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Counting a few blessings and taking the present lumps in the market. Patience, I hope, is a virtue.

Our tech stocks are not well. But not low enough to consider bottom fishing, yet.

We are alive and have somewhere to live. Be thankful.

A friend owns a house in the Bahamas. He has a couple keeping an eye on his house. This is what they just wrote him:

We have evacuated to Florida. A friend arranged for us to come back on a supply boat yesterday. We lost everything in the storm at our house. Most of the roof is gone and windows and doors upstairs blew in collapsing the interior wall. We were not able to save any of our clothes or personal items despite climbing in and trying. The downstairs is flooded.

We are mentally and physically broken so had to leave our island. Our beautiful rental home is gone with everything in it, our truck is trashed and our business done since the island is so devastated. It is terrifying to see.

It was days before the road was cleared to go to the Bluff House area. I am so sorry but we were not able to check the houses. Our physical and mental health very much deteriorated after finding out we had no where to live and lost everything.

This is far beyond any nightmare I have ever experienced. We are so worn and broken.

Good idea to refinance your house mortgage shows mortgages between 3% and 4.5% on a 30-year.

That’s the lowest I’ve ever seen.

I’ve been visiting under-the-weather friends

+ When you’re feeling unusual, visit a doctor asap. You’re no longer a spring chicken.

+ Whatever bad, fun  lifestyle you’re indulging yourself, cut it back. It will eventually catch up with you. And it most likely won’t be pretty.

+ Stay away from everything bad — like the sun and cholesterol.

+ You should know more about your ailments than your doctors.

+ Nobody can predict the interaction of the various drugs you’re taking. But the good news is that there have been some huge improvements in the last several years. So keep checking the latest and the greatest.

More travel tips

+ JetBlue has remarkably good WiFi. Best, it’s free.

+ JetBlue has one big advantage — some seats with more legroom. They’re worth the extra few bucks. Some of these seats actually have power. Also few people spring for the extra cost, so you might not have any seatmates. I have three seats to San Diego to myself — though it was an otherwise full plane.

+ I’m not big on domestic first or business class. Extra legroom on JetBlue is fine. But I will only travel overseas in business.

+ Noise cancelling ear buds or headphones are the only way to travel. With less airplane noise, you arrive less stressed and less tired. Trust me on this one. For a review of the best ones, click here.

+ Checking could have avoided buying a seat in front of this monster — seat 19C on JetBlue’s Airbus 321.

+ Putting your laptop into Airplane Mode and reducing your screen’s brightness will save your battery.

This man is very funny

We’ve all been there.

My favorite spam

Watch the video above. It’s hilarious. This guy is good.

My flight on JetBlue was good, but pricey — about $1,200 roundtrip economy New York – San Diego. The planes both ways were packed. So I figured JetBlue had to be a “buy.”

I eyed JetBlue’s shares — Here’s them over five years. Yuch.

See you tomorrow. — Harry Newton



  • Mike Nash

    U.S. should not be worried about the Bahamas. WE need to focus on OUR people. I fully support ignoring storm damage in Bahamas and Puerto Rico; shift for yourselves, I don’t care. WE need to make our country great again and throw Hillary in prison along with James Comey. MAGA!

    • Tom from CA

      Seriously man, what’s the matter with you? Why do you bother posting here? Can’t you find other sites to troll?