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The bull market continues. Life is good. But my skin is not.

In this bull market:

+ One-day drops are usually great buying opportunities. Facebook will drop today.

+ Stop losses work. Hope doesn’t. Remember my temporary bitcoin madness. I bought some of this idiocy:


When it dropped a little, I sold at $2,464.90 — a lot higher than where it is now. Impatience can be a virtue. Lots of analysts are now putting out “Bitcoin is Crashing” reports. Buffett says this will not end well.

There’s a cryptocurrency platform (hedge fund) offering 100x leverage. The CEO told Business Insider that he turns down investor cash. One hundred times leverage. That’s amazing.

+ Stock prices are not high — if you believe in the continuing consumer, business, tax boom. Moreover, there are still a lot of people who aren’t in the market. Money is on the sidelines.

+ I like GE and Boeing.

+ Oil is approaching $70 a barrel, a price not seen in three years.


Oil stocks are gaining favor.

+ Old Wall Street saying: Don’t confuse brains with a bull market.

+ It will be all over when your barber or Uber driver ask you about FANG.


+ Please change all your banking userIDs and passwords today.

+ Ask your bank and/brokerage for “two factor authentication.” If my bank doesn’t recognize the computer I’m calling on, it will text me a long number it wants to continue. When I access this blog site, I have to pass through two sets of UserID and passwords. They’re all different. Putting in two factor authentication on this site stopped the hacking stone dead.

+ Intel told some of its customers to delay installing a patch it gave out for the massive Spectre and Meltdown bugs because it causes some of its processors to stop working. Will you trust Intel’s Mobileye technology to drive your car?

+ Don’t subscribe to cheap subscription deals. Often they come with automatic renewal at a much higher rate. And you’ll never be able to stop the new, high monthly charges. Auto-renew is a license to steal.

A little reading is good


Initial print run was 150,000. With the White House (and others) giving it all that delicious free publicity, the publisher bumped the print run to one million. That doesn’t include the digital Kindle version which I bought.

I have no idea how much of the book is fake or real news. I do know that the author’s royalties, which will be in the millions, are real. am I jealous? Yes!

My favorite review of the book is by Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi. Click here. 

Harry Newton, who’s off to his California palace tomorrow. Tennis is on the agenda. But not sun. Sun is not your friend, as I learned from an entire one day I spent this week with a dermatologist and later a plastic surgeon (to fill in the dug-out hole in my ear). You must use sunscreen everywhere, including your ears. The best sunscreen is:


Make sure it says SENSITIVE. Amazon has it here.

  • Glenn

    I can’t remember where in Indian Wells/Palm Desert area you stay? They are having the best weather in the country right now. I traveled to the area for the first time last week. Can’t beat it if you play tennis and golf. I played tennis at Indian Wells Tennis Garden. I couldn’t believe how slow the courts were. Now I see why pro rallies last as long as they do. I wonder if other pro tournament surfaces are that slow?
    I agree, the market will only continue to go up. Have to buy on the 1-day dips.