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Sophie came to visit

Sophie, my new 3-month old granddaughter came to visit.

She smiled at me. She winked at me. She ate for me. She slept for me.

And I outsourced all the hard parts — like changing diapers.

What more could I wish for?

I’m sure the market will go up or down today. I hear Japan and the Ukraine are in recession. I hear Iran won’t do a deal with Obama.

But I don’t care. I have Sophie. Everyone should be so lucky.

See you tomorrow.

Harry Newton looking happy in a place that was warm. Not like where he is now. Mid-state New York. Sleeting and cold.


  1. jon says:

    Sophie’s a cutie…..Peace and Happiness Through Prosperity.

  2. WestBeach02 says:

    Right you are Harry! Who cares about this fallen word we live in. What is truly important is our family, God, and his beautiful creation. But yet we should be mindful to provide our children and grandchildren some financial peace.