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Greenland is gorgeous

This is Greenland:

Here’s its capital — Nuuk.

This is another town called Tasiilaq. It’s on the other side of the island.

Greenland is the world’s largest island. It is owned by the Kingdom of Denmark. It is cold, has lots of glaciers and 56,000 people live there.

I’m sure there’s a good reason to buy Greenland — though I haven’t heard it, yet.

Susan Newton thinks Trump wants to be King of Greenland. I recommend watching a classic Peter Sellers movie, “The Mouse that Roared.”

Watch it on Amazon. Click here.

My theory is that Greenland is just another Random Thought that popped into Trump’s head.

Here are some other Trump Random Thoughts — none of which are around today, and all of which lost money.

+ Trump Airlines. (Old Eastern Airlines shuttle).
+ Trump: The Game.
+ Trump casinos.
+ Trump magazine.
+ Trump Mortgage Company.
+ Trump Steaks.
+ Trump’s on-line travel site.
+ Trump University.
+ Trump Vodka.
+ Trump cologne brands — called Donald Trump: The Fragrance.

This morning I’m reading — the popular question and answer site.

Here’s the question and the answer:

Q: Is Donald Trump the best president of America?

Matt Baney answered it thus:

It depends on your definition of “best”!

If you think “best” is giving lots of taxpayer dollars to super rich people and giant corporations then he’s pretty best.

If you think taking away health care from a lot of people is “best” then you’re probably pretty happy..

If you think inflating the military and spreading war and death and destruction all around the world is best, then you should be happy.

If you think separating children from their family at the border is a good thing then he might be the bestest President ever.

If you hate minorities, immigrants and foreigners; and think women and poor people should be treated like second class citizens you might think he’s the best.

If you like bullies, liars, cheats, womanizers and adulterers you might think he’s the best President ever.

If you think it’s more important for coal and oil companies to make giant profits than it is to have clean air, water, soil, and food; then you might think he’s the best president.

If you think starting trade wars, breaking treaties and international agreements, and throwing temper tantrums is a good way to conduct foreign policy then you might think he’s best.

The wise librarian

Man goes into a library. “Do you have any books on paranoia?”

The wise librarian leans over her desk and whispers to him, “They’re right behind. you.”

Have a great day – Harry