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I want to feel euphoric all the time. How to organize your portfolio. What to do about Apple?

The dictionary defines euphoria as a a feeling or state of intense excitement and happiness.

I never worried about happiness when I ran a business. I didn’t have time.

Then Susan laid down the law: No more 24/7 startup new businesses.

That meant my money would now be in the hands of people I can’t control.

I’d be buying shares in companies I don’t control.

Hence stress.

My friend Howard, who also sold his business, said his happiest day was the day he fired Goldman Sachs as his “wealth manager.”

Removing stress is the first key to euphoria. For example, I don’t own Tesla. I don’t own bricks and mortar retailers. I’m selling my last holiday home — the one we bought in California for the winter. And I’m widely diversified — from stocks to bonds to syndicated, income-producing real estate, both commercial and residential.

I also have enough cash that, if everything went to hell and a handbasket, we could live for another five years.

Day-to-day, I achieve euphoria through my Circadian Cycle — when I sleep best (the deepest) and how to achieve “sleep” that feels positively euphoric.

Today, I’ll nap from 1 PM to 2 PM, play tennis from 3 PM to 4 PM, eat a little, than nap for 45 minutes.

At the end of this — around 6 PM, I’m feeling positively euphoric. I’ll work and read in the middle of the night.

This simple routine is positively addictive, and a lot simpler than routines laid out in the zillions of “happiness” books you can buy on Amazon.

Added some small holdings to our portfolio

Today, all shares are overpriced.

I can’t find any bargains. Even GE at under $10 is iffy.

Hence, buy small holdings and keep watching.

I added these to our portfolio.


See the full list on the web site. Click here.

I don’t know what to do about Apple

It’s being hit by two forces:

+ The China Trade War

+ The likelihood that it will — one day — loose its lucrative monopoly  on loading apps on the iPhone and being paid 30% for the privilege of allowing developers onto the iPhone. The other phones — especially the Google Android ones load apps for free and can be loaded from anywhere.

Hence Apple stock is falling:

Selling Apple short-term has never worked. It’s easy to underestimate Apple’s resilience. I’m hanging in.

Why I love American capitalism

I have two stories:

+ When I first arrived in Boston in September 1966, I went to the Boston Common, where I bought a baggy of Boston Common Grass for $5. I rolled a joint, smoked it and got sick. I claimed I’d been gypped. It wasn’t Boston Common Grass. The seller said it was. He directed me to the “factory.” A bunch of kids armed with scissors was cutting the grass and bagging The Boston Common Grass to be sold to idiots like me. They gave me my $5 back. I was impressed with their ingenuity.

+California’s Coachella Valley is home to several weekend concerts, multiple golf tournaments and the Indian Wells Tennis tournament. Everyone rented their homes out for the lucrative weekend short-term rentals via Airbnb, VRBO etc. The The neighbors couldn’t take the weekend partying, so the community passed ordinances and raised the fine to $7500. That killed that business. Except… one smart entrepreneur built communities of rental houses. Buy one. Rent it for the festivals and tournaments. Use the home yourself for free at other times. Maybe even make a profit. You have no pesky neighbors. They’re all like you — renting their homes out.

The big caveats

+ There’s a lot of money around chasing opportunities.

+ There are not enough opportunities.

When opportunities get “hot, money piles in and quickly kills the opportunities. Think bitcoin. Think expensive apartments in New York, pricey houses in Los Angeles. Think hedge funds. Think distress funds. Want a bigger list? Send me an email.

When things go awry, you need to be able to get out — fast. You can’t do that with real estate that takes three years to build and eons to sell.

The Federal Reserve’s charge

It’s meant to keep inflation under 2% and keep unemployment low. It does this by fiddling with interest rates. Suddenly things have changed:

+ No one can figure what “inflation” really is. Digital things — like phone calls and the Internet — cost less. Your car runs service-free longer. LED light bulbs are cutting your electric bills. And Amazon.

+ Unemployment is the lowest it’s been in eons. But how do you measure it when so many people fall outside government stats — like contract workers, people who work for cash, etc.

I’m guessing the Fed won’t raise or lower rates this year — despite the significant hit that our economy is taking from this idiotic trade war.

What’s the point?

Tesla shares could drop to $10 in a worst-case scenario, Morgan Stanley says.

Tesla is now $198.

Still obsessed with fires

+ Check your power strips. Are they frayed? Do you have too much plugged into them? Air conditioners and hair dryers are the worst.

+ Check your closet lights. Have you unscrewed the bulbs and/or replaced them with LEDs. Rule: If your bulbs are too hot to touch, replace them.

+ Do you have several fire extinguishers? Are they placed strategically? Are they charged? Do you know how to use them? Hint: Aim down at the fire’s source. And keep low. Smoke rises.

+ Wash your face with cold water.

+ Take Claritin daily.

+ If your throat is sore, suck on some Cepacol.

+ Replace your AC’s filters.

+ Leave town.

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Favorite cartoons

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