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Today’s lame excuse for not being my usual (??) brilliant

I’m too busy visiting Paris’ fantastic museums, walking Paris’s gorgeous streets and eating Paris’ magnificent food to write anything intellectual, or useful this morning.

If what I wrote was ever useful. What a thought!

From Australia (my birth country) comes:

Today’s pearl of wisdom:

Back when Spanish singer Julio Iglesias was on UK television with British TV host Anne Diamond. He used the word mañana.

Diamond asked him to explain what it meant. He said the term means: “Maybe the job will be done tomorrow; maybe the next day; maybe the day after that, or perhaps next week, next month, next year. Who really cares?”

The host turned to other guest on the show, Australian country singer, Mudruck Flatlands. She asked him if there was an equivalent term in his home country.

“Nah,” he replied. “In Australia, we don’t have a word to describe that degree of urgency.”

Harry Newton, who is looking at butter with new reverence. Is butter the new diet food? Seems so. the only fat people in Paris are the tourists. How many croissants can I eat in one day?


  • Lucky

    We once enjoyed a beautiful dinner at Les Noces de Jeannette, near the Opera……also remember in France it is WeFe not WiFi…it took me a couple days to locate a place to connect to the internet several years back because I kept asking for WiFi and they did not know what I wanted…finally a lady stumbled onto what I wanted from my hand monitions and great smile. Love France, but, prefer the countryside over Paris for long stays.