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Predicting the future. It’s so easy. Not!

How easy is it to pick what are now called “disruptors?”

Invest in a successful disruptor and become rich beyond your wildest dreams.

CBInsights did a beautiful piece called

Foot In Mouth: 59 Quotes From Big Corporate Execs Who Laughed Off Disruption When It Hit

Here are some of the choice quotes from the article:

If you despair of making your own tech predictions, buy VGT. Here it is over the past ten years.

Vanguard which manages VGT explains its “Product Summary:

+ Seeks to track the performance of a benchmark index that measures the investment return of stocks in the information technology sector.

+ Passively managed, using a full-replication strategy when possible and a sampling strategy if regulatory constraints dictate.

+ Includes stocks of companies that serve the electronics and computer industries or that manufacture products based on the latest applied science.

VGT’s ten biggest holdings are:

1 Apple Inc.
2 Microsoft Corp.
3 Visa Inc.
4 Mastercard Inc.
5 Intel Corp.
6 Cisco Systems Inc.
7 Adobe Inc.
8 Oracle Corp.
9 International Business Machines Corp.
10 Inc.

Perfect Christmas Present for the grandkid. 

Here’s what Mens Journal wrote about this $99 Lego set of 1023 pieces:

Even if you’re not a fan of Hogs, the Fat-Boy is a shape you likely recognize as a Harley. Designers nailed a bunch of details that make this a satisfying, 1023-piece build-from the teardrop fuel tank to Milwaukee Eight engine’s gears and pumping positions to the wide rear tire. The bike’s more than a foot long and the engine is one of the enjoyable parts to put together, though it’s a shame that a lot of that detail in the cranking positions is hidden once you’re done. Rotate the rear tire and the chain drives gears behind the gearbox. And even smaller details, which would have been easy to pass over, like the gearshift pedal, brake levers, and kickstand, all move. Really, the only thing missing here is a rear suspension. -Sal Vaglica, Senior Editor

You can buy it here. I just did.

The idea came from Mens Journal’s The Coolest Pieces of Gear We Tested This Week. You’ll also find Wilson’s latest (and greatest tennis racket) and Nike’s weird looking (but great running shoes)

They  go by the unforgettable name of Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT%..

For the full Men’s Journal article, click here.

More don’t do stupids

+ Hold the hand railing doing down the stairs.

+ Don’t send it back. Check the cable. It’s always the cable.

+ Check Engine light can be turned off by wiping your gas tank’s filler cap and pipe.

+ Stop buying stuff. You don’t need it. Send it back.

+ Only buy from companies which have free return shipping.

+ Rebooting solves every problem including your phone, your cable box, and your Apple Watch.

Favorite Trump Wall

Favorite cartoon

Great Christmas presents for your better half

How about some colorful snakeskin shoes?

If not, what about these?

It gives me great pleasure to know that I live in a country in which a clever entrepreneur can sell anything — including these incredible snake boots.

I updated our portfolio.

See you tomorrow with more goodies — Harry Newton






  • Bill

    I learned today that Ladder Capital is the second largest lender to Trump, after Deutsch Bank. Harry, does that affect having it on your list?