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The last two things you want to do: First, look at your stocks every day. Second, try to figure out what the U.S. is trying to accomplish with its China Trade War

To repeat, the last two things you want to do:

+ Look at your stocks every day,

+ Try to figure out what the U.S. is trying to accomplish with its China Trade War. Or how the War will affect your stocks from one day to another. Or freak out when they are hit.

But there are two things you should do:

+ Place buy orders at low support levels. For example, place buys for Apple at $195 and $190. Put them in now. Don’t try and buy when the market is crashing, as it will again and soon. Check this chart out:

+ Second, put your spare cash into one-year CDs. Today they’re paying 2.40% to 2.55%. Check out the rates and the banks at

I just opened CDs at Ally and Capital One. With interest rates coming down — the Fed is like to cut a couple more time this years, these are good deals.

Next thing: Don’t sweat the uncertainties. If you want to, read Joel Ross of Ross Rant: 

Volatility will likely continue through the end of Sept, at least until we see the Fed action, and what comes of the next China meeting. If the tariff increase is postponed, as expected, and if the Fed drops another 50 BP, then the market rallies a lot. If neither goes well, the market tanks. It is more than 50% both will go well, but a lot can happen before late Sept. China is having food inflation of 9% due to swine flu and other animal diseases. At the same time unemployment in China will grow as many more companies move out and a serious lack of liquidity squeezes many small companies that relied on the shadow banking system. Hong Kong very possibly will be a replay of Tiananmen, and that will be very bad for China. The UK would have to react strongly, and they will push the EU to do so as well. That is why Xi has not acted yet. Hong Kong is becoming a real possible inflection point for China. With a weaker Yuan, inflation grows, and it will not stop companies from moving factories and jobs to other countries. It could get very ugly for XI by winter. However, he will not give on the IP issues. China and tariffs will be a major issue for the election, and for the world economy. As China slows, so does the EU economy which has had China as a major customer.

And the last thing, enjoy this summer while it lasts.

I’m playing tennis every day. I’m also communing with nature.

Our industrious robin has laid her third batch this summer:

Three days ago, they hatched and guess what — three hungry babies:

Our robin has now produced nine babies this summer.

From laying the eggs to flying away is as little as 27 days. Amazing. Watching them every day is almost as rewarding as Apple’s stock rising $9.00+ today.

The Best Cities in Europe

CondeNast 2018 Readers’ Choice Awards.

This one is Cork, Ireland. Other cities the Readers like include my favorites: Rome, Zurich, Athens, Stockholm, Venice, Amsterdam, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, Florence, Salzburg and Vienna. Europe is on “sale at present. The Euro is $1.12. It’s been as high $1.58. For CondeNast’s article, click here.

My favoriteEuropean  city is Paris and my favorite hotel there is Hôtel Duc de Saint-Simon. Check Expedia for booking.

Makes sense

Winners of the 2019 Macro Art photography awards

2nd Place, Big Nose. Myjava, Trenčín, Slovakia. “This tiny snout beetle is actually a ‘true’ weevil of the family Curculionidae. Shot at about 6am in the morning.

For all the winners, click here. 

Is a computer male or female? 

Here’s the answer. You’ll die laughing.

This is me with a fine haircut by Guy Gamello, 89-year old barber in Valatie, New York.

His barbershop featured a wonderful book which I later bought on Amazon:

You can buy your very own copy here. It’s a wonderful book.