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Investment lessons from the search for the best fake hamburger

Google veggie burgers and you’ll find zillions of burgers:

Susan and I celebrated my birthday at Bareburger which sells the Impossible Burger. It was much better than Beyond Meat which we’d eaten last week.. You could hooked on the Impossible Burger.

I asked a bunch of diners if they liked it. They all said yes. They would order it again. All three of them. That’s a sample of four (including me).

Susan says if you want veggies and salads, there are other ways of eating them.

She’s too logical for my taste.

Impossible Foods makes the impossible burger. Here’s the answer to your question:

This is Pat Brown. He’s the founder and CEO.

This is impressive:

Their web site is impressive. A good format to copy for your startup. Click here.

Why I published all this stuff about Impossible Burgers

I have recently forgotten one of the key tenets of investing, namely:

Find a charismatic founder:

This morning I’m reading a Seeking Alpha piece “5 Excellent Reasons To Buy”

Reason number 1 is:

1. Marc Benioff, Salesforce’s CEO

Marc Benioff, Salesforce (co-)founder, (co-)CEO and chairman, is the main reason why I have bought shares of Salesforce. I’m not easily impressed by people (I have no idols), but I am by Benioff. The man is, for me, in the absolute top of legendary founders: the category where you find Steve Jobs (AAPL) (who was, by the way, a mentor of Benioff), Bill Gates (MSFT), Jeff Bezos (AMZN), Mark Zuckerberg (FB), Larry Page and Sergey Brin (GOOG, GOOGL), and Reed Hastings (NFLX). They are not just the visionary founders of great companies, but they are larger than life. Those founder-CEOs are obsessed with their products. They really push their companies to outsized success.

When you are reading this article, Marc Benioff will probably be a familiar name, but for the average Joe, the name is still unknown. I think that will change in the course of the next few years.

You can read the Seeking Alpha CRM recommendation here.

Last night Benioff was his usual capitvating self on Cramer.

Our Mercedes disaster

Turns out our new $90,000 Mercedes had a leaking O-ring. They had all Friday to find one. But couldn’t. They had to order it from somewhere distant. They kept our car over the weekend, forcing us to go back to New York from Boston on the train, then return there this week. The waste of time and our money over one simple O-ring is mindboggling.

Reader Lucky Marr writes:

I always found my Mercedes nickel and dimed me to death…$500-$1,000.00 at a time…I love my Subaru Outback…best car I ever had and after 2 years has cost me ZERO in maintenance and 10,000 miles between oil changes!!!

I drive a Subaru Outback also and love it.

I’m coughing up green mucous

I have a sore throat. My eyes are watering.

No other symptoms.

This is from pollen.

I don’t have a cold. You don’t either.

Wash your face with cold water. Change your clothes when you come in.

Stay away from the great outdoors — for now.

Useful (?) comments

The hibiscus is back again.

I’m not allergic to hibiscuses. But I am allergic to everything that grows and drops yellow pollen for me to breath.

Harry Newton is catching up with what he learned at his weekend 50th reunion. Tomorrow I’ll try to summarize what I learned at a brilliant lecture called “The Science of Happiness” by an impressive fellow called Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar. He’s the creator of the most popular course in the history of Harvard University. He’s written a bunch of best-sellers. Check them out on Amazon. Click here. 

His favorite story:

Researchers gave money to people to go buy shoes for themselves. Resarchers measured the group’s happiness. It spike hugely after buying the shoes, but cratered the following day.

The key to maintaining happiness?

Clearly, buy shoes every day.

That’s not the answer. I’ll tell you the answer tomorrow. See if you can guess it.