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Simple choices: Recession talk, tennis or anything….

What would you rather watch?


This thing now yields 13.46%

Now you know why. Here’s the last two years.

Lesson: When the dividend yield is too high, something has gone awry.

Useful stuff

+ PC Mag checked data speeds at coffee shops. Fastest: Joe and the Juice, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Starbucks in that order.

+ Save on your iPhone battery: Put it in Airplane Mode.

+ Keep your iPhone charged. Easier to find it when you lose it.

+ YouTube TV is a much, much, much better deal than DirecTV or any other cable service. YouTube TV is cheaper. Its menus are cleaner. You can take it wherever you go — from one room to another, or to another city (except overseas) and it works when it rains. This is what DirecTV does when it rains:

+ You can stop eating meat, or at least cut it back. Ditto for sugar. Them’s my current kicks.

+ When God closes a door, she always opens a window — if you keep on trucking. In other words, don’t despair.

+ Using AirPods and an iPhone on WiFi calling is the easiest way to make a phone call these days.

+ Here’s a lesson on how to record your phone calls.

+ The hayfever season started on August 24. It will last until the first frost. If you suffer like Claire and I do, take take a Claritin once a day. It takes a couple of days to kick in. But then works like magic.

Two vacuum cleaners that really suck

We have both and really love them.

The first is Dyson. Click here. The second is Black and Decker. Click here.

Three beautiful place in Paris to visit

The Louvre



22 other beautiful places in Paris. Click here.

32 Best Things to Do in Paris. Click here.

Paris is my favorite place to visit.

Oldest grandchild Eleanor in Portland’s Rose Garden and bathroom

From reader who might or might be called Mike Nash

I hope Trump does crater the economy!! I don’t invest and neither do most of my friends. I ONLY associate with other Trump supporters by the way, no liberals at all. I love Mr. Trump for building the wall and sending all the nasty foreigners back home.

Does Mr. Nash mean me? I came here from Australia in September 1967 to go to school at Harvard. Beaking news: The Trump Administration just barred a Palestinian student from attending Harvard and sent him back. They let me in. In fact, the school welcomed me. Over the years I’ve paid the IRS over $70 million in taxes. All in cash.

In the last few days, I’ve nibbled at ZEN, TTD, APPN, DNKN and GNRC. I continue to play tennis every morning. The court is in shade and it’s cool. It’s about as close to paradise as you can get. The U.S. Open is on ESPN. Federer is playing as I write this. The stands are jammed with fans paying outrageous seat prices. I haven’t heard the announcer mention the word “recession” once.





  1. Omer Acikel says:

    Harry, just ignore Mike Nash. it is nonsense if he is real. I have a recommendation: Enphase Energy (ENPH). I have solar panels installed on my roof 2.5 years ago and they have enphase micro-converters on them. Back then I did not care too much about the company since I did not like their app that shows panels’ energy production. I ran into an article about how much they grew. And today, I think Cramer told to sell them -why who knows?-, the price dropped almost 10%. Solar is not going away and this year is particularly important since it is the last year for 30% tax credit. Just check it out. Great pictures of Eleanor.

  2. gerryb says:

    Mike Nash’s quote seems like parody of a trump supporter. It’s hard to believe he is for real. Eleanor is beautiful. You’re a lucky grandpa.

  3. jpfreemon says:

    Mr. Nash,
    Mr.Trump has built no wall.

  4. jpfreemon says:

    We have a Dyson, which we’ve used for many years. I’ve recently read that Dyson is now building obsolesce into its motors and they’ll crap out after about 5 years or so. I don’t know if that is true or not. Me, I’ll probably crap out before my Dyson does.