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Not a dead cat bounce. Routed in real sales and earnings numbers

Cramer was gloating last night that his Covid-19 ETF had done fantastically since he created it a few few weeks ago.

It’s heavily tech — focused on stocks catering to the the work-at-home generation. There are zillions of work-at-home stocks — not just Zoom, Amazon and Shopify, which is up nicely today..

His list is here. It includes many of the stocks I’ve written postively about.

More about them tomorrow.

Time to re-think daily expenses

+ You’re spending way too much on DirecTV, Verizon FiOS, Comcast, etc. For one, you don’t need their sports packages. There are no sports.

+ The best bargains are  Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube TV for TV and cable channels, except HBO.

+ You’re probably spending too much on your cell phone, which you aren’t using much. Call up and get a better deal.

+ You don’t need insurance on cars you’re not driving. In fact, you probably don’t need them at all. Uber and Lyft are much cheaper.

+ Your credit cards are all wrong — at least mine are. My family’s main credit card is a Citicard MasterCard American Airlines Platinum Select. We have 627,118 miles chunked up on that card — enough mileage to go anywhere, if American survives and I want to go somewhere, anywhere. I’m switching to a Chase Amazon Prime card. It doesn’t give you airline miles. It gives you discounts. Real cash discounts. Remember cash?

+ If you’re quarantining in a community with no useful banks and ATM machines with miniscule limits, try your local gas station. They’ll cash your city checks — and for free, too. Just keep buying gas, Coca Cola, newspapers and Palmolive.  You can live without the rest.

+ You do not need all those Amazon boxes you’ve been hoarding.

No one listens.

Today’s news:

+ Bill Gates said he warned Trump about the dangers of a pandemic in December 2016 before he took office. Gates met with 2016 presidential candidates to tell them to make pandemic preparedness a national priority,

No one listened — especially Trump. Look at the mess we’re now in.

I’ve long wanted to write about “No One Listens.”

My 50-year rule is that the only person who gets listened to is the fellow who “signs” the payroll checks, i.e. the CEO.

In all these years, I thought I only had some “authority” if I signed the checks. But I’m relieved to hear there are bigger check signers who don’t get listened to.

There are two answers: diversification or owning the business, or both. More about this complex subject another day.

Beautifully done


The world goes on

Remember April 29?

Well, it’s now May 12 and look what our four Robins eggs have become:

All four have now hatched. The mother has her beak full feeding them.

They’re tiny. It’s nice to see that life goes on. See you tomorrow — Harry Newton.


  • Dman
  • Dman

    The Newton family and reality mix like oil and water. Many many amazing wonderful glorious days straight ahead. Thanks to President Trump and the entire Q Team.

    The Great Awakening
    Trust The Plan
    Future Proves Past…….think: Tesla and his Looking Glass.

  • Mike Nash

    I am embarrassed to be an American. Imagine the mentality of people who still support Trump? These are people on disability who live in trailer parks. He has mishandled Covid in the worst possible way. What a putrid, awful president. And you know what? If he loses in November he is planning to start a nuclear war with China. I’ve read that several places. He will burn America to the ground before he leaves in January. The man is mentally ill. The rest of the world pities the U.S. or is laughing at it. This is a loser country. There’s no more pride in having served this country. They should pave over Arlington National Cemetery and put up a Walmart. I threw my America flag in a dumpster where it belongs.

    • Secret Squirrel

      America is embarrassed to have you as a citizen. You belong next to your flag.

    • PhillyGuy

      you must be a joy to live with…..

    • G_Wood99

      he’s just trolling. Half of hist posts are obnoxiously far right, half are obnoxiously far left. They only have one thing in common.