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The unforgiving stockmarket. A solution. 5G gets lit — big time

Report good earnings. You stock explodes.

Report bad and your stock tanks.

How to predict? You can’t. Who knew about Twilio’s math problem or whatever happened to Expedia? Here’s the last five days of Expedia. Yuch!

Solution: Skip trying to predict so many unknowns and buy yourself one simple index fund, e.g. VGT which more or less mirrors Nasdaq. Here’s it compared with the S&P 500 over the past year. It did much better.

5G cellular is coming very fast

5G is fast — very fast. Check this chart out. It compares how long it takes to receive a 500 megabyte file. Down from 5.5 minutes to 1.6 seconds.

Last night Cramer highlighted five stocks benefiting by the 5G rollout.:

+ AVGO (Broadcom)

Both SWKS and MRVL are in our recommended portfolio. QRVO and QCOM recently had big jumps. I suspect they both will ride higher with the 5G rollout.

My favorite telecom guru, Steve Schoen, emailed me this morning:

Remember earlier this year, when T-mobile CEO John Legere went on a rant when Verizon and AT&T launched 5G service?

He said they weren’t offering 5G because some of the i’s had not yet been dotted, and some of the t’s had not yet been crossed in the 5G spec.

It appears that T-mobile’s engineers have educated him since them.

Here’s a snippet of a T-mobile announcement yesterday.

The company is lighting up nationwide 5G on December 6, covering more than 200 million Americans and more than 5,000 cities and towns across the country including millions in rural America. Customers will be able to tap into T-Mobile’s LTE and 5G network using the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 5G or OnePlus 7T Pro 5G McLaren.

Here’s T-mobile over the last two years.

Buy yourself some TMUS, QRVO and SWKS — though SWKS is very high. We’re up 36% on it.

The most beautiful places in France

Conde-Nast always does a good job highlighting gorgeous places. The good news: You don’t have to go. Just look at the pictures. Here’s one.

This is Mont Saint-Michel, Normandy, France. For all the gorgeous France pictures, click here.

Creative Destruction, airport style

So you just invested millions in zillions of carts in every airport from here to Kingdom Come. You got a monopoly — a license to print money by renting overpriced luggage carts.

And then someone invented the wheel:

And you got f**ked. So, now what?

The future of the world?

Simple advice.

+ Say NO to:Aramco IPO. For further proof read

What to Know Before Buying Shares in Saudi Arabia’s Oil Company
The Saudi monarchy is pursuing its own interests, not those of the company, and that is where problems will arise for investors.

Click here. 

+ Say no to Bitcoin. From the latest Ross Rant:

A new study revealed that most of the runup in Bitcoin to $20,000 in 2017 was due to the manipulation by a single party. That is further evidence to me that crypto coin is just for speculators playing a high risk game, and it is not for anyone who is not a player. Another study reveals that 95% of Bitcoin trades are fake orders. It is definitely not for the average investor. It will be years before Facebook or anyone can launch Libra, or a true crypto coin that is legit and accepted as currency.

Personally I don’t think it ever will be. Too much pushback from central banks who don’t want to give up control, and lose their power to do their job of managing the economy.

+ Though buying vacation houses has suddenly become very cheap, never buy a house in a gated community with an HOA (Home Owners Association). The HOA is in business to protect its own management employees, not to protect your  interest as a property owner.

+ Travel Deal Tuesday (December 3) is Like Black Friday for airline flights,. They’re cheap, says Conde-Nast here. 

+ Don’t respond to every mailed subscription you receive. I was sent an “urgent expiration notice” for a subscription which didn’t expire for another two years. Yes, you read right.Two years!

The stunning iPhone 11 Pro Max

It’s proving a surprise runaway success.  It will power AAPL even higher.

There are three ways of inputing into it:

+ The least efficient: Your fat fingers.

+ The second efficient. The $10 stylus:

+ The most efficient. Your voice. Most apps have this button

next to the space bar. Voice dictation is easy, efficient and frighteningly accurate on the new iPhone 11. Try it.

+ Here are my ” must-have” iPhone apps:

+ Waze
+ Captio, for taking notes.
+ Uber
+ Dark Sky
+ #Heart (works fantastically if you have the Apple Watch).
+ Kindle. I read books on my iPhone.
+ Instagram – for looking at animals and scenery.
+ Podcasts
+ iBird Pro, for identifying and attracting birds by playing their sounds. Careful with owls.

You get these from the Apple Store, if you remember your password. Get a short one.

I love this

A brilliant Portland, OR real estate maven, Matt Felton, paid a photographer to fly over his home town and take photos. He then enlarged the photos to gigantic and mounted them backlit inside his three elevators. The effect is wonderful. Portland is gorgeous and having a huge boom. My photo doesn’t do complete justice to the spectacular photo and the backlighting. I couldn’t get my hands on the original. My iPhone 11 Pro Max did OK:

Photo by Bruce Forster. click here. Idea by Matt Felton.

What is a lie?

From Rolling Stone

AS Ice-T rhymed about buying a Learjet, a submarine, even his own NFL franchise, “My Word is Bond” revealed a secret truth about rap braggadocio: It isn’t a lie if you can convince others that it’s true.

Words of wisdom

You will not be glad tomorrow you smoked today. Trust me and my wonderful cardiologist, Bill Slater, on that one.

My grandson is talented

This is Peter

We sat him down in front of a mirror and asked him to draw a self-portrait.

And this is what he drew:


Everyone in the family wants it. But, for now, Peter’s school has it and won’t part with it. In 20 years, they figure they’ll sell it and build themselves something neat: The Peter Allan Newton Sports Center.

I’ll pray I’ll be there when they open the Sports Center. It better have lots of tennis courts.

I’ll see you Monday. — Harry Newton, proud grandfather.


  1. Mike Nash says:

    Your rabbi joke is offensive.

    • Lucky says:

      Lighten up…it is only a joke and Harry is about as Jewish as you can get short of being a Rabbi himself.

      • barry says:

        Tim: Jerry, it’s our sense of humor that sustained us as a people
        for 3000 years.

        Jerry: 5000.
        Tim: 5000, even better.

  2. Steve English says:

    Those download speeds are way off Harry. Whoever made that graphic doesn’t know the quoted speed is megaBITS per second, not bytes and that’s how they got 20 seconds for 500mb….it should be 2 and a half minutes. 5g would be 12.7 seconds. 3g would be the best part of 8 hours!