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If I were Donald Trump and afraid I might lose the November election

If I were Donald Trump and afraid I might lose the November election, this is what I’d do:

1.    I would encourage these riots (and looting) with my rhetoric.

2.    My tweets and speeches will encourage more violence and hence amplify the protests and riots. They’ll spread to more cities.

3.    I’d argue that the local police and the various national guards the Governors have called up are not capable of protecting our citizenry.

4.   That would give me the justification for invoking laws that would allow me to bring in the military to “control” the expanding riots.

5.   That will further inflame passions and worsen the riots.

6.    As the riots expanded, I’d use the troops to take control.

7.   I’d argue that a time of crisis was not the time to hold elections. I’d postpone the November election.

8.    And keep postponing the election.  Hence I could keep myself in power as president.

9.    Then as “President for Life” (like Xi and others I admire), I’d argue that

          “Only I, Donald Trump, can save the democracy. Hence I need to be President for Life to accomplish all that hard work, including giving blacks proper and equal justice.”

Black anger matters 

Two disturbing statistics:

+ In 2014, African Americans were 2.3 million, or 34%, of the total 6.8 million correctional population in the U.S. African Americans are incarcerated at more than five times the rate of whites.

+ Wealth for white households is ten times greater for whites on average than for blacks.

Bad police action continues

+ A Louisville policeman shot and killed a black man.

+ Two New York City police patrol cars willfully drove into peaceful protesters on national TV.

+ Protesters were injured in Washington’s Lafayette Park last night as it was cleared to allow President Trump to stage a photo op in front of the damaged church, next to the White House.

+ Six Atlanta police officers were charged after tasing protesters.

New York retail

Retail was meant to open next Monday for curbside pickup.

Now most of it won’t. Every Manhattan retail store of value has had its windows smashed, its merchandise looted and now it’s plywooded up.

Fear is high. There are forty or so construction workers erecting a protective metal structure around the big glass Apple store on Fifth Avenue opposite the Plaza Hotel.

Last night the huge Macys store on 34th Street was looted.

New York City is now Plywood City.

If the looters get the supermarkets tonight, the City’s remaining residences could be in for a little dieting.

Minneapolis has a solution

Charge the other three policemen who helped murder George Floyd.

What are they waiting for?

My friends and family in Australia

They’re aghast at what’s going on here. I explain to them that:

+ America was founded on violence, against the British, against native Americans, against Mexicans and blacks. At the time of the Civil War, there were four million black slaves in the south. They were the south’s biggest “asset, its biggest source of wealth. Slaves built the plantations and the glorious Southern mansions we see in movies.

+ Trump has encouraged and condoned violence. But nothing that has happened to America recently — the virus, 106,000 dead from Covid-19, violence against blacks, and 40 million unemployed — is his fault.

To get re-elected, Trump will blame the Chinese for the virus and our massive unemployment, and blacks for the violence.

He will save us.

But I’m not in the prediction business any longer.

An Amazing world

Think of the amazing technology that has brought us live video reporting from streets all over this country. Think of the fast Internet that many of us enjoy which allow us to Zoom with our families and friends. Think of the software that companies like Zscalier and Salesforce and many others provide us the ability to work productively at home.

It’s a truly wonderful world — if only we could get more people to join it.

Space for comments

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Meantime the Dow today is up 180 points — or was as I posted this. Go figure.

See you tomorrow — Harry Newton






  1. Greg T says:

    Hey Harry,
    Looks like you have been caught up in the mass physiology pushed by the media. You throw out numbers about the incarceration rate of Black Americans but don’t mention that they make up 53% of known homicides offenders and commit 60% of robberies while representing just 13% of the population. You talk about police shootings of Black Americans but don’t mention that more unarmed Whites are shot by police than unarmed Whites are shot by police. Nor do you say that more Black Americans are shot by Black police officers than White police officers.

    But what nobody wants to talk about is that Black-on-Black violence is the most destructive force in our cites and communities today. You didn’t mention that police shootings are not the reason Blacks die of homicide at a higher rate than any other ethnic group in America. Criminal violence is the scourge of our cities and the solutions for this is much more complicated than blaming systemic police racism.

  2. Dman says:

    You satanic immoral liberals are soon going to begin to realize that you have underestimated President Trump……Big Time!!!

    The Great Awakening
    Trust The Plan
    Dark To Light

  3. Scooter says:

    Who again is fueling the riots?

    Governors that refuse to arrest looters, rioters, assulters.
    Who is organizing the riots?
    It’s not Trump.

  4. Carl A. Wright says:

    As a Trump supporter, I’d never support postponing elections. I voted for Trump because he was an idiot rather than vote for his corrupt self entitled opponent. I’m not impressed with Biden either, but Trump is using up most of my good will for him.

  5. Bruce Miller says:

    Banning weapons of war for police is like giving them straw to fight armed criminals. Just let the criminals hold a Chinese made BIC lighter…That famous first use of plastic. See how far that will go against the free sick people in America.

  6. Mike Nash says:

    These protesters have a right to be heard. They have a right to destroy your property. You do not have a right to complain. You are white. You were born into an easy life.

    Harry, Trump cannot legally postpone the election. Only Congress can postpone it. That doesn’t mean that Trump won’t try. I predict the election will go forward on Nov. 3, Trump will lose, refuse the leave office. We have to make a decision: remove him by force or just allow him to remain in office another four years and hope for the best.

    • Tyrone Wilson says:

      They have a right to destroy your property???! Really?! Okay. Please post YOUR address. I’d like to head over there now with a couple of my freedom loving looter friends. Just tell your Mommy that we’re on our way.

      • Secret Squirrel says:

        Don’t waste your time. Nash is a race baiting anti-American prick.

      • Mike Nash says:

        Sir, I am a black American. I have lived a life 1,000 times more difficult than yours. You were born into a white man’s life of luxury. Do not tell me what I can and cannot do. You’re clearly a racist.

        • Wayne Messam 2020 says:

          The old rich WHITE guy, Joe Biden is the answer. He will finally take you to the promised land. You blacks are too dumb and stupid to represent yourselves. You need a rich WHITE elitist by the name of Joe Biden to do so. Aha. I hear you. You’re so smart and intelligent. Keep running to those WHITES to bail you out.

    • Scooter says:

      Those ideas are exactly what is causing the riots

  7. Bruce Miller says:

    Joe Biden…is he the new Spiro Agnew? … as Trump is the new Nixon… Not even the massacre of May is coming to mines of wisdom. 4 white students dead…they were not looting and they did not start the process of their own death by being drunk and trying to pass counter-fit $ twenties. they just wanted to stop a undeclared war in a country far away. Screw Rodney King and all the others…as there are many people who are considered non-white who stand this very day strongly…Why we have a former president and a justice of the highest court…screw all those who want a hand-out and call on their history as reason for their current day live for this day attitude… there is no wisdom in the short term lazy-n-greedy…that is unless your father can get you $80k per month for being stupid.

  8. Howard Bush says:

    HARRY you are an ideological being that has been corrupted by the main stream media & news. Your mind is corroded with leftest views that are against liberty, freedom and our current existence that we know. If you think Biden can do better than shame on you. Our country will be destroyed by the left and if you could use your warped mind you would understand that. The left is all about what’s going on in our country and it is not about the senseless murder of George anymore. This is about taking down a President that did more for blacks in 3 years than the black Obama & Biden did in 8 years. Maybe if you started watching Newsmax and Fox News and get a real honest opinion of what’s happening to our country. You would be better of to understand what going on to our great country. This is about chaos and burning down our country so than your fellow liberals can remake it when Biden takes over. Yes that’s right Harry they want to burn down out country so the cam transform it. That means destroy it!

    I have now had to buy a gun to protect my family and my valuables which I thought I would never have to do. Ask yourself why is this only happening in democratic cities that are run by progressives.

    Please open your eyes and stop watching that garbage on NBC and CNN and wake the hell up!! Before it’s too late to save our great country that is only 250 years old!

    • Omer Acikel says:

      Sir, this is an investment blog but Harry cannot stop being honest and concern what is happening in today’s USA and stirs up political discussions. Let me say this first “Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people”. I will let you decide which category your text puts you in. Like Harry, I came to this country as immigrant but much later than him in 1993 for my graduate studies and stayed. Would you tell me if there is any ideology Trump represents? As I think he cannot go any lower in terms of lack of strategic thinking, empathy and knowledge, he surprises me. His attorney general forcefully removes peaceful demonstrators, including church workers, so he can walk over in front of a Washington DC church to hold a Bible and leave. No one, including people in his close circles know what that meant. If this behavior makes the USA great, I wish you fast recoveries from your delusion. I am just curious, what metric you can provide to proof Trump did more for blacks in 3 years than Obama/Biden did in 8 years. I never though Obama did anything enough but would like to know what on Earth Trump did for blacks or any minorities for that matter other than blaming them for anything going wrong in the country.

    • Mike Nash says:

      Has everyone noticed how the Trump supporters never seem very educated? For example, this man confuses “than” and “then.” And a bunch of other stuff.

  9. Joe Berger says:

    Everything you condescendingly said about President Trump can easily said about Cuomo or DeBlasio. Cuomo was riling up the looters and rioters with his encouraging the healthy venting violence. He has selfishly refused to call the National Guard, as his State burns to the ground. DeBlasio praised his own daughter for being arrested. He was proud that she broke the law, enough to be arrested. What a role model. DeBlasio said we New Yorkers should all practice civil disobedience. What a reckless thing for a Mayor whose City is being burned and looted, to say. Let’s destroy the City and small businesses completely. We’ll have the old rich white guys, like Harry Newton bail out the City when the fun and mayhem is over. Are you that stupid?
    As far as police brutality, NOTHING WILL CHANGE!!! These filthy lowlife cops are above the law. This Chauvin thug had 30+ complaints against him but yet was still on the police force. Right now as we speak, and you play tennis, there are hundreds of NYPD cops who have a record & history of brutality yet they are allowed to carry a gun and a badge! The do-nothing Mayor couldn’t give a damn. City’s around the Country are one bad incident away from starting riots all over again. NOTHING WAS DONE AND NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO THE ROGUE COPS, NOTHING. The corrupt police unions are too powerful. All this looting and rioting is for naught.

  10. Peter W says:

    Harry, I have to say reading today’s column is like listening to CNN. You lean too hard in one direction and it is infuriating.
    My building has “Fuck the Police” spray-painted on it in 2-foot high letters. University Place in Greenwich Village has small businesses crushed by looters the past week.
    The peaceful protestors out this afternoon, every afternoon, are a wonderful racial mix but that’s not the case at night when the looting starts. The black and brown violators outnumber the white faces in what appears to be at least the ratio you quote regarding correctional populations.
    Unpopular to point this out but watch the television on the late news — the video bears out the difference between protestors and looters; non-violent and violent, racial disparity.
    The point to be made by peaceful protest is drowned out by looters. Maybe you should spend a night back in the city

  11. disqus_G64o9gw1Nu says:

    Saw photos of NYC damage from last night. This is (for me), so incredibly unnecessary, ruinous, and sad. Protesting? Fine. Violence, beating, looting, torching? Not ok. Best contrast: Space X: creating. Antifa/others: destroying. Inappropriate, misplaced, misdirected: the amplifying, exponentializing.