's reverse telephone lookup. The Nigerian scam moves to Iraq.
Wednesday, July 26, 2006
How private equity firms / LBOs profit. The best airline fare: Skype is for business calls. Buy a Mac; here's why: Parallels. How to plug iPod into your car. The Texan circle flies.
Tuesday, July 25, 2006
The signal upwards. Buying a new TV -- the importance of 1080p. The inviolate one-year rule. TriPath's upcoming conference call. Does your backup system work? Hot weather preparation. How to advertise on the Internet. Central vacuum cleaners. I visit the Apple Store. Hezbollah history lesson: Beirut, October 1983.
Monday, July 24, 2006
Cash is king. $100 oil a sure bet. The press. Fewer reporters. Less checking. More mistakes. Isn't America great? Border Billboard LLC. Panasonic's new huge 103 inch TV. Political correctness from Iran. At the doctor's office.
Friday, July 21, 2006 Old, continuing story: stay away from tech. Like having a secretary in your PC: Dragon Naturally Speaking 9. The Middle East remains an unsolvable mess. Here's why. The difference between potentially and realistically.
Thursday, July 20, 2006
Nice Bernanke bounce. Real estate booms in upstate New York. Addicted to oil; Thomas Friedman reporting. Why hard drive backups are critical. I guess they don't like us. Two types of phone systems. A touching story. The Rabbi and his son.
Wednesday, July 19, 2006
New opportunities in strip malls, small office buildings and specialty places. Muni bonds yields to fall in second half. Neat software to try: Pando. Jumpcut, Eyespot, Grouper, VideoEgg, Adobe Premiere Elements 2.0, eWallet, and FileSync. Videos on the Internet. Living like a prince for $135 million.
Tuesday, July 18, 2006
Monday, July 17, 2006
Cash is king. The worsening Middle East crisis. InSite Vision files NDA. A free 48-page passport. Blow your horn if in trouble. Crazy glue keeps cords intact. Save your skin in the sun. Running in the nude.
Friday, July 14, 2006

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Monday, July 10, 2006

Friday, July 7, 2006
Oil is at its high. Gold is moving up. Which way commodities? Five
charts from David Bassanese. Three more reasons to love Australia. Where viruses and bad computer stuff comes from. I hate HP printers and scanners. Wimbledon tennis. Letters Dear Abby can't answer.
Thursday, July 6, 2006.
Summary of an investment talk I gave in Sydney. Commodities Fund results. How to fix things, including computers, phones and your broadband service. Greenborder sounds like a great idea. Hooked on 24. Honesty at Amtrak. Key Lay dies. Now, who's dumb?
Wednesday, July 5, 2006
Australian Vanguard Funds. Australian resource plays. How good is Cramer? Qwest continues to rise. How to stay in touch overseas: Lessons from Australia. When lightning strikes.
Monday, July 3, 2006
Australian Vanguard Funds. Australian resource plays. How good is Cramer? Qwest continues to rise. How to stay in touch overseas: Lessons from Australia. When lightning strikes.
Friday, June 30, 2006
Back from Australia. Why it's booming. One great Aussie stock. Wimbledon TV Tennis Schedule.
Monday, June 12, 2006
Off to Australia.
Friday, June 9, 2006
Disasters in stockmarkets. What do we know? Vanguard funds. My investment allocation. The History Boys. Qwest is climbing.
Thursday, June 8, 2006
The keys to success in real estate. A positive for Absolute Software. Updated list of home builders. Why gold? Long distance calling.
Wednesday, June 7, 2006
Fred Bernanke's blistering flak. The BIG Bet on Qwest. The first five months have not been easy for most of my managers. Firewire is much faster. Ken Fisher is shameless. There's always a solution. My friend's answering machine. The insult exchange.
Tuesday, June 6, 2006 Bored with inflation obsession. Bernanke freaks out over nothing. Questioning assumptions. Summer traveling.
Monday, June 5, 2006
What will work best in an inflationary environment? Where goes stocks at present, according to Jeremy Siegel. Microsoft versus Adobe. PC World's 51 to 100 Best 100 Products of the Year.
Friday, June 2, 2006
Stocks moving up. Oil sands trusts with high dividends. How to get into business class. PC World's 1-50 Best 100 Products of the Year. Tennis elbow solutions. Blonde males. An old cowpoke's deal.
Thursday, June 1, 2006
Revelation: Taxes. Panic or Euphoria? Email is no longer reliable. May was the worst in 22 years. Tennis elbow? Beware of toothpicks and pickpockets. I like New York City ballet. The stud rooster's profound wisdom. The logic of time.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006
Why yesterday's big plunge? What's with Henry Paulson? How goes the world for GM? The dangerous side of Search Engines. Truly sick humor.
Tuesday, May 30, 2006 Two stock picks -- Qwest (Q) and Absolute Software (ABT.TO). Every war is won with new technology. The due diligence of hiring. Medical guesswork. The immigration debate. High hedge fund manager payouts. How goes real estate in San Diego? Backing up your hard drive. Sell in May and Go Away. You can't short a stock until 30 days after its IPO. How to boost your WiFi wireless network. Cramer on TV -- a New Yorker review. Viruses abound on bad networks. Lightning rods on valuable trees.
Monday, May 29, 2006 Memorial Day. Friday's column repeated.
Friday, May 26, 2006 What makes me sleep well - diversification, sufficient bonds, saying NO. My allocations. Protecting yourself against the next Enron. The world economy is strong. Messing up with Arch Coal. The Pajama Game. The French Tennis Open.
Thursday, May 25, 2006
Enduring realities: High energy and commodities; Biotech breakthroughs; inflation and huge sloshing investible funds, causing us to rethink fads -- bird flu and alternative energy. Biotechs I like. Vonage tanked. Never, ever subscribe to Life in the Virtual Assistant Lane.
Wednesday, May 24, 2006
Fears of inflation, higher interest rates and then the Fed messing up. InSite Vision (ISV) is doing well. Wondering about Morgan Stanley. Microsoft Office 2007 Beta 2 is out.
Tuesday, May 23, 2006 Buy broken stocks, not broken companies. Real estate with rent. The spam explosion -- how to deal with it. Thinking of selling your business? We didn't have fluoride growing up. Mad wife disease.
Monday, May 22, 2006
Sell short between now and June 28? The concern is recession. Possible shorts. Qwest as a takeover target? The impact of being green. Putting the metal to the pedal, i.e. Revopower. How to get better cell phone reception. What we learned from the avian flu scare about stock fads. Brilliant wireless logic.
Friday, May 19, 2006 Is a stock overvalued? Lessons of the moving average. Vonage's bad press. I like promotion, but King Tut? How Time Warner Cable gets its subscribers to pay for its PVRs (personal video recorders). The summer may be bad for the stockmarket but not for organ harvesting. The DA Vinci Code opens. It's an awful movie. Bird flu hits Florida trailer park. Will Ferrell on Global Warming.
Thursday, May 18, 2006 The market's big fall yesterday. Moving into summer doldrums. The fever for exotic stocks. Be wary of playing Sony BMG CDs on your PC. Push them a little; it's good due diligence. The new timing technology.
Wednesday, May 17, 2006 Two themes -- time and opportunities. Doing due diligence on a new startup. Free phone calling on Skype. The telecom industry at its best (or worst). The most comfortable sneakers. Do the walk-through eons before the closing happens. The coming energy bubble by Bob Metcalfe. The obedient wife.
Tuesday, May 16, 2006
The joy of real estate. Moving into the summer doldrums. Verbal promises are worth nothing. Plane travel is getting worse and worse. How to succeed inside a corporation. Bausch & Lomb has recalled ReNu with MoistureLoc cleaner. Tell your kids.
Monday, May 15, 2006
The presumption of fair pricing in the propane business. How a Mass psychotherapist fell for a Nigerian email scam. Whatever happened to Michael Jordan's fortune. Is GM worth $40? The price of flash memory is plummeting. New competition for Whole Foods. Don't boil water in a microwave oven. Raunchy but wonderful.
Friday, May 12, 2006
Investing in movies. Continuing tax cuts for investors. Despite oil at $70, the economy is barreling along nicely. Google lost 4r% yesterday; Hickey talks about Google being a train dashing along tracks at 300 MPH. Serious things you don't know about women, from Kyra Sedgwick. How to avoid a speeding ticket.
Thursday, May 11, 2006
Questioning conventional wisdom. Interest rates rising. InSite Vision is on track. Bad backs and how to avoid them. The vagaries of real estate. The cycling commute gets chic; Harry's bike safety rules.
Wednesday, May 10, 2006
Hickey on negative technology revenue growth. Gabriel's investment focus. Regular portfolio review. Whatever you send by email or put on your hard disk can be found.
Tuesday, May 9, 2006
Hard to pick technology stocks these days. A paean to my favorite economist, John Kenneth Galbraith. Something about this password appeals.
Monday, May 8, 2006
Trading in currencies, as the dollar drops. Heavy exercise make great sense. "Without promotion, something terrible happens: nothing." Silly (desperate) corporate slogans. Bill Maher's monologue.
Friday, May 5, 2006 Not buying into gloom and doom; But being realistic and buying international -- Canada and Australia. The best (and only) argument for buying on margin. The case for prepaying tuition. Sinko de Mayo.
Thursday, May 4, 2006
Selected biotechs make sense. You can do it. Stop what you're doing -- backup now. What to with your friends' stock recommendations. How to keep it all in the family. Tell your children to become famous artists.
Wednesday, May 3, 2006
What happens when money managers get more money? My friend lost $2 million on Rochelle Communications. Citigroup still owes me $237,000. ROO On Line Broadcast Group. A solution to the gas crisis? Innocence in priceless. Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda.
Tuesday, May 2, 2006 How to find investments -- three paths. How the world's largest bank lost me $237,610.80. Why I love big banks -- Part 736. Find yourself a patent. The world's greatest toothbrush. The world's greatest comeback line.
Monday, May 1, 2006 The speculative real estate bubble is collapsing. USA Capital's bankruptcy. The key remains asset allocation. Estate planning -- Part 3 (or so). The keys to investing in biotech startups. Bank of America gets weirder and weirder. Four reasons from Thomas Friedman on why our nation's present energy policy is in big trouble. The real estate boom -- part 37.
Friday, April 28, 2006 Good news for the weekend. We chug along handsomely. Estate planning. The Internet is the greatest sales tool ever invented. Dentists are such lovely people. Never try to outsmart a woman. There's a solution for every problem.
Thursday, April 27, 2006 Estate Planning -- Part 1. I love reading annual reports. The Bank of America is brilliant. dtSearch is a great search engine for your PC. The concrete truck's short fuse. Simple and cheaper clean coal technology. Bad Moishe Joke - 1 and 2.
Wednesday, April 26, 2006
Bird dogs -- they're your key. Lessons from tennis. Useful things I learned yesterday. New media versus old media. Why old media is doing so poorly. The lesson from Computer Associates. Where the big money is now -- not China. Jerusalem's Wailing Wall.
Tuesday, April 25, 2006
A Dubai sense of foreboding. A strong case for a hiccup, but not a catastrophe. We (or are not) running out of oil. Part 2. Why men shouldn't take messages. Medical insurance explained.
Monday, April 24, 2006 Making due diligence more structured. The two happiest days in a boat owner's life. Gas is going higher and higher. Look at COSWF and PWTFF. How your profession affects your eyesight. Revolution in the kitchen. Nevada has no state income tax. The Economist's survey of New Media. What my son does on the Internet
Friday, April 21, 2006 Rebalancing one's portfolio. The joy of not working for yourself. (No!) You can't get them all right -- Google and TiVo. Global warming? Don't give your friends or relatives investment advice. Alltel gives free phone calls. Lawyers are your servants, not your masters. Sticking with the big guys -- Microsoft, Intel, Dell, Cisco, etc. -- not a good idea. Tracy Kidder's wonderful book "Mountains beyond Mountains" and, at the center of it all, Dr. Paul Farmer. Putting words in their mouths. How the press creates the news. My sense of humor. Sinko de Mayo.
Thursday, April 20, 2006
Jack Brimberg's lunch.
Wednesday, April 19, 2006
Big stockmarket bounce. Housing starts sink to lowest in a year. But Manhattan prices stay lofty. Opening your own web store. Good news on nuts. Wisdom from Winston Churchill. Bad Redneck humor -- parts 1 and 2..
Tuesday, April 18, 2006 Newspaper and media stocks crater.

Monday, April 17, 2006
Oil hit $70 and is going higher. Reasons. Europe's rigid labor laws. How stupid France is. Verizon's Broadband Access continues to shine. How to stop the dogs chasing the jackrabbits.
Friday, April 14, 2006
Hot media stories -- ethanol is in, housing is out. Fred Hickey's latest High-Tech Strategist newsletter and his recent purchase of put options on many tech stocks. Dying newspaper stocks and Coca Cola's launch of Blak.
Thursday, April 13, 2006
Alternative energy and coal stocks. Check out the financials. The real estate frenzy is over. The Interlink Electronics Remotepoint Navigator. Risk factors for cardiovascular disease. Updating your BlackBerry's software. Passover began last night.
Wednesday, April 12, 2006 First, tame that envy. Then give thanks. Words of gratitude from Ben Stein.
Tuesday, April 11, 2006 What I told MIT students about entrepreneurship.
Monday, April 10, 2006 How Yale manages its money.
Friday, April 7, 2006 The commodities boom. Why I love takeovers -- don't go near (wwww). Make your type bigger in your browser. The Innocence Project. Talking chips.
Thursday, April 6, 2006
My cheapest investment performs great: Vanguard International Value Fund (VTRIX). More thoughts on portfolio diversification. China is hot. The downside of online buying. How to screw your wife and then some.
Wednesday, April 5, 2006
Back from La Quinta. Things have never been better. New investor tools from The New York Times. Where there's benefit, they'll tax. The media gets creative. Extending your house or building a new one. And this is whom we're entrusting our security to. Talking about the media.
Tuesday, April 4, 2006
Investment implications of oil going to $100 a barrel. Alternative energy and coal companies. Skip starting companies. Buying a new computer? More extreme redneck criteria.
Monday, April 3, 2006
Greenspan (and Harry) predict that oil will hit $100 a barrel. The mess in Nigeria is one reason.

Thursday, March 30, 2006 Protect yourself and your family against the Avian Flu Pandemic. Specialty real estate (in student housing) makes huge sense. Feed your LCD monitor a DVI signal. China surpassed Japan in foreign reserves. Indian solar eclipse. The French Gendarmerie. Another Norwegian joke.
Wednesday, March 29, 2006
Interest rates rise another 25 basis points. "We'd like to give a high five to our research team." The 60% government bond. France is certifiably nuts: GM, the continuing cockroach stock. What you can learn from tennis?
Tuesday, March 28, 2006
Peace of mind. Google will join the S&P 500. Depressed, elated, or simply surprised? Global warming. Photovoltaic cells and Suntech Power Holdings (STP). Should you buy extended warranties? Google maps impress, but not Delorme's.
Monday, March 27, 2006 Would you have invested? Microsoft in 1978. Bets across emerging sectors. Which sectors? Vanguard fund kicking butt for me. Buying a second home -- tips. Don't go near SuperFund. Biovailis is suing hedge fund SAC. Before you buy a laptop. No good deed goes unpunished. The Jewish dog.
Friday, March 24, 2006 Hedge fund managers choose their favorite healthcare stocks.
Thursday, March 23, 2006 Slept in. No column.
Wednesday, March 22, 2006 Recent investments. Microsoft delays Vista -- implications. Wall Street reduces its research expenditures. Google has started Google Finance. Don't allow your bags to be transferred between flights. Genuine bargain, a ViewSonic monitor. Cartoons as Passover gets closer. Should children witness childbirth?
Tuesday, March 21, 2006 Pandemic flu portfolio. Why long-term rates are low, while short-term rates are high. American Express Platinum is the absolute best premium card. The case against vitamins. Teaching versus educating.
Monday, March 20, 2006 Firefox's absolutely delightful features. Mutual fund sales charges are still outrageous. Traditional media companies are making a huge push into the Internet. Don't load your PC with junk. Real estate syndication doing well. More on bird flu.
Friday, March 17, 2006 Should I stay with Private Capital Management? Here are their results. Criteria for managing money managers. Cockroach stocks -- GM, Northfield Laboratories and Google. Neat juggling. In honor of St. Patricks Day.
Thursday, March 16, 2006 Bird flu pandemic portfolio revisited. Leavitt calls for personal flu plans. Don't panic, much. ChapStick is great for your hands. Watch your key fob. Pacific Life Open.
Wednesday, March 15, 2006
Photovoltaic cell maker Daystar. Favorite flu stocks: Alynylam Pharmaceuticals, Novavax and Gilead Sciences. Bob's new rifle.
Tuesday, March 14, 2006
Nice run for InSite Vision. Raves for Verizon's Broadband Access service: McAfee screws up its virus protection. Give these to your kids: A few BIG decisions determine the quality of your life. Sick cartoon. Your husband is dead.
Monday, March 13, 2006 Suck it up when a manager buys you stocks you wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole.
A few BIG decisions determine the quality of your life. Cockroach stock Nortel. Cheap ways of calling overseas. Google Alerts are great for watching stocks. What you can do to avoid the Avian Flu. Harry Browne's 16 Golden Rules for Financial Safety. Don't see MatchPoint, the movie. Fine dining.
Friday, March 10, 2006
Leading entrepreneurs to water. The Epson CX5400 All-in-One color printer, copier, scanner. Google's cockroaches. Jim Cramer's 25 Rules for Investing. The Pacific Life Tennis Open TV Schedule. The charm of old age.
Thursday, March 9, 2006
Learning how to manage managers. Google smells cockroach. The Lincoln Town Car, an amazingly bad car. Why GM can't manage its business. The amazing ViewSonic monitor. Oil factoids. Be careful taking Ambien. How to evaluate a government employee.
Wednesday, March 8, 2006
No column. Slept in.
Tuesday, March 7, 2006
Turmoil in interest rates. Three keys to volatility. Old Hanukah joke. Math teacher arrested at JFK. Senior moment.
Monday, March 6, 2006 Bird flu pandemic stock play portfolio. Other short-term momentum portfolios: Port security; Voice over IP; Outsourcing to India and China; Cancer drugs and Water stocks. How to play the momentum game. In favor of bidding low. AT&T buys BellSouth! My GM short. Even Buffett screws up. I don't like big caps, because they have nowhere to go. Off to the Coachella Valley for a month. The story of the prostitute.
Friday, March 3, 2006 The magic Number. All about financial planning. Google has lost its obsession (and momentum). How to get Excel to print what you want. Two ladies talking in Heaven.
Thursday, March 2, 2006
Ketek is a miracle drug. Nice recent gains to take off the table. Insite Vision and Novavax. Forget GE. Healthline is a better search engine for health matters. Kyocera's fabulous KR1 mobile route for Verizon Broadband Access. How do three screens work? You can wait for Apple's new Intel-based laptop. New email virus to be wary of.
Wednesday, March 1, 2006
Meeting with an estate planner. Things we learned. Simple things you can do. The best 19" monitor for the money -- the ViewSonic VX922. Being sick gives boredom a whole new meaning: advice. The end of the world is near.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Ketek and chicken soup. Dumb luck with my Vanguard funds. Cingular works all over the world. Keylogging is the latest Internet virus. The superiority of women. These people vote.
Monday, February 27, 2006
Looking for raw land and other real estate lessons. Rebates on computer stuff are total BS: you never get the money. Cramer's insightful words. How How to strengthen the muscles in your arms and shoulders.
Friday, February 24, 2006
Three ways of looking at muni bond yields. Nuance Communications. Check. Check. Check. Iraq, making me sad. Days without a hunting incident. Reverse logic. A nice pun. Picking horses.
Thursday, February 23, 2006
My son Michael's birthday party. Hana Biosciences is going up. Fast Company predicts us all as outsourcers. Good time to be an entrepreneur. How to value a startup. A cell phone scam. My favorite scam. Send me back the fax.
Wednesday, February 22, 2006
Three brilliant ideas on earning cash. Ten new serious scams to avoid. Novavax bounces back. Good lesson with the new job application. If only the Pentagon's new 500-man elite fighting unit were true.
Tuesday, February 21, 2006
How David Swensen does it. Alternative investments -- commodities. Keep your eyes open (e.g. Home Depot). The charm (or otherwise) of investing in private companies. Verizon Broadband Access service sings. Intel's Dual Core machines and the good news of new laptops. Which airline to fly during a snowstorm? Dry hands -- NewSkin and No-Crack. Want to see the Danish cartoons? Meanwhile, the worst Danish joke ever.
Monday, February 20, 2006
No column. President's Day holiday.
Friday, February 17, 2006
Why UBS is recommending El Paso Corporation. "Too fast a climb" for Ormat Technologies (ORA) and VistaPrint (VPRT) and lessons. Marrying old.
Thursday, February 16, 2006.
Check. Check. Check. Real estate booms in many places. Don't buy what you don't understand. Pay your bills automatically. How hedge funds perform. Drinking to excess.
Wednesday, February 15, 2006
Three ways to pick stocks. Fundamental, momentum and technical. Three principles of technical analysis. What Wall Street analysts should do -- but don't. SPACs are the classic pig in a poke. VP Cheney and jokes about his "hunting." All revealed.
Tuesday, February 14, 2006
Concerns about the economy. Logic and illogic. Ignore the noise. Four investment tips. How did you guess? Being kosher in London.
Monday, February 13, 2006
New York City's winter wonderland. Reasons for selling Whole Foods. That's it for Google. When managers perform badly. The telegram is dead. It must be true. The tabloids had it. I wish my managers were this good.
Friday, February 10, 2006
Beloved Whole Food craters. Ormat and VistaPrint rise. If it's too good to be true, it is. What is your house worth? Four ways to cut your energy consumption: Fluorescent bulbs, a wood furnace, icynene insulation, drive less, bike more. Telecom's noxious odors still appeal: Vonage is wildly unprofitable. Explaining Judaism. Another old people joke.
Thursday, February 9, 2006
IPOs were the strongest since 2000. Two easy ways to my wife's heart. Harry's rules for brokers and other salesmen. Total spam. Oh, to be six again.
Wednesday, February 8, 2006
Cisco's results -- emblematic of problems facing large mature companies. GM -- The great Short? Investing in amateur startups is usually a bust: Say NO up front. Feed a fever, starve a cold. Fluorescent lights revisited again. BrokeBack Mountain reviewed. Hooray for the older generation.
Tuesday, February 7, 2006 I buy a little Ormat Technologies. I wait on a laptop. Smart Ass Answers.
Monday, February 6, 2006
Looking for raw land; some hints. Huge rewards from managing money, sometimes. One of my hedge funds loses 13% in January -- here's the explanation. Fluorescent bulbs again. The cell phone as weapon. Wipe your cell phone's memory before giving it away. The world's funniest Johnny Carson clip. Believing in genies.
Friday, February 3, 2006
The stockmarket cratered yesterday on fears of ebbing consumer spending and the economy's slowing. But I don't buy the slowing. Something is going on with China stocks. Ormat Technologies is an alternative energy play. Some special kind of GM madness. Some special kind of NYTimes madness. More about fluorescents. Moantones is mindblowing. My latest and now favorite folding bicycle. The organist's logic.
Thursday, February 2, 2006
Parts of telecom are inching back -- Broadcom (BRCM), JDS Uniphase (JDSU), Conexant Systems (CNX) and Bookham (BKHM) are interesting. Bruce Curley is annoyed at me because I overlooked Energy Conversion Devices (ENER).
Wednesday, February 1, 2006
What Pres. Bush announced for alternative energy. Not surprised by the Google fell. Protect your kids online. Visiting your dentist. Pray BlackBerry loses its patent battle. More money on breast implants and Viagra. The wife's cooking. The husband's honesty.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Alternative energy picks -- part 2. Vanguard does well. Bargain the price. Cell phone as nuttiness. Dental humor.
Monday, January 30, 2006
Alternative energy picks -- part 1. Alternative energy for your home. sells for $12 million. Grandmas, you gotta love them.
Friday, January 27, 2006
Imclone has appeal. The lame "I have no capital" excuse. A ridiculous alarm clock. From my friends at Time Warner. Now what was that poem? Did you hear about?
Thursday, January 26, 2006
Patience. Buying what you admire -- Whole Foods and VistaPrint. GigaMedia. GM, the stock? Why I live in New York. All I ever learned about keeping Windows PC functioning. Five best customer service tips. Old people jokes.
Wednesday, January 25, 2006.
American Railcar Industries (ARII), Big brother is watching what you search for. The IPO season heats up, but your broker doesn't. Selling, we all need to learn it. Munich, the movie, from a reader. What Florida is all about.
Tuesday, January 24, 2006
Why I love emerging countries. Another dumb merger -- Disney buys Pixar. More on Qualified Personal Residence Trusts. A $220 Million Payday: From The American Lawyer. Please buy this $10 gadget. The poor poles. Another old person joke.
Monday, January 23, 2006
Timing is everything. My idea for the next Google evaporates. How to value a company. How to keep your house in the family -- your Qualified Personal Residence Trust. Strokes can kill; here's how to recognize one. Five sexist rules to living a happy life.
Friday, January 20, 2006
Kissing frogs. How to say NO. Getting it right with InSite Vision, VistaPrint, Whole Foods and even TriPath Imaging. The Greater Fool Theory. I bought a little Chesapeake Energy (CHK) and El Paso Corporation (EP). Latest health tip for males: The funniest video ever. Classroom logic revisited. No sense of humor. The Australian Tennis Open TV Schedule.
Thursday, January 19, 2006
All I need is one transaction. They're renting office space for over $100 a square foot. Why America remains the greatest place to live. A sea change is coming to eBay. No exercise today makes Jack boring and stiff. Broadband access from your laptop -- Cingular and Verizon. The funniest video I've seen. The Australian Tennis Open's TV Schedule.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006 The Continuum of Business Failures. How goes big commercial real estate? Financial institutions: nickel and dimming us all to death. Google downgraded to a Sell. Implications of Yahoo! underwhelm. The uselessness of Wall Street analysts. The price of flat screen monitors continues to plummet. The Australian Tennis Open's TV Schedule. Everything is big in Texas.
Tuesday, January 17, 2006
The genius of Alan Greenspan, his legacy and its implication: diversification. When you have absolutely no clue, change logos -- as SBC has done. TiVo's TiVo-To-Go revisited, part 2. Drive Alert may save your life. From Esquire's Dubious Achievement awards of 2005. Off the clock. The Australian Tennis Open's TV Schedule.
Monday, January 16, 2006 Martin Luther King holiday. Catching up day.
Friday, January 13, 2006 Whole Foods moves higher. GM, the ultimate cockroach stock. TiVo's basic financial problem. TiVo's TiVo-To-Go can be fixed. Part 1. Honda's Big Ruckus is cute and useful. Old people. Blessing the new sports car.
Thursday, January 12, 2006
Finally TriPath Imaging bounces. Car rental insurance you don't need. The geometry of bicycling. Identity theft is rampant. Princess Di's royal surprise for gullible fans. What they teach in colleges these days. More lost baggage stories. Thanks for driving carefully.
Wednesday, January 11, 2006
Human frailty. Google: The Bear Case by Henry Blodget. What's with Apple and its new PCs? The virtues of eating pig.
Tuesday, January 10, 2006
New Vanguard fund (VEIEX). A new private equity deal. SPACs, TACs, PIPEs and pre-IPO financings. Lost luggage lessons. Backing up your brain. A better bad blonde joke. The wife is a godamned jinx.
Monday, January 9, 2006
Readers' ideas on neat international funds. The cash-back credit cards do work. Screwy bank interest. Beware of cheap places to buy on the Internet. New keyboard for my laptop. Energy independence. Don't eat so much and exercise. Leviton's DHC controller is neat. How dumb can you get? How to know if you have avian flu. The Lone Ranger and Tonto went camping in the desert.
Friday, January 6, 2006
Believing in newspapers. How can you be so dumb? Insite Vision over $1. Luck versus brilliance. How to save money on Internet buys -- PriceRunner, PriceGrabber and Froogle. Hefty finance charges appearing on credit cards. Hefty bullying by car rental companies. IBM freezing its pension plans: implications for all of us. XM Satellite Radio really works. The vet bill. The end of life.
Thursday, January 5, 2006
wo new Vanguard international funds. I now own four. Insite Vision hits new high. How to survive on a bicycle Extending the life of your credit card. Munich, the movie, is a must-see (part 2). The poor weather, blamed as usual.
Wednesday, January 4, 2006
Munich, the movie, is a must-see. Readers don't like Intel's screwy new "strategy." How to prevent identity theft. Can Arthur Sulzberger, Jr. save the New York Times? The answer is a resounding NO. Moishe is looking for a parking place.
Tuesday, January 3, 2006 Seven likely investment trends of and lessons for 2006. Intel is destroying itself for dubious benefit. My favorite skiing photo. VistaPrint going higher? Heartburn after a big meal? Real SAT test answers.

Friday, December 30, 2005: Stuck in the Eisenhower Tunnel, maybe. Nothing of consequence. Returning from vacation. Early draft of the bible. Homeland Security and the FBI.
Thursday, December 29, 2005
Looking at real estate; the high cost of due diligence and the likely flow of cash. Dumb. Dumb. The "new" at&t -- a new Cockroach stock? My favorite digital camera -- the Canon SD450, still performing well. Everything is on sale. Beware of phishing emails from eBay and PayPal. $10 million "starter castles." A real castle at $17.5 million. And don't forget the Bell 407 helicopter. Wonderful old Borscht Belt lines.
Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Stockmarket indexes perform differently: Lessons on investing in index funds. What you learn on a skiing vacation with your son. A recession in 2006? I don't think so. Millions face identity theft this year. Stick to wild salmon. Google is funny. The make anatomy revealed.
Tuesday, December 27, 2005
Talking to your family about investing: Eight points you MUST street. The end of print media. Hugely varying prices in dialing long distance and internationally. The New Normal - Career, Family & Personal Finance from Roger McNamee.
Friday, December 23, 2005
What a wonderful country. News from Copper Mountain, Colorado, where I'm skiing for the Christmas week. Video and audio-loaded iPod Christmas presents for the kids. Christmas and Chanukah merge.
Thursday, December 22, 2005
Ten Investment Lessons I learned in 2005. Top Google searches in 2005. Leaving town: Unplug anything and everything that responds to a remote. John Gardner's Road to Self-Renewal. The little old lady and the garbage bags.
Wednesday, December 21, 2005
Shorts: GM and TiVo. Useful Christmas present for your local geek: a 250 gigabyte external Fantom hard drive for only $139.99. Folding bicycles for transit strikes. Always carry three days of clothing since your checked luggage will be lost. What happens when your vendor is hacked and your credit card is stolen. What's happening with interest rates? The Muppets -- banned in Saudi Arabia. The Ten 2005 Ads America won't see.
Tuesday, December 20, 2005
Transit strike in New York City. Predictions for 2006 from Red Herring. The worst predictions of 2005. What the wife needs (?).
Monday, December 19, 2005
Think tax losses. Jack Burns' advice. The Cramer Pop! How retailers are conspiring to part you from your money. The rise of organized middle eastern crime in Australia. How to get TiVo'ed shows onto a DVD: All about Research in Motion by James Surowiecki. Home improvement needed.
Friday, December 16, 2005
First investment in Germany. Remove commercials on your TiVo replays. Sanity finally reigns on-line. Winter dry hand woes -- No-Crack super hand cream and New Skin liquid bandage. The Reform Rabbi.
Thursday, December 15, 2005
Due diligence. Time to realize some losses. My two best shorts -- GM and TiVo. How a 15% stop loss can save you money. Buying on the Internet can save enormously. Comparing Costco and NewEgg. Recipe for delicious Jose Cuervo Christmas Cookies.
Wednesday, December 14, 2005
Three ways to buy shares on the stockmarket: The total gamble, the semi gamble, the Harry Newton gamble. Call 1-888-ELF-7667. More profoundly silly thoughts.
Tuesday, December 13, 2005
Facing a 20% drop in the price of real estate in the next two years. Commodities -- where the action has been in 2005. Hedge funds take your money and do what they will with it. The Chase pfishing? What's Peter Watson's Big Idea? God has a problem.
Monday, December 12, 2005
TenFold as total speculation. All about buying art. How to have a reliable PC. Barbarians at the gates of Paris. Starbucks' great gorilla marketing. Hollywood is collapsing the distribution window. NewEgg has my favorite pocket camera. The Lesbian motorcycles. Grandma's birth control pills.
Friday, December 9, 2005
1031 tax-free exchanges; IRAs; expensive real estate is easing; entry-level real estate remains in high demand; why no one talks about the stockmarket; bird-dogs are great. Trust your own instincts. Sell GM and TiVo short. JetBlue and Song deliver cheap air fares. Silly thoughts to ponder.
Thursday, December 8, 2005
Last night, cocktail party and dinner for investors loaning money to real estate developers in the west. Neat putting faces on all the checkbooks. But also exhausting. Which is why I'm going back to bed. No column today.
Wednesday, December 7, 2005
California is paradise. Lessons in entrepreneurship and real estate development. How to buy a TV set. California occupations -- Parts 1 and 2.
Tuesday, December 6, 2005
No column today. I slept in after a great party last night in Rancho Sante Fe, California. See you tomorrow. Apologies.

Monday, December 5, 2005
Biggest gains of 2005. Traveling to the west coast to check on lending to real developers. InSite Vision (ISV) edges closer to $1. Momentum plays are where the big gains are. Google Alerts are a great measure. Verizon's Broadband Access for laptops impresses mightily. Help. How Google focused on enemas. Learning Yiddish.
Friday, December 2, 2005
Our little bundle of tech stocks -- Microsoft, Dell, Intel, Texas Instruments and Best Buy -- is working. Whole Food bounces. The best colonoscopy comments. The boom in shoes. Great holiday presents -- slippers, Mach3 Power. Ready Freddy, Web Copier and Xbox 360. My private part died today.
Thursday, December 1, 2005
Phenomenal GDP growth. Whole Foods will go higher. Gambling on Research in Motion. Amazon abolishes cars. What to do when you love a product, but hate the company -- all about TiVo. For those of us who need to know everything.
Wednesday, November 30, 2005
InSite Vision is a favorite biotech speculation. Extend your credit card's expiration date. Don't read the New York Times. Why on-line gaming isn't allowed in the U.S. Neat monitor from Gateway. Portable phones have ears. TiVo narrows its loss. The story of the popular Rabbi.
Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Housing bubble is bursting, slowly. Here's the pessimistic side of economic picture. Only in California. Cyber Monday boomed. How to make PDFs. Impeccable household logic.
Monday, November 28, 2005
Electronics is where Christmas will be this year. Most mergers don't work; but I bankers sure get paid well. Safety tips for women. How to make PDFs. How to solve the vegetative state.
Friday, November 25, 2005
Electronics is where Christmas will be this year. Most mergers don't work; but I bankers sure get paid well. Safety tips for women. How to make PDFs. How to solve the vegetative state.
Thursday, November 24, 2005
Thanksgiving Day. The story of Thanksgiving. Giving thanks. A hint that the Fed's rate increases may end soon. A Thanksgiving story. The first Jewish president of the United States.
Wednesday, November 23, 2005
The story of Thanksgiving. Giving thanks. A hint that the Fed's rate increases may end soon. A Thanksgiving story. The first Jewish president of the United States.
Tuesday, November 22, 2005 The essence of United Parcel -- a good buy? The latest rip-off in the car rental business. Please wear a helmet skiing. This is Natalie. She's 5. Men are like....
Monday, November 21, 2005
What I've been investing in recently. Vanguard funds my son likes. How bad can a Wall Street analyst really be? 100% Chicanery from a eBay lookalike. Only in New York: A Hasidic Jew in the New York Marathon. The joys of retirement.
Friday, November 18, 2005
The ascent of Google, beyond $400. I Bonds revisited. Today's perfect investment from Benin Republic. Sennheiser RS-110. Building a better boom -- Web 2.0. Christmas is approaching; it's Barbie time. The Tennis Masters in Shanghai.
Thursday, November 17, 2005
I hate being lied to -- especially by TriPath Imaging. GM falls. I Bonds for your IRA? There should be a law that taxing authorities speak English. Cold reset works. Don't write emails in anger. Repeat their last sentence; learn active listening. The home we chose. Time to say your prayers. God is improving. The technique of towel waving.
Wednesday, November 16, 2005
The Treasury's I-Bonds, continued. Auditing -- a great occupation for your kids. The contract for the $13 million office building and its lessons. Advice to would-be angels from Bob Metcalfe. TiVo deleting all your saved programs? A Touch of the Poet is a great play. The story of Balto, the dog. The coming hard winter.
Tuesday, November 15, 2005
The Treasury's I Bonds, first shot. All about the bird flu. The Tennis Masters in Shanghai. Unreal weather in New York City: Photos.
Monday, November 14, 2005
Trends: Energy, Broadband Internet, Search engine, new drugs, nanotechnology. Triple tax-free muni floaters. Microsoft's excellent Alt-Tab replacement software. Thoughts on TiVo. Friday's private equity deal. No sense of humor. How are the sexual relations?
Friday, November 11, 2005
Reassess your stock holdings. Thoughts on Intel, Microsoft. The explosion of Cockroach Stocks -- GM, Wal-Mart, New York Times. TriPath Imaging's roadshow. The woman and the parrot.
Thursday, November 10, 2005 Whole Foods latest quarterly report. Why building prices are going up. TriPath Imaging's 3rd quarter. Where go interest rates? "The Little Book that beats the market" and You can be a stock market Genius (Even if you're not too smart."
Wednesday, November 9, 2005
Two flies climbing a wall. If you don't understand it, don't go near it. How goes the economy? The short-term nature of short-term booms -- e.g. the Avian flu and homebuilders. Don't be a customer of Wall Street. Be an insider. Bonuses are huge. Defragmenting your hard drive. How dumb can Tom Cruise be? Being totally unfair to France. Ever been in a hospital?
Tuesday, November 8, 2005
Key tools for finding "hot" stocks: 1. Google alerts. 2. Daily losers and gainers. 3. Stock screeners. Sorry tech state from Fred Hickey. Useful facts. Are you nuts?
Monday, November 7, 2005 The Wall Street Journal speaks this morning of a fourth quarter rally. TiVo has a little new appeal. How to search your "desktop." The French have a problem. What doesn't CostCo sell? Greetings up from upstate New York. Great photos with the Canon SD-450. The story of the superb Italian cookies.
Friday, November 4, 2005 Using the Internet to save money. It's easy to start a business. It's hard to close one down. Whole Foods and Qualcomm bounce. Google is going higher. Microsoft is going lower. How Google hires the best scholars. Own a SUV? Watch for children behind you. Saying NO. Colonoscopy.
Thursday, November 3, 2005
Why I like Whole Foods, again. Time to smell the roses -- photographs of New York City in the Fall, Urinals of the world. Another great blonde joke.
Wednesday, November 2, 2005
Predictably the Fed raised rates. InSite is bouncing. Bush puts $7 billion aside for the Avian Flu. How commercial yields are tightening. Microsoft is losing its brains to Google. Another reason to stay away telecommunications in all its forms. What you can and can't do with a digital camera. Life at the patent office.
Tuesday, November 1, 2005
Inflation and its effects. When a company grows too big and unwieldy, e.g. Dell, Intel and Microsoft. Doggy Steps. The classic Halloween story.
Monday, October 31, 2005
Buy and Hold, or Flip and Switch? Morphing from one strategy to another. Whole Foods, InSite Vision and VioQuest. Why are banks sometimes bancs? Buying a flat screen monitor. Advice. PowerPoint slides from John Harris, managing director of the Carlyle Group. How marketing works. Pest control.
Friday, October 28, 2005
Buy and Hold, or Flip and Switch? Morphing from one strategy to another. Whole Foods, InSite Vision and VioQuest. Why are banks sometimes bancs? Buying a flat screen monitor. Advice. PowerPoint slides from John Harris, managing director of the Carlyle Group. How marketing works. Pest control.
Thursday, October 27, 2005
Novavax and the Avian Flu. My new investment philosophy. Absolutely delicious Morgan Stanley video.
Wednesday, October 26, 2005
All about life sciences stocks from the C.E. Unterberg Towbin conference. The lap of luxury: the $241,000 bill at Scores. How they do it in China.
Tuesday, October 25, 2005
inflation. Novavax (NVAX). Independence Bank gets bought. Research in Motion is on a roll, downwards. How gullible are Harvard Business School graduates? Dr. Daniel Amen on improving the brain. Ten reasons golf is better than sex.
Monday, October 24, 2005
Confusing times. Earnings good. The stockmarket not good. C.E. Unterberg Towbin Life Sciences conferences. Punishing investment management success at Harvard. American Red Cross response to "Triangle of Life." Meg Whitman is totally sucked in my telecom. Children's Answers - 1, 2 and 3.
Friday, October 21, 2005
Manufacturing is booming. Here's why. Mortgage rates are rising. Lock yourself in now. Please see After Innocence, the movie. How to choose the right payment plan when traveling overseas. The decline of hearing.
Thursday, October 20, 2005
Markets rose. No one knows why. Deutsche Bank screws up again. Buying commodities like crazy. Invest at your own risk, says David Swensen. Insiders collected $1 billion before Refco collapsed. Robert Mugabe's words. How to ride a donkey. Hurricanes cause wildlife to get aggressive.
Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Eight dumb reasons we hold stocks. TriPath Imaging is my biggest mistake. America's enormous charm: See a need. Fix it. Don't wait for someone else. When Bobbi Warren's son, Todd, contracted Hodgkin's lymphoma, a form of cancer, she pulled out all stops to help him. The philosophy of George Ntim. "My computer is slowing. Solutions." Is it Heaven or Hell? Seattle's charming weather.
Tuesday, October 18, 2005
Decent due diligence takes oodles of your time. If you don't have the time, say NO. Preserving your capital is far more important than seizing the latest, hot opportunity. Due diligence, a continuing series. Henpecked husbands. SmartMoney's tips on saving on your home heating bill. Catholic churches in Las Vegas. Jewish history and the Chinese calendar.
Monday, October 17, 2005.
Doom and gloom in the stockmarket??? Our six lessons for a sad market. Assume honesty or not? Do they take your advice? Do they want to believe? If Refco isn't scary, what is? Unplug your appliances. News Corp. pays $580 million for China. Favorite old Chinese proverbs.
Friday, October 14, 2005
Forecasting a stockmarket plunge. Charts comparing 1987 and 2005. Open a Treasury Direct account, and other tips. Accounting irregularities and the lessons. The virtue of social security. Yet another dumb blonde joke.
Thursday, October 13, 2005
Trying times. Don't be tempted by Refco. It's a Cockroach Stock. Shorts which Fred Hickey has. The Wall Street Journal muses on "How to prepare your portfolio to handle three potential investment nightmares." The Postal Service's tracking system sucks. Today in Yom Kippur. Time for a bad Jewish joke.
Wednesday, October 12, 2005
I hear the R word. Time to short housing, banks, finance and tech stocks. How bad is the mutual fund industry -- stories from the Vice Fund. Nobel prize for medicine comes after years of battling the system. Before you buy a new digital camera, check Hollywood Squares Q&A.
Tuesday, October 11, 2005
The bull and bear battle it out. When in doubt, stay out. The "gotchas" of commodities. Searching on your cell phone. Please watch "Elusive Peace: Israel and the Arabs." Where is GM headed? Operation Iron Junk is full sway over Iraq. Technology's charm and hope -- the magic elevator.
Monday, October 10, 2005
My head is turning to cockroach stocks. RIMM annoys. Charting the Nasdaq bubble versus the housing bubble. Why you should always question Wall Street advertising -- e.g. Deutsche Bank's latest awful advertising slogan. Time to sacrifice a goat? How democracy is introduced to the Middle East. God told me to invade the Middle East. Why I dislike Fortune Magazine. Great Costco bargain -- a 250GB external hard drive. The wise old Indian chief.
Friday, October 7, 2005 Six month high in 10-year treasuries. Four rules for stockmarket investing in the fourth quarter. How does Yale do it? The Source is sold for a 60% gain. Put your phone number into Google. Frightening first hand visit to New Orleans. Education for the wife.
Thursday, October 6, 2005
End of quarter window dressing. Shorting housing stocks, banks and financials. The most successful hedge fund manager in the entire world. SuperFund is back -- yuch. How to repair your Outlook.pst file. The pastor's wife. God is watching.
Wednesday, October 5, 2005 Picking managers. Picking Vanguard funds. The most valuable asset your business owns. Absurd web sites. Living in New York City? Laptop running awry. What the leader of Jemaah Islamiyah leader Abu Bakar Bashir thinks of us. Upgrading the old church.
Tuesday, October 4, 2005 Energy Conversion Devices. Today's best investment: Borrow long; invest short. Slowing Is Seen in Housing Prices in Hot Markets. Rip-off of the month: Delivered Poland Springs Water. Wonderful money. Today is the first full day of Rosh Hashanah.
Monday, October 3, 2005
Amazing returns from Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Columbia and NYU. The best of 210 nonprofit groups. How corrupt is New Orleans? How inept is FEMA? Don't send valuable packages through the Post Office. Bali is a wonderful, special place. Rosh Hashanah begins tonight -- some great Jewish jokes.
Friday, September 30, 2005
How has my private equity fund done, investment by investment -- sold and not sold? Bayou's founders plead guilty to stealing money. When your PC goes awry. Wanted: a good time.
Thursday, September 29, 2005
Goldman Sachs' predictions. is Google's goal. Hybrids cannot save on gas what they cost more. Fortune Mag's Yale versus Harvard. Why my own allocations are different. Don't automatically send your friends emails stuff you get sent. TriPath is now a "buy." I'm not going to tell you to buy TriPath Imaging (TPTH), because it's now cheaper. The Mugger and his money. What do you want out of life?
Wednesday, September 28, 2005 Disaster talk. America is spending while the rest of the world is saving. Falling in love with stocks is a serious mistake. All about hybrid automobiles. A Naked Girl on the Appian Way: Recommended. Moving into a retirement home.
Tuesday, September 27, 2005 Lessons learned from starting Technology Investor Magazine. Also Newton's 6 Keys to Incredible Wealth and Great Personal Success. The Jewish Couple.
Monday, September 26, 2005 Cumberland Advisors on the economy. Money is pouring into startups. From a talented chart watcher. Crude Oil. What's in Apple's Nano? Floaters? Muni-preferreds? Pars. Solar for your new house? Treat your own back. Recommended with a warning -- the Moview triple LCD monitor stand. Don't forget to ask for discounts. Dumb things they say to tech support.
Friday, September 23, 2005
Time to sell Whole Foods? There is no security in working for someone else. Jobs are aplenty for those who can help people manage their money. Outlook PST needs to be repaired often. Imax's Magnificent Desolation is boring. My deal with the airlines. Little old ladies -- Part 1 and 2.
Thursday, September 22, 2005
What's wrong with most corporate telecom bills. Ask and you shall receive. Investing in startups. Beware the marketing Gotcha. Why you should never invest in Pitney Bowes. More lessons about Disaster Recovery. By hook or by crook.
Wednesday, September 21, 2005
Fed raised rates. How much due diligence. Which commodities fund? Real estate bargains. Time to kill my son -- latest book pick. Another stupid bubba joke.
Tuesday, September 20, 2005
The new tech boom is here. Ask for a price reduction and ye shall receive. TV-B-Gone. Commodities are a useful asset class. HBO's Rome. How love poetry is created.
Monday, September 19, 2005
Guessing the impact of inflation. The Dear John Letter. Friendship among women. Friendship among men.
Friday, September 16, 2005 Blackstone's Private Equity Funds. How have they performed? Heh, we're not stupid: we didn't buy Delta or Northwest before they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. Troubling exits at Microsoft. Politics I and II.
Thursday, September 15, 2005
Tempted to sell the QQQs short. Google is about to raise $4 million. Getting Internet to work for your company. How to get less spam. Two things you really don't want. The French are having their problems. But the French have a solution -- buy Louisiana back. How to be successfully married.
Wednesday, September 14, 2005
Learning about biotech, from a presentation by InSite Vision (ISV). Apple's nano is supremely desirable. May You have 1000 Backups and Never Need One. Hedge funds are misnamed. Mergers and acquisitions often don't work. Facts of life.
Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Monday, September 12, 2005

Friday, September 9, 2005 Katrina devastation and impact. Economists have two hands. Where will all your papers? Renters and their average net worth of $2,500. Learning from the tennis greats. A promise and a threat. Long live Alabama. Two Al Qaeda spies.
Thursday, September 8, 2005 Timing doesn't work. Katrina's impact. Which stocks will benefit? The Katrina swindlers; Be wary. The new Apple Nano is gorgeous. Useful medical statistic. Children are not dumb.
Wednesday, September 7, 2005 Hedge funds promise magic and sometimes deliver. But the hype far exceeds the performance. Lessons from the Bayou Group disaster. Smith Barney Technology Conference. Packing a gun in your Disaster Kit. TiVo cuts the price of its recorders. Huge bargains in LCD monitors. Bear Stearns and paperclips, and other neat information. Humor from Bob Hope.
Tuesday, September 6, 2005 Packing your Disaster Kit. Dumb Blackberry. Perfect dumb blonde logic.
Monday, September 5, 2005 Labor Day, holiday in America.
Friday, September 2, 2005
Four more interesting Vanguard funds. Would you trust this guy with your money? Why executives like selling their companies. The lessons of the Bayou hedge fund disaster. Hard of hearing. Rules and regulations. The Preacher.
Thursday, September 1, 2005
Window dressing, end of month style. Paying attention to our cash. Hint: It's earning very little. Get your credit report for free. What me? Watch the news! Space shuttle liftoff. Norwegians mouse hunters.
Wednesday, August 31, 2005
When does your portfolio need addressing? Credit cards and their ridiculous 3-year expiration date. Most lawyers are honest. The death of the long distance business. The death of the Sharpe Ratio. Wal-Mart job application.
Tuesday, August 30, 2005
Vanguard funds my son likes. Lessons from the KPMG tax shelter crookery. Cockroach stock, Abercrombie & Fitch (ANF). Sex sells in brothels and zoos. New Indian business opportunity. Exercise and its benefits. Women are superior..
Monday, August 29, 2005
Learn enough to be dangerous. The unregulated hedge fund industry. The impact of Katrina. Check. Check. Check. How to avoid fees on overseas purchases. Marriage saver -- wireless headphones. Making gold out of drek -- Martha Stewart's jail time. CallWave's latest mobile phone product. Wedding brooms.
Friday, August 26, 2005
Most credit cards charge a premium for overseas purchases. Baseball replaced CNBC in Mariella Pizza. So much for the real estate bubble bursting. The US Tennis Open TV Schedule. How to play poker.
Thursday, August 25, 2005
Looking at long-term bonds. Time to sell? Technical analysis works: Here are the two top charting books. Eat more bananas. Life is strange. Lawyers, lawyers, lawyers. Rome and TiVo stock -- NO. How to immigrate to the US. Ain't statistics wonderful?
Tuesday, August 24, 2005
Nevada trust deeds paying 17%. Two investing books -- Benjamin Graham's Intelligent Investor and Unconventional Success -- A Fundamental Approach to Personal Approach.
Tuesday, August 23, 2005
A Blackberry is a prestigious, fiddly, expensive gadget. Thought it's great, its maker Research in Motion probably isn't. My mother died of colon cancer. There are some new tests. How to travel with your laptop, re SMTP. Hamas' logic (?). Cut movie on high-priced gas. What God could do, if only She had the money. Three religious truths.
Monday, August 22, 2005
Latest best investment: One day at the Scripps Center for Executive Health. Are we running out of oil? Probably yes. Here what you should do in your life. The VIX, the bias of advisory services, and Robert Shiller says the housing craze is another bubble destined to end badly. The depressed fellow. The Holy Land. The professor in darkest Africa.
Friday, August 19, 2005 In San Diego. Slept in. Nothing new. Apologies.
Thursday, August 18, 2005
JetBlue not a good idea. TriPath Imaging got FDA approval this week. Intelligent credit card -- American Express Blue Cash credit card. Rules of How to Save Money. Rules of Email Life. Check every bill. SMTP for travel. Interesting software: Camtasia Studio and large Outlook files. LCD monitors have plummeted in price. Why is Fox News irrelevant to voter behavior? What money will buy.
Wednesday, August 17, 2005 Rising oil prices? A recession indicator? Insite Vision (ISV) a biotech spec. Giving up on airline miles; going for the cash discount. Try American Express Blue Cash credit card. Why Verizon keeps falling, despite a high dividend yield of 4.9%. Don't ignore all the class action paperwork. Big plus for Net Snippets, software. Heroism in action. Is United Natural Foods (UNFI) another play on the Whole Food phenomenon?
Tuesday, August 16, 2005
Due diligence. A tale of two banks -- Independence Community Bank (ICBC) and Commerce Bancorp (CBH). Jim Cramer and Time Magazine. Triple tax-free floaters. Understanding fuel economy. Who says computers can't bring people together? Compasson with an umbrella. Need a haircut now.
Monday, August 15, 2005.
Buy shot-term puts on oil. Impressed with Disney's new chief. Greed costs: the lessons are simple. Iraq's history. New Zealand is gorgeous (and safe). How to play golf. .
Friday, August 12, 2005
Buying a little Zimmer Holdings (ZMH) and hoping for more Whole Foods. Homes are taking longer to sell. California's missing vehicles. Here's Toll Brothers' most popular home. All professionals suck until you check them out. Traveling by air this summer? Be wary. "Wedding Crashers" is silly, but fun. The largest fish I've ever seen came from Soldotna, Alaska. The O'Reilly twins.
Thursday, August 11, 2005 Don't watch the tape. Mossberg loves EverNote. I prefer Net Snippets. This email from "PayPal" is 100% fraudulent. OXO's great soap dispensing kitchen brush. New international symbol for marriage. He really caught this fish. Priestly duties.
Wednesday, August 10, 2005
The Fed lifted rates by 25 basis points to 3 1/2%. What does it mean? Two ways to avoid all those high foreign exchange surcharges. Remember Baidu? Buy yourself a Manhattan pied-à-terre. In Kentucky you don't see too many people hang-gliding.
Tuesday, August 9, 2005
Office space in the Midwest. Credit cards are tacking on heavy surcharges for using them overseas. Beware of hidden ATM fees and merchant fees. Baidu charts. Oil for food scandal at the UN REITs are tumbling as long-term interest rates rise. My second best lawyer joke.
Monday, August 8, 2005
Hot areas: real estate, energy and (BIDU). REITs are tumbling. Get out. How to pick stocks, courtesy Warren Buffett. What happens if what you know is no longer useful? Net Snippets is useful software. How to speed up Windows -- a little. More horrible stuff on Saudi Arabia. The best of Charades. The doctor's office and his nosey receptionist.
Friday, August 5, 2005
TriPath Imaging drops after great earnings! Sell on news? Buying and selling interests in hedge funds. The housing boom in New York City offers great opportunities for entrepreneurs. Program your cell phone to call ICE. Baidu is China's Google. It's going IPO. Moses encounters reality.
Thursday, August 4, 2005
Real estate as a low market. . What Westchester feels like. How Wall Street screws its clients. Don't open attachments from people you don't know. Genghis Kahn and the great Mosque. TriPath Imaging has a conference call today. Off on a big Australian vacation.
Wednesday, August 3, 2005
Looking at syndicated real estate. Whole Foods. TriPath and Microsoft. How to mismanage your country -- a tale of the mess in Saudi Arabia. How good is Cramer at picking stocks. OK. Not brilliant. The sickest joke about suicide bombers.
Tuesday, August 2, 2005 Diversification or concentration? The age-old question. The best add-on software for Outlook is Lookout. Moving from an Escalade (12 miles per gallon) to a Lexus SUV hybrid (allegedly 30 miles a gallon). Four easy steps to triple your wealth!!! The archetypal New York blonde joke.
Monday, August 1, 2005
Staying with Whole Foods -- a Wal-Mart for the granola crowd. Facts about the pharmaceutical business -- giants, blockbuster drugs and marketing. SkypeOut celebrates its first birthday with lower prices. Zimbabwe is a basket case. Moishe is driving in Jerusalem. Sometimes men should just shut up.
Friday, July 29, 2005
Concentration versus Diversification, and issue of more concentrated bets. ICE your cell phone. Earphones for your iPod -- Etymotic ER6i 6isolator. How Skype will kill the phone industry. Many charities are an elaborate rip-off. What is an HD Ready TV set? Judy makes three useful software apps. For men only. How to use Excel. No more stares rucksack. Just discovered: Secret code from ancient Judea.
Thursday, July 28, 2005
Hana is up. How to calculate IRR in Excel. The economics of having your money managed. How to analyze a money manager. Bad coke business. Condo conversions. The most comfortable, lightweight saddle. How the British deal with terrorism. Moshe reads an Arab newspaper. The proper etiquette.
Wednesday, July 27, 2005 TriPath Imaging (TPTH) has popped. Insite Vision (ISV) is popping also. I bought a little HMS Holdings (HMSY), Charles River Labs (CRL), Gevity HR (GVHR) and Bright Horizons Family Solutions (BFAM). How good are securities analysts? Check what you lease: NorVergence's boxes are dead. Check QCharts. Personal safety revisited. This Week's magazine this week. What's staging? If you sneeze too hard, you can fracture a rib. A solution to every problem.
Tuesday, July 26, 2005
Four sectors of the economy are booming: Housing, Oil, Biotech and small pharma, online searching and shopping. How to sell your house. It may be time to carry cash. Terrorism will hit the U.S. again shortly: Tips. The front pages of major newspapers. Never buy a Mercedes-Benz. Finally, the world's best lawyer joke.
Monday, July 25, 2005
Buffet, the Making of an American capitalist. Whatever happened to Enron? How big is obesity? Big! Lance Armstrong wins his 7th Tour de France. Lance's bike. Lance's hotel. How to drive three external monitors with your laptop. Never, ever buy a Mercedes-Benz. It pays to check your bills. Cinderella is now 95 years old. Sunday at church.
Friday, July 22, 2005
eBay saves big. Nice real estate opportunities around. Inkjet paper has short shelf life. Better: use Keep the bugs away with DEET. Reverse logic, the best humor.
Thursday, July 21, 2005
New highs based on real economic progress. Good news: China and the AMT tax. Religion can be profitable. Cramer becomes the guru. Caterpillar's earnings are good. Some Wi-Fi hotspots work. Some don't. Why I like biotechs. Time to book passage to Mars. Strong technology and Impeccable logic.
Wednesday, July 20, 2005 Smack in the middle of earnings season. Cramer's picks pop -- the following day. NovaDel appeals. How to replace your iPod battery. Noah and the flood, circa 2005.
Tuesday, July 19, 2005 Arid summer. Slow deal flow. Cramer picks Caterpillar. Hana Biosciences appeals. Need to convert currencies. The gullibility of idiots (like me). Jokes from a fake Palestinian standup comedian.
Monday, July 18, 2005
Housing boom is ebbing. Searching for art that may appreciate. The Bachelor Party of all time. Clever comments by George Carlin.
Friday, July 15, 2005 Rally breathes new life into aging bull. Bank of America truly sucks. Don't open email attachments. Birds in the tree are worth how much in the....
Thursday, July 14, 2005
How have you done in the first half? Buying a little Insite Vision (ISV). CEO gets bullish. Cramer was right about UnitedHealth. Is an Endless Pool in my future? I really like York Photo. Traveling with a cell phone overseas. Guinea pig Snooty's great evening. I'm having a colonoscopy soon.
Wednesday, July 13, 2005 It makes zero sense to buy shares through a stockbroker these days. When saying NO, trust your instincts. Reveling in insignificance. What the killer of Theo van Gogh told the court: why he did it. What vehicle should we buy?
Tuesday, July 13, 2005
Every great boom was preceded by a frenzy of patent filings -- now it's biotech's turn. Why I'm a biotech fan. Genentech and Herceptin and Genentech's explosive growth. Seymour Hersh on Deep Throat. Australia -- a nice place to visit, maybe.
Monday, July 11, 2005
The animal that is Whole Foods. Find what you love: Steve Jobs' Commencement Address to Stanford University. Finally a better insurance company.
Friday, July 8, 2005 Markets recover fast from Al Qaeda bombs. Columbia Advisors gives their clients an overview. Rocky summer coming. How all your financial institutions are nickel and dimming you with new charges. It is hard to make money in banking today. I sold Independence Bank. Cell phone cost saving tips. Eat blueberries, but don't wash them until you're ready. The greatest Darwin Awards.
Thursday, July 7, 2005
Al Qaeda hits London. Markets usually recover quickly. Here is the history from other disasters. Muni bonds do default; Saint Vincent Hospitals default. Shredders offer limited protection. The most popular soup in Hong Kong. The March of the (Emperor) Penguins, a wonderful movie. The world's second worst pun.
Wednesday, July 6, 2005
When to sell your stocks: Five Rules. Drought in Australia. Is Google overpriced? Executive compensation has become totally absurd. Making money in Dubai - NO. Age-Part 1.
Tuesday, July 5, 2005
Too much money chasing too few opportunities. Neat statistics from weekend reading -- hedge funds, concert revenue, Renaissance Technologies' incredible results. Bill Gross (of Pimco)'s predictions. Wiring money out of your brokerage account. Watch out for sneaky charges. The end of the housing bubble down under. Everyone hates the Bank of America. LCD monitors are very very cheap. My son graduated from Dartmouth; here's what he learned.
Friday, July 1, 2005 Fed raises overnight loans to 3.25%. July 4. What it means to me. William G. McGowan, my mentor. The Declaration of Independence. The story of July 4. Final Wimbledon tennis TV schedule.
Thursday, June 30, 2005
Three-year biotech holds: Hana Biosciences, Manhattan Pharmaceuticals, Novadel Pharma and Point Therapeutics. The Fortune 40 Stock Recommendations; Not bad. Research in Motion's profit surges. Refurbished equipment is good. Wimbledon tennis TV schedule. Smart Son.
Wednesday, June 29, 2005 Market timing makes no sense, part 2. Housing stocks revisited. My classmates' messed up careers. Vanity Fair's Iran is fascinating. New design for Freedom Tower. American philosophy flourishes -- in Canada. Wimbledon TV Schedule. Three Jewish sons.
Tuesday, June 28, 2005 Google too high? Too low? Fudging one's credit card expiration date works. How much should you be earning on your cash? Lateef's investment policy. Wimbledon TV schedule. Odd Rabbi out.
Monday, June 27, 2005
Long-term rates to stay long. Why stockmarkets fell yesterday. Oil hits $60; where it's going now. Cars with the best gas mileage. Point Therapeutics (POTP) has started another Phase 2 clinical trial. The creation of Turn the Corner Foundation dealing with Lyme Disease. Don't open email attachments. Playing golf this weekend. Wimbledon's TV schedule.
Friday, June 24, 2005
Why stockmarkets fell yesterday. Oil hits $60; where it's going now. Cars with the best gas mileage. Point Therapeutics (POTP) has started another Phase 2 clinical trial. The creation of Turn the Corner Foundation dealing with Lyme Disease. Don't open email attachments. Playing golf this weekend. Wimbledon's TV schedule.
Thursday, June 23, 2005
Latest syndication pays 13%. If you're buying a new house check out the mortgages your neighbors have. How much power does Cramer have? And I own a little GE. How to make better digital photos. Edmond Knowles feeds pennies into Coinstar. Mammogram. Southern women definitely have class.
Wednesday, June 22, 2005 Leading indicators fell in May. Things are slowing down. In search of the perfect portfolio management software. Is it really Excel? EverNote as buggy notetaking software. How the price of assets can plummet. Inc and Fast Company sell for less. The best father's day present. Congratulations to Sammy Kingsley. You're not mean to talk to anyone on the New York City subway.
Tuesday, June 21, 2005 My portfolio allocation. Latest computer tips: AOL, Outlook 2003, hard drives, phishing. In search of a sane energy policy. Why women are smarter -- Part 1 and 2.
Monday, June 20, 2005
The worldwide rise in house prices is the biggest financial bubble in history. Immigration test -- Part 1 and 2.
Friday, June 17, 2005
Housing stocks. Whole Foods (WFMI) on the ascendant. Theater in New York has been great lately; Recommendations. I hate Time Warner (TWX). The true meaning of globalization."Reverse logic" is the best logic.
Thursday, June 16, 2005
The cost of sitting on short-term securities. Good times ahead for the U.S. economy. Microsoft's new Windows desktop search. There is a better solution. When to say NO. Lorena Bobbitt's sister, Louella, is in trouble.
Wednesday, June 15, 2005
The lowdown on Lyme Disease. George Friedlander's conference call. What happens in the dark closet.
Tuesday, June 14, 2005 The Euro has dropped. Implications. An echo of boom: Google is way overpriced. Philip Purcell of Morgan Stanley walks with $62.3 million and a lousy performance. At least someone loves this weather. Eat more bananas. How to duck cell phone taxes. Why do we have to speak English?
Monday, June 13, 2005
The inverted yield curve. What it means for borrowing, lending and investing. The Economist's latest Technology Survey: highly recommended, but no investment recommendations. Upgrading to a new laptop. Always check for ticks -- part 3. Bernie Ebbers, giving Chutzpah a whole new meaning. Watches as investments? No. An old fishy tale.
Friday, June 10, 2005
My birthday. Money into a St Louis office building. Most people disagree with me on my dislike for PayPal. Lyme Disease, part 2. The sperm count. The furniture dealer.
Thursday, June 9, 2005
Tell me a time when everything wasn't overpriced? Google's key word pricing drops. Will Google (GOOG) decline? Most likely. Ticks make Lyme Disease: How to remove them. Classic Australian Insults and Curses.
Wednesday, June 8, 2005 Smell the tuberose. Fred Hickey's latest buys. How do bubbles end? Carl is a raider and a mensch. Will bombing of KFC Pakistani outlets ever end? Mid-life crisis is coming late for my 60+ friends -- new, expensive sports cars. I hate PayPal. Anne Bancroft dies. GM plans to cut 25,000 jobs. The union and the brothel.
Tuesday, June 7, 2005 Google going to $350 by June 30? The real estate bubble will burst. New York Times Magazine: "The Quantitative, Data-Based, Risk-Massaging Road to Riches" by Joseph Nocera. The insanity of positive thinking. A reason not to buy Gillette. AOL getting sillier and sillier and more desperate. The Mercedes-Benz SLC McClaren. All about resultspositive. The art of love making.
Monday, June 6, 2005
New York Times Magazine: See a bubble by Roger Lowenstein, one of America's top financial reporters and book writers. Hedge fund results. How to destroy your brakes. How to protect them. What every self-respecting geek wants -- a huge screen and an unmarked keyboard. Tell me what they do. Strippers who want to enter Canada. Yet another pill for you know what.
Friday, June 3, 2005
Biotechs I own -- Hana Biosciences (HNAB), Manhattan Pharmaceuticals (MHTT), Novadel Pharma (NVD), Point Therapeutics (POTP) and TriPath Imaging (TPTH). Business Week backs up my logic with a cover story. The biggest mistakes investors are making. Harry's Stupid Test for buying (or not buying) stocks. Don't buy Verizon. Don't buy $2 stocks -- especially if they're in telecom and are Nortel (NT), Lucent (LU) or JDS Uniphase (JDSU). Useful stuff. Post-It Sticky Notes. Cars. Setting up a new PC. Buying athletic shoes. What not to eat. How condoms are marketed.
Thursday, June 2, 2005
"Cash is king." Why the Wall Street Journal says so, also. The best short-term rates for your money now. Broadway's wonderful play "Doubt." The benefit of superior logic -- the world's sickest joke.
Wednesday, June 1, 2005
Loving real estate with a story. Divorce is good. How hard to "play" the market with the tanker stocks. Maybe. A negative correlation between advertising and performance: Superfund and Dreyfus. The romance of cities yet to be discovered. Top and bottom ten states for retirement. New computers are faster. Building your own Pumas. The French Open is on. The money is great. Who did you marry?

Tuesday, May 31, 2005 Things learned from a weekend of playing Home Handyman. The verity of the Whole House Surge Arrestor. Learning about the investment style of hedge funds. 10 tips to improve your wireless network. Only in Vermont. It's OK. I speak blonde. You got nice house, boss.
Monday, May 30 2005 Memorial Day. No column.
Friday, May 27, 2005
Take a little off the table. Hedge funds are stumbling but manager salaries aren't. The key to benefiting from technology. The wretchedness of Excel and PowerPoint. Should you buy a satellite radio? Real exchanges during court cases.
Thursday, May 26, 2005
The "Bubble" in real estate. There is a serious shortage of affordable housing in the U.S. Four keys to avoid being burned on real estate. Why I dislike venture capital. Why my friend got out of venture capital. It's a seriously tough world out there -- for entrepreneurs and Agassi. The big fish and the big millionaire. A dumb lawyer joke and a dumb blonde joke.
Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Miss May and her real estate ambitions. Tips on not getting burned with real estate. Google Alerts may help you pick stocks. Forty years in the sands: How the British blew Iraq. CallWave has jacked their fax prices up; here's an alternative. Dancing for real estate. Getting her comeuppance.
Tuesday, May 24, 2005
The "Bubble" in real estate: Stories from Miami and California/Arizona. Irrelevant tennis goals. Salsa Dancers and Stunt Men? Must Be a Miami Condo Project. CallWave now officially sucks. Goldman Sachs' IPOs do awfully. Superfund does even worse. How to be an equity angel -- Part 2. Getting into Heaven.
Monday, May 23, 2005
Irrelevant tennis goals. We sold another property. Invest like Harvard and Yale. How to be an equity angel. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Changing Technology Galaxy. Unreliable Mercedes. Words of Wisdom. Five guaranteed folk remedies. The dentist and the golf game.
Friday, May 20, 2005 The "Hope" Rally. Unlikely to continue. Real estate out west. Boardroom Reports dinner stuff. Guaranteed folk remedies for arthritis, etc. Zimbabwe is a total mess. Germany's and France's unemployment. Google now lets you personalize your home page. Ignore it. Yahoo! is better. The story of four women from different states.
Thursday, May 19, 2005 Worried by China. An inverse relationship between the quality of an investment and the effort put into promoting it. Is Whole Foods the next Starbucks? Cramer's Top Ten Picks. Is Berkshire Hathaway a cockroach stock? Check. Check. Check. And you thought the U.S. press had some problems with the facts; Try Iran's. Outrage and Silence from Thomas Friedman. The city boy and the donkey.
Wednesday, May 18, 2005
I may be wrong. 2005 may turn be a good year for stocks. Stocks I like Whole Foods (WFMI), JetBlue (JBLU), TriPath Imaging (TPTH), Independence Community (ICBC), General Electric (GE) and four long-term biotech gambles -- Hana Biosciences (HNAB), Manhattan Pharmaceuticals (MHTT), Novadel Pharma (NVD) and Point Therapeutics (POTP). "Betting" is the word Wall Street uses; Gambling would be better. Running a business without knowledge and ... a backup is insane. Google Alerts are the greatest: Dreyfus stinks. Laptops are cheap these days because they're cheaply made. How to buy designer jeans. A crude joke told by a beautiful woman, Maria Menounos, via Esquire Magazine. Let's learn Spanish.
Tuesday, May 17, 2005 Selling appreciating assets? What's the rule? I don't make this stuff up. Another reason NOT to keep your money with Morgan Stanley. Great news for wine drinkers. Please don't borrow money to finance your lifestyle. Insult of the week. Microsoft obsesses with security. How to understand women.
Monday, May 16, 2005 "Who's preying on your grandparents?" Rip-off annuities. Sunk costs are sunk, gone and irrelevant. Is your apartment like a dot-com stock? Is a real estate CRASH coming? Henry Blodgett's latest theories. The lesson in the Newsweek Koran toilet-flushing apology. Urban Legends. Today's silly quiz. The latest scam on the coast.
Friday, May 13, 2005 The stockmarket is doing awfully because the economy is slowing and because traditional measures -- such as the Dow Jones Index -- are obsolete. Here's how the Dow Jones Industrials (Your father's stocks) have been performing. In a word - terribly. The economy is slowing. That the greatest concern. BroadVoice sucks at present. Keep Firefox upgraded. Here's how to protect your PC. The young priest.
Thursday, May 12, 2005
Dump stocks when they drop 15%. That's my "inviolate" rule. But I have exceptions -- for example, new, developing companies in fields like biotech. I own a handful of biotech companies with promising, but slow-to-develop products. The companies include Hana Biosciences (HNAB), Manhattan Pharmaceuticals (MHTT), NovaDel Pharma (NVD), Point Therapeutics (POTP) and TriPath Imaging (TPTH). You have no privacy. Here are some tips on Protecting Against Identity Theft. Here's a watch you don't need. And the best blonde joke ever.
Wednesday, May 11, 2005 Big hedge funds in trouble: Heavy volatility. Heavy redemptions. How does Yale do it? If your hedge fund manager suddenly drives a new Porsche, here's why. Challenging junk bond status. What can you get for a bottle of wine?
Tuesday, May 10, 2005 Hedge funds doing awfully. Superfund: Super-expensive and Super-risky. I'm getting senile. How to control the pests.
Monday, May 9, 2005 I'm looking at a residential real estate syndicate with an annual cash on cash return of 11% and a 7-year IRR of 20%. Fred Hickey's latest High-Tech Strategist newsletter recommendations. Art as an investment. When big green gets big greenery. The dog has religion.
Friday, May 6, 2005 One in a hundred. The odds of finding a great investment. Two apartments I was going to buy. Pros and Cons. Savings Bank interest rates. TriPath's conference call. Ford and GM bonds are cut to junk. The oldest scam in the world. The fear that is driving car design. The Interpreter, the movie. My favorite headsets. How smart are you?
Thursday, May 5, 2005 Hedge funds are so numerous and so desperate... The best part of Kerkorian buying GM: doing business when you're old. The second best part of buying GM: bringing pressure on GM's sleepy management. Whole Foods (WFMI) does well, again. Terrorism in New York and what it means for car design. TriPath's (TPTH) conference call this morning. Great old book, Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist. In the army? Only a Texan could think of this.
Wednesday, May 4, 2005
The Fed raised short-term rates yesterday, as predicted. Schools of thought on the economy. Time is the most precious investment: I remain fascinated by big RV buses. The Intelligence of the Man. The Intelligence of the Woman.
Tuesday, May 3, 2005
The Fed meets today. May to October typically sucks in the stockmarket: Sell in the summer. Buy in the fall. It's an old adage. You have to be in the game: Jobs don't produce wealth. Ownership does. How we spend our money -- on RV buses! Check. Check. Check. It's our motto. Wal-Mart is such a great store.
Monday, May 2, 2005 The next investment -- a couple of condos. Auctions work best when you sell something -- hence the frenzy over MCI. AIG remains the classic cockroach stock. The administration continues to act weirdly about energy; Norway pushes conservation. What does your bank pay on interest? The answer can make a difference. The benefits of being rich, but ignorant.
Friday, April 29, 2005 The torture of a thousand cuts. Fear of slowing growth and accelerated rate hikes. Do what you know and love. My friend Joel is a great investment banker, but perhaps a better real estate builder/developer. Google going to $400? The logic of traveling. A dog who snores.
Thursday, April 28, 2005 The perfect investment: your own business. Two major reasons. Four secrets to long life. Desperation in old age is not pretty. Stockmarkets continue to look ugly. DaimlerChrysler's awful results. How Microsoft compares to Google. Three things in life are certain.
Wednesday, April 27, 2005
Pushing heavy stones up hills: the are are more fun things to do. Four keys to making the perfect investment. Why Buy and Hold doesn't always work: check out Taser. My best idea ever -- different prescription eyeglasses. DNA's charms. I'm no a doctor, but...if you're using Viagra, Cialis or Levitra.... Ringtones is a $1 billion a year business; moantones will add something. The French Art Thief. From cops' lips.
Tuesday, April 26, 2005 One in a hundred. That's the odds. My timing sucked on Zimmer and Stryker, but they're coming back. The real estate boom continues. You must be in -- even now. Hooked on Cramer. The logic of $100 a barrel oil. China is the place to be. Cockroach stock AIG must continue its slide. Why photocopiers fail. Smell the roses department. All about Passover: The real story.
Monday, April 25, 2005 Challenging times. Cash, diversification, discipline and patience are present keys. The Economist asks What are investors so jittery? Should you sign non-disclosure agreements? DSL lines from your local phone company. Cell phones on cruise ships. Community action works in the Hudson Valley. What if these people had had Jewish mothers?
Friday, April 22, 2005 Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. I should have seen Archipelego and MCI. The Wall Street Journal thinks stockmarket prices are low: Here's why. The chances of you dying on the way to get your lottery tickets is greater than your chances of winning. Debtors prisons were not pleasant. Bedbugs in hotel rooms. Economists were created in order to make weather forecasters look good. The Serpent River Weather Station.
Thursday, April 21, 2005
The Perfect Storm in the stockmarket. Suze Orman's heady advice on CNBC. Corporate telephone calls are out of control. Where are municipal bond interest rates going? The perfect investment -- Why the Pope is German. Microsoft releases Office 2005. The furry black wabbit.
Wednesday, April 20, 2005 It's too quiet. Markets don't decline in straight lines. Fortune Magazine has a reporter and a photographer in Phoenix. Meanwhile, money continues to pour into real estate. Married With Problems? Therapy May Not Help. The New Pope. I'm not Catholic. How to inherit a small fortune.
Tuesday, April 19, 2005 Stocks are homogenous. But real estate isn't. The downtowns of many cities are taking off. Check Tucson, New York, Boston, and your own city's downtown. Barbara Corcoran's experiences. My dear friend Ken Fisher and his dumb predictions. Reading statistics, courtesy Rupert Murdoch. Supervised Chinese Food. The Ten Commandments Do It Yourself Kit.
Monday, April 18, 2005 Three days of huge stockmarket losses. Fear is palpable. Are we looking at a huge down day? What now? Put options on technology stocks? Cockroach stocks, continued: AIG and Berkshire Hathaway's General Re. TiVo is great. Here's a decent deal on an 80-hour unit. Cable Modems work better and are much faster than DSL lines. Why surgeons get paid the big money. So exactly what is the problem with feeding the baby?
Friday, April 15, 2005 More reasons not to be in technology. IBM misses. Apple plummets. GM is overburdened with health and pension costs. The scandals continue. This time Raytheon. Before you switch to a broker, check his accounting systems. Deutsche Bank's stink. Do not call registry. BroadVoice's $20/month unlimited calling. Watch out for corporate cell phone charges. Raising money for your favorite startup. Why pay more for your glasses? Use For Eyes. AIG is another WorldCom. Today is Tax Day.
Thursday, April 14, 2005
The stockmarket remains the place NOT to be. This year is shaping up to be The Year of Selling Short. Warren Buffet becomes the latest cockroach. You thought that Wall Street cared about you, the client? No way. NYSE's top specialists are indicted for screwing you, the investor. Hank Greenberg was a gigantic piece of work. Beware of new wiring-in charges by banks. The housing bubble bursts for one husband.
Wednesday, April 13, 2005
The stockmarket was weird. More reasons why the housing boom is unsustainable. How bad are Wall Street analysts. Pretty bloody awful is the simple answer. Conclusion: Buy their "sells." Screw facts about technology. Heaven is less opulent than the Vatican, reports disappointed Pope. The difference between Potentially and Realistically.
Tuesday, April 12, 2005
The stockmarket remains not the place to be. Berkshire Hathaway, another Cockroach stock after AIG. Don't send contentious emails. Final proof: World is coming to an end. Please be helping me. Prince Charles finally married his mistress of 30+ years.
Monday, April 11, 2005 How does America look to foreign eyes? Bernard-Henri Lévy traces Alexis de Tocqueville's steps. Surprisingly the result is very positive for America. How do tech stocks look to Fred Hickey? Answer: Not good. His main exposure is through put options. Here's the list. How do Ponzi schemes work? Buried in K1s. Some of my private equity and LBOs are coming good. Miracles happen.
Friday, April 8, 2005
Economists, inflation, and recessions. Business Week predicts the real estate boom will shortly end. But it's not. Cap rates on commercial real estate. My real estate syndications are doing just fine. A $134 million home built on spec for a billionaire. The scandals never cease. The world's prettiest watch. The Irish gas station. Tax season is upon us.
Thursday, April 7, 2005
Devastation of hedge funds. Stocks I live for different reasons -- Whole Foods, JetBlue, Stryker and Zimmer Holdings. When you buy or sell stocks or bonds do you get the best prices? Morgan Stanley, not recommended. Mozilla Firefox has one great feature Internet Explorer doesn't have: tabs. Go see new Broadway show, Pillowman. Thomas Friedman's It's a flat world, after all. The currency crisis is real. An American in France.
Wednesday, April 6, 2005
Why I was wrong with TriPath Imaging (TPTH). But why I'm still holding. Thomas Friedman's new book "The World is Flat." Jim Cramer's new book "Jim Cramer's Real Money." I recommend both. Redneck stories - 1 and 2.
Tuesday, April 5, 2005 Zimmer and Stryker tank. Moody's upgrades New York City's general obligation bonds. Europe slows down. The Cardinals won't be staying at Motel 6 -- unlike what they did in 1271. Verizon stinks -- Part 2. New evening classes for men.
Monday, April 4, 2005
Verizon's continued incompetence. Real watches or counterfeit watches. I prefer the counterfeit variety. JetBlue's great service. Don't send boxes as baggage on planes. Now you've won the lottery -- another scam. How to have a vasectomy.
Friday, April 1, 2005
Goldman Sachs thinks oil may spike to $105. A reader thinks Goldman has loaded up on oil options. All about fish farms. Google's Gmail is excellent. How to write good, bad.
Thursday, March 31, 2005
Stocks I have -- General Electric, Whole Foods, Zimmer Holdings, Stryker, Danaher and Independence Community Bank. Programmed trading hits 71.4% of NYSE daily trading. AIG, the class cockroach stock. Are you paying AMT? Look up your favorite stock on Google. Time to buy JetBlue? PC Magazine raves about the Samsung 21.3 inch LCD monitor. All about chickens.
Wednesday, March 30, 2005
Stockmarket devastation of the last few weeks. Trend-following hedge funds blamed and explained. What we are going to be faced with in stockmarkets. Let's go shopping at Nordstroms and on remote desert islands.
Tuesday, March 29, 2005
The best returns lie in your own backyard. The biggest problem facing the investment business is simply there's too much money sloshing around in search of too few opportunities. Consequences. The Carlyle Group has raised a $10 billion private equity fund, the biggest ever. Out west with Suburbans, Hummers and gigantic RVs. Thomas Friedman on Geo-Greening by Example. Tax time is approaching.
Monday, March 28, 2005
The real estate boom is getting too hot. From the New York Times: Trading Places: Real Estate Instead of Dot-Coms. From the Los Angeles Times: Putting stock in property. Ed visits his mother in Florida.
Friday, March 25, 2005 Easter Friday. Home sales continue to boom. New single-family home sales rose an enormous 9.4% in February -- the sharpest increase since December 2000's 11.7% jump. My anniversary today. Getting to the Promised Land.
Thursday, March 24, 2005
Wreaking havoc with interest rate sensitive issues, such as REITs. An upcoming recession? I'm worried. Don't trust your lawyer with numbers. Check. Check. Check. My friend and his son in real estate. Your new password -- another way of sending out viruses. A neat Easter joke.
Wednesday, March 23, 2005
Higher Interest rates sticking and turning down share prices. The Fed is worried about inflation. Lock in your long-term mortgages. Whole Foods (WFMI) remains wonderful. Some of our real estate syndications are selling their properties. How do you say Hungry Snake in Australian? Impeccable logic. The Jewish Helicopter.
Tuesday, March 22, 2005
Interest rate hike coming day. Lock in your long-term borrowings.
Monday, March 21, 2005
The all-day real estate soiree. Two "BIG" themes:
+ "Buy it right. It's the only chance you'll get."
+ "There are opportunities, regardless of market characteristics."
Also major trends happening in real estate today. The five fastest-growing sectors of interest to real estate. Should we sell all our real estate today now that prices are ridiculously high? What to do when lifelong industry dies. More bad Irish jokes.
Friday, March 18, 2005
Life and its paces. Starting, growing and selling your business. How to avoid improve our "habit of offering uncontrolled repetitive counsel and advice." History of the telecommunications industry. Did Qwest use fraud to arrange a disastrous merger with US West? Probably yes. Ending today on a sad note. My friend has prostrate cancer. Bad Irish jokes.
Thursday, March 17, 2005
Doing well with oil. I spent yesterday saying NO. In checking deals out what do I look for? I don't like the way the stockmarket is going. Three things are affecting it: oil, interest rates and a slowing in the growth of corporate earnings. I visited Best Buy last night: I marvel at technology prices plummeting. Why Irish eyes are smiling -- it's the best country to live in 2005.
Wednesday, March 16, 2005.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005
Oil. It's going higher. An anonymous oil consultant's take. TriPath Imaging (TPTH) is also going higher.
Monday, March 14, 2005
An impending worldwide financial disaster? Cash remains king. Sometimes you to wonder about CEO morals. Outlook 2003 gets rid of spam. Newest search engine, helps you with information about products. is best for shopping. Quick reads of the day's news are now both customizable: and Dyson is now America's biggest-selling vacuum cleaner. Drinking water. The Innocence Project is one of my biggest charities.
Friday, March 11, 2005 Two big real estate developments visited in the Coachella Valley. Another dumb blonde joke.
Thursday, March 10, 2005
The key to "getting it right" in the search for the "perfect investment" is to wait and wait and then pick carefully -- very carefully. Oil is above where we picked it. Today is the five-year anniversary of the Nasdaq 2000 high. It's not going to happen again, soon. Here's why. Here are some lessons. Good time to short Hewlett-Packard (HPQ). King Arthur and the witch.
Wednesday, March 9, 2005
The essence of the deal. Be an owner, not an investor. Mutual funds drop their fees. The airlines idiotic pillow wars. AOL is starting an Internet phone service. So much for my idea of investing in commodity-rich Australia. It's a good time to be in cash. People like to be insulted.
Tuesday, March 8, 2005
Managed futures: too good to be true? The Ponzi Scheme: Con Man explained. Boeing's chairman; how dumb can you be? Sulfur at Whole Foods. Offending another group, this time the Polish.
Monday, March 7, 2005 It's a good time to be cautious. Cash remains king. Remember there are a lot of scams out there, all attracted to the wads of money sitting on the sidelines. Warren Buffett is not sanguine on the US trade deficit. In contrast, CEOs are optimistic. One I missed -- Martha Stewart Living (MSO). Bernie Ebbers "I am dumb" defense. How to hook up to cable broadband: Do photoediting programs make sense?
Friday, March 4, 2005
Managed futures -- selling puts and calls on the S&P 500. Interesting idea. TriPath Imaging languishes. Wrong square footage saves homebuyer $16,000. The best site to get satellite images of land. My credit card expired: In fact, it expires every three years. is gaining momentum. Dreyfus mutual funds stink. The Newton hedge fund -- Yuch. Cheap glass TVs make more sense than fancy LCD ones. 72-ounce steak. Can you eat it in an hour? The polish sausage. Understanding engineers.
Thursday, March 3, 2005
Saying NO is hard. Here's why. Oil is going to $62. This week's 25th anniversary party and the lessons from sick friends. Bernie Ebbers is stupid, he says. Larry Kudlow endorses Carly. World's most incredible tennis court on top of world's most expensive hotel -- in Dubai. The perks of being over 60.
Wednesday, March 2, 2005 It's time to Stop Carly Fiorina. She must not get the job of president of the World Bank. Conversion dilemma for the rabbis.
Tuesday, March 1, 2005
My 401(k) disaster -- part 2. How to get out of CDSC charges. It was Dreyfus, among the not so great mutual fund companies. Bloggers, blogging and RSS data feeds. This flying story is positively disturbing. One hell of a headache.

Monday, February, 28 2005 Hearing pitches by entrepreneurs. Two problems. Selling? How much money do they really need? Software is the easiest industry to get into. Three types of software companies you should recognize. From Sandbox to Custom to Production. Fred Hickey's latest newsletter. Google Alerts keep you in touch. Booking hotel rooms on the Internet; always confirm your reservation. My 401(k) disaster. And you thought that our government was bad. Check out France.
Friday, February, 25 2005 Following the sale of my business, what would I have done differently to my investing? Six things. PC networking stinks. Make Windows start and run faster. Speak to your computer with Dragon. The latest Ken Fisher "brilliance." Paris Hilton and her T-Mobile Sidekick. The best lawyer joke.
Thursday, February, 24 2005 "Honey, I shrunk the dollar. Strategies for a declining dollar. Verizon buying MCI makes you wonder the sanity of it all? Huge cash shortages at growing companies. More jokes about women winning.
Wednesday, February, 23 2005
Cash remains king. I have two fears: 1. Equities will decline in 2005. 2. There'll be a spectacular one day-decline that could drop equities as much as 25% -- much more than yesterday's 1.4%. The Wall Street Journal screws up badly. The best investment advice.
Tuesday, February, 22 2005 Citigroup says the stockmarket is going up. The Economist surveys Hedge Funds and concludes... The best story out of traffic court. Radio Shack's new gadget. What happens if they privatize social security. Only in America.
Monday, February, 21, 2005 Markets closed for President's Day holiday.
Friday, February, 18 2005
The Gates in Central Park, New York City. Thoughts on finding that perfect investment: finding a value contrarian manager. His philosophy. I'm impressed. Surprise, surprise American Express is pushing its own crappy mutual funds. Neat multi-screen gadget. Google's Gmail launches. Don Mclean's beautiful Starry Starry Night with Van Gogh paintings.
Thursday, February, 17 2005 Twice a year Greenspan appears before Congress: Long-term rates are a "Conundrum" and likely to go up. Strategies to cope. Key interest rates for real estate. More takeover possibilities. Unreal salary increases on Wall Street. Everyone is coming to see The Gates. Marriage Saver headphones and all the necessary cabling stuff you need. Nikon D100 drops in price.
Wednesday, February, 16, 2005
Reasons takeovers happen. Potential takeover targets, contributed by readers. Microsoft's AntiSpyware and other anti-spyware software. My son is 23. His birthday present.
Tuesday, February, 15, 2005 Wall Street go nuts for takeovers. First, AT&T, then MCI, now Circuit City. Time to find some more. First suggestion: Independence Community Bank (ICBC). More takeover targets tomorrow. How to survive a plane crash. Remembering Johnny Carson with a great video. The best of Valentine's Day jokes about sex.
Monday, February, 14, 2005 The majestic glory of my syndication. In contrast, the stockmarket remains "iffy." Words from Fortune Magazine. Truly wonderful cellphone headset. Verizon buys MCI. Why? Carly's final take -- $188.6 million. You must come see The Gates in New York City. Two great blind man stories. Today is Valentine's Day. Good luck.
Friday, February 11, 2005
Three messages from the HP fiasco. 1. When founders leave, sell. 2. Most mergers don't work. Rules on selling. 3. Most of business is luck. Rules. Wall Streeters who go back to work: An interesting trend. More airline travel and hotel tips. Whole Foods Market (WFMI) booms. Others in my portfolio. Great silly cartoons. Geek Leak, totally tasteless, but useful.
Thursday, February 10, 2005 Greenfield's earnings are good, but the shares suck. As Greenspan raises short-term rates, long-term rates (except yesterday) are falling. is the best mapping software on the Internet. In Las Vegas, it's against the law to pawn your dentures. Hewlett Packard's Carly Fiorina gets $21.1 million for doing a totally awful job -- probably more than she would have earned for doing a good job. This is why you get spam: Christo's Gates opens on Saturday in Central Park.
Wednesday, February 9, 2005
My forecast for 2005: Down Year for the stockmarket and Tight market for real estate. Lessons for 2005 investing: Cash, income, saying NO and reducing our equity holdings. Fred Hickey's predictably bearish recommendations and his put option positions. Greenfield Online (SRVY) reports tonight. How to connect to and from broadband while on the road -- the D-Link Pocket Router. HP's Carly Fiorina is fired, finally.
Tuesday, February 8, 2005
Ripping into Wall Street: Calpers criticizes more conflicts of interest. Morgan Stanley's merger doesn't work and its chairman overpays himself. Real estate syndication deals tighten. IRAs, real estate and you. Latest airline tips. Just what my son's dog needs. The GoDogGo.
Monday, February 7, 2005
Winter in Phoenix. Report on Arizona Real Estate Investor Association meeting. Neat real estate services. Some lessons I learned about investing in Arizona real estate.
Friday, February 4, 2005
Two things I've learned most from reading your column are start your own business and the game is rigged against the individual investor. Excluding family, the most important decision in your life -- how to structure our career. Where did they check their ethics, or their brains? JetBlue to Phoenix: Tips and Traps.
Thursday, February 3, 2005
Now is not the time for the stockmarket. The conflicts of interest that senior management face when selling their companies. The huge rewards which Dick Grasso sucked out of the New York Stock Exchange. Off to Phoenix for my talk there. Come meet me at the Azreia convention.
Wednesday, February 2, 2005 In praise of partnerships. Tax software is now free to all. Once incredible translation machine: Babel Fish. Best and latest airline money saving tips. What money can buy: A single dress in this year's Spring haute couture collection in Paris can cost as much as four years at Harvard, The technology of births at age 66.
Tuesday, February 1, 2005
How to pick private equity investments -- six criteria. More overhyped telecom companies. What's killing telecom. Two overhyped technologies -- WiMax and VoIP. Now to the rip-off that is Brocade Communications and its seriously stock option greedy management. Off to Phoenix this weekend. Come meet me at the Azreia convention.
Monday, January 31, 2005 Good news on bonds -- munis and others. You can now find out their sales prices. The world of AT&T and SBC and their ridiculous merger.
Friday, January 28, 2005
The advantages of Real Estate. Real estate's wide continuum of opportunities. Objections to real estate investing.
Thursday, January 27, 2005 Enthusiasm. Apollo Investment (AINV). Yet another Nigerian scam.
Wednesday, January 26, 2005
Fortune Magazine, Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) and Carly Fiorina. France and Euro Disney. More on the Nigerian scam.
Tuesday, January 25, 2005 Refinancing your real estate investment for more than you paid for it a year ago. Interest rates dropping dramatically, especially longer-term ones. The odds of finding great real estate investments. Speegle: A search engine that talks to you. How to organize your important paperwork.
Monday, January 24, 2005
The perfect time to sell your present business. The perfect time not to invest in a private equity fund. Housing's pillars -- long-term interest rates and immigration -- hold firm. How the Nigerian scam works. Radio Shack's Multipurpose Laser Level. Why Zarqawi doesn't like democracy. Remembering Johnny Carson.
Friday, January 21, 2005 Pitches for investing: go for companies using technology. Touch and go with AT&T (T). Investment implications from Richard Clarke's article. My latest biotech investment: Hana Biosciences (HNAB). The Oil Factor, a new book and its investment recommendations. Virus alert. Netflix is great.
Thursday, January 20, 2005
Oil at $80 a barrel? Plummeting store-based retail sales? Booming Internet retail sales? Huge drops in attendance at theme parks and Las Vegas casinos and hotels? Bankruptcies for all the major airlines? Major boom in security equipment and services? Richard Clarke's scenarios. One article of his: Ten Years Later and one interview Fatal Vision.
Wednesday, January 19, 2005
How are hedge funds doing? CSFB/Tremont tells us. Morgan Stanley picks its 2005 technology favorites -- overweight and underweight stocks. The Quick In and Out -- Interchange (INCX) is an example. Boom, bust, growth and decay. Two examples of businesses going through this cycle -- convention centers and book-of-the-month clubs. Watch for tax evasion stories.
Tuesday, January 18, 2005
Long weekend accomplishments. New lessons. Real estate continues growing. Pay off your mortgage. Trading is all that works today. Lesson from TiVo. How quickly TiVo's world changed. Collar your stock. Bank of America has flipped its lid by sacking its hotels analyst. Bill Gates gives the demo from Hell at CES. What's next for the gondoliers of Venice? Wondering what to spend your money on? Next invasion: Iran?
Friday, January 14, 2005 Day trading: Apple (AAPL), TiVo and AT&T (T). Never ever buy a mutual fund through your broker. Bad experiences of Morgan Stanley, Dreyfus and Edward D. Jones. Google alerts are really great. So how LOW are the airlines' "new"pricing? Mark your calendar: I'll be speaking on February 5 in Phoenix. Come.
Thursday, January 13, 2005
Sonus. Needham & Company Growth Conference. Huge increase in U.S. trade deficit. Predictions for the year 2025. Where's my wife?
Wednesday, January 12, 2005 Moving into earnings season. It doesn't look strong. My favorite tasteless cartoon. Whole Foods (WFMI) is doing well.
Tuesday, January 11, 2005 Jim Roger's new book -- "Hot Commodities -- How anyone can invest profitably in the world's best market." Google Alerts are really great. Taser. Surprise. Surprise. In Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe.
Monday, January 10, 2005 Allocation. But who's presenting the alternatives? Your Wall Street broker? A smart friend's allocation -- largely no-load funds.
Friday, January 7, 2005
The Intelligent Asset Allocator: Its conclusions. Its reading list. Favorite charity on CNN: Innocence Project. Sirius Satellite Radio (SIRI) is a scam; sort of. Two more hot stocks: TiVo and Turbochef (TCF).
Thursday, January 6, 2005
Hot stocks I own -- Cypress Bioscience (CYPB), Dynamex (DDN), Greenfield Online (SRVY), Hana Biosciences (HNAB), HMS Holdings (HMSY), Moldflow Corporation (MFLO) and TriPath Imaging (TPTH). You're not going to believe this -- Part I: Smith Barney's top pick for 2005. Part II: Michael Eisner and Ovitz. The year 1904.
Wednesday, January 5, 2005
Minutes of the Fed Reserve's December meeting. Implications: Caution. More hot stock charts -- Ship Finance, Phazar, Interchange, Multi-Fineline Electronix, Garmin and Bill O'Neil's "How to make money selling stocks short." Two quotes on Islam that explain much.
Tuesday, January 4, 2005
Some funds recommendations received. Some hot stocks retrench. Graphs of Interchange and Frontline. Fantasy reading: Harry Dent's The Next Great Bubble Boom. Also Tom Stanley's The Millionaire Mind. And "Should I sell my company?" Here's why not. Ken Fisher strikes again.
Monday, January 3, 2005
2005 brings the need to re-balance one's investments and certain realities for me: 1. Fewer real estate syndications. 2. No private equity investments. 3. Less trading proportionately, more long-term equity holdings. 4. Less focus for me on writing this column and more on implementing my own suggestions. What sectors did well in 2004 -- natural resources, real estate and Latin America funds. Now to mutual fund ideas for 2005 from Morningstar. Thoughts on the dollar's decline from Germany. Airfares keep plummeting.

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