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New investing and health brilliances — some of which may actually work.

I shouldn’t be trying to write brilliance every day, or so. But I get inspired:

+ I’m worried about some muni bonds. Where are the states and the cities going to get the money to pay the interest and redeem them? But most have rallied.

+ Busted real estate is promoted as a great investment. Mark Cuban and others are pushing it. Lots of cheap retail space, I’m guessing. It’s too early for bargains.

+ Companies still run by their owners and making big bets.

Business Insider ran a neat story today:

One of the world’s best small-company fund managers tells us how he finds ‘hidden growth’ that others miss – and shares his 3 top picks for the year ahead

From the story:

John Barr of the Needham Aggressive Growth Fund thrives by finding companies with growth potential that most of his peers are overlooking. He favors companies run by their founders, and firms that are making big investments in their business that haven’t paid off yet.

His three stock picks are Vicor, IPG Photonics and Taiwan Semiconductor.

You can read the full story here.

Invest in Oil? Yesterday’s conversation at Harry’s Healthy Hangout, 127 miles north of New York City.

Mary: Harry, would you invest in oil at present?

Harry: No.

Mary: Why not?

Harry: No one’s going anywhere. Are you? Where are your grandchildren?

Mary: Florida, North Carolina and Georgia.

Harry: You going to visit them?

Mary: No.

Harry: Why not?

Mary: They don’t want us.

I don’t know quite what to make of this

President Trump is pushing hydroxychloroquine with the words “What do you have to lose?”

From a web site called TechStartups, posted yesterday:

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko has now treated over 1,450 coronavirus patients (2 deaths) using hydroxychloroquine with 99.99% success rate

Dr. Zelenko’s regimen is:

1. Hydroxychloroquine 200mg twice a day for 5 days

2. Azithromycin 500mg once a day for 5 days

3. Zinc sulfate 220mg once a day for 5 days

For the story, click here., the fact checking web site, writes:

As has been noted elsewhere, combining hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin can cause serious problems for people with certain heart conditions. Though zinc appears to be an important factor in several immune functions, a potential mechanism for how it might work against viral infections is not well-understood.

In an interview with Forward, Zelenko “acknowledged that his regimen was new and untested, and that it was too soon to assess its long-term effectiveness.” He instead argued that “the risks of waiting to verify its efficacy” were greater. This is an assertion with which public health officials largely disagree.

Regardless, making an assertion in a blog post or in a YouTube interview that neither describes the study design nor provides the actual data used to reach a conclusion about efficacy cannot, in any way, be critically evaluated. As such, this claim is rated “Unproven.”

For more Snopes, click here.

We over-estimate our fellow human’s IQ

This one is priceless. From Florida comes reasons why some Floridians won’t get the virus.

I resist criticizing Trump

But sometimes I have to pick my jaw up from the ground at this latest idiocies. Two blood boilers stand out:

+ His immigration ban. I’m an immigrant. His family was also. I have paid millions of dollars in taxes to the IRS — maybe more than Trump has. I started a lot of businesses that succeeded. His didn’t. He doesn’t want me?

+ He’s pushing to “Liberate” three states with Democratic governors. The resulting demonstrations alone with kill people and spread the virus as they take their contracted virus back to their communities.

And today, we’re going to shoot up the Iran navy while we play war games off their coast!! Not in the middle of the ocean. Off their coast.

His strategy is simple. When things are going awry (like his “response” to the virus), then he changea the subject with threats and insults and other irrelevant stuff he can drag in from left field.

Susan says I need a haircut

And she’s going to do it. This is a selfie. Which means Apple has reversed me and made me look even more ugly.

Maybe a comb and a brush are the solution?

I don’t like putting on weight, either. The refrigerator should be moved down the road, out of sight, out of mind, out of reach.

Don’t ask me about hearing aids. I use multiple headphones for different purposes. A Bose NC 700 for my iPhone. An Avantree bluetooth (here) for one TV. And Sennheiser HDR-140 for the another TV. I won’t watch TV or streaming without headphones any longer. It’s a 1000% better experience. I also have several corded sets for watching streaming on my laptop. Any one seems fine, including ones I get free from airlines. (Remember those days?)

See you tomorrow. — Harry Newton





  1. TomFromVa says:

    The video is obviously a put-up. Keep drinking Corona.

    Harry – is this your “Einstein look”?

    Personally, I find new immigrants in general to be “go-getters”, but I still want them to do it legally. What I would like to see is increased caps for legal immigrants and a more streamlined process. And it should be made hard to get in illegally. Illegal immigrants are subject to near-slavery by persons exploiting their situation. And porous borders let in not just people but drugs, weapons – you name it.

    • TJQuill says:

      The weapons are all coming from here, bud. All those guns the Mexican cartels have? From the US.

  2. gerryb says:

    “Maybe a comb and a brush are the solution?” Well, your teeth look great Harry!

  3. Mike Nash says:

    I am embarrassed to be an American. This president is garbage. I used to fly the American flag on Flag Day but the other day I threw my flag in the trash can. You’re supposed to burn it but I won’t even give the flag that much respect. If another world war breaks out the U.S. will lose. The protesters in Michigan and Ohio are morons. THe people on the beaches in Fla. are morons. Many people who comment on this blog are morons. We are a ruined nation, no better than a third world country. I may move to Wuhan, where at least the government protects its citizens. I may move to a better country, say Rwanda or Afghanistan. Republicans are agents of Satan.

    • Lucky says:

      Goodbye…Farewell… auf Wiedersehen …Aloha! We will all be happy to see you go…and while you are at it take as many negative, democrats as you can carry…especially those living in NYC. You will make us agents of GOD very pleased.

      • Mike Nash says:

        I am actually a Republican. I recognize a failed political party and a failed nation when I see one. So sad. It’s time to realize that the gOP is just a Trump Cult. Moron Jared Kushner is leading Americans on a long march to the grave.

        • Peter says:

          First of all, I would like to wish Harry and your family well. Thank you Harry for your writing! This country is losing its world leadership position, no matter you believe it or not. I really wish both parties can work together in DC. Yes, it is always easy to blame our failure to China, to immigrants, to those who are not white, or those who don’t speak English well. But we are missing the opportunity to move our country in the right direction. I feel like China is becoming what USA used to be, and USA is becoming what China used to be. We, all USA citizens should respect each other, to begin with. Support our governors, healthcare workers, detail workers, and our seniors. I am making face masks, and have donated them to local supermarket, and post office. My kid is a doctor working at the front line. She worked overnight yesterday. We should all be together!

  4. bike20017 says:

    Don’t worry Harry…..

    If/when you get the virus and end up in the hospital – just make sure that you tell them that you HATE Trump! No matter what Trump is for – you are vehemently against….

    Meaning you absolutely refuse to take any Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin of Zinc sulfate – for fear that if you do, and by some miracle you live – you “might” have to admit for once in your life that Trump is actually right about something!

    Stay healthy my friend…….

  5. Scooter says:

    hydroxychloroquine has gotten a bum rapp for the following reasons.

    In Brazil they used chloroquine, not hydroxychloroquine Not the same thing.
    Brazil used 4 times the recommended dose and wondered why people were having heart problems.

    The VA study is highly flawed. They only gave it to those on their death bed with little hope of coming out of it and they are mostly elderly people with other health problems.

    Take a look at some of the other studies that show very positive results.

  6. Lucky says:

    Why such a big deal over a “60 DAY” ban on immigration? It is not the end of immigration (never will be) simply a momentary suspension. You may be right…if he has ever read you column he just may not want you!

    • Mike Nash says:

      There’s no reason to talk to Harry like that. You need to accept that your party has filed and stop taking out your frustration on an elderly man.

  7. Dman says: please Harry please tell me you’re seriously screwing around. fucking moron.