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How generators generate electricity and wealth. Is the S&P overpriced? Two wonderful Christmas videos

It’s easy. Just keep your eyes and ears open. Things are moving so fast. Wherever you look you find Opportunities.

Take home generators. Everyone and their uncle has fled the city. But now, it’s winter. We have storms. We lose power, heat, the Internet, and, worst of all, our cell phones and Facebook.

There’s only one maker of home generators of note. Generac. It’s done brilliantly:

Want to learn more. Flip through their:

In there you’ll learn:

The very detailed presentation is here.

By the way, the Newton Mansion owns a Generac emergency generator and it has saved our tushies during innumerable storms — like the one we’re getting tomorrow.

But, please don’t get too excited about getting your own Generac. They on back order up the ying yang. Friends have ordered…and are waiting and waiting. They’re rummaging wood for their fireplaces. They have to be economic. Some of them believe wood grows on trees.

Yesterday I wrote that stock prices were high. 

How high? This high:

The Internet of Things and of Bodies

Today’s New York Times has a piece A. I. and I

A. I. is artificial intelligence. In the piece are these two paragraphs:

The purpose of the Internet of Things is to collect and analyze data that can be used to control things and through them regulate and modify human behavior. Miniaturized sensors transmit data from mobile and wearable devices that can be stored, processed and transmitted to create an environment of ubiquitous computing within which all things, bodies and minds can be tracked everywhere, all the time. While the deployment of these pervasive and invasive technologies for nefarious political and economic purposes has been widely discussed and criticized, the no less important lifesaving medical applications of the same technologies are frequently overlooked.

The technologies underlying the Internet of Things are now being used to create a derivative Internet of Bodies. Wearable computers like my continuous glucose monitor and insulin pump — my artificial pancreas — as well as implantable devices like pacemakers and brain chips are connected to each other in the cloud.

I don’t know (yet) which company to buy to benefit by The Internet of Things and/or Bodies. But I do think you should read the piece. Click here.

This is a very special Christmas video

This is a stupid, but a wonderful video

This is a great Christmas present for some of your friends

I love this book because I relate (in a much smaller way) to some of the problems he faced and some of things he learned in his career. I can’t put the book down. It’s now number one on the New York Times’ hardcover nonfiction list. Buy the book, Barack needs the money to help turn Georgia’s Senate race.

Old ads that will appeal (especially around Christmas)

I’ve always been obsessed with marketing.

This is the best packaging of tomatoes I’ve ever seen. It comes from a small farm in Vermont. The tomatoes tasted great.

Oh yes, Target. My daughter loves it.

This year they’ve done well:

They opened a new store in Columbus Circle, NYC. I visited the store last week. My favorite Christmas offerings:

I don’t make this stuff. I just keep my trusty iPhone 12 Pro Max handy.

How are the hot IPOs doing?

The recent popular hot IPOs — AI, DASH, ABNB, SNOW, UBER — are not doing well. This is the last five days:

Stay well. Stay careful.

The head of White House security office has had his right foot amputated and the big toe of his left foot amputated because of severe COVID-19. He is facing staggering medical bills

For more, click here.

See you tomorrow. — Harry Newton