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Define your own milieu

Own hotels, restaurants and retail stores. you’re probably not a happy camper.

Own residential buildings, you’re collecting rents — for now. Better in some places than others. You’re happy, but anxious.

Own student housing. Who knows.

Own bonds, you’re collecting a little interest now. But you’re eyeing a capital loss — unless you hold them to maturity.

Own anything, you might be surprised how much of your stuff is appealing to buyers who have cash, a long horizon and who believe we’ll be through this eventually. (We will.)

Plan a huge development project — ready in five years. You’ll be surprised how many of your friends, family, investors and banks want in. People want to buy a thrilling Vision.

CRM’s buoyant earnings weren’t well received last night. The stock plunged. I bought some this morning.

I’m already up enough to buy a new tennis racket, some new shoes and Wilson balls. (The best.)

The stocks I mentioned yesterday are mostly doing well today:  AAPL, SHOP, GOOG, TTD, BABA, FB, JNJ, UNH, SQ, NFLX, LLY, CSCO and the nice safe VTI ETF from Vanguard.

There’s a ghastly word — opportunistic.

It means keep looking. Don’t get too frustrated if you don’t find anything. The Yiddish word is metziah — a bargain. But it’s a bigger bargain in Yiddish than in English.

This morning I played my 76th game of tennis this virus Spring. I lost. But I hit a few winners. That made me feel good.

This weekend — it is the weekend. I just checked — call the kids on FaceTime and Zoom.

Ask them what they’re doing.

You’ll surprised at how talented your grandkids have become without you.

See you soon. Harry Newton.

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  1. Bruce Miller says:

    Is the “cloud” company Fastly… a thrilling vision?