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The birds are skipping on their rent. But technology is paying off — big time

Index funds are easy. Buffett and others push S&P 500 funds.  They’re not doing well, because the S&P 500 is full of garbage — all the stocks that lost their customers because of Covid.

Here’s a chart comparing the Dow, the S&P500 and Nasdaq. Note which one is doing far better.

Now look at this chart of Nasdaq versus my favorite Vanguard ETF, called the VGT.

Predictions. Predictions. Predictions.

Stop inundating me with post Covid-19 predictions.

+ We won’t go to the office. We will go.

+ We’ll all leave China. We won’t leave China.

+ Apple will make iPhones on Bondi Beach, or Texas or wherever.

Predictions are irrelevant. All that counts is the opportunity I can find today. I like:

+ Ultra-cheap assets. More about my son’s brilliant trade tomorrow.

+ Short-term trades. Take some money off the table fast. Great news that isn’t so great, on second look. Think Moderna.

+ The digitization of the world. This one I really like. Now if only FedEx, Nordstrom. Citibank, the airlines and a million others would fix their web sites and make getting answers for their customers easier….That includes fixing their call centers, answering their phones. I’m sick of being put on Eternity Hold because of a pandemic.

Another reason it’s going up

From Business Insider today:

Thousands of sports fans who can’t gamble on their favorite teams are reportedly flocking to the stock market instead. Charles Schwab, ETrade and Interactive Brokers together added roughly 780,000 new customers in March or April.

Five years of a cannabis stock

50 years ago, marijuana was nice. Today the weed has been “improved” and made stronger — far too strong. Dangerous, in fact.

Anyone who’s been smoking or eating the stuff for several years will suffer long-term health consequences. None of us should be putting anything into our body that’s man-made. (Unless there’s a sound medicinal reason.)

This is five-year chart of a leading cannabis stock. Look at the chart. I can see lots of easy ways to lose lots of money.

What is wrong with people who refuse to wear masks?

Masks protect you from others. Masks protect them from you.

What am I missing?

Feel-good gorgeous clean video

Yesterday was my 66th consecutive day of tennis this quarantine

Despite all the exercise, I’ve packed on four pounds. I’m a fat slob.

Quarantine conclusions

+ The dumbest thing I’ve ever bought was a 2020 Planner.

+ We all wanted zombies and anarchy.  Instead we got working from home and toilet paper shortages.

+ Monthly budget:  Gas $0.  Entertainment $0.  Clothes $0. Groceries $1,500. Wine $2,500.

+ When this quarantine is over, let’s not tell some people.

How nature works

We started with four blue eggs at the end of April.

Today, three weeks later, we have three healthy (but very hungry) baby Robins.

Three out of four. That’s about on a par with my portfolio.

They don’t look like they’re having fun being cooped up. I’m guessing they’ll be gone in the next few days. Good riddance. They never paid any rent. Every time I went to collect the rent, their mother would pull a disappearing act. And the father? He’d mumble something about Deutsche Bank.

Meantime, let’s find an exciting new direction in our life:

The governor of Connecticut was interviewed this morning.

They asked him – what have we learned from the virus experience so far?

His answer: “The first thing we’ve learned is that people don’t need to take a train into New York City every day to be productive.”

See you tomorrow. Harry Newton



  1. Dman says:

    Harry, your evil governor Cuomo is in huge trouble.


  2. Tom says:

    Masks really don’t do much. They will stop a lot of the droplets from sneezes and coughs, but not all. Otherwise their only value is to keep you from touching your face.

  3. Mike Nash says:

    Masks do almost zero to protect you from others. All of the benefits go to the stranger. I don’t care about other people, so I don’t wear one. I spend most of my time at my getaway place in Missouri where you don’t have to wear one. When I’m in the city I live on Central Park East. I look down on those on Central Park West, like you, Harry. I think we have mutual friends?