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We need a national mask mandate to save our lives, the economy and the stockmarket

Chatham did it.

Putin did it. Russia now has a national mask mandate.

Angela did it. Germany now has a national mask mandate.

France now has a national mask mandate.

Why not us?

Apparently, it’s too hard.

Mark Meadows, White House chief of staff, said Sunday the US is “not going to control the pandemic because it is a contagious virus.”

Yesterday’s market.

Now you have two reasons not to vote for Trump next Tuesday — the latest surge in virus infections which is spiking all over the country and the stockmarket which cratered yesterday.

This is not a political call by me. It’s economic.

Germany and France are going into lockdown. That’s horrible for the economy.

We’ll be forced to into lockdown if we don’t do something.

And do something fast. Please vote Trump out. This is economic, not political.

It’s also urgent. We need hundreds of thousands of more covid deaths like a hole in the head.

Yeah for the cleaner

When Nikolai Loktev, the mayor of the small Russian town of Povalikhino, couldn’t find any opponent to run against, he convinced the cleaning lady at city hall to enter the mayoral race. It was meant as a notional show of democracy, nothing more.

Except that the cleaning lady won. Now she’s going to clean up the mess Loktev left.

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See you tomorrow. — Harry Newton