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Tech still shines

Tech still shines. Here’s proof. 

I compared the Dow, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq. Guess which one has done better in the last year?

The cheapest tech stock is Apple. Its earnings are shining. Everybody and their uncle is buying a new iPhone or a new Apple Watch.

All the pricey watch stores on Madison Avenue are closed, or closing. Killed by the Apple Watch, now the largest selling watch.

The Wall Street Journal just reviewed the new Series 4 watch (the one I just bought) and headlined:

Apple Watch Series 4 Review: Why I Finally Fell For This Wearable
A new design and added health and fitness features, including fall detection, make the Apple Watch more useful and intriguing than ever, for people of all ages

For the full WSJ review, click here.

I’m going to walk over to the local Apple Store this afternoon and look at the new phones.

Useful stuff

+ “They” — whoever “they” are — claim we’re wasting $19 billion a year in phantom electricity. That’s electricity you charge a a fully-charged phone/laptop.  is fully charged; when you leave your cable box on 24/7; when you leave your printers on… When you have dimmers everywhere. It all adds up. A waste.

+ Rayovac batteries are the worst. Over time, they leak and destroy your flashlights. I now routinely replace batteries every couple of years. I do like Amazon batteries.

+ Never give a contractor the deposit he asks for. 10% is a good beginning, and enough. Be wary with contractors. In today’s full employment economy, most have too much work and will give you more aggravation than the job is worth.

+ My friends are tripping and falling. New non-slip surfaces in airports force you to trip – especially if you wear “non-slip” sneakers. One friend fell, injured his knee and ended up in the hospital with cellulitis, which can, if untreated, kill you. He’s been in bed for several weeks. Meantime, he’s lost weight. He forgot to adjust his blood pressure meds. They were meant for a bigger body. They’re wreaking havoc on his now, smaller body. Check before you put any pill in your mouth. Check. Check. Check.

+ My ransom note threatened to show porn movies of me to all my friends – unless I paid them $3,000 in bitcoin. I’ve taken every readers’ advice to ignore the note. A week later, I’ve heard nothing more. The skammers play the odds. Someone somewhere will send them money – especially if they use your real email address and a password you once used – all of which can be bought on the Internet.

Rule Number One: Change all your passwords – NOW.

+ Facebook had 50 million of its accounts hacked. I don’t know what that means for all of us. If Facebook is important to you:

Once you click on End Activity, change your password right away. Next, get Facebook’s help. Facebook has a system to help you if youve been hacked. Go to the Facebook help page, click on I think my account was hacked or someone is using it without my permission, and then click on secure it.

If you don’t care about Facebook, change your password, close your account, close down Messenger.

Personally I prefer iPhone’s photo sharing. Here’s last night’s charming selfie from Michael, Anne, Eleanor and Peter.

I know why Amazon is killing everyone

Today I tried to buy Coca Cola in my favorite 7.5 ounce size from

Their answer? “Unavailable.” And no idea when they’d get it in. And no mechanism for getting back to me to tell me when. Yuch.

I tried Amazon. Bingo. They had it.

Why do so many companies shoot themselves in the foot?

Favorite marriage saver

Connect it to your TV and listen at your volume. $50 to $70. A bargain. Don’t disturb the missus who’s got much better hearing. Click here.

Trends in retail. Spied in Manhattan.

Spied apparently in Toronto, but not in Houston, TX. A robot brothel. The latest in technology.

From ZDNet:

Houston officials temporarily prevent robot brothel from opening
Building inspectors stymie Canadian company looking to import robot brothel concept.

Read more on this exciting (?) new technology Click here. 

Favorite stupid cartoon

In court

In a juvenile court trial, the little old lady whose purse was taken in a robbery was on the stand testifying. “That young man right there had a gun pointed right at me. He said `Gimme your purse.'”

The defendant’s lawyer, desperate for some defense, asked, “In which hand was the gun?”

The old lady replied, “It was in his left hand.”

My client yelled, “She’s lying! It was in my right hand!”

The lawyer didn’t win that case.


Harry Newton, who wonders which employer would give Brett Kavanaugh a job after his screaming, crying, out-of-control performance? Would you want him as a Walmart greeter with that much rage inside him? I do understand why Trump wants him on the Supreme Court — a free get-out-of- jail card. Something about not indicting a sitting President.

Do yourself a favor and read Paul Krugman’s latest piece:

The Angry White Male Caucus
Trumpism is all about the fear of losing traditional privilege.

Click here.

  • bike20017

    Harry – will you leaving the United States when Judge Kavanaugh is seated on the Supreme Court?

  • Secret Squirrel

    So Harry, do you believe the women and their uncorroborated allegations against Kavanaugh? Did he commit sexual misconduct? Did he expose himself at a party? Did he participate in gang rapes? Do you believe he was in line in the “train” of boys waiting to assault girls? I like to think if Harry Newton had such baseless allegations thrust upon him, you would defend yourself and your lifelong reputation in a similar outraged fashion. Speaking of baseless accusations, so is your low blow on President Trump.

  • Lucky

    Michael looks more like his father every day…just wait till his hair gets whiter!