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Heart disease is getting much worse. But Apple is getting much better.

This is the most frightening article I’ve read in eons:

It begins:

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.-Colorado is ranked as one of the nation’s healthiest states. It often doesn’t feel that way to David Rosenbaum.

The Colorado Springs cardiologist regularly sees men and women in their 30s and 40s with heart problems, such as high blood pressure, an irregular heart rhythm, heart attacks. A visit from a young patient was rare when he started practicing there 17 years ago. Not anymore.

“People say, oh, Colorado, we’re so healthy,” said Dr. Rosenbaum, who works for UCHealth, a not-for-profit health-care system. “Not so much.”

Americans are dying of heart disease and strokes at a rising rate in middle age, normally considered the prime years of life. An analysis of U.S. mortality statistics by The Wall Street Journal shows the problem is geographically widespread. Death rates from cardiovascular disease among people between the ages of 45 and 64 are rising in cities all across the country, including in some of the most unlikely places.

In the Journal’s analysis, three metro areas east of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains-Colorado Springs, Fort Collins and Greeley-recorded some of the biggest increases. Death rates in each rose almost 25%. The three cities boast robust access to exercise and health care. There are bike trails, good heart-disease treatment-and-prevention programs and nearby skiing and hiking.

And it includes these two charts:

The article is obviously worth reading. Especially if you weigh too much and have high blood pressure. And don’t exercise every day. Click here.

Apple continues to delight

Last March we spent a week in Kona, Hawaii with the family. All the shops and restaurants took the Apple Pay on my iPhone. I didn’t carry any credit cards. Easy as pie. It felt safer, too. Less worrying about losing / leaving credit cards behind.

Yesterday I took Hugo to lunch in Manhattan. I forgot my wallet at home. It had my credit cards at home. The restaurant didn’t take Apple Pay. But they did take Hugo’s credit card.

When I got back home I sent him the lunch money — $110 — by Apple Pay from my phone. Apple took the money out of my bank debit card. Then I asked Hugo to send me $1 — to see how it works. Then I sent Susan $2, which she “accepted” — you have to do that.

Setting all this up take seconds. It’s really neat.  And it’s much better than using physical credit or debit cards. Here’s how it works:

You simply go into Message and click the ApplePay icon in the center —   It will ask how much you want to send. Then you write a clever message, like “As a present.” And that’s it.

Later you’ll go into Apple Wallet and see your transactions. Scroll down and you’ll see all my grocery bills in 2020. It won’t let me go further back. I don’t know why. But the bills will pop up on my online MasterCard or Visa accounts.

FreshDirect is great

If you live in New York City you should buy your food and other produce — like Tide and Palmolive — from FreshDirect.

We’ve been using them for eons and couldn’t be happier. I love the lobster ravioli. I’m addicted.

Fun read: Donald Trump’s Worst Deal

This New Yorker article is hysterical. Click here. If you can’t get on, let know. I’ll send you a copy.

The real story behind Meghan and Harry

From a reader in London:

H, don’t quote me on this, but the whole biz gives me the irrits!

You have an emotionally damaged Prince hopelessly in love with a 3rd rate ‘celeb’, Trailer Trash’, with no manners or respect for an ageing Queen who has given her whole life selflessly to public service. Talk about ‘Me Me Me Gain’! She may also have post-natal depression?

I gave the marriage 5 years max when they married, partly given ‘whatever Me-gain wants, Me-gain gets’, & a besotted Harry. I’d give it less now, once Harry is less besotted & realises what an ass he’s made of himself!

Meanwhile she has the ‘Royal’ soubriquet, the baby she wanted, & probably another soon, welcomes the publicity, unlimited money guaranteed, and an-optout from the duty that normally goes with privilege!

Forgive the blast, but I have little time for Harry, & even less for ‘Me-gain’!

Talking about drugs

American Airlines is a piece of dog-do-do

After trying to book on the Internet, I gave up and called them. After five phone calls, I’ve now been on the phone for over two hours with “Web Services.” Here’s what I’ve learned:

+ Buying seats for miles is incredibly complicated.

+ It’s not clear how much a seat costs in miles. But it’s a lot.

+ If you don’t have enough miles they say you need more, but they won’t let you buy enough miles. That’s American’s Catch 22.

+ Then they try to sell you a full fare seat. That can get pricey especially if you’re trying to fly first class.

Remember my present adage: If you don’t fly first class, your children will.

The “landmark” deal with China

If I were the Chinese, I’d sign a landmark deal, agree to everything and do nothing.

Fact is that we need their manufacturing. It’s very good. Check out where all the recent tech stuff you’ve bought is made — China.

I suspect they need our IP (intellectual property) a lot less today than they needed it yesterday. And a lot less tomorrow. I’m waiting for the Chinese 737. I’ve seen pictures. It’s amazing. It’s already had its maiden flight.

Some of my favorite stocks are up nicely today — Apple, United Health, Microsoft, and Facebook. Two of them don’t do anything in China. Yet, they’re up nicely — for example, UNH, which is up over 3% today. Earnings and fundamentals count. Thank goodness. Most of them in the upcoming earnings season will be good.

Today’s blow-your-mind statistic:

I’ve written today’s entire blog while on the phone and the web with American Airlines. I don’t own their stock. Surprise. Surprise.

See you tomorrow. — Harry Newton






  1. Mike Nash says:

    The heart disease article reminds me of the late, great Toby Bugfoot. He’d just had a complete executive physical and was pronounced in excellent health. He was trim and played tennis and swam daily. He used to ride his bike to the tennis court. Then, one day he just collapsed and died on the court. The doctor blamed his death on trying to compete with younger men. Doc said Toby should have stuck to playing guys his own age.

  2. Dman says:

    Come-on Harry tell us all how much you love Mayor Bill’s new “no bail” policy? Walking the streets of NYC just got that much more fun didn’t it!

    You and your evil liberal friends deserve nothing less. Those lovely blacks are all such nice people, until they knock you unconscious that is.

    The Hunters Become The Hunted
    The Great Awakening
    Future Proves Past
    Trust The Plan

  3. Lucky says:

    No problem Harry…just stay out of Colorado…we were up there in September visiting friends at 9500 feet elevation…Lorette passed out for a short time do to lack of oxygen…we stay out of Colorado!