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My nail biting turns immensely profitable. Go figure.

I bit my nails down with watching the election through the night. So I opted out and binged on a Netflix series that was so bad I can’t even remember its name. it was all about the siege of Constantinople in the mid-1400s. It had the worst acting ever. But it rescued the little left of my nails.

This morning I wake to a whopping gain in my tech stocks — though we still don’t have a president and Constantinople still stands.

And uncertainty reigns.

“Normally” when uncertainty is resolved, the market rises. Not today. It rose with max uncertainty. Like 11 on that famous volume scale.

I think of all my friends who sent me detailed analysis of how Biden’s economic plan would massacre the economy with massive tax increases. Hence many of the smarter ones had sold everything and gone to cash. And missed out on today.

Meantime, I looked back to my idiocy in March when I panicked, sold many of my declining stocks…then got back in far too late.

Now I sell stocks whose business has turned sour. I don’t sell stocks because they’ve dropped along with rest of the market. My only exception has been selling a few of stocks that have risen too far, too fast. And taking a little profit. That often doesn’t make sense either. I would have been better holding on.

The classic example: I sold a handful of Zoom Video when I thought it had reached nirvana — its peak. I was wrong. Zoom Video is the outlier of all outliers. Here’s Zoom this year:

Here’s a thought on allocation: Why is the value of my Apple stock six times as large as my investment in Zoom Video? Makes no sense. Why didn’t I see Zoom Video for what it is — a phenomenon that comes along in the stock market maybe once a decade. A company which explodes — without the benefit of advertising. Just word of mouth.

Here’s Zoom compared to Apple this year. Zoom hs done much much better.

Was Google the last Zoom Video? What’s the next one? PINS? Is it too late for ROKU and PTON?

You can find them everywhere, It’s time to look harder. What are your friends buying or using by the bushel? Not stocks. But products?

The dumbest thing I’ve done recently.

I did some Honey-Dos. Some involved picking up heavy, cumbersome things. Like summer chairs and umbrellas.

Dumb. Dumb. Dumb. They strained my back. Now I’m resting, stretching and feeling stupid.

Keys to good health: Don’t do stupid. Drink lots of water. Eat less. Keep moving.

There’s a lesson here.

Thailand bans porn sites, like Pornhub. (I prefer Youporn.)

From a press release today:

According to in-house aggregated Atlas VPN user data, Virtual Private Network (VPN) installs in Thailand surged by 644% in the last few days. VPN hides the user’s real IP address and encrypts his online traffic.

And of course, lets him visit porn sites, despite his stupid government.

The history of technology

I’ve been in technology since 1969 when I graduated business school. And the one thing — maybe the only thing — I’ve learned:

Most company’s technology advantage will be eclipsed by something that comes along — typically out of left field.

I could write a book on the subject. I remember video hardware and software from Intel that once came packed with a Toshiba laptop I bought way back when. I remember Microsoft paying $8.5 billion to buy Skype in 2011. And now we have Zoom Video, a startup by fellow you never heard of called Eric Yuan, who’s now worth north of $20 billion. And I don’t think he ever spent a nickel on advertising.

How the world turns.

I just remembered. The name of that awful Netflix series is Ottoman. It has lots of violence, some neat canon technology and, so far, no sex.

Someone will become President today or tomorrow or whenever.

Susan asked me “Wasn’t I worried?”

I said I tried not to worry about things I couldn’t affect.

This Sunday’s New York Times magazine has a piece:

It has a few beautiful quotes:

+ Welch and Rawlings, as writers, dig their hands into the mess of a life that is worthwhile despite its messiness.

+ Welch surprised me, then, with an unexpected declaration: “I am an optimist.” Instinctively, and perhaps too clinically, I asked how that was going for her now, in that moment. She paused, with night closing in and the clouds, once heavy with rain, now thin enough to see some stars through.

+ “It’s going OK,” she told me. “I don’t believe anyone is going to stop the spirit of all the humans out there.”


You can read the entire piece here.

Sadly, we still have to deal with this:

Please wear a mask. Stay away from crowded indoors. Stay distant.

They’re now finding this virus has huge long-term consequences.

From the Wall Street Journal this week:

Severe fatigue, memory lapses, heart problems and other complications are plaguing patients who weren’t that badly hit initially.

‘It’s been so long already, it’s kind of daunting.’

For the full WSJ article, click here.

I googled “executive pajamas”

I found this:

Why do I think it’s funny? Will it play on Zoom?

I’m off to stretch, drink water and play tennis outside. It’s going to be a balmy 55 degrees in West Ghent, Columbia County, New York State today.

See you tomorrow. — Harry Newton. I forgot. The executive pajamas are on sale at Lands End, like everything else.