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Staying alive, part 403. My new Technology Continuum

Nothing to buy. Nothing to sell. Market’s up a little, except for tech stocks.

I’m working on my Grand Technology Continuum — looking at technology stocks for work-at-home. We have most of them. And then looking for companies which are embracing technology to improve their business. It’s hard. For example, the banks use a lot of technology, but they burden it with cumbersome procedures and bad marketing. Somewhere in between is a company like Honeywell selling the airlines the technology to clean the air inside their planes. I’ve owned SEDG and ENPH which add the technology to solar panels to make their output into electricity. Same modus operandi as Honeywell.

So that’s my project: Find new companies aided by technology or buy more of the ones I already have.

Somewhere there’s a nugget or two. Not that I’m complaining. We’ve done well.

Don’t let your guard down

The virus is coming back with a vengeance. It’s a Third Wave. These charts are from the front page of today’s New York Times:

The chutzpah (and stupidity) of Chris Christie

Chris Christie, the former New Jersey governor who was recently battling a coronavirus infection, said on Thursday that he had been “wrong” not to wear a mask at an event honoring Judge Amy Coney Barrett or in his debate preparation sessions with President Trump, and that people should take the threat of the virus seriously.

In an interview with The New York Times and in a written statement, Mr. Christie said that he had believed he was in a “safe zone” at the White House while he was there. He urged people to follow best practices, like mask wearing and social distancing …

Mr. Christie said he had spent days in the intensive care unit of the Morristown Medical Center in New Jersey, after taking himself there on Oct. 3 at the insistence of his doctor. Mr. Christie, who was at high risk for negative effects of the coronavirus because of his weight and because he has asthma, was one of several people around Mr. Trump to contract the virus. Mr. Trump announced early on Oct. 2 that he had tested positive.

There’s a moral in this story.

Don’t Do Stupid. Wear a frigging mask. Keep your distance.

Read the whole stupid Christie story here.

Or as a wise doctor said recently:

“Walking with these pied pipers into the arms of [the virus] because you think you’re not at risk or your elders are taken care of is not a plan. It’s a massacre.”

Fingertip Pulse Oximeters.

They seem to be getting better. The older ones weren’t reliable.

I just bought two new ones from Amazon both sporting excellent reviews:

Under 90, you schlepp to the hospital asap.

All the “deals” that rip your eyes out later

They’re everywhere. A dollar a week then zillions of dollars automatically stuffed on your credit card –without your saying Yes — or your ever hearing from them again.

Latest two culprits: Bloomberg and FuboTV.

Roku plus YouTubeTV is the best antidote to the huge expense of cable and satellite TV.

Get the latest Roku. They’re on sale and cheap. They plug into your TV.

Want to learn Yiddish and Hebrew slang?

The first YouTube teaches yiddish slang. The next one Hebrew slang.

More scenes from an incredible Fall in Columbia County

Outside my office last night sunset.

Across the road:

In the woods:

The meanspiritness of the Administration has no bounds. They just denied wildfire relief to California — in what’s called a “rare refusal.”

Retail sales are coming back. Indoor suburban tennis courts are booming.

It would be so easy for the Administration to fund and run TV commercials boosting the wearing of face masks, keeping six feet apart, and avoiding crowds, especially indoor ones. I’ll write them for free.

Until we have a vaccine and cure, it’s all we got.

See you Monday. Harry Newton