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The top 13 companies to invest in, according to Goldman

Business Insider writes:

It can be highly valuable to know what the most popular stocks are for both hedge funds and mutual funds. But knowing which companies are favored by both can be even more beneficial.

Goldman Sachs has done the dirty work and figured out which 13 companies are loved by both hedge funds and their mutual fund counterparts.

The so-called shared favorites group has handily outperformed hedge fund favorites, top mutual fund picks, and the S&P 500 on an average annualized basis since 2013.

I get my hair cut in London

Curiosity is my favorite trait. I ask questions of everyone. My new London barber is from Damascus, Syria. He made it across Turkey to Athens. Then he walked from Athens to Calais, France. Read that again. He walked. That journey took 18 months. He slept everywhere from under bridges to train stations, from fields to backyards. Eventually he made it to the UK as an asylum seeker. He now cuts hair, teaches Arabic and has a family of wife and two children. He’s sweet as apple pie. He says he’d like to return to Damascus but if he did, he’d be drafted into Assad’s army. Assad is drafting every male between 18 and 45.

I meet lots of people here for a better job and some stability in their lives. Like staying alive.

That seems to be the major motivation of the people crashing our southern borders, also.

Mr haircut cost $26.34 which included my generous £4 tip. His story worked.

Wildlife photography at London’s Natural History Museum

100 pictures chosen from 45,000 entries. The pictures are gorgeous. The animals are often rare. What got me was the incredible work the photographers had gone to get the photos. Sometimes months and months of work. Don’t miss it. The exhibit runs until June 30.

It’s not easy to get around London

Londoners are helpful, but clueless about the city. When I ask How to get to Abingdon Road, Kensington, they pull their phone out and say “Let me google it.”

They’re right. For above ground directions, Google Maps is good. But best are people in fluorescent red or yellow jackets, they know stuff close by.

Citymapper — the free app — is semi-good for for buses and subway. But it can be confusing.

My tip: Get close to where you’re going by bus or subway (called the Tube) and ask the jackets. Your phone doesn’t work on the Tube. Paper maps work best underground.

Think of our new world

I’m in London, writing today’s blog.

The blog is physically in the cloud on a data server in Boston.

My web hoster, called ICDSoft, is headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria.

I ask them — via email — to make some technical improvements to my blog this morning, which they did from Sofia. In the middle of the night, no less. And likety split.

I love my web hoster. I could not recommend a web hoster more highly. Click here.

Harry Newton, who loves words. So does Sophie, aged 4 1/2,  Every day I buy her a “treat.” Her latest treat is french fries dipped into strawberry ice cream. It tastes better, says Sophie,  than french fries dipped into chocolate ice cream, or God forbid, ketchup. No wonder Warren Buffett is in big trouble with his super-huge investment in Heinz. Warren, skip organic ketchup. Time for strawberry-flavored ketchup.

We’re off to London’s Transport Museum this morning. Sophie loves sitting at the front of the top of London’s two-decker red buses. I do too. Best view.

If you missed my learned piece yesterday on Brexit, it’s here.