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Time to go shopping for Thanksgiving investment ideas

Thanks to the country which can invent (and sell)

Thanks to someone who thought of this brilliance:

Thanks to Costco for this. Michael drinks several cans of this stuff every day.

Thanks to Apple for Wallet. Bye bye credit cards. Bye bye paper boarding passes. It really works really well on my new iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Thanks to Square for its many wonderful gadgets for small businesses, including this one:

Thanks to General Mills for encouraging its employees to launch stealth products , like this delicious one:

In short, your supermarket is full of investment ideas. Look at Costco over the past five years. Costco is where you find Kirkland soda.

You’re right. I don’t get out much. But when I do, I have a ball seeking out all the great new products that some fellow with stars in his/her eyes has invented and which he /she hopes will make them a billionaire. And someone for Elizabeth and Bernie to villainize. A new moniker of achievement in this very funny, amazing place we live in.

We have a small emergency generator at our house in Columbia County, New York. I asked our serviceman how sales were going? He said the company couldn’t keep up with demand. So I bought some shares and look what happened this year:

What are you wearing? What did you buy recently? Did you buy the stock?

Did you buy Lululemon this year? I bet you’re wearing Lulu’s clothes? Everyone is.

You think I”m crazy? You haven’t met grandkids Eleanor (6) and Peter (3). They’re totally addicted to:

which is playing on nickelodeon and Amazon, and everywhere in the world. Paw Patrol helped make the two Canadian creators billionaires.

I’m not too sure how you villainize these guys. But somebody will try. Meantime, it sure looks like my entire life savings are being used to buy Paw Patrol Episodes. Boy, do they sure do have a lot of episodes to buy.

The market continues to rise. I read that the Chinese spoke to the Americans on the phone. I wonder who invented that gadget? You think they did well?

Off to breakfast with the kids. — Harry Newton


  • Mike Nash

    Harry, I’ve been researching the Alerian MLP you recommended the other day. Are you aware that it is DOWN year to date, despite paying a 9% dividend? It was down -1.75% today. IT doesn’t sound like a good investment to me. You’re still not as bad as the guy who came on CNBC bubblevision yesterday and recommended Dollar Tree stock. Today it was down -15.3 percent!

  • Lucky

    Football or Basketball? That was some “jump shot”…loved it.
    We have a paper towel holder with a pineapple on the top that hold 3 rolls of TP very nicely and very friendly.
    Sometime check out the Kwikset door lock sets…they come with a special key that you insert first then follow with your other house key and it changes your lock to match the second key.