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How I made $120 with Slack. Second take on parking cash. The Economist has concerns.

The stockmarket is at peak, driven by joyful dreams of a rate cut.

There are concerns, as best pictured on the cover of last week’s Economist:

I was about to excerpt lots of the Economist’s words. I figured I’d settle for:

This pumped-up vision of a 21st-century superpower may be seductive for some. But it could spark a crisis, and it is eroding America’s most valuable asset — its legitimacy.

The stock market doesn’t seem to share the Economist’s concerns — for now.

The Economist’s words are here.

I made $120 on Slack yesterday.

I put in a limit buy order of $40 and went out to play tennis.

My Slack order got filled at $38.50.

It closed last night at $38.70. I made twenty cents. A total of $120. Whoopee.

Here’s yesterday’s trading — not what anyone expected from such a “hot” stock.

I am doing better with Crowdstrike Holdings (CRWD). I’m up $2,787.

I don’t know why CRWD is up like crazy and WORK (Slack) isn’t.

Please don’t flood me with emails telling me I’m an idiot wasting my time messing around with this stuff. I know that. All work and no play makes Jack (i.e. me) a very dull boy.

By the way, I’m doing much better with Twilio (TWLO), which I also bought post-IPO.

The full list of my madnesses is on the web site in the right hand column. Click here.

Where should you put your cash?

What you do with your cash depends on several questions:

+ Do you live in a high-tax state? Like New York or California? Then munis are for you.

+ Do you have a “job” paying ordinary income? Munis may also be for you.

+ Do you want cash in a place that’s ultra-safe, like treasurys or will you take  on a little corporate debt?

+ Will your online broker automatically sweep your spare cash into the fund, as Fidelity does with SPAXX?

Personally I”m sticking with both SPAXX and  UTIXX, since I don’t have a real job.

My friend Bob Kaufman, a bond salesman, yesterday kindly printed out Bloomberg screens on four popular funds. You can eye the differences in what they invest in and their fees.Thanks Bob.

Only take morning flights

From The Week magazine

Flying in the morning is cheaper, faster, and strategically wiser than traveling at any other time of day, Travel + Leisure reports. Not only are flights less likely to be delayed because there is no other air traffic to contend with, but morning flights are also generally cheaper than late morning, afternoon, or evening flights (not to mention less turbulent). Heading to the airport before rush hour, you can additionally halve or quarter the time spent in city traffic. ..

Then there is the improved experience on the airplane. Some of the most beautiful flights I’ve ever taken have been as dawn is creeping into the sky; a boiling red sunrise over Istanbul, seen from the tarmac before it illuminated the city below, is especially imprinted in my memory.

For more click here.

Kindle’s most beautiful feature

I read books using Kindle on my PC or iPhone because:

+ I’m not destroying trees.

+ I can amp up the typeface and actually read the words. Big plus for alta kakas, like me.

+ I can highlight text and add notes. When I do, they’re all recorded magically online on Amazon’s web site. I access them at Hence I can clip neat parts of a book and include them in my blog or send them to my bored children, who are bored with my latest (stolen) insights.

How was I born? 

This is such a heart-warming story.

A five year old girl asks her Mom: “Mummy, how was I born?”

The Mother smiles a replies: “Once upon a time, me and your Daddy had a wonderful time so we decided to plant a little seed. Daddy put it in the earth and I took very good care of it every single day.”

After a while the seed started to grow more and more leaves . In a few months the seed had turned into a beautiful and healthy plant. So we cut some of the leaves, dried them and smoked them. Then we got so high we forgot the condom.

More bad puns

+ I think my wife is putting glue on my antique gun collection.

She denies it, but I’m sticking to my guns.

+ What’s the best part about living in Switzerland?

I don’t know. But the flag is big plus.

Harry Newton, still sticking withe hibiscus. We’re going back to Hawaii next year for a family vacation, courtesy I repeat my mantra: Using these guys is a lot cheaper than owning your own holiday home. Trust me, I’ve been there, done that. Further, you can rent gorgeous homes in exotic places, like Kona and Paris – where we’ve been.