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There are two rules: Hang with the good stocks you have. When in doubt, stay out.

It’s going up today. It went down yesterday.

So what’s new?

It still not going down fast enough to bottom fish.

You just have to gamble — if that’s your inclination.

Yesterday Apple went down because on September 1, Trump was putting tariffs on all the Apple stuff from China — which is basically all of it.

Today Apple is going up up because Trump said he was postponing tariffs on electronic things until December 15.

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”

Netflix is a concern. I’m down 20%. I have faith but it may be misplaced. I’m mulling. Any ideas?

Meantime, my biggest TV joy is YouTube TV. It puts DirecTV to shame — on price and quality. Highly recommended. It’s time to cut your cable and email Harry (i.e. me) a thank you. Save oodles. Trust me on this one.

China Trade War?

Jim Ross of the Ross Rant newsletter just wrote:

Where the trade talks go from here is impossible to forecast. Both sides need a deal, but it appears Trump is willing to play hardball as though he does not care about the election. I think that may have surprised the Chinese, but is a classic NY real estate bluff. If the Chinese wait, it will be early 2021 before a new Dem president could try to do anything. They cannot wait that long, and it is a bad bet. If a new president came to office and just cancelled the tariffs, the Chinese will have won, and it will be a disaster for the world, because that will say to Xi, we are not going to do anything, so continue to do all the bad things you have done.

The world will be vastly worse off because China will know that there is nobody to stop them. … Meantime, it is possible that Xi realizes, Trump is not going to back down, and many companies are starting to move out. Whatever happens with a deal, China is losing a substantial amount of production that is never coming back. Everyone knows, China cannot be trusted to do whatever they agree to, so not moving out is too risky. This is the start of a major shift in world trade.

Too much debt?

Reader Jim McGaffey wites

For some reason it feels like 2007 again, there is way to much debt where ever I look, young people I talk with just shake their heads with the amount of debt they are dealing with, even with jobs that pay OK you can tell they have no plan for how they are going to clear all the debt they have now, so either wages have to rise a lot or a lot of stuff will go back to where it came from? The good news for young people is there are not enough workers today so they do have some work security? But my guess is we have a nasty down turn in the winds a head? Look at it this way are president has filed bankruptcy how many times?? and he said they called it sport back then, and the workers never got paid. Do we really think he will care now? OK I will get off this soap box.

Time to pay your real estate taxes

If I don’t pay by October 3, I get hit with heavy penalties.

Ways to improve your trusty laptop

+ A new keyboard.

+ A new screen.

+ More memory.

Neat new waterproof products from my favorite company Nite Ize.

They’re called RunOffs. Waterproof bags for all your goodies, like passports, phones, headphones. Don’t click “Shop Now.” Click here.

The HP printer problem

Every other printer or scanner — including Dymo and Fujitsu — has upgraded its printer drivers to work with Windows 10. Just not HP.

HP is still trying to peddle me new printers. Look what they just sent me:

The most wonderful gotcha

Michael and me in Slovenia

Wish we there now. The picture was early August. Slovenia is a gorgeous country. And Backroads, the bike tour company, took great care of us. Highly recommended.

The U.S. Tennis Open is still on. Sadly, Fed and Djoko are out. Both were injured. Watch on ESPN, ESPN2 and The Tennis Channel.


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    • jasonn

      giffs dont seem to work on disqus

  • jasson
  • jasonn

    Woody is playing some damn good tennis, challenging Nadal more so than one would suspect.

  • Jasonn

    Nadal vs Schwartzman on now. I’m telling you, Schwartzman with his white hat turned backwards and goofy look on his face reminds me of Woody Harrelson in White men cant jump. LOL

  • bruuno

    “China cannot be trusted to do whatever they agree to..”
    Love the irony-free comment.

    • Dman

      You truly are a fucking moron. Trump can complete the trade negotiations with China in less than a day. You leftist assholes can’t figure out that this is all about “The Federal Reserve being destroyed.” You are such an arrogant asshole.