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Don’t Do Stupid

It was a dark and dreary night. She crept out bed, not wanting to disturb her husband. She went quietly down the stairs in the dark. She tripped on the last step, fell, broke her neck. Now she’s in wheelchair.

He dived into shallow water, hit his head. Now he’s a quadriplegic.

I hate these stories. I don’t make them up.

The only useful thing many of my readers have learned from this blog — Beware of the last step going down. The last step is the dangerous one. Many friends have twisted or broken something.

The BIG problem is that the hand railing often runs out before the final step.

Here are some more “Don’t do stupids.”

+ Don’t vape. The smoke can be lethal. People have died from it. Hundreds have seriously damaged their lungs. Keep your kids off vaping. Don’t believe me? Google “Deaths from vaping.”

+ Drink water. Friends have collapsed, been trucked to hospitals — only to find they were dehydrated.  They hadn’t drunk enough water. Weird. You can collapse from not drinking enough water.

+ Be wary of pills you buy in pharmacies. A good rule: Don’t trust anything you put in your body. Heartburn drug Zantac has been pulled from shelves by Walgreens, Rite Aid and CVS over carcinogen fears. Click here.

+ Don’t text when you walk across the street. Don’t text and drive. People are dying because of this idiocy. No one stops for red lights. Bikes are going the wrong direction in the bike lanes. My friend Ed says he’s become a lot more cautious crossing the road. Me too. New York traffic is a disaster. They aggressively go through red lights.

+ You must have an afternoon nap. Helps reduce your stress and hence your blood pressure.

+ Don’t answer your phone when driving or walking. Use the iPhone’s new Silence Unknown Callers feature.

I talked about in yesterday’s column. Click here. 

Best New York City tip

You can make an appointment online at New York’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and get your new enhanced license in minutes. No line. Miracles happen.

Best diet tip

No bread. No dessert.

It works. You’ll lose weight. My friend Francis has lost 8lbs. He looks really good.

Not impressed with the proposed wealth taxes

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders both want to heavily tax wealth.

Bernie has said he does not think billionaires should exist in the United States. (Go figure!) See here.

Though I’m not a billionaire — yet — I am not impressed with this wealth tax talk from the Democrats.

My entrepreneur friends tell me they’ve never done as well businesswise as now. They ascribe their good fortune to Trump, who’s “good for the economy.”

Favorite New Yorker cartoons

This is what I’d like to being doing today. Biking with Michael in Slovenia, instead of dealing with market’s ups and down. This morning ISM manufacturing is down, but Apple is up. Fortunately the consumer is still ebullient.

See you tomorrow. — Harry Newton





  • Mike Nash

    Trump is good because he wants to stop illegals coming here. How to do that? Take a hard line stand by separating mommy bears from baby bears. Obama started it. Maybe when enough mommys miss their tykes they will stop coming here. Also, trump will bring back coal jobs. he is going to run out the jews and the mexicans who cause most crime and i love him and will vote for him over and over. I left a comment of Drudge and the Fox News website today and now here. The whistleblower needs to be identified and put on trial for crimes against humanity. MAGA!

    • JCarr

      the title of this Oct 1st blog is dont do stupid. Mike, read your post before posting.

      • Mike Nash

        Spoken like a true liberal windbag nut. MAGA!