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The IPO market and The Short Squeeze market are hot

The IPO market remains hot.

Poshmark rose 141% on its IPO today. It sells stuff. It’s now profitable. It only took ten years. You have to give them your email address if you want to see their delicious collection. That may get you a view, but you will be inundated with emails for the rest of your life. .

You can buy these for $30, if you are XXL.

Or this for $20:

Cramer opened this evening with an explanation of huge stock jumps, like 14% in Beyond Meat. He blames short squeezes. You can watch a re-run of his show on my favorite streaming YouTubeTV. Or watch it now. Click now. It shows this screen:

You can also stop the show, slide it back and hear what you missed. Much better than cable or DirecTV.

My Apple Watch (latest Series 6) keeps on giving

+ I can answer (or reject, or ignore) an incoming call. Very useful when playing tennis.

+ I can find my iPhone. I slide up and hit the phone icon. If I hold my finger on the icon, the phone flashes. Which is really useful.

+ You can change faces easily through the My Watch app on on your phone.

+ On Watch apps, you can switch to a List view. Simply hit App View. Much, much easier.

+ Use tapback for messages. Press on an incoming message and hit a response.

+ Silence an incoming by placing your hand over the Watch’s display. The ringing will stop, but the call won’t be declined and will go into voice mail.

+ You can control your AirPods. I like the cheaper AirPod Pro.

+ Your kids will love your Mickey or Minnie Apple Watch face. Tap on Mickey or Minnie. They will tell you the time. Beware: Your kids will do this a million times and drive you bonkers.

Sign up for your covid shot

Some places have the vaccine. Then ten minutes later they don’t.

Sometimes you’ll fluke it with an appointment three hours drive away.

Susan and I have an appointment next week only two and half hours away.

My only suggestion is to try every web site within 200 miles and keep trying.

I’m praying Biden will organize this mess better.

Indian Hills is my favorite punster

I’m doing some research, but no results yet.

That’s it. See you tomorrow. — Harry Newton