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What I’m grateful for this holiday weekend and what I’m resolving for the next 12 months.

What I’m grateful for today:

+ Rebooting. It fixes everything — fromm cellphones to WiFi routers.

+ Patience. It cures most everything.

+ The disappearing hubcap. They used to litter the highways.

+ Losing to my son at tennis this morning. The first time. He’s young, spry and gets to everything.

+ Doggie bags. Tomorrow’s lunch today.

+ Bounty in half sheets. Feels less wasteful.

+ Sennheiser headphones that let me hear TV and Netflix.

+ Pinhole Press lets you create the best family present ever — a birthday book of family photos. Click here.

+ Tierra Farm which makes the best nuts and raisins. The family is addicted. Click here.

+ That I am not “invested” in any cryptocurrency, like bitcoin.

+  That the family is debt-free.

+ That I learned a little about technology, telecom, computers, software and the Internet (but sadly not enough to learn the idiocies of  Windows 10).

+ My health is my wealth.

Resolutions for the next fiscal year

+ I’m not going to get stressed out about shameful things our president says. There’s clearly a plan. I’m just not smart enough to understand it.

+ I’m off buying fixed assets, like houses. Airbnb is cheaper. You give them the keys when you leave. Total joy.

+ I’m weaning myself from panic selling. But I will re-examine my stock picks every day. I will stick with 15% stop loss orders.

+ I’m off investing in start-ups.

+ I will exercise every day. I will learn from the greats currently playing in Wimbledon on ESPN and The Tennis Channel.

+ I will get excited by CEOs. Sadly, there aren’t many star CEOs. I presently like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Salesforce’s Marc Benioff, and Netflix’s Reed Hastings. See below.

+ I will discount 99% of what the panic and/or pump-and-dump “experts” say on BubbleVision. They’re there for a reason. and that reason does not include making me rich. Cramer actually is different. For one, he gets paid. Second, he has to live with his successes and failures.

The Economist has two excellent pieces on Netflix


Read them: here and here.

Robocalls revisited

Nobody has a solution to robocalls — except don’t answer “unknown” callers.

From reader Tom Diroff,

Hi Harry

We hate Robocalls too.. for several years now we have been using nomorobo. It has been doing a great job for our landline.. it is not perfect, but it is pretty darn good.. and is free (for land lines).

Thoughts for a holiday weekend



Scaleability at work in the Internet

Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion in 2012. It’s now been valued at 100 times that price.

Harry Newton, who is ultra excited. Yesterday, Michael and Eleanor flew all the way across the country from Portland, Oregon to visit us in Columbia County, New York. This is Eleanor with the gorgeous Pinhole Press book she made for her grandmother’s birthday.


  • Jerry

    Wait a minute – you have a black grandchild? Please explain for those of us in the Midwest (Trump Country) who don’t understand.

    • harrynewton

      Not difficult to understand. My daughter adopted Zoe whom we all love. Right now she’s learning how to walk. Wouldn’t it be nice for all of us to start all over again?

  • Omer Acikel

    Family expanding Harry… nice,
    I did not get one of your list “Doggie bags. Tomorrow’s lunch today”, probably you meant two separate list but just curious.

  • gerryb

    Beautiful grandchildren Harry! Lucky you!

  • Bruce Miller

    Hi Harry, not so sure I like the 2017-2018 notation in the photo. My first reaction was someone in the photo had died. And are not children wonderful? None shy for the camera. 🙂